Mother’s Revenge

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Mother’s Revenge

By JimB ©opyright 1986


Louise was pleased she and her mother were friends again.

They’d always been close and her mother was also her best friend.

So, one day they decided to go to 888888 shop for a hair cut.

Their relationship had taken a bit of a turn when her mother, Jade, walked in on Louise making love with her long-standing boyfriend Zack.

Louise was fourteen and although she had a number of boyfriends, Zack was her first lover.

Jade was horrified.

Horrified her little girl was having sex at fourteen, horrified she might be having sex while still at school, and to be honest, she was having sex with Zack.

A nice boy, one who was never going to amount to much.

Jade was convinced her little girl was throwing her life away and would fail and not get into college.

It had been two days before Jade had calmed down.

Louise and her father had persuaded Jade it was not the end of the world and Louise was still the girl that they loved.

Her dad, sympathetic to Louise’s desire to experience life and probably driven by his own regrets of having a sheltered upbringing, was instrumental in getting Jade to be more understanding of their daughter.

Louise arrived and walked into the hair salon where she and her mother went each month to get her shoulder-length hair trimmed.

As a sign that their normal relationship had been re-established, Jade had suggested to Louise to meet her there.

After they got their hair cut, they could go into town and do some heavy-duty shopping.

“They’re not finished,” the receptionist informed Louise. “They asked for you to go through.”

Louise found her mom and Becky, their hairdresser for over 10 years, talking animatedly.

“Hi darling,” Jade called. “We’ve just finished.”

“Well, my timing’s good.

“Are you ready to spend some of daddy’s money?” Louise replied brightly.


“But, Becky was just saying that it must be five years since your last haircut here.

“We thought perhaps you should have the ends tidied up.”

Louise thought a moment.

She hated having her hair cut since she had let it grow long.

She would spend hours individually cutting split ends and her mother would trim her bangs every couple of months.

But, she had to agree that the ends were getting a bit ragged, “Okay, then.”

Jade stepped out of the chair and exchanged a knowing glance with Becky.

Becky was smiling broadly as Louise climbed into the chair and she fastened a cape around Louise’s neck.

Louise’s hair was coiled in a bun, which Becky uncoiled and let fall free. It hung to Louise’s butt.

Becky started brushing it.

Becky spoke at last, “My this has gotten long. It must be a real pain to care for.”

“No,” Louise said.

“It just takes a little bit of time, but it is worth it.”

“All the same, I think we should take it up to elbow length,” Becky recommended.

“It’s quite badly damaged and it’ll be a lot easier to look after.”

Louise shifted uneasily in the chair.

“That’s a bit too much off,” Louise told Becky.

“Just take an inch please.”

“Come on darling,” Jade joined in. “Becky wouldn’t suggest it if it wasn’t necessary.”

Louise turned her head, trying to see the evidence of damage her mom and Becky were suggesting.

Although she couldn’t see any, she didn’t want to fall out with her mom again and it was only five inches or so.

“Okay,” She said finally.

Becky wasted no time sectioning her hair, pinning the side and crown section on top of Louise’s head and brushed the neck section down.

Picking up her six-inch shears, in three quick cuts she’d sent ten inches of hair plunging to the floor.

Becky picked up the severed locks and held them over Louise’s head.

“See, look at all that damage!” Becky’s smile was even broader.

Louise stared hard but couldn’t see anything but shiny, healthy hair.

“Isn’t that more than elbow length?” she asked a little worried.

“Not much more,” Becky confirmed.

“You know, if we cut a little more off the length, you’d look really great in a bob.”

“Wow, what a great idea,” Jade enthused.

Louise couldn’t believe her ears.

She had come to meet her mother and was agreed to a trim. Instead had ten inches of hair hacked off and now they wanted her to have even more cut.

“Absolutely not!” Louise was adamant.

“Come on darling,” Jade continued. “Weren’t you and your father telling me how important it is to try new things?

“And, you’ve had long hair for ever.”

Louise couldn’t think of a quick reply.

“I’d hate to think you were just joking and not really meaning it,” her mom told her.

Again Louise was lost for words.

“Go on a head Becky,” her mom told Becky.

“She’ll be thanking you at the end of the cut.”

Becky didn’t wait for Louise’s agreement and taking her trusted shears, sent over twelve inches of hair plunging to the floor. She released another section and following the line, sent yet more hair to the floor.

Louise stared blankly into the mirror not believing her beloved hair was being chopped off. Slowly a tear formed in her left eye and started falling down her cheek.

A steady stream of tears quickly followed.

Jade tried not to react.

Inside she was smiling.  Pleased that her daughter was feeling some of the hurt she had felt only last week.

After fifteen minutes, the hair cutting was over.  Hair was piled on Louise’s lap, shoulders, and on the floor.

She stared into the mirror and was coming to the conclusion it was actually pretty good.

Her hair now hung between her chin and shoulders and seemed to have developed a bounce after being liberated of all of the weight.

She stopped crying, although her eyes were still red.

“So, what do you think?” Becky asked, her face beaming, pleased with her handiwork.

“It’ll take some getting used to,” Louise told her.

“But, it’s not so bad.”

Jade got up walking to the chair telling her and Becky. “You know, I’m not so sure.

“It makes your face look kind of round.”

She walked round behind her daughter and started pulling her hair, first up, then back behind her ears.


“Like this she’s got a slim face,” Jade pushed her daughter’s hair forward again and lifted it slightly to emphasize the rounding effect.

“And like this it looks fat.”

Becky looked concerned.

“You know, you’re right,” Becky agreed with her mm.

‘but, you’ve given me a great idea.

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do,” Jade replied, unknowing or uncaring the question had been directed at her daughter.

Louise just stared at the mirror, trying to understand why they thought she now looked fat.

Louise was convinced it actually looked pretty good.

While she sat staring at herself in the mirror, she didn’t notice what Becky was doing.

Becky walked back to the chair looking directly at Louise, with a broad smile on her face.

Jade was standing behind Louise and placed her hands on Louise’s shoulders.

“Are you ready?” Becky asked enthusiastically.

“Be brave darling,” Jade urged.

Louise looked in horror as she saw Becky lift the clippers towards the center of her forehead.

She nearly leapt out of the chair when they roared into life.

But, Jade’s firm grip kept her planted in the chair.

Wide eyed, she held her breath as the clippers were thrust down her center of her head.

As they reached the crown, Becky flicked the hair to the right sending it tumbling towards Louise’s shoulders and slowly sliding down the cape into her lap.

Becky turned the clippers off and stood back so Louise could at last see her reflection in the mirror.

The bob remained with the exception of a one-inch swathe down the middle of her head that had been reduced to half an inch.

Louise stared in disbelief, and started to sob uncontrollably.

“It’s alright.

“It’ll soon be over,” Jade told her as she gave a nod for Becky to continue.

Jade was indeed right.

In a matter of minutes Becky had taken all of the hair on the top of Louise’s head down to an inch.

She temporarily stopped to change the guard.

“Head down and hold still,” Becky commanded and roughly pushed Louise’s head so her chin was planted firmly in her chest.

The clippers were pushed up the back and around her left ear taking the hair down to quarter of an inch.

Pass after pass, Louise’s hair was liberated with a expert flicks of the wrist, Becky was able to send it all cascading down the front of the cape ending up in Louise’s lap, where she gazed while her head was pushed down.

Finally, Becky took the guard off completely and with the comb, blended the edges together.

When the ordeal was over and Becky and Jade stared triumphantly at the now shorn Louise, who was still sobbing.

“You planned this all along,” Louise accused her mum in between sobs.

The smile exchanged between Becky and Jade told Louise that she had got it right.

“Look darling.

“If Zack loves you, he won’t care what you’ve done to your hair.

“And if he doesn’t, well, at least we’ve found out now and you can concentrate on your grades.”

“But, my hair!” Louise stated again, not knowing quite what to say.

“By the time you’ve entered college it will be long again.

“If you decide to grow back.

“And, as you and your dad kept telling me, it’s important to try new things.”

“But, mother? Louise told through some tears

“Look at it.

“It’s all gone.”

“Don’t be silly,” her mom told her.

“We did discuss shaving it all off.

“But, we thought a crew cut would be enough.

“So, be grateful it isn’t worse.

“You really hurt me you know.”

“Yes, I know mother,” Louise told her mom.

“But, was this really necessary?”

“I think you needed to learn a lesson,” her mom told her as she got out the chair.

“When Becky suggested this idea this morning, I just loved it.”

Becky smiled broadly at Louise, clearly pleased with her idea.

“C’mon,” her mom told her.

“Let’s go spend some of daddy’s money.”

Mother’s Revenge

By JimB ©opyright 1986

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