Mr Anthony’s barber shop follow up appointment

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It had been almost four days since I had my hair permed by Johnny at Mr Anthony’s shop and I was overdue for a shampoo. I walked into the shop for my appointment and had brought my bag of goodies for Johnny to play with. The same guy greeted me in the front reception area who told me that my perm turned out great and everybody was talking about it after I had left the shop. I told him thank you and I was very much over due for a shampoo and maybe a little trim on the loose ends. He asked about the bag and I told him that I had brought some items for Johnny to use.

Johnny came out to the reception area and gave me a brief hug and asked if I was ready to come back. I told him I was more than ready and that my hair felt dirty with no shampooing for 4 days. Johnny told me that he was going to fix that for me and asked if I brought him something? He looked in the bag and got a bit excited as he saw the rollers, clips and combs. They were going to keep them there to use on me and other clients that liked roller sets.

As he led me back to his area we were talking about our favorite foods and restaurants. We talked about a couple we both liked in Brea and also in Anaheim. He then asked me if he could take me to dinner that night and that it was my choice for the restaurant. I was surprised and excited by his request and accepted his invitation. We were going to meet there at the shop and go to dinner from there and them maybe down to the beach.

Johnny sat me in his chair and wrapped a cape around me. As he started to lightly brush out my curls I felt his hands gently running his fingers through them. It felt so good and I could not wait for him shampoo me. He leaned me back into the sink and wet my hair. The water felt so good against my scalp and I could smell the scent of the shampoo as he opened the bottle. He applied some to my hair and lathered me up. He slowly caressed my scalp and continued to run his fingers through the lather. This shampoo took quite a while, but I was not complaining.

With the shampoo finishing up, Johnny started to rinse my hair. He kept looking at me and smiling as he rinsed and said I cannot wait to roll your hair up. He sat me up and began to towel dry my hair and apply some lotion I had brought in my bag. I took the bag and sat it on my lap and handed him the combs to use while setting.

As he sectioned my hair he kept asking if he was doing it right because it had been a while since he did a roller set. I kept reassuring him the he was ok and started to hand him the rollers. He combed up the first section and then wound down the roller to my scalp. I handed him the clip and he secured the roller in place. He worked from the front to the back first in a mohawk fashion making sure that each roller was tight and secure.

One of the other stylists came over and asked if he could help by setting the right side of my hair. I told Johnny that it was ok with me if he wanted some practice. Johnny looked a little angry , but I told him that he would have plenty of more time to practice on me. That I was going to be back many time to let him do my hair. Johnny smiled and handed the other stylist a comb. They worked both sides at the same time and I tried to keep up with handing them the rollers and clips.

They finally finished up and I could not believe how many rollers the managed to put in my hair. There were just a few stray hairs along the neck line which Johnny trimmed up to make it neat. The other stylist rolled over the dryer and Johnny lowered it down over my rollers and turned it on. They both then looked in the bag and were excited at what I had brought. Many other rollers, clips and even cotton nets along with setting gel and hairspray used primarily for roller sets.

I will continue this later. I find it funny that as I am writing this and remembering that shop that I am sitting here in rollers right now after giving myself a long purple shampoo and going to enjoy some dryer time.


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