Mr Anthony’s barbershop follow up continues

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As I sat there under the dryer with a head full of rollers I could see some of the other clients getting their hair done. Johnny’s station was a bit higher up than the other stations because he was the lead hairdresser in the shop. From my vantage point I watched one client get an upright shampooing and rinsed. Once he was rinsed and dried the stylist go out the clippers and started to trim his medium length hair, which was about 6 to 8 inches in length, very short. The stylist was very methodical as he was using the clippers paying very close attention to the top of the clients head.

At another station I could see a client getting his hair colored using a soap cap method. This is where they use hair color mixed with a little shampoo and lather it up and let it process for about ten minutes and rinse. It usually is used to cover gray hair or brighten the hair color. After he was rinsed the stylist used a blow dryer and used a round brush to style it into a pompadour like style using some sort of gel styling product.

Getting back to the client getting the clipper style the stylist was still working on the top of the clients head and was producing a wonderful flat top style with out using a guide. He did it by hand and sight. You could tell he had a lot of practice. The client had kind of a Tab Hunter look about him and I was told he was going into the military.

The third client I could see had longer hair. It was almost down to his neck and shoulders. I watched as the stylist applied the treatment lotion to his hair until it was saturated. He let it sit for about three minutes then applied some water and lathered it up. As the stylist was shampooing this clients hair the client could see me watching him and smiled. After his hair was rinsed the stylist sectioned his hair and trimmed off about three inches of length. He then went to work on thinning out the bulk.

Johnny came over to me and asked me if I knew whet that client was going to get.? I told him I think he is getting a perm. Johnny told me a surfer perm almost like the one you got but with less curl and more wave.. Johnny checked my rollers and said about ten more minutes then I get to comb you out.

I looked back at the third client who was now getting his hair rolled up in the larger perm rods. Mostly purple and gray using a candlestick setting technique. It took two stylists a while to finish and they used almost 40 perm rods. They brought him up by me and put him under the other dryer that was there. We both sat and occasionally glanced up at each other and smiled until it was time for my comb out.

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  1. I know your numbers are low. Not too late to try writing stories about female haircutting, this site seems to prefer that. I know there’s other gay hair cutting sites that you may do better on. Anyways, glad to see your writing, keep up the good work.

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