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Mr. Wilson was getting up in years and the tremor in his hands worsened, forcing him to get a replacement.
An add was placed in the paper but not one promising youth showed up.
Until Destiny came.
She was tall, lengthy, and very pretty.
Long, flowing hair tied in a braid swayed this way and that as she came in.
“Morning”,she called,”I’m here for an interview”
Mr. Wilson smiled,”You’re hired!”
Destiny stopped,”really?”
“You are the first in my shop and no one seems to be interested in this old place”
Destiny was pleased to have the job but she felt underestimated,”Sir, test me. I want you to see what I can do”
“Very well”,he said,”I’ll sit and watch what you do”
Destiny set down her things, rolled up her sleeves, and pinned up her braid.
Putting on the apron that hung limply, Destiny was ready.
Mr. Wilson waited on the shop’s bench and anticipated a customer.
While they waited, the duo talked politics and philosophy along with other topics, clearly Destiny was a woman after his own heart.
The day came to an end with no customers and Destiny was dejected but Wilson told her to chin up and try again tomorrow.
Mr. Wilson invited her to supper which she agreed to.
They walked to a small house down the road that was well lit.
Destiny explained this was her dream job, to work as a barberette.
“My mother was the one who introduces me to haircuts, she would cut my hair short when I was young”,she let on,”Then when I turned eight, she took me to a female-run barbershop where she got her hair cut and dyed. I would always get a bob or pixie (depending on my mood) and I wanted to become a cosmetologist. In college, I shaved my head for St. Baldricks and it changed my life”.
On the walkway, Mr. Wilson asked,”What made you grow out your hair?”
“A thirst for curiosity”
Mrs. Wilson, an old woman with blue eyes and her hair silvered and beehived, welcomed in Destiny like a daughter.
“I’m glad you’re taking over as barber for my husband. He has become to old”
“Hey”,said Mr. Wilson,”I’m not that old”
“Oh, please. You’re almost sixty, it’s about time you retire”
They fought, well, like an old married couple.
Mrs. Wilson served up stew and Destiny gulped all of hers down with such speed, she had three bowls of it.
“Slow down”,charmed Mrs. Wilson,”Saver it”.
The next day:
Destiny was early in arriving, beating Mr. Wilson.
“Little over-achiever”,he laughed.
The shop was musty but vintage and after Destiny dusted the place, it shone brightly.
No customers had arrived that morning so Destiny and Mr. Wilson ate in the shop.
“When did you decide to become a barber?”asked Destiny.
“I started from when I was seventeen. My father ran this very shop, my mother would stop in often. She let dad chop her long tresses short”,explained Wilson.
“How short would she go?”queried the young barberette.
“Usually up to her chin or ear”,said Wilson,”But one day, she came into the shop and asked to (go shorter)”
“How short?”
Wilson looked into the young lady’s sea blue eyes.
“She wanted to go bald”
Destiny gasped with intrigue, biting into a pickle as she asked,”Why?”
Wilson shrugged,”My father complied: wrapping her up and taking the clippers, ran them all over my mother’s head”
“That must’ve been a big change”
Wilson swallowed,”That wasn’t the worst of it. When my dad got done shaving down her scalp, ma asked him to take off her brows”
“Watch your language!”
Destiny grasped her lips,”Sorry”
“Better be. Anyway, I asked her what compelled her to do such a thing. She answered: Just felt like it. Weirdest thing my mom ever did”
Wilson reached into his breast pocket and retrieved a photo.
Destiny unfolded the picture, a stern father stood on the left and Wilson beneath him. The tall, feminine figure with a hairless head stood on the right, her pearl necklace let her eyes pop.
“She’s beautiful”
“My father would agree, he loved her without all that pesky hair, helped with our financial situation”
He laughed.
Destiny held on to the photo while cleaning up.
Mr. Wilson dozed off for a short nap as Destiny sat on her inheritance chair.
The woman looks pleased with her style, thought Destiny, it must have been a good investment.
The bell above the door startled Destiny, Mr. Wilson snapped awake.
A blondie with her tresses tied up in a bun closed the door and stood there.
Destiny hopped down and stuck her hand to shake.
“Hello, I’m Destiny”
The blondie shook the barberette’s hand daintily,”Olivia”
Destiny smiled,”I can take you”.
Olivia walked and then sat in the red-cushioned barber chair.
Destiny fetched the cape and draped it over her client.
“So, what would like done, hun?”
Olivia looked over her shoulders and stuttered a little.
“I-I (sigh) I can’t believe I’m saying this. But here goes”
She took a long breath:
“I want to go bald”
Wilson seemed to have a PTSD flashback to the days of his bald mother for his eyes grew wide.
“Are you sure?”Destiny asked as the blond girl nodded.
Destiny looked back at Wilson who just nodded as if to say,”Proceed”.
So Destiny undid the bun and took up her shears.
Taking a large clump, Destiny chopped off large chunk after long chunk.
When the cape was filled with blonde heaps, Destiny unhooked the clippers and started them up.
With one hand on the back of Olivia’s skull, the clippers started plowing away hair to stubble.
Olivia’s scalp was now a close buzz cut and she loved it.
“Wanna stop here?”asked Destiny.
The girl refused.
So, the cream was lathered on and scraped off by the razor blade.
No hair laid on Olivia’s head but she wanted to take it further.
“Take off my eyebrows”
Wilson almost had a heart attack at the words but kept his composure.
Relaxing the chair some, Olivia shut her eyes as tiny clippers mowed down her brows and the razor obliterated its remnants.
Back in its original position, Olivia looked at herself with no hair or eyebrows.
“Just what I wanted, except-“
Destiny looked at her hairless client,”What else is there to take?”
Olivia smiled sheepishly,”Can you ask that man to leave, he doesn’t need to be here for this”
Destiny looked at him and he laughed,”Just don’t make a mess”
He tossed Destiny the keys to the shop,”And close up when you’re done”.
“Yes, sir”
With Wilson gone, Olivia continued,”Alright. I want my eyelashes plucked”
Destiny nodded and relaxed the chair, taking tweezers, Olivia’s body slightly twitched as her eyelashes were plucked.
With that done, Destiny asked,”What’s next?”
Olivia motioned for the cape to come off.
With it removed, the hair that was shaved off were flung to the ground, and Olivia took off her shirt.
Lifting one arm, Olivia exposed her arm bush.
Destiny took the clippers and buzzed the pit bare.
The armpits were lathered and shaved.
Destiny watched as Olivia hopped down and reached for her jeans but Destiny stopped her.
“I don’t do that kind of shaving, sorry”
Olivia knew she was going a little overboard so she put her shirt back on.
“Well, thanks for the shave anyway”
The girls hugged and Olivia took out her wallet.
Destiny accepted the payment and smiled as the hairless girl left, rubbing her bare head.
Destiny cleansed the shop of hair and sat back in the chair.
Pulling out the photo again, she imagined if Wilson had witnessed what she did except on his mom.
At five, Destiny packed up her stuff and was ready to leave when the bell rang.
It was Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, they carried a box for her.
“What is it?”
“Oh! Just something for our favorite Barberette”
Inside, was a cake with scissors and clippers iced in frosting.
“I don’t know what to say?”
Mrs. Wilson leaned in,”How about: I can take you”
Destiny was confused.
“I request a cut, dearie”,said the wife of Mr. Wilson.
Destiny smiled warmly,”Yes Ma’am”

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