Much more than a Trim

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Jessica was a model you could describe with one word, Rapunzel.

She was well known and the dream of most brands.

Well build body, perfect height, and she had the most beautiful vibrant red hair, hair that if she didn’t put it into a ponytail or similar would touch the floor.

All one length and expertly cared for, expensive Shampoo and conditioner, oils and other treatments were a daily routine.

But one thing hated Jessica, Salons to be more precise getting a haircut, even a trim was something she hated.

Ever since one hairdresser accidentally misheard her and cut a foot instead of an inch off.

She dreaded each time she needed one, and barely keep it together when a pair of scissors closed near her.

Right now she was on the way to her next photoshoot, she was about an hour early.

Normally she would chat with the photographer or the other models, but right now her way leaded her to a Salon, she desperately needed a trim.

Jessica stood in front of the salon and breathed in heavy, her heart raced with a couple of hundred miles per hour as she pushed the door open.

The clicking of the scissors sounded like a slaughterhouse to her, she needed to force each step until she stood at the reception Desk.

A young woman with a simple, nondescript hairstyle greeted her.

“Hello and welcome. How can I help you today?”, She asked friendly.

Jessica gulped down the knot forming in her throat and spoke.

“Hello. I need only a small trim, like two inches of.”, Jessica managed to say, nearly chocked while describing the length.

“No problem. Please follow me.”, The woman said, and led Jessica to one of the empty chairs.

This walk couldn’t be longer than a few moments, but for Jessica it was like hours, and the chair looked like a shafot to her.

As she sat down, the reception woman immediately threw a cape around her, pulling her long hair out from under the cape and securing it.

Even tho the cape wasn’t that tight, Jessica felt like having trouble breathing.

“Your Stylist will be with you in a moment.”, explained the woman, smiled and returned to the desk.

“Keep calm, Jess, nothing to worry about. It will be done in no time at all.”, Jessica said to herself and tried to relax a bit, by closing her eyes for a moment.

Meanwhile, some hairdressers were finishing their customers and One woman made her way over to Jessica’s chair, she kept her eyes closed.

She began to brush Jessica’s hair, after taking out the hair tie from the ponytail.

The waterfall of hair reaching the floor in a glistening velvety red wave.

Jessica decided to not look at the horror she would witness and kept her eyes closed.

“Such lovely hair, it’s a shame to cut it. But customer is king.”, The hairdresser thought and drew her scissors.

She decided to first cut off the bulk and then working on the finishing touch.

The hairdresser combed multiple times and inserted the scissors directly at the hairline.

Through pure luck, the scissors didn’t make contact with Jessica’s neck while cutting.

Nearly 6 feet of hair dangling from the hairdressers hand as she repeated the process.

The hairdresser used a hair tie on the cut strands and laid the tail in front of Jessica on the table.

After she finished reducing Jessica’s hair to a more manageable Length, three more tails laid besides the first one.

The hairdresser put the scissors down and picked up a pair of cordless clippers, she changed the guard and with a swift move plowed them straight up the back of Jessica’s head.

His sudden and strange feeling ripped open Jessica’s eyes, the first thing she saw were the four massive tails laying in front of her.

Her breathing immediately intensified, her wide eyes wandering over the tails and then to the mirror where she could see the hairdresser using clippers on her, and right at this moment brushed the hairs of the clippers.

Jessica went catatonic, she couldn’t process what was happening, or what leaded to this.

The hairdresser didn’t pay any attention to her customer and focused on the task at hand.

Driving the clippers up the back of Jessica’s neck and the sides of her head, only leaving the top behind.

Jessica stared, in horror, through the mirror how less remained on her head after the clippers had eaten through her hair.

The hairdresser had gone over every shaved part again, to ensure no hair was longer than requested, before switching the clippers off.

She picked up the scissors again and began to work on the remaining long hair on top.

Taking much less off than the clippers, the hairdresser left about two inches on top.

When the scissors felt silent, the hairdresser asked her something, but Jessica wasn’t able to understand what she was saying and could only weakly nod.

The hairdresser smiled and took out a smaller pair of clippers, switched it on and began to shave lines into the already shaved parts.

As she finished, the hairdresser added some mouse or gel to the top part and let it stick up.

One picture entered Jessica’s mind immediately, she looked like Miley Cyrus from a few years prior.

The hairdresser removed the cape, packed the four Tails in a plastic bag and gave it to Jessica.

Still not really able to process what had happened, got up and managed to walk to the reception desk.

She paid, without even realizing it, from the fact that the Reception woman was overjoyed, Jessica concluded she must have given a generous tip.

Jessica stepped outside, a slight breeze played around her, and she instinctively wanted to push her hair back, but her hand found only short hairs.

Finally, her mind catching up to the situation and her hand traveling through her new hair.

She felt strangely free, her hair wasn’t dragging her down anymore and she could enjoy the wind.

Jessica looked at herself in the Salon Window, she definitely looked better than before, now without the distracting hair her facial features were more prominent.

She felt a new knot forming as she looked at the plastic bag in her hand, her glory and her Name were in this bag.

Her phone buzzed and reminded her of the photoshoot, she was curious what her manager and the photographer would say.

As she made her way to the place, she came across a bald little girl and her mother.

Jessica bent down, gave the kid a hug and handed the mother the plastic bag and added a couple of hundred dollars and walked away without saying anything.

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