Mumbai Girl in MMA – part1

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vani is working in IT . She is passionate about  learning MMA . So she joined a class .she is whitish brown,in range of mid 30.the attractive feature was her long hair straight up to her hip level jet black and shiny reached till hip. She took care very well. She regularly go for trim. After joining MMA she tied her hair in plait and went for the classes . Her hair was disturbing her during the practice . Her master took special treatment on her as she is the only female in the Class . Days passed and She was doing well . Master one day asked her to come with him . She went with him . He was driving the car and she was talking about general topics . After the drive the master parked the car in the parking lot and they both got down . She went with the master and asked where we are going . 
The master took her into barbershop and she became nervous . Master told her like you are performing well but this hair is disturbing you a lot he holded her ponytail. So as a master is my duty to take care .Please go and Sit . She nodded and went and sat . Master went to the barber and told something in ears and told to vani i will be back in sometime . She nodded . Barber took a cape and tied her tightly. he opened her hair and took sprayer and sprayed her hair with water and combed nicely . She was feeling better and the hair was tied tightly now she is feeling relaxed .barber took scissors and  started to snip the hair and she was watching in the mirror . He is snipping randomly and told her to bend . She bent and then barber took clipper and holded her head firmly and passed it from her back . she felt scared and lifted her head . Barber hold firmly and told don’t move. she was asking what you are doing .He shouted stay silent .pushed her head down and rotated away from mirror and continued .for 10 minutes 
he was passing the clippers in the back sides and continuing .after he is satisfied he lifted her head .now he holded her cheeks and studied her face . she was scared . he treated her like a child and told you hair is too thick . he took sprayer again and sprayed on the top hair . after satisfied he took scissors and comb and started to snip everything . he did for next 15 minutes and made sure nothing is there to comb . he lifted all the hair and snipped what ever is lifted .once he is satisfied he kept the comb and scissors down . and turned her towards mirror and told dont get panic .she rubbed her head and asked you did you chop all my hair . master only told to give you nice haircut that is needed for MMA.

she saw her face it was shaved completed the sides and back .top she had little hair.but nothing to comb.master came in and asked vani did you like it . she nodded . master saw the top and asked what you did in the top.he told i used like you use for your students .master lifter vani chin and studied her face and told .she need to be reduced in the top too more .vani told master please.master holded vani head and asked barber to  use clippers with num 1 on top and clean her .barber told num 1 is missing .vani was feeling satisfied after hearing .master then told clean her and remove the cape.vani thought its over .but barber  pumped vani high again and told he is giving spl treatment to you .vani was little about to cry. but then the barber took clippers removed the guard and passed on the forehead .in 5 min her head was completely shaved. tears were flowing .barber applied powder to her freshly shaved head and told her to get down.She was worried . Master rubbed her bald head and told i am proud of you having my student… to be continued

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