Mumbai Girl in MMA – part2

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Vani was getting used to the head shave . Master always proudly speaks abt vani to the students . other students where shocked to see vani in bald but every one got used to it .Days passed Vani also got used to the bald . Her hair was growing . 1 year passed . She has a good volume of hair to tie in ponytail . She learnt MMA faster .There was a special tournament that was coming for next month .

Tournament Preparation :

Vani was selected for the tournament . So the classes was heavy for her compared to others. she will be spending most of the day in practice.Master told her to control her diet . She told ok and controlled her diet . She took more protein intake every 3 hrs . her wight got increased .little .She was 2 weeks away from tournament .One evening Vani was attending the regular class . Master asked her to stay after the class . Class over and she came to master 
Master Looked her and smiled . Asked how is the training going . She told good master . Master nodded . Good You need to work more for next two weeks . So you can stay here till the tournament ends.
he handed her few cloths and told your food will be served regularly . she  smiled and told ok . She went and took rest .changed the dress wearing only inners . master called her for regular workouts . She told master im tired will take rest for one more hr. Master holded her pony tail and took her pushed into training ring .
training started She performed well. Master was impressed . he told her to sleep for 5 hrs and come back . He went to prepare for her training schedule . and arranged warmup match for her . 
vani slept nicely because of tiredness. Master came in morning and woke her . She got ready . her training started . after the training finished he dropped her into ice water and holded ice bath for 5 mins . 

Making Vani Blad one more time :

master noticed vani hair and asked her we need to take care of your hair again .vani said master i will tie them tightly.master holded her pony tail water were dropping .master told we will go and fix this now . go and sit in the chair .he grabbed and dragged her to the chair .
master took a bag and started to ask Vani did you like the last haircut . Vani was like yes master but that was too short for me to .master told good . No need to worry i will take care of you for next 1 year . we have more tournaments coming and started to shave her hair with razor . vani was like master please don’t shave me . Master gave her a tug and told concentrate only on tournament and not on hair.
Vani was crying inside but holded her tears . He shave her head smooth and told good . Get ready for the tournament . On the day of tournament Every one was again shocked to see her in bald head . Vani performed well in the tournament . since this was her first tournament she did not win . but she also performed well . Master holded her bald head and kissed her .told good . next match we will focus now . 

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