Four weeks later the next appointment soon came around. I woke up that morning feeling the usual excitement and nervousness but more so than usual.
Going to the Cut and Curl Ladies Salon was becoming even more fun. I felt a bit too disappointed that Suzie would not be there today. There was just something about her that makes my heart and pussy flutter. We were going in the morning this time for an earlier appointment so I got up, tidied my hair a bit and put on full make up. I put on a red silky skirt over my suspenders and silky stockings and then a low-cut long sleeved satiny white blouse. No panties or bra this time. I was beginning to learn the way of this sensual salon. I went downstairs to find mum all nicely made up and wearing a rather sexy low-cut dress and I could here the swish of it on her silky stockings as she walked. She smiled at me and said good morning and said that she was getting very nervous and although she had had perms before this was going to be the curliest and shortest she’d ever had it cut and the darkest colour it has ever been. She was thinking of telling Jodie just to do the usual. I said oh no you don’t,  not now that you’ve have had a hand in getting me looking like this. Jodie knows what she’s doing and if you don’t let her do it Suzie will only arrange to force it on you at her special area. There’s something about those 2 that just that just make you submit and give in to whatever they want to do. Mind you what they do is great. Just  relax and go for it you will look like a real hot MILF by the time she’s finished with you. Oh, okay I suppose you’re right but I’m really scared but excited at the same time.
We arrived in the car park on time and nervously walked up to the net curtain clad ladies salon with an enhanced feeling of arousal and excitement and not knowing what was in stall for us today. As we walked in through the frosted glass doors (they were frosted and the net curtains were up so no one could see what was going on inside) the usual lovely erotic aroma of ladies perfume, shampoo, perm, setting lotion and hairspray enveloped us. I took a deep breath in and it aroused me immediately. Jodie was waiting at the counter for us and gave us both a big hug and a kiss. Clearly her large breasts were not in a bra again and as they squeezed against me I felt her erect nipples, covered in a flimsy black silk top, brush against my nipples which were also starting to poke out. She then looked at me and oh my my Suzie said she had done a good job on you but I think you look really great.
She then said that it was Fiona’s, the other stylist, birthday today and she doesn’t know it yet but once she has finished doing Sarah‘s haircut Suzie will be persuading her to have one of her specials as she needs a really good update and transformation to her style. Also she’ll be having the day off after to recover and show it off to her husband. As soon as Sarah has gone we will lock the doors so it will be only be us in here and you can enjoy the show. She looked at me and said I know you like to watch what’s going on here, and winked at me.
Right let’s get you to gowned up shall we. Let’s try one of these new gowns for you and held up a lemon coloured silky gown in front of me which I eagerly put my arms through, she walked behind me lifted up the hair at the back of my neck a little and rubbed it saying better tidy this up today darling. I could smell the previous clients lovely perfume and setting lotion and hairspray on it.  I’m so pleased you’ve now found a liking for the clippers too. Your mum always enjoys it now as well, she said and winked at me. Right you’re not going anywhere now dressed like that and all wrapped up in that gown, just sit and wait there while we sort mum out.
She put her red salon smock on herself and turned to my mum and at the same time pulled one of the pink silky robes off the rack. Seeing as you’re getting a lot done today darling with colour and haircut we better get that dress off and put the gown over your bare body. These silk gowns feel so good on bare skin and help to make you feel pampered and will relax you. None of those flowery nylon gowns here. Let’s go to the changing area to get you all sorted. As they walked away she ran her fingers through mum’s hair and said oh I’m so excited that you’ve agreed to go for this big change. By the time I’m done with you you’re gonna look so like a real hot MILF that Suzie will be wanting to take you to bed. I’m so pleased that you’ve dressed up nicely and put on some nice make up for the occasion.
I was sat down in the waiting area and had a good look around the salon as I always did. I relaxed into the chair and got the aroused feeling that I always get. I noticed that Suzie’s curtain was closed and that Fiona was at her station on the other side of the salon. Fiona was probably a bit older than Suzie and a bit younger than Jodie. She was slim and of average height and had plain long straight straggly dark brown hair in a centre parting, pulled back in a pony. She had a pretty face with just basic makeup-up on. She was wearing a pair of jeans, sneakers, and  a tank top under her red salon smock. Her pert breasts sat up proud in front of her. I guessed it was Sarah  who was sat in the chair and clearly was undergoing another Cut and Curl Ladies salon transformation. There was lots of blonde hair of different lengths scattered around the base of the chair, on her shoulders, and in her lap. Sarah was looking in the mirror quite flushed and shocked.
I heard Fiona say oh don’t worry Sarah I’ve decided to give you one of those nice modern shags like Jane Fonda and it’s going to look great on you. Perhaps we can do a colour change next time once you’ve got used to it. She then got a big handful of mousse and rubbed it through her hair and started to blow dry it.
Mum and Jodie came out the changing room and went to Jodie’s station. Right let’s get this started. She put a neck  strip and pink cape tightly tightly around mum’s neck and tided it so it was hanging fully over the chair and her body. All of a sudden she pulled out her scissors from her smock and just snipped off about 6 inches of hair from the back of mum’s head saying well that broke the ice, we might as well get rid of all this now, there is no point in colouring hair which is gonna come off later anyway. Mum just gasped, realising that her transformation had started and there was no going back now. Jodie then said oh let’s get this tidied up first too and forced mums head forward to expose her neck and grabbed the clippers. The arousing hum of the clippers filled the room and Jodie gently and sensually ran them slowly up mum’s neck for about 30 seconds. I saw mum’s face redden, her body shake slightly, and she let out a gasp. Jodie lifted her head and they both gave each other a knowing smile and a kiss. Bet that’s relaxed you sweetie!
I looked across as Fiona was nearly finishing off Sarah covering her hair in a mist of hairspray. Sarah seemed a little shocked but excited with her new do. I was not sure what she was like when she walked in but she did look stunning now. Not quite the trim I asked for but I love it she said. I watched them walk across to the reception to take her salon gown off and pay. Sarah said to Fiona that her friend Caroline was wanting a Purdy wedge cut, which would be a big change from her long hair, but hadn’t had the nerve to go through with it and she wondered if she came with her next time, some for morale support she might just do it. Would any of the other stylists do her at the same time as me?  With a smile Fiona said well there is Suzie who is very persuasive and does some really great transformations from her special area, and she’s free at that time too. all her clients always seem to leave ermm … very satisfied.  After booking what sounded like a drastic hair colour change for herself and a Suzie special for Caroline next time, Sarah left.
I looked across at mum and Jodie. Her haircut was well underway now and there was plenty of hair scattered around the base of the chair. Mum had gone quiet and looked pensive but quite cute with straight shorter hair. Jodie said let’s get you all shampooed, tidy up the cut, and get these small perm rollers in. As we discussed last time we’re going to go quite tight this time as the hair is going to be short now. Then we are going to do the silky chestnut brown colour for you after that. Mum blushed and said to Jodie do we need to do the colour this time I’m not sure, it’s all going to be a bit too much for me. Jodie just massaged her shoulders and said no we’re doing it all now just leave it to me. Mum sank back into the chair and gave herself up. The shampoo cape and a towel went over her shoulders and they went off to the wash station.
All of a sudden the curtain was pulled back from Suzie’s  station and she shouted across to Fiona happy birthday darling, I love you, ran up and hugged and kissed her. She walked to the door and locked it. She was wearing a black mini skirt over stockings and had a red camisole top on with clearly no underwear. Her plum coloured hair now having firey red streaks in it. She was, as usual, wearing sexy makeup and looked so sassy and hot. she looked at me and blew me a kiss. There’s just us in the salon now and Jodie has agreed for a birthday treat and you’re going to have one of my specials and then take the rest the day off to share it with your husband. If you’ve got any energy left after that!! Fiona grabbed her long ponytail and stroked it saying oh no that’s alright but thank you. I suppose I do need a bit of a tidy up but not today. Suzie looked at her and just said well you can’t be rude and turn down Jodie’s  generosity, Anyway  it will be no problem I’ve come in specially in my day off to do this for you today, pleeeesee let me, pleeese. She got close up to Fiona and hugged her, letting the aroma of her perfume engulf her. Come on let’s get you all wrapped up in a gown and we can go over to my chair to discuss what fun things we can do, well actually I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do.
And then gave her a big long kiss on the lips and sensually unbuttoned her red nylon smock and sensually peeled it off her shoulders. as Suzie tweeked her nipples I could see Fiona breathing that sensual perfume in and melt then just said well I could do with a nice conditioning treatment and a trim, I suppose. Good girl, that’s better. Just let me take care of you and relax. Suzie went under the counter and pulled out a shiny silky silver gown. I’m going to try you out with this new special salon gown today, they’re designed to make sure that you’re fully covered and are for clients who might Ermm fidget. She held it out in front of Fiona and said right put your arms in here and quickly pulled it over her arms, walked behind her, and tied it very tightly around her neck and also strangely it had about 3 others ties down the back which tightly secured her in. The arms looked quite long and Fiona’s hands we’re not showing at the ends but there strangely were some ties there too. Before Fiona had time to think Suzie had grabbed the end of the arms crossed them over the front of Fiona‘s body, wrapped them behind her and tied them tightly together. She looked like she was hugging herself and was in shock. Suzie, what the?! Shush. Just how I like them all  nicely wrapped up and unable to move. How delicious. I felt my pussy getting wetter. Next Suzie went round the front of Fiona and crouched down lifting up the gown. She then said we don’t want to ruin your jeans as your definitely going to get wet down there, and they’re coming off. She unbuttoned the jeans and the zip and pulled them down and got Fiona to step out. Just in case I give you an intimate haircut too as you have quite a bush down there, I will take the panties off as well, she slid those off and also took off Fiona’s sneakers. She then slowly massaged her way up Fiona’s inner thigh and clearly stroked her pussy. Fiona gasped looked at me and blushed. Suzie said pointing to me Oh you don’t need to be afraid of her seeing this, she had one of my specials the other week and fully knows what fun they can be. I then blushed.
Suzie then put her arm around Fiona’s shoulder and said ooh let’s get you all secure in my comfy chair shall we sweetie. They walked over to Suzie‘s chair and she helped Fiona to get sat in it and pulled her back so she was fully upright. Then I saw the straps being fastened. Fiona tried to resist but it was too late, now it was impossible to escape. Suzie then spun the chair round to face the mirror. She undid Fiona’s ponytail and gently brushed it through until there was a long mass of her silky black hair spread out surrounding her head and shoulders down onto her silky robe. Suzie hummed as she circled round Fiona pushing her head forwards backwards sideways and then stood behind her and massaged her shoulders and neck. Right then my little darling you left this far too long so I’m going to give you a drastic but sexy transformation. Get ready to have your hair transformed to a platinum blonde wispy undercut pixie. Just like Lisa Minnelli’s, but blond. Mmmm a lot of hair is coming off girlfiend. Fiona started to cry and said no no don’t cut all my long hair off and change my natural colour. Do anything else but that, even do a  chocolate brown Purdy cut that would be acceptable. Oh yes it might actually be, but I’ve made my mind up laughed Suzie. Suzie then said you’re not going to be any able to see any of this either until I’m finished, as she hung a cape over the mirror, it just makes it so much more exciting and arousing for you and laughed.
I looked across. Jodie had finished shampooing mum’s hair and was finishing off her haircut which was looking quite cute but very short now by mum’s standards.
I changed back to hear Suzie saying the first thing we need to do though is make that pussy of your’s all smooth, Fiona. She gently lowered the back of the chair down and got her clippers out, 2 clean towels, then the shaving foam and a razor. Fiona was unable to move in her special gown and restraints. Suzie then strangely lined up all the clipper combs attachments in a row on the counter. She said we’re going to play a little game whilst I do this. You can have a say in your haircut, well sort of. The amount of times you come, and you will, whilst I’m  down there will decide which number clipper comb I use up your neck and sides. They are randomly lined up on the counter. It may pay you to hold out or just be a slutty greedy girl but you won’t know what will be best. So if you come once it could be  a 1 or it might be an 8 first in the line. The same if you come 10 times we use the 10th etc. You won’t know until I run them up the back of you nape and neck which one it will be. You’ve no mirror to check it in so the only clue will be how cold you’re head is getting and from what you hear and what cuttings you see drop in your lap. She then went between Fiona’s legs and under the robe. The humm of the clippers went on and Fiona gasped and within 20 seconds gave out  a load moan. That’s 1 shouted Suzie as she came up for the razor and shaving foam. I could hear the scraping of the razor on stubble and skin and it brought back memories so I had a fiddle down there, noticing that I was getting a bit stubbly again myself. I wondered if Fiona would get the remote control vibe treatment too? It looked like Suzie was now cleaning Fiona off with a  towel when she let out another loud gasp. That’s 2. I’m just going to check your pussy out to make sure its nice and smooth. She slowly kissed her way up the inside of Fiona’s thighs and then I could see her head  moving around in Fiona’s lap under the gown and heard a lot of sucking and squelching. Fiona gasped oh my god and moaned as she released again. Good girl, they never resist me sucking and licking their clitty, that’s 3. I saw her pick up one of the vibes and go back under the robe. With a  squelch she must have inserted it into Fiona’s pussy as she gasped.  Suzie then picked up the controller and pressed the button and looked at me and  smiled. She then said to Fiona well you really enjoyed that, went to the third comb on the counter and said this is the comb you picked for me to use and clipped it on a big pair of clippers. She then put a neck strip and the big heavy black cape tightly around Fiona’s neck and put her hair into 4 ponies. Right say goodbye to this long hair sweetie. I’m going to give you a rough short bob first before we bleach you then do the final cut after that. She pulled a large pair of scissors from the counter and snipped all 4 ponies off. Fiona actually looked quite cute with the bob. The colouring cape went on and Suzie started the bleaching.
Mums hair was now nearly covered in very small perm rods and she looked very scared.
Jodie called me over to the chair next to Mum. She tightly secured a neck strip and cape around my neck and combed through my curly hair. Right then darling what are we going to do today. Suzie certainly didn’t hold back last time but she said that you had asked for it. It is great that you’re getting more adventurous. You were brave. She is great at persuading girls, isn’t she. I can’t make my mind up but think a trim and set will be good unless I change my mind after we’ve washed it. Oh and of course we will do a good old nape and neck tidy! Sit back in the waiting area. I just need to finish putting mums rods in and soak her in perm lotion then we can go to the washbasins for a lovely shampoo.
As I sat down Suzie said. Oh don’t worry Jodie, Fiona’s bleach is nearly in and I will need to put her under the dryer for 30 mins to bake so in that time I can do her one of my special shampoos at the new private wash station. I gulped, got butterflies, and nearly came on the spot. Suzie looked and pointed at me and did a big lick of her lips and smiled. I heard Fiona gasp out another orgasm as she got more acquainted with the vibe. I felt a bit jealous. By now her roughly shortened dark haired bob was beginning to look white. Suzie finished, put a plastic cap over Fiona’s hair, gave her a lingering kiss, and finally pulled the dryer over her head. Right you’re under here for 30 mins, sweetheart, you have the vibe to keep you company, it’s set to peak and then stop every 15 minutes, just let go, relax, and enjoy.
Suzie walked over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss on the lips. I realised the same lips that had been pleasuring Fiona just a few minutes earlier and could taste her honey. I melted into her lovely perfume. Hi beautiful, you look nice,  just getting this tidied up a bit today are we. I heard Jodie say she’s going to sort this out too as she put a hand behind my neck and stroked it gently. Mmm. Let’s go to the new private shampoo station over there behind those screens and we can get you all relaxed and ready for your cut. She held my hand and led me over to the new shampoo area which was more like a bed than a chair with a shampoo bowl behind it and you more or less laid back in it. This one is really nice, you can relax better in it, and it gives me better access. She put a shampoo cape and towel around my neck and gently lowered me back into the bowl. It was very comfortable but I was laying there facing up to Suzie and felt quite vulnerable. So, you didn’t think I would get to you today but here we are. She leaned and  gave me a long French kiss and I responded eagerly. I was entranced by the perfume aroma again and whilst I drifted off into it she grabbed  my  left wrist tying it to the chair arm with a silky scarf and did the same with the right side. We don’t want you playing with yourself do we, when with me I decide on all that of that. She then placed a little pad over my eyes and it went dark. These just add to the sensations as when you can’t see it heightens the senses, she said. She ran a finger down my neck, onto my cape and gown covered breasts and squeezed and tweaked my nipples. Then down over my tummy and onto my mound and rubbed my pussy hard and I gasped. Feels like it’s a bit stubbly down there sweetie, we must sort that out and check it’s all smooth after all Jodie is doing  your neck as well. Think I might introduce you to Jodie’s favourite Big Bertha today too, you can compare notes after. What was big Bertha? She moved down the bottom of the chair and worked her way up the inside of my legs until she reached my pussy. No panties or bra this time you are a good but slutty girl. You must have been enjoying the Fiona show as you’re pretty wet and slimy down here too. She seems to be having a good time down there too. We heard a moan coming from where Fiona was. She then ran a finger up and down my lips whist rubbing  my clitty with her thumb. I was in  heaven as she inserted 2 fingers and stroked my g-spot. Within 30 secs I broke onto an intense orgasm and moaned out loud. Then I heard the hum of the clippers and she massaged my pussy with them leaving a lovely sensual vibration feeling behind. Soon the tingly menthol shaving cream was applied and I was shaved smooth and wiped down. Mmm, this is the best bit, checking it’s smooth. She licked her glossy red lips and was soon kissing my lips and sucking my clit. My she was so good, will I get this every time now? I relaxed into another orgasm that made me squirt all over the seat and my body shake. Suzie reached down and I felt something big with ribs and bobbly bits running up my lips and pressing against my hole. Then it started to vibrate slowly. Suzie then forced it into me with a squelch. I shouted oh my god. It felt massive and I thought it was going to split me in 2. It went a long way up and I gasped in ecstasy. The vibrations seemed to be going into my whole body it was so big. She moved away leaving it in. Welcome to Bertha,  I knew you would like her, sweetie she said.
She moved behind me and turned the water on and proceeded to give me a very dreamy and sensual shampoo and head massage. Every now and then leaning forward to rub my breasts and squeeze my nipples. She rinsed me off as I came again and I heard her open another bottle and squeeze it all over my hair then heavenly massaged it in for about 5 minutes and  rinsed it out. Ready for your finale she said. She leaned forward and massaged my breasts firmly and pinched and tweaked my erect and sensitive nipples for what seemed like 3 minutes or so and suddenly I fell into a most intense orgasm and exploded so much that I squeezed hard on Big Bertha and popped her right out of my pussy. Good girl, I knew you would like that she said as she dried my pussy and hair with a towel. Right let’s get you back to Jodie. I think she might have an idea for another change for you actually. What fun, your mum, you and Fiona will all be leaving looking different to how you came in. I gulped and walked towards Jodie with some trepidation.
Suzie said she had a lot to do to Fiona still but was going to see if Jodie wanted her to neutralise, shampoo, and pleasure  mum too and skipped off.
Jodie sat me down next to Mum still sat there in her perm rods and said she had an idea to do mine a bit shorter and taper it up the back and then set it in larger rollers upwards so it would have like a feathery curly upwards flick rather than tight curls, I gulped, I wasn’t sure but just nodded. I just need to get your mum rinsed and her neutraliser in first though. We heard Fiona gasp and moan into another orgasm. Suzie said with a grin that Fiona seemed happy enough and she still had some time left so she could do mum for her at the private wash station. Oh that would be a great help  darling as my daughter Chrissie will be here before we know it for her weekly set and is going to need a neck tidy too. I guess that nosey husband of hers will try to tag along as usual. I think he has a mysterious obsession with ladies hair salons and styling and in particular Suzie. Mum beamed a smile and nodded oh yes please Suzie you can do me anytime will it ermm be one of your specials? Certainly said Suzie it will be my pleasure, darling.
Suzie held out a hand and said to mum. Come on and try the new shampoo chair, out darling,  it’s so relaxing. Your daughter certainly loves it!! Mum was led away as I heard Suzie say something about big Bertha and clippers, shaving down there, and the complimentary check. mum said mmm yes please and giggled.
The attention turned to my hair. Jodie grinned and combed it through sectioning the back and sides and pushed my head firmly down. I gulped.  I’ve always wanted to do this to you she whispered and clicked the clippers on. Relax and enjoy my pet. She gently and slowly ran them seductively up my nape and sides stroking it carefully with her fingers each time. After 30 seconds I moaned and came. Good girl she said. You look so cute when you come, then she kissed me on my forehead. She tilted my head back up and I looked in amazement. I could see that the sectioned bit was noticeably shorter at the back and sides but it did seem to suit me. She then said right we just need to taper it and blend the top into the shorter bits of the neck and side and we’re done. She snipped away quickly and lots of little curly clippings plopped onto the floor and the cape. She was soon done and said right let’s get you curled up into a feathered flip. We heard some giggling from the shampoo area and all of a sudden I heard mum gasp out loud and moan then screamed out oh my god it’s huge. Jodie looked at me and smiled and said I guess Suzie’s just sorted your mum out down there and has just introduced her to big Bertha too. I just love it deep inside me and with those vibrations it makes me squirt every time.  I blushed.
As my hair was starting to dry I thought the pinky tinge was gone but looked like a faint blue now, how could that be?
Ermm  Jodie is it the lights or does my hair look blue. Oh she said Suzie has been naughty again she must’ve put in a nice blue rinse for you whilst giving you your head massage, did you not notice? If it’s not that obvious to you I’m going to put some of this nice blue strong setting lotion in too which will enhance it a bit. Before I could reply she doused my hair in a bottle of a nice scented setting lotion and started to wrap it in the larger rollers upwards rather than under this time. Soon I was ready with a nice blue hairnet tied on and placed under the dryer back in full view of Fiona and mum. Jodie said she would leave the cape around me  so I could have a fiddle down there in privacy if I wanted too as it was going to be quite exciting.
Mum and Suzie walked back hand-in-hand mum looking quite flushed and walking like she’s just got off a horse! I smiled knowingly to myself. Jodie said oh thanks Suzie I think she must have enjoyed that from the sound of the noises coming from over there. Actually we all seem to like big Bertha.
Suzie went off to see to Fiona who was just letting out a really loud gasp and moan again. Mum was now sat in Jodie’s chair looking a bit shocked at her head of tight short curls that were now staring back at her.
All I could see was a little head poking out of the silky pink cape covered in a mass of cute short tight curly hair. Oh it seems to have taken well said Jodie let’s tidy some ends up  and roughly dry it off and then get this lovely rich brown colour in for you and squeezed her shoulders. Don’t worry you’re going to look really hot and especially that you’ve now been done down there too you’re going to look and feel like you’re a rampant vixen and  squeezed her shoulders tightly.
I looked across to see Suzie take the cape off, put on the shampoo cape and a towel and spin Fiona  around. She then leaned her back into the shampoo bowl, took the vibe out of Fiona’s pussy and started to give her a lovely shampoo and head massage whilst she was cocooned in her special gown. She said you seemed to enjoy the vibe. It’s big Bertha for you next time, sweetie, that’ll make you gasp. She leaned in and kissed her. Fiona looked completely drained, flushed and in shock. Jodie said this had taken really well you’re certainly not dark haired anymore. Once we’ve added the toner you will  be a stunning hot platinum blond. Then the fun bit happens. Just wait til you feel me using those clippers on your neck. All the ladies in here can tell you I do a good job, most have a multiple orgasm. She leaned in and gave her a lingering kiss leaving a shroud of her perfume behind.
Mum’s once blond  hair was now partially covered in dark hair dye as Jodie only now had the top to do. I looked at Jodie and thought that her freshly set long natural light brown hair could do with a makeover. How does she get away with it?
Soon Suzie was towel drying Fiona’s hair and pulled her into her breasts as usual and ensuring she got a whiff of that perfume again. She spun the chair around and removed the towel and shampoo cape. Then turned to the hooks on the wall and said I’ll let you choose which cutting cape to use.
Fiona looked and said can I try the long black silky one please. Suzie said good choice that will really highlight your new cut and colour and tarty make up I’m going to put on you as well. Suzie tied a new neck strip on and flicked the black cape into the air and let it flutter down over Fiona‘s body and then gently drew it up over her chest ensuring that it caught her erect nipples and then pulled it tight around her neck and clipped it closed. This needs to be nice and tight as there’s going to be lots of little hair clippings and you don’t want them down the back of your neck.
Right then here comes the fun bit my darling and squeezed and massaged Fiona’s shoulders. Fiona tried once more to get out of it burst into tears and said no please Suzie, now I know I’m blonde now can’t you just do me a Bob or something, isnt that enough?  Suzie walked  round in front of her leaned forward cupped her face in both hands and gave her a lingering French kiss. Fiona responded passionately and gasped. As Suzie pulled away she said no it’s going to be the pixie get ready for the journey, sweetie. She turned to the counter and seductively picked up the clippers with the unknown comb already attached. She turned them on for a second licked her lips and went mmmm. She then went behind Fiona  and sectioned all her rough bobbed now blond hair off. I’m going to introduce your neck to my clippers and the razor. They give a sensual tickle that drive girls crazy and you will love them on and up your neck, they always make me come within 30 seconds when Jodie does my hair. These other 2 seem to like them too since I introduced them. Please no Suzie, no. Fiona burst into tears. Chin down sweetie, and she forced Fiona’s head onto her chest. Fiona struggled and twisted her head and wouldn’t  keep still. Oh you’re going to be a fiesty one are you. Resistance is futile.
At this moment Mum with a colouring cap on was put under the dryer next to me and Jodie turned it on. She then, without saying a word, walked over to Suzie’s chair and stood in front of Fiona. She leaned in kissed Fiona on both cheeks and pulled her head tightly down and forward with both hands into her breasts. Now hush shhhh enjoy.  Fiona couldn’t  move or see now.  Suzie placed the clippers low on her neck and gently and sensually ran them up. The humming noise turned into a sickening snick as they met resistance and ran further up and around her neck, back, and sides. A lot of long blond hair plopped onto the cape and floor. It was now looking very short. Suzie and Jodie looked at each other and had a long lingering French kiss as Fiona let rip a strong orgasm. Jodie said Good Girl let it it go Fiona, mmm aren’t they just fun.
Wow that was erotic, and as I was getting so turned on I had a fiddle down there I released a little orgasm too.
Fiona’s head was released and was lifted upright and Jodie walked off.  Suzie went mmm aren’t they delicious and what a good choice you made. Its not the shortest but it looks great with your head shape. She combed down the lifted section and quickly snipped away at the longer bits of hair which went flying everywhere. Fiona just sat there looking forward, not moving, and was just drained. The cut was now taking shape and was looking good. Her hair was combed forward over her eyes and using the straight razor, soon was all removed into short feathery and wispy bangs quite a way above her eyebrows.
Mum was done and went away to get the dye washed out and was soon back at Jodie’s chair with a towel on her head. Jodie removed the cape and then the towel and Mum gasped. I could  see her little head poking out of the gown with lots of short dark curls all over now. Jodie said head down and Mum just submitted and bowed her head forward as the shaving foam went on and was gently razored off. I wondered if I was going to get the same from Jodie after being under the dryer. Think I’m going to let it dry as it is into these tight little curls and put a lacy comb out cape over her shoulders and she went back under the dryer.
Fiona’s haircut was nearly done. Erm Suzie what number were the clippers as there is lots of long hair in my lap and my head feels so light. You made it so blond too haven’t you. Oh it was only a 5 so you were lucky. With a smile she said but if now it’s done if you would like me to go shorter with a 2,  I can, picking the clippers up suggestively. No no no it’s okay I think enough has come off today. Oh my god what is Dave going to say? He loves my long hair. Her head was pushed forward and chin forced down again and the familiar shaving foam and razor shave was gently done on her neck. There is just something really arousing having it done or watching someone else getting it.  Just going to redo your makeup and then blow dry and we’re done.
Jodie removed me from the dryer and said having fun? Looking at the damp patch I had left on the chair. I blushed. I sat down in her  chair. Right let’s get you all shaved up and then brushed out. My head was pushed forward until my chin went onto my breasts and I noticed that my nipples were poking out bigger than I’ve ever seen them do before. Then I felt the tingle of the menthol foam being gently massaged onto the stubble left on my neck. With some gentle scrapes it was soon done and Jodie lifted my head and took all the rollers out. She gave me a good brushing and teased the flips upwards with a comb and then doused it for 20 seconds with a heavily scented firm hold hairspray. Not one strand could now move. The cape and neck strip were removed. What do you think. I loved it and I looked so modern and sassy. The blue was now very obvious but suited me. She said that she thought if we let it grow out a few months a purdy wedge would look good on me with light blond highlights or go darker like Mum. I liked the idea of that but it scared me at the same time as exciting me.
Go and sit in the waiting area  whilst I sort mum out. She returned mum to her chair, teased the curls a little and doused her hair in a mist of the lovely perfumed hairspray. Jodie massaged her shoulders and said wow that’s great you do look like a hot sexy MILF, Mum sat there staring at the mirror and just beamed. I looked across and saw this cute but hot mature sassy woman looking  back at me. Wow Jodie is good. Mum got up to go to change back into her dress.
I turned to see a platinum blond head with short feathery wispy hair facing me, tilted back slightly as Suzie did Fiona’s makeup. She didn’t hold back. Blusher, thick black mascara, bright blue eyeshadow and bright shiny red lips with a coating of that lovely lipgloss. She looked stunning.
Suzie removed the cape and neck strip with lots of little blond hairs falling all over the place. The straps were undone but she was still cacooned and secure in her special silver gown. Wow you look so cute but hot sweetie, where did boring old drab Fiona go? Your husband is going to screw you unconscious later. If he doesn’t, let me know and I’ll come round and do it myself. Time for you to see it. Fiona gulped. The cape was removed from the mirror. Then Fiona was gently spun around to face the mirror. She opened her mouth wide and shouted OMG Suzie what have you done then gasped and released a massive orgasm. She did look amazing but unrecognisable as Fiona. Suzie eased her out of the chair and started to undo the gown. Yes this gown is going to be useful in future. The curtain was then closed to let her get her panties and jeans on.
Mum had been removed from her robe, put her sexy dress on, and had booked us in for our next appointments in 8 weeks time and had a beaming smile on her face. . I did not recognise her as this sensual, sassy, hot MILF. Dad was going to like that.
Suzie helped me out of mine in her usual way, giving a lingering gentle stroke of my neck and said I looked so good she could eat me and gave me a hug, squeezed my breasts and tweaked my nipples and I had one last chance to inhale that perfume.  She whispered in my ear that she knew how much I loved being there and next time I get in her chair it will be in the special gown and  a makeover for the same as Fiona but with a 3 clipper comb, not 5. I gulped but secretly liked the idea and it was turning me on, being secure under her control and not being able to move or do anything about whatever she wanted to do to me.
Jodie opened the door and her daughter walked in with her husband, Teddy. He had longer hair than me and was touching his shoulders and clearly was already enjoying the aroma and stared at our new dos then at Suzie and blushed. Hello handsome said Suzie you come for a shampoo and set? And giggled. Jodie’s daughter said oh don’t tease him but he likes it here and could do with a trim would it be alright to get it done here. Well said Jodie this is normally for ladies only, not today but next time you come here Suzie could do him a special for a treat whilst I do your’s as she took her coat off and collected one of the lovely silky pink gowns off the rack. That okay Teddy? He blushed and nodded eagerly. She wrapped Chrissie up in the gown and tied it behind her. Come on let’s get that neck all tidied up before we shampoo you.
Fiona had come out from behind the curtain and looked amazing, grabbed her coat and walked out. She was still in shock.
Suzie looked at Teddy and said right then sweetie I think we could have some fun with that mop of yours, let’s check the appointments book. Looks like Chrissie is back for make-up, restyle cut, colour, and set next Thursday at 4. I can do you at 4:30 and whispered so that gives you 30 minutes to sit and watch everything going on beforehand to get in the mood. Now we don’t normally do men, this is a ladies salon and oozes femininity so you will have to follow our rules and wear a girly pretty  silky gown, they are so nice on your bare skin, be doused in perfumed setting lotions and hairsprays and go under the dryers and everything. It can be quite an errmmm arousing and sensual experience. I’ve booked you in for the same girlie stuff as Chrissie. He gulped and said but umm…
Shush. You don’t have to come but if you do, that’s what I’m doing, you will have no say in it, and I can guarantee I’ll have some fun with you. From what I’ve seen of you in here you will be in heaven. She grinned and said I’m off now see you next week sweetie and gave him one of her hugs. I noticed  him catch the aroma of her perfume and give out a gentle gasp. She then left and we followed her out. A group of workmen outside whistled at the 3 of us and asked if we wanted to go over for some fun. We carried on but it made us feel special. Mum giggled and was enjoying her new look.