My 4th Shampoo and Set

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The next month or so we were busy catching up with family or friends every weekend.  Then one Monday evening over dinner Jen said she had made an appointment with Sharon for Thursday evening and did I want to come in for a cut and set.  I can’t, feeling self-conscious, I would have to go to work on Friday and people would definitely give me some strange looks.   Can I go on Friday after work, I asked, “no, she is closing early to go away for the weekend” was the reply.  I chickened out and said no, I’ll wait for another Friday evening.

Thursday evening Jen came home with big wavy curls in her hair, explaining that Sharon set her on Jumbo rollers after her cut.  I loved the new temporary style and told her she looked gorgeous. She teased me by saying “you had your chance tonight”.  Friday evening over dinner she told me how many people at her work complimented her on the new look.  I said it was easy for her as a woman to change her appearance but took the hint and on Monday telephoned Sharon for a Friday appointment.  She asked what would I like and I gulped at uttering those lovely words “a Shampoo and Set please” in case someone here at work might over hear me.  She rescued me from embarrassment with “your usual”.   It felt quite exciting to think that was how Sharon considered my appointment.

Finally, my special Friday came round and over breakfast Jen said she would pick me up from outside the salon.  I arrived about 10 mins early and Sharon was blow drying a woman in her 30’s.   “Take a gown and have a seat” she said.  The rack contained several peach-coloured gowns and I was about to reach for the lone dark blue one.   I thought, go on, be brave, choose the feminine peach coloured one, you are having a roller set, how fem is that.  I slipped it on, tied it at the back and sat in the next chair.  Sharon smiled and her client nodded and said hello.

Soon after she left, I was at the basin having a lovely relaxing hair wash/head massage.  Back in the chair, Sharon said, same cut as last time and I nodded.  Later as she combed through the setting lotion Sharon asked, same set as last time and I smiled.   “I thought that style last time really suited you”.   25 minutes later I was being netted and the dryer pulled down for my 45 minutes of bliss.  I could not stop looking at myself in the mirror, peach gown, beige hair net and loads of small rollers.   Once again, I was able to enjoy my fem hair fetish.   The dryer pinged off and Sharon lightly brushed my new curls into place with the final flourish of hairspray.

Paying at the counter, Sharon said “you might want to carry one of these in your pocket if you get caught out by the rain” It was a plastic rain bonnet and I had seen a few of the shampoo and set sisterhood wear them.  “I give them to my regulars”.   Would you like to book in for next Friday evening?  I was about to say yes then recalled that we were out that evening and asked about the following Friday.  Sharon said yes sure, wrote my name in her book followed by “Shampoo and Set”, then on to one of her salon appointment cards with the words, Friday 5PM, S & S.   “Perhaps by then you may have decided about that Perm?”

I walked out of the salon in a blissful fog, thinking how wonderful that I was able to enjoy my 4th “Shampoo and Set” and I was booked in 2 weeks later.

I saw Jen’s car parked about 50 yards away and nervously walked along the street hoping there was no one close by to notice me.   I got in and showed her my new “Do”, “you look gorgeous” she said.   I told her I had made another appointment for 2 weeks’ time and showed her the plastic rain bonnet.  Jen teased me by saying she will get one from Sharon to keep in her handbag as a back-up for me.  We had a quiet weekend at home and it all felt so normal for me with my fem hairstyle.

Monday morning, I was sitting up in bed as Jen returned from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and wearing her shower cap.   In her hand was my shower cap and she said pop this on and have your shower.  I said, I’m washing my hair, to which she replied, let’s be brave today and go to work with what is left of your curls, – pretty please.   I could not think of anything to say so covered my hair with the plastic cap and headed for the shower.

Afterwards, I returned to bedroom with my hair still covered and a towel wrapped around me like Jenny did.   She was applying the last of her makeup but could see me in the mirror and said “nice look”.   Sit down and let me give your hair a bit of a refresh.  Jen removed my shower cap and combed a few curls then gave me a blast of spray, “that looks better doesn’t it”.   I said thank you, removed my towel and dressed in my usual work clothes.  At this point I was having second, third and fourth thoughts about the sanity of going to work like this.  Jen I really don’t feel comfortable about this, I’m sure most of them will think I’m weird.  She gave me one of her understanding smiles and said let’s give your hair a quick rinse and I’ll blow dry it straight for you.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed yet another of your great stories. I love the fact that you are obviously becoming a “regular” at the salon. I suspect that you’ll soon have a standing appointment for every Friday afternoon.

    Have either Sharon or Jen given you a teased look? If so, it would be fun to hear about it.

    Keep up the great work!


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