My Adorable Little Boyfriend

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My name is Liam and this is how I met my cute little boyfriend.

I recently moved out of my parents house into my very own apartment. The reason I did this wasn’t because I hate my family or anything. I actually have a pretty good relationship with them. My mom is named Shelly and she is a world famous painter who makes millions each year. My father is an inventor of sorts. Even though he isn’t as successful as my mother that’s ok because they were made for each other. My sisters name is Rachel. Even though we aren’t super close we still talk a lot even after I moved out.

Anyway back to me. I’m about to finish high school and if I’m being honest I’m dreading it. I’m a pretty big jock and I’m also pretty popular. I have a shit ton of girls especially cheerleaders that would LOVE to suck my cock until the sun rises. But that’s not the reason I’m dreading it. I’m dreading it because I won’t have my eye candy anymore. Who is this “eye candy” in question?

Well his name is Noah Burns. Yes you heard right it’s a man. Not that I don’t like chicks mind you. It’s just that Noah is so hot. Everything about him is just so feminine and cute. The way his cute little nose is tilted up slightly framed by cute little freckled cheeks. And that ass… I could talk about it all day. It’s so round and juicy his thighs compliment it perfectly and his hips is the perfect frame for it. Unfortunately for Noah not everyone thinks he is as hot as I do. Everyone takes a shot at bullying the kid from time to time and he won’t stand up for himself because he’s too shy and pretty weak.

After realizing that this could be my last shot at getting to see his cute little lips suck my cock as I grab his shaggy hair I realized I HAD to make a move before my window of opportunity comes to a close.

I was following Noah like any other day. We have the same classes so I at least have an excuse if he ever catches me following him. As I was following him Brad one of my football team mates pushed him over spilling his books everywhere. “Get out the way pussy” He said while Noah tried to collect all his books. I saw this as an opportunity so I bent down to help Noah with his books. “You don’t have to be a dick Brad” I said while handing the books to Noah.

“Y-You’re being nice to me?” Noah said while fighting back tears. “Not all jocks are assholes” I said as I offered him my hand to help him up. He took it while standing up with me. I asked him “Why are you carrying all these books anyway? Why not just put them in your backpack?” “My backpack is too small… And my parents can’t afford another.” He said with a look of sadness present on his face. Man… This guy must have it rough if he can’t afford a Backpack

I didn’t really know how to get him to my house so I can work my magic on him so I figured it would be best to switch the conversation to something he likes. Since he’s wearing a tiny Star Wars shirt that hugs his body tightly I figured it would be best to talk about that. “Hey you like Star Wars right?” I said. His face lights up instantly as he replied with “Yeah! It’s my favorite movie series ever!” His face then saddened as he said “Even though I haven’t seen many of them…” “What do you mean?” I replied. “Unfortunately my parents don’t want me watching “stupid things” like Star Wars… ” He said with a look of dispare on his face. I saw this as my opportunity. “Well… If you want after school we can go to my place and we can watch Whatever you want!” I said with a smile on my face. His face lit up with a happiness I don’t think I’ve ever seen on someone before. “R-Really!? You wouldn’t mind that?” He said enthusiastically. “Of course! I would be more than happy to have you over!” I said also happy but because I knew I had him. “How about we meet in the parking lot after school and I’ll drive you and then we can chill.” I said as he listed to me enthusiastically. “O-Ok sounds great! See you then!” He said as we went to class.

We were training for the next football game but all I was thinking about was what was waiting for me at the parking lot. Eventually we finished up and I headed to my car. And there he was standing next to my car with his cute but messy blonde hair reflecting the sun light. “Let’s go.” I said as I opened the door for him to get in. We drove in mostly silence with a few quick conversations.

Eventually we got to my apartment. Noah looked surprised as he said “This is where you live?” I smiled and said “Well yeah were you expecting me to live in a fucking soup kitchen?” Noah clenched up again. “Hey relax man. I was just fucking with you.” I said. He seemed to relax a little realizing it was a joke.

We walked into my living room. I dropped my backpack on the floor as he sat down on the couch. “Alright I’m going to go take a quick shower real quick.” I said. He seemed confused at first but then realized I was covered in sweat from football practice. “Oh ok I’ll wait here then I guess… ” he said as he fiddled with his thumbs. After taking the shower I came out with just a towel around my waist. He didn’t see me at first because he was texting someone on his FLIP PHONE 

Jesus this guy must have it real rough if he has a flip phone in 2022. Eventually he saw me standing there with just a towel on. “Anyway what movie do you want to see?” I said as I took off the towel while standing next to him. “U-Uhhhh any o-one i-is fine…” He finally stuttered out after fighting a losing battle with his eyes to keep them off my huge cock. “You act like you’ve never seen a penis before.” I said as I got closer while slowly jerking myself off. “I-I I don’t k-know i-i mean i-i…” He stuttered as he tried to come up with an excuse for starting. “Do you want to suck it?” I said while getting closer. “H-Huh!?” He asked confused. I repeated “Do you want to suck my dick?” He panicked as he tried to hide the erection in this pants. “I’m n-not g-gay…” He said. “Bullshit” I replied slightly offended that he would lie so bluntly to me. “No straight boy looks at a cock like that.” I said playing with the hair on his head while positioning my cock in front of his lips. He silently accepted my cock and parted his lips as I pushed it in further. His mouth was warm and wet. More than I expected at least. “Ohhhhh yeah baby suck that cock good.” I said as I slowly started to thrust. I put my hands on the sides of his head to make it easier to thrust. He started to gargle on my cock because it was hitting the back of his throat as my balls smacked his chin.

After a while I came down his throat. He swallowed most of it but chocked up a bit of it. I smiled seeing him wipe the cum off his lips. “Come on” I said offering my hand to him. “W-What…?” He replied looking confused. “Let’s go and have some real fun…” I said still offering my hand. He took it and we went to the bedroom. When we got there I sat on the end of my bed and said “Get undressed” “What!?” He replied shocked. “I want to see all of you” I responded. He looked down at the clothes he was wearing and looked back up at me and said “I-I can’t… I-I’ve been made fun of for so long about my body…” I got up and walked over to Noah and told him to put his hands in the air. He did as I instructed. I took his shirt and removed it slowly. As I did so I saw that he had a couple of bruises on his chest and stomach. When he realized what I was looking at he tried to hide it by folding his arms over them. I asked “What do you have those for?” He said. “I-It’s nothing r-really” I didn’t quite believe him but I figured I could press him on that later. I started pulling on his pants signaling for him to raise his feet. He did so leaving him in his underwear. His tight underwear hugged his ass nicely but they needed to come off. We did the same thing we did when we took off his pants. He had a very tiny penis with no pubic hair. I sat down on the bed bringing him to my lap.

“Have you ever put something up your ass before?” I asked “N-No… Why do you a-ask?” He replied. “I want to fuck you in the ass, Noah.” I said bluntly

“W-What!?” He stuttered out. “B-But wouldn’t that h-hurt?” He said much quieter. “It will at first. But I promise you it will feel incredible soon after.” I said lowering him down on the bed facing the ceiling. “I-I’m not sure a-about this…” He said, nervous. “Shhhh…It’s ok babe, I’ll take care of you…” I replied. I flipped his waist to the side so he was still facing the ceiling but the lower half of his body was off to the side.

I grabbed my cock and rammed it in his ass with no warning. “A-Ahhh!” He yelped surprised. I know that may seen rude, but I figured it was best to pop his cherry quickly instead of slowly.

His ass was better than I even imagined.

It hugged my cock tightly. It was gooey and wet on the inside and very warm.

I couldn’t hold myself back. It’s like some sort of primal switch in me was activated and I just started thrusting as hard and fast as I could. He moaned constantly, clearly not used to getting fucked.

I usually last longer but with Noah that was a different story. I came in under two minutes because of how good his ass felt around my cock. After we both recovered I decided to ask Noah the big question that was on my mind since I saw those bruises.

“How did you get them?” I said pointing at his chest where the bruises laid. “N-Nothing I told you…” He stammered out quickly. “Noah…” I started with a comforting but strict voice. “I need you to tell me where you got those bruises.” I finished saying.

Noah clenched his eyes shut and said something I will never forget. “M-My parents…” He admitted

Rage built up in my head the second he said that. “What” I said angered by the idea that his own parents could hurt him like that. ” P-Please don’t freak out…” He said quietly. Realizing he is already going through alot I held myself back from shouting for answers “Do they hurt you often?” I said trying to calm down. “N-No not all the time only w-when they are really mad at me for s-somthing.”

We get dressed in silence. ” Are you sure you don’t want to watch the movie?” I said breaking the silence. “No I have to go… My parents will be upset I came here without permission anyway.” He replied bluntly. He goes to the door to leave but I stop him. ” Noah just in case… ” I said as I handed him my phone number scribbled on a slip of paper. “If you don’t want me to call the cops then you have to at least call me if they ever do anything…” Noah thinks about it for a second then nodded and walked out quietly.

I drove him home and it seems he lives in a pretty shitty part of town. And that’s putting it nicely. He was about to get out but I put my hand on this shoulder and said “Aren’t you forgetting something babe?” He blushed when he realized what I was talking about. He kissed me and then got out. As he was walking away I started my car up and drove back to my apartment.

We didn’t have school today since it’s Saturday. I slept in longer than I usually did. Not because I’m lazy or anything but because I had worked out more than I usually do since it was a Friday and I knew I could sleep in. When I woke up however I saw I had alot of missed calls from Noah. A look of fear settled into my face when I started listening to some of them. In some of them Noah is crying. In others you can hear yelling from who I am assuming is his father. But in all of them one thing is consistent. A loud buzzing sound that sounds like an electric razor. I immediately called Noah back. He picked up and I could hear through his voice that he has been crying. “Liam!?” He said in a tired voice. “Noah what happened!?” I questioned. “M-My parents were mad that I was at your place after school…” He said “My d-dad c-cut my…” He stopped talking mid sentence. “Look can y-you please pick me up?” He finished. “Of course I can!” I said as I grabbed the keys to my car.

I must have broken a hundred laws driving there. But I didn’t care. I needed to get to him. I eventually got there and slammed the car door shut as I walked across the road. I knocked on the door. It opened after I heard some shuffling. A woman who looked like Wendy from breaking bad opened the door. “What the fuck do you want?” She said as she slurred her words. I pushed her aside as I entered. “Hey you can’t do that this is my fucking property!” She argued. “Where is he?” I asked sternly. “Who?” She asked confused “Noah” I said through my clenched teeth. “Oh he’s in there.” She pointed down the hall. “He’s been in there since his father shaved his head” she said walking back to the couch to watch tv. I looked at her with fury in my eyes “Since his father what?” I asked holding my self from shouting. She looked suddenly afraid of me realizing how angry I was. “His father tried to shave his head after he didn’t get home on time.” She continued “He didn’t shave all of it because Noah locked himself in his room.”

I walked to the room she pointed at earlier. I couldn’t help but notice just how filthy this place is. Mold was everywhere and some of the windows were shattered. I put my ear to the door and heard crying on the other side. I opened the door and prepared for the worst.

I saw him on the floor with a red beanie on in the corner crying. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. He jumped but when he realized it was me he held onto me and kissed me. “Thank God you’re here! I was getting worried.” He said with a look of relief on his face. “Look babe I’m going to take you back to my place you can’t live here anymore.” I said standing up. “N-No! I-” Before he could finish I interpreted him and said. “Noah put your pride aside and let me help you.” He looked up at me as I offered my hand to help him up. He took it and said “Thank you Liam.” I nodded and said “Pack whatever you want to take with you. Because you are not staying here a second longer than you need to.”

After Noah was done packing the few things he had I turned to the mother as we were walking out and said “Tell that pile of shit that if he ever even tries to find Noah I will tear out his mother fucking eyes.” Judging by the look on her face I think she took my threat seriously.

When we got home told Noah to give me the bag of his things so I can put them away. Ask I was putting his clothes in the dresser I remembered something. “Babe I can I see your hair?” Noah shifted on the end of the bed clearly embarrassed. “Babe I know what he did.” I said “We are going to have to do something about it at some point.” After I said that he looked down and pulled off his hat. To put it frankly he looked bad. The back of his head was buzzed back a few inches and the entire left side of his head was buzzed down along with it. The parts that his dad clearly got were not bald but they were buzzed to be very short.

I walked over to him and put my hand on his chin so he was looking at me and said “Babe we have got to do something about that.” He simply nodded. As I lead him to the bathroom. When I came back with the stool tears were welling up in his eyes. I set the stool down. As he sat down on it I got an idea. A friend of mine at school works at a barber shop. She’s a bit emo in her style but I’m sure she can find a way to save some of this hair. So I call her up “Hey Liam!” Is the first thing I hear come from the phone. “Hey Barbara.” I said smiling “I kinda need help with something…”

After giving a quick run down of the situation. She told me she would be on her way. “Who was that?” Noah asked as I hung up. “A friend of mine we’ve known each other for years. She is a barber so I figured I should ask her to come over.” I said. “She is a bit of a emo girl but I think you should keep an open mind to her ideas.” I continued. “She’s got an emo style?” Noah asked “I’ve always liked that look…” He continued. I smiled. Please don’t fail me now Barbra.

She arrived and after looking at his hair she came to a conclusion for a cut that she thinks would look good for him. “I think he would look good with a goth makeover!” She said with a bit of excitement in her voice. “But more importantly I think he would look good with a Chelsea cut!” She continued. “What’s a Chelsea cut?” Noah asked excited but cautious. “Well… I hate to break it to you but I don’t think I can save all of this hon.” Barbara said. “So here’s what I’m going to give you!” She said as she held a picture up to Noah. “W-Wait! You’re going to give me that!?” He said a bit scared. “Trust me babe you’ll look good after this makeover Barbra knows what she’s doing.” I said. “Yeah and plus I’ve got some makeup and clothes I brought for you! The haircut will really bring the emo look all together.” Barbra said. After hearing that Noah seemed to become more relaxed with the idea.

Barbra started by shaving the rest of Noah’s head aside from the front. She then pulled out a comb and trimmed the front a bit shorter and made them into bangs. “This is my favorite part!” She said with enthusiasm as she pulled out black hair dye. After dyeing Noah’s hair black and putting on some eyeliner trimming his brows and putting on some black lipstick Noah was actually starting to look better than he ever did.

“Ok boy’s! We are done with your hair and makeup! Let’s look at some clothes I think would look even better on our new and improved emo!” Barbra said with a giggle. We followed her into my bedroom where she had all sorts of outfits laid out. “I think this one specifically would look best!” She said as she pointed at a black t-shirt with a girl with a yellow smiley face over her eye on it and a mini skirt with stockings.

“Y-You’re want me to wear a s-skirt?” Noah asked embarrassed. “Well yeah! You already have a very feminine body! Might as well embrace it.” She replied. Before Noah could reply I said “She’s got a point babe. You are already wearing makeup and you look better because of it. I think you would look pretty good!” “But what about everyone at school? I already get bullied enough…” Noah countered “Not anymore. Not with me by your side” I said “I mean we have the same classes so you’ll never be bullied ever again.” Noah thought about it for a while. “Ok fine I’ll wear it.” He finally said.

He came out with the outfit on and my god… If he wasn’t fuckible enough before…

He tried on all of the other outfits Barbra got for him some had skirts some had booty shorts some had pants but all of them looked hot on him. Especially with is new short but cool haircut.

When he went back to school he wasn’t bullied as much as I thought he would have been. If anything people where coming to him for hair and makeup tips.

After graduation I got a pretty good paying job and I’m planning on becoming a NFL player at some point. Noah has decided to become a house wife of sorts. He cooks he cleans but most of all he’s my adorable little boyfriend.

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