My Asian Wife

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When I adopted her into the family, I didn’t expect what I got. She didn’t steal my cash or abandon me as soon as she got citizenship but she became enthralled with everything American.

Jean pants and crop tops, all was pretty on her. Long, black hair that came down to her hips although she liked to keep it wrapped up in a bun on top or on the back of her head. She had fine hair, very beautiful; she would agree but her mind desired otherwise.

”Hubby”, she smiled, she loved that cliché name to call me,”I want to stop by the shop tomorrow, are you gonna be there?”

”Sure”, I smiled,”I’ll get you set up. Whatchu want done?”

She did answer me, only sealing the deal with a kiss on my cheek,”Thanks hubby”,she walked out of the room with a bounce in her step.Her lack of a answer drew me into her little game and I wanted to keep playing. I love a good mystery.

Before I left for the shop, here she comes with a flowery sundress and sunhat. She was giddy and I played the fool to humor her, to those pearly whites out for whole world to see.We left the house a happy couple.

June weather was fair for us and the daisies were in bloom. She picked some and made a crown of them to embroider her hat, it was a treat to see her so innocently happy and vivacious.But she wouldn’t reveal her plan to me until she was in my chair.It was not a long walk but a happy one.

Finally, we reached my shop.Her heart raced, I could tell, as the gate was open to the house of shears and chairs, capes draped over their right arm. She came in slowly, she wanted to savor every moment of this. The chair received a fair rub from her hand as she sat in it, taking off her crowned hat.

I took the hat from my girl and hang it up beside the mirror so she could admire its beauty and it, envying hers. She wanted no time to be wasted and I complied, quickly wrapping her up and pumping her up.In the mirror, her smile grew ten fold.”What’s you smilin’ for?”I played.”I’m just happy”,she replied.

”Don’t know why”, I teased.

”My parents are very conservative about my hair”, she confided in me,” I couldn’t just walk into a shop and cut it all off”. I laughed;”Until now”, she said with a smile. I didn’t expect her to say that, I wish she didn’t, I loved that flood of darkness hanging it’s length out for me to shear away.But she was my wife, her wish was my command.

” I can’t believe I’m doing this”, I chuckled to myself,”We’re going short,eh? Here we go”

I didn’t how she wanted to do this so I just started cutting, she put everything at ease as her long hair was cut up and shorn. Then, something in my mind gave me an idea but would she allow me to do it.

”So”,I gave pause, I didn’t want to ask but my will overpowered my nerves,”Can I give you a super short style?”

”Do anything you want, my dearest”

Her consent, her ability to had over all her hair to me and only me: it meant so much to me. I opened a drawer and took out the clippers, so virgin to a woman’s scalp. They hummed to life in an instant.

With hair in position, the machine took off her hair at my pace. She wouldn’t blame me if I ran them all over her head but I wanted her with some hair. I just wanted her partially bald.

The clippering mostly done, I spread shaving cream on the bare sides and shaved them smooth.Her hands got a feel for what I was doing and I smiled when she did at my handiwork.

For the top, a flat plain with a bounce to it; her cut was beautiful and I awaited her thoughts on it.

”This isn’t too short”, she inspected the lawn atop her head then gave the widest smile I thought possible,” I love it!”, and she pulled my polo close to her,”And I love you”

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