My Barber Shop Hair Cut

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My Barber Shop Hair Cut

By JimB (C)opyright April 1991 

When I turned fifteen I, Mary Ann, became a little trouble make around the house.

I would get into so much trouble, standing the corner was just like sitting in a chair.

At our school …..

Let’s say I visited the principle office so much she knew me as her, some what, assistant.

When late Spring time, then Summer time, came I love chasing the boys who had a short hair cut.

One of the boys was my cousin, Dan.  He was a few days older than me.

His girl friend, Rachel, and I were close friends.

I would always let her know when Dan did things, like going fishing, playing baseball.

Her favorite, as well as mine, was when Dan and the other boys would go to the barber shop for a hair cut.

She, as she said, would be just passing by the barber shop and take a look inside.

If Dan was there for a hair cut, she was “just passing by and needed a little trim”.

Me, I would bring something to munch on and drink. I would sit across the street in the park under the shade of the oak trees.

When one of the boys would walk in, I would wonder what kind of hair cut he would come out with.

Of course as they would say, “the shorter the better”.

Another words, I like the boys with short hair.

One day Julie’s sister just happen to be walking around the park, with her camera.

“So, this is where you go every Saturday morning!” my dad said as he showed me a few of the photographs someone sent him.

Mom was looking at some of the other photographs and shacking her head.

“Robert!” she called to dad.

“Do you see what I see in these photographs?”

Dad looked at the photographs closer.

“You mean!” he said to mom.

“Yes,” she replied.  “They all have a short hair.

“Mary Ann!” mom called.

“Yes mom,” I answered from my bed room.

“Dad and I want to talk with you,” she told me.  “And, bring that little note book you take with you on Saturdays.”

“What little book!” I said and froze.

Mom was waiving a photograph.

I knew who gave them the photographs from the little mark in the lower right corner.

It was a “J”.  Julie used when she took a picture of some thing, or some one, so no one could take credit for the photograph.

“How many?” mom asked dad.

“Almost all the boys she knows.” he said showing a fan of photographs.

“What barber shop is in the photographs,” mom asked dad.

“The Oak Street Barber Shop,” mom told him.

Mom looked at dad.

“Isn’t that where Donna is one of the barbers?” he asked her.

“Young lady,” mom said as she pointed to my bed room.

“Today happened to be Saturday!

“Your lucky Saturday!

“Your brownish blouse, matching short skirt,  with the four inch high heels.

“Just a little touch of make up.

“Thirty minutes.”

“Here’s my credit card,” dad said to mom.

“Give Donna nice tip.”

“Where are we going?” I started to ask.

“How short?” mom asked dad.

He looked at me standing half way to my bed room.

“You mother said “thirty minutes”!” dad told me.

“That is up to you and Donna.”

“Why are we going to Miss Donna?

“What were you and dad talking about?” I asked mom

“The Oak Street Barber Shop’.” she told me.

“Donna will be making a little change in some one!”

She reached over with her right hand and patted my head.

“Hi sis’,” Aunt Donna said to mom, who was handing her a few photographs she brought with her.

“Which one is Mary Ann’s boy friend?” she asked mom.

“To tell you the truth.

“I do not know which one he is?” mom replied as she sat in one of  the waiting chairs patted the waiting chair next to her for me to sit in.

Aunt Donna was moving the photographs around on the seat of her barber chair.

After a few minutes she began shaking her head.

“I remember a boy by the name of Oliver Mayer,” mom said as she picked up one of the photographs and handed to Aunt Donna.

“Mary Ann spent a lot of time with him.

“They would go to the movies, the park when he played baseball or football.

“One day her dad caught them under the tree with their arms around each other and she was brushing her finger through his hair.”

“Really!” Ann Donna said.

Mom slowly walked towards me as she waived the photograph.

“Take this photograph to Aunt Donne and take a seat in her barber chair,” mom told me as she turned the photograph face down so I could not see what was on the photograph.

“WAIT!” Aunt Donna said to mom as she held up more photographs.

Mom walked to her and she was surprised at what she seeing.

“Which one should I start with?” Aunt Donna asked mom.

After a few minutes of looking at the photographs they began sorting them out.

Aunt Donna began pointing at the photographs, one by one.

“How about this one for today?” mom asked Aunt Donna as she pointed to one of the photographs.

“I like this one,” Aunt Donna said to mom as she held up on of the photographs.

Mom looked the photograph and moved the other photographs around.

“Just make sure ….,” mom told Aunt Donna as she moved her finger over her eyebrows.

“What about this ….?” Aunt Donna moved her fingers over her face.

“Mom!” Mary Ann asked her mom as she walked back to the waiting chair.

“What are you and Aunt Donna saying when you moved your fingers?”

Aunt Donna caped me and began moving the barber chair up a little.

She comber my hair out from a center part.

“Damn!” mom and Aunt Donna said together.

“Only three inches,” mom said.

Aunt Donna showed her the attachmentless clippers.

“Not today,” mom told Aunt Donna.

“In a few …..


“DAMN,” Aunt Donna said.

“Will the half an inch attachment do for today?”

Mom smiled.

All I heard was click.

My head was pushed down so I was looking at the cape.

“When should I bring her back for another hair cut like you are giving her today?” mom asked her.

“Two weeks,” Aunt Donna said as she was moving the clippers up the back of my head.

She walked to the right side of the barber chair and placed the clippers in the center of my head and began slowly moving the clippers over my pushing my clippered hair back.

When I saw how short she was clippering my hair, I knew how short my hair would be when she finished my hair cut.

“I knew I could not get out of the barber chair and just sat there as I watched Aunt Donna do what ever it was to my hair,” my mine told me.


Aunt Donna turned the clippers off.

I brought my hands from under the cape and began moving them over this hair cut.

It felt like a hair brush.

“It’s called a Half inch Crew Cut,” she told me.

I heard another click behind me and watching in the mirror over the waiting chairs and mom.

Aunt Donna pushed the barber chair back and down.

She wrapped a warm towel over my face.

I heard a low sound.

Then, I saw what the sound was for.

Aunt Donna began lathering my face.

“Don’t forget?” mom said.

My eyes watched as she spread some lather over my eyebrows.

My mine was just about to ask me!

When my eyes saw her move her straight razor over my lathered eyebrows.

She held the straight razor so I could see it.

“I will turn your head as I need to,” she told me as she tilted my head to the right and began shaving my face.

My mine was wondering why she shaved my face and eyebrows.

With the barber chair up she looked at mom.

“That will do  for today,” she told Aunt Donna as she lowered the barber chair.

I looked in the mirror over the waiting chairs as my mine wondered why they did this to me.

“See you in two weeks!”Aunt Donna said as we walked out the barber shop.

When we got home dad was waiting.

He brushed his hand over my head.

“Nice hair cut young lady,” he told me.

“Two weeks,” mom told him.

“Donna also!” she told him as she moved the finger over her eyebrows and face.

“She will be getting this hair cut in a month,” she told dad as she showed him the other photograph.

“This one will be in two months.

“This one will in three months and will be the last hair cut for her.”

“I like the last one,” dad told mom as he pointed to the photograph mom told him was in three months and the last hair cut for her.

“How long will she be keeping this one?” dad asked mom.

“I haven’t giving any thought,” she told dad.

“OKAY Marry Ann, time for you visit to Donna for you next hair cut,” her dad said.

“She has laid out what you will wear on the night stand.”

I looked at the night stand and it was the same kind of outfit mom had me ware the last two visit to Aunt Donna.

“Thirty minutes!” he told me.

“Morning Aunt Donna!” I told her as I walked to and sat in the barber chair.

“Why wast the time sitting in a waiting chair, when you know you will be sitting in the barber chair,” my mine told me.

“This is the hair cut I want you to give Mary Ann today!” mom said to Aunt Donna as she showed her the photograph.

“What about ….?” Aunt Donna asked as she moved her fingers over her face and eyebrows.

“Donna, look at her eyebrows,” mom told her.

“Not the face this time.”

Aunt Donna looked at Mary Ann.

“She has been razoring her eyebrows since her first hair,” mom told her.

She raised the barber chair so I could see the next hair cut I was going to get today.

“This one?” she asked mom as she showed mom the clippers with the quarter inch attachment.

Mom smiled.


I watched in the mirror over the wanting chairs and mom, as Aunt Donna began moving the clippers, with the quarter inch attachment, over my head.

With all my hair clippered to a quarter inch she reached for a comb.

She moved the comb to my forehead and moved the clippers without the quarter inch attachment over the comb.

She did this a few more time and I saw the hair on the top of my head was somewhat flat for the front to the back of my head.

“This hair cut is call a Hight-and-Tight hair cut,” Aunt Donna told me.

She removed the quarter an inch attachment and showed it to mom.

She smiled.

Aunt Donna began moving the attachmentless clippers up the right side of my head.

Slowly she continued moving the attachmentless clippers up the back of my head until she finished on the left side of my head.

I heard the soft sound, which I first head when she gave me my fire hair cut.

She began to spread the shaving lather alone the hair line.

“Donna,” mom said.

“A little higher.

“Make that higher.”

Aunt Donna smiled as she began spreading the shaving lather over the right side of my head to the back of my head and ending up on my left side of my head.

I watched as she took hold of the leather and began moving her straight razor up and down.

She showed it to mom, who smiled.

I watched as she began shaving the right side of my head.  Ever so often she would move her finger tip over where she had sheaved.

“See you in two months!” Aunt Donna said as we walked the barber shop.

“Maybe!” mom told her.

“I thought you were going to have Donna give her the ‘high-n-tight” for her next visit?” dad said to mom.


“When Donna showed me the clippers with the quarter inch attachment,” mom told him.

“I just thought about it and I smiled at Donna.

“And, she know what the smiled meant.”

“So, this one?” dad asked mom as he showed the last photograph.

“Will Mary Ann’s last hair cut.”

Mom smiled at him.  He knew what the smile meant.

“How long will she be keeping this one?” dad asked mom.

“I haven’t giving any thought,” she told dad.

When Mary Ann head the discussion, she wondered what her last hair cut was going to be.

“Well, you finally brought Mary Ann for her last hair,” Donna asked her mom.

“What kept you this long?”

“I got a part time job and Mary Ann was doing good in high school.

“By the way she graduated last month.

“One year less than four years.

“She is going to be seventeen next month.

“So I waited until she graduated for you to give her her last hair cut.”

“Let’s see if I remember what the last hair cut she was to received!” Donna said as she moved her hand over her head.

“Your member is good,” Mary Ann told her as she walked and sat in the barber chair.

“What ever the last hair I will received.

“I know from experience I will have to just sit in the barber chai and watch you give me the last hair cut I will receive.”

Her mom smiled as Donna showed her the attachmentless clippers in her right hand and the straight razor in her left hand.

Mom smiled.


“Let’s get it over,” Mary Ann told her Aunt Donna.

“For some reason I think I know what my last hair cut will be!”

Donna showed her the attachmentless clippers and placed it in the center of her head at the forehead.

She looked at mom who smiled.

She looked at me in the mirror over the waiting chairs and I gave her somewhat little smile.

She moved the attachmentless clippers over my head leaving behind hair so short I could see my skin.

She moved the attachmentless clippers faster than she did for my last few hair cut.

With the attachmentless clippers turned off, she undid the barber cape.

She tossed a towel in the sink as the water flowed.

She tucked a towel in my blouse and spread it over my shoulder.

I knew what my last hair cut was going to be.

“My head was going to the shaved,” my mine told me.

“I hope she looked at my eyebrows.  I have been waxing them for the last four years.”

“How long will she be keeping this hair cut?” Aunt Donna asked mom.

“I haven’t giving any thought,” she told Aunt Donna.

She wrapped my head with the warm towel and let it sit for a few minutes.

I heard the soft sound of the shaving dispenser.

She removed the towel and began lathering my head.

She showed the straight razor to mom.  Who just smile.

“I wish mom was the one sitting in the barber chair with her head lather and being shown the sharp straight razor,” my mine told me.

She showed me her straight razor and began stropped it over the leather strap.

She raised her straight razor and began shaving my head.

For some reason I was liking her shave my head with her sharp straight razor.

Aunt Donna saw my smile.

“I will be shaving your head slowly!” she told me.

Mom saw my smile and she looked at me with a questing look.

With the right side of my head shaved I moved the right hand to the shaved right side and smiled at mom.

I then mouthed, “You TOO!”

Mom’s eyes got wide and she shook her head “NO”.

I was going to shake my head “YES”.

But, Aunt Donna had my head titled down and began shaving the back of my head.

She continued shaving my head, checking ever os often for smoothness.

She finished my head shaving.

“This will keep you scalp feeling better,” she told me as she spread the lotion over my shaved head.

“How long will she be keeping this hair cut?” Aunt Donna asked mom agin.

“I haven’t giving any thought,” she told Aunt Donna.

“Hope you will come back Mary Ann for another head shaving?” Aunt Donna told me.

I looked at her and shook my head and said, “NO WAY”.

When we got home dad was waiting.

“Nice and smooth,’ he told me as I walked by him with a somewhat pissed off look.

“How long will she be keeping this one?” dad asked mom.

“I haven’t giving any thought,” she told dad.

“Will you be going to Donna for a head shaving?” he asked mom.


“No way will I get my head shaved for you,  nor Mary Ann.” mom told him.

“Hi Aunt Donna,” I said as I walked in the barber shop.

“Where have you been for the last five years?” she asked me as I walked to the waiting chair.

“I opened a business in the Oak Land shopping center,” I told her.

“I sell clothing for women and girls.

“And, business is growing each year.

“I am thinking about opening another store.”

“Did you noticed the name on the window as you walked it?” Aunt Donna asked me.

“Some what.” I told her as I looked at the windows and noticed the name.

“When John Mayer retired, I asked him to sell me The Oak Street Barber Shop,” she told me.

“He said yes with one exception!

“I had to change the name.

“So, I just changed the name to “Donna’s Barber Shop”.

“Glad your business is doing well.

“Are you going to get a hair cut like the last one I gat you five years ago,” she asked me.

I walked to one of the waiting chair and removed a bottle.

“I purchased this a few years ago,” I began telling.

“If look at the name.

“You will see “Fast WAXING cream”.

“If you read the instruction you will see, “Let the lotion sit for ten minutes.

“Then, slowly peal the wax off slowly.”

Aunt Donna looked at the instruction.

“It also says, “NO hair for five months”, she told me.

“I notice it,” I told her as I sat in her barber chair.

“I have been using it for my eyebrows for the last five years.

“I am hope you knew what kind of hair cut, I want today.”

“Let me get some rubber cloves,” Aunt Donna told me as she reached in a drawer.

“By the way,” I told her.

“Don’t ask me to drop my …..

“I have been using the wax there for the last five years.”

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