My Barbershop Part II

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My Barbershop Part II

I’m sure you all would like to here about my next encounter with Valerie. However, it took nearly two years for her hair to get back to the length. My first client, however, was a real boost to my business. In fact, my second client was a referral by Valerie. She called my shop about 2 weeks after my appointment with Valerie, which was ok with me, because that first appointment left me a lot to think about. Her name was Shannon, another student from my school. Shannon was also a short girl.  She had tan skin, long brown hair hanging just to the small of her back. A subtle nose ring, big tits and a nice round bootie. Shannon’s boyfriend had cheated on her. She had broken up with him, and was looking to make a change, according to the voicemail she left at the barbershop phone. I called her back and she suggested we meet at 6pm. Needless to see I paid Valerie back a substantial bonus when she came back to visit the barbershop, even more so when you hear about how my second appointment went.

I got to the barbershop around 4 pm to get everything set up. Around 4:30 I heard a knock at the door. It was Cora, gorgeous tall, slender, black haired barberette who worked next door. “Hey, Cora, whats going on?” “Hey you,” she flirtatiously pushed her hair behind her ear, “I, uh….” Her faced began to turn red. I raised my eyebrows, “You uh, what?” I asked, chuckling. “Well, ok, so, see,” she began nervously, “Ok, so I was in the shop a few weeks ago….you know, THAT day.” Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. “Ah. Yeah, about that, I thought no one was there. You know it was after business hours and everything so. I’m real sorry if we disturbed you, it won’t happen again.” “No that’s, not why I’m here. I was actually kind-of intrigued. It sounded wild, whatever was happening. Buzzing, Shaving. And then that girl with all the curls, she left with a high and tight, I mean whoa. I did not expect anything like that when we leased this place to you. I figured you were some sort of specialist with unique clients, but nothing like THAT.” I lowered my eyes and rubbed my neck. Was she gonna evict me? “So, um, I was wondering, do you have an appointment by any chance?” I looked up, “um what?” “You heard me, I want an appointment. You only do haircuts by appointment right? Well I want an appointment. You are here now, let’s do it now!”

I really did not think this would happen this soon. I figured at some point one would come over, but definitely not Cora. Before leasing the space I had done a little research on her. She was a former model for Pantane hair products, Abatombie and ROLO clothes, and even did some runway work. She was 40 or so, but she did NOT look it.

“Listen, Cora,” I started to say, “No, you listen,” she said as she approached me, she put one hand on my waist and one on my neck. She was starting right into my eyes, and began to rub one hand through my hair and the other caressed my cock through my pants as she said, “you know us hairdressers, barbers, we are a unique breed.” Then she pulled me close and whispered, “You know most of us are like you. Why else do you think we love our jobs so much?” I gulped, shocked and aroused all at the same time. “Come on,” she said, flipping her hair with her hands, playing with it, tempting me with it. “Imagine all this hair, on the floor.” She licked her lips. “Let’s do it now,” she whispered.

“Wow, Cora, um this definitely sounds amazing. And obviously,” I blushed, glancing as her long, silky black hair, “I would love to see that, in tons of places not just on the floor, but I have another appointment tonight.” “Ok,” Cora said, “well, when can I, get this hair, on your clippers?” “Well, unfortunately school takes up most of my time, how does next Saturday sound?” “That is perfect, what time is your first opening?” She asked. “Why don’t you tell me when works best for you? On the weekends I am always free for appointments.” “Hmm,” she ran her hands through her silky black hair, “how about 10pm?” Well looks like I was in for a couple of Wild weeks. “Yeah, that works, can’t wait to get all that hair off of you.” “Oh,” she said, “don’t think I’ll be the only one whose hair gets shaved off.” She winked. Turned around with a flourish and walked out the door.

Holy cow, I thought, my cock was rock solid. Pitching a massive tent. I glanced at my watch, 4:45, I still have like 1 hour and 15 minutes, I thought. I propped my legs up on my office desk with my pants around my ankles, holding my throbbing cock, thinking about next weekend. All the styles I could give her. But the real question was, how would I finish Cora off? I was midway in thought, just starting to speed up my strokes, when I heard the door open.

My face turned beet red. “Hello? Its me Shannon, I’m here for my appointment!” I heard her footsteps approaching my office. The door was wide open. Sure enough right as I reached down to pull up my pants, Shannon poked her head around the door.

I’m sure I was redder than a fire engine. I could see Shannon smirking, she was blushing some herself. “Well Valerie did say this was a, different, experience. Is this what you always do while waiting for clients?” She said through her smirk. My cock was still rock hard in my pants. I’m unsure if you’ve ever had someone walk in on you, but if you have, you know how difficult it is to come up with a witty comeback when you’ve just been caught, quite literally, red handed. But I sure gave it my best.

“Actually, this is exactly that type of place. Although usually, this whole scenario is what we do,” I let my pants fall back down around my ankles, and smiled. She bit her lip and grinned, “well is that so, and to think Valerie said this was basically just a barbershop. I should have known better, especially when she came back to school bald.”

This time I pulled up my pants and zipped them up. “Well yeah, it can be a little more than that.” I smiled. “But don’t worry, we will get around to this later.” I pointed at the tent in my pants. She laughed. “Ok, buddy, maybe. If you are lucky.” But her eyes said that I, or maybe my member, had already ensured I was a lucky man.

“So,” she asked, “what exactly goes on here?” I grabbed one of the forms from the clipboard on the wall and sat down in the barber’s chair. “Just read that. If you like the terms, ask me to get up. If not, you can walk out, say you’d rather just go out on a date, or say fuck you and leave. Really its up to you. But if you sit down, well, the rules are the rules.”

I watched her eyes scan across the page. Back and forth. Back and forth. Rule 3, that’s where they pause, that’s where they turn around. They say its not for them. Maybe some other time. Shannon wasn’t even phased. “Hey, what’s this rule 5 mean?” “That’s the rule you are curious about?” I asked, shocked. “Not rule 3 or 4? Rule 5?” “Yeah rule 5, I wanna know whats that all about? What happens in the barbershop stays in the barbershop?” “Well, say something that doesn’t usually happen in a barbershop happens here…between us….” “You means like me walking in on you with your pants around your ankles?” She laughed as my face turned red. Then she walked up to me and grabbed my cock with both hands, “Just kidding, I think I know exactly what you mean. Now please, get out of the barber’s chair, and throw that cape around me. I’m ready to see what THIS is all about.”

I buckled the black cape around her. Her mane of thick, straight, dark brown hair piled on top of it. I had thought to myself what I was going to do on this particular night. In fact, I debated doing this to my first client, however, when that was Valerie, well plans had to change.

It was time to challenge myself. Trust my skills. Trust my clippers. Time to get this girl to want to go all the way. “So, Shannon, here’s how this is gonna work. I’m gonna start cutting, buzzing, shaving, you name it. Any hair on your head is fair game. Any style is fair game. But when I stop, you get to decide what happens next. Does all the haircutting stop? Or do we keep going? Sound good?” “So you do this with all your appointments?” “Well, actually Valerie was my first.” “Really,” she said with a smirk on her face. “Not like that, but she was my first client.” “Oh, so how did it work with her?” My cock became stiffer just thinking back to it. “Well, she decided she didn’t want an option to stop the haircutting. She wanted me to decide where it would end.” “So why am I different?” Shannon asked. “Well,” I said, “I just want to try something new. Let you have a little say.” Shannon grinned, “Great! I was really nervous I was gonna walk out of here with some sort of borderline bald look like Valerie!” Even with you picking the final hairstyle, you still might end up looking like Valerie. I thought.

“So how short are we going Mr. Barber?” Shannon asked, sensually. “I’m not gonna tell you yet. And you won’t be looking at the mirror during the first few hairstyles, just to build the suspense.”

I turned her away from the mirror. And leaned the chair back. I turned on the water in the sink and began to wash her thick, long, dark, brown hair. I massaged her scalp and I ran the water through her hair, making sure to soak every inch. Then I massaged her hair again as I shampooed it, working the shampoo into a thick lather. When I was done with Shannon, hopefully, she wouldn’t need much shampoo, if any! Finally, I massaged some conditioner into her hair, striving to make it silky and soft; the perfect canvas to work with.

I leaned her back up and patted her hair till it was only damp. I leaned into her ear and whispered, “So Shannon, are you ready? Are you ready to fell my clippers on you, vibrating, stimulating?” She giggled, “Sure.” Oh lord, I thought, this girl has no idea what she is in for. I started by pinning up the top layer of her hair. Every hair that ran above the line of the occipital bone was put into a nice top knot pony tail. I then slid the scrunch down until it marked off about 7 inches of hair from her scalp. Then I turned on my clippers.

They buzzed to life, ready to stimulate Shannon, and make her understand. I leaned next to her ear, “Do you hear that buzz; feel the vibration?” I placed the handle of the clippers between her legs. Pushing the cape down until the clippers touched her skirt. I kept pressing, slowly her skirt began to push between her legs. She gasp as the clippers stimulated her clit. “I know you want my clippers. But you will have to wait for them.” Shannon was breathing hard. “Please…more.”

I placed the clippers are the base of her neck. A shiver ran through her body. This may be easier than I thought. I let them linger. Vibrating, stimulating, buzzing, but not shaving, not yet. Shannon moaned, “Wow, I think those are magical,” she barely let out a breathy laugh before gasping again. This was my second client, and she wanted to be with me, not just a haircut, so I wasn’t so blinded by my own cock this time; this time was all about Shannon and I, finishing each other in more ways than one. Slowly I pushed her head forward, and said into her ear “what do you want?” “I want to feel your clippers running on my head. Please buzz me.” I pushed the clippers ever so slowly up her nape. Two foot long strands of dark brown hair cascaded to the floor. Some draped over the tent in my pants, causing me to only grow harder. The clippers slowly made their way up Shannon’s neck, clearing a path through her luscious long locks. Olive skin showed through. This hairstyle didn’t require a guard. I stopped at the top of her occipital bone, and caressed the newly buzzed swath. She melted into my touch. Moaning, and gasping. Clearly, her hand was doing a good job.

I could feel myself growing more and more aroused. I pressed my cock up through the whole in the chair. The head gently poked against the small of her back. I felt her hand reach around and undo my buttons and zipper. Her left hand rubbed my cock, while her right was buried in her own sopping wetness. My pants slipped to the ground around my ankles. I relocated the clippers at the base of her neck. To the left of the path in the middle. As soon as the vibration touched her skin, her breaths became deeper, heavier, and her hands began to work faster. Again the pushed the clippers up her nape. Two foot long locks of hair because their descent. Shannon stroked faster; I pressed the clippers down, letting her taste their vibration; letting them stimulate her excitement. Making her want their sensation. Making her wish to feel them everywhere; She wants to be buzzed; She wants to be clippered; she wants to be shaved bald; she wants the clippers to buzz off every hair on her head, because she is becoming one of us. The vibration on her scalp; sensual; the roar of the clippers; arousing; the feeling of her hair been sheared, shaved, buzzed; pleasure.

Her subconscious desires are evolving. Every centimeter of hair that is sheared makes her crave the sensation even more. I can feel it; her body is beginning to shudder each time the clipper finds a new erogenous zone. I press the clippers into her scalp just a little firmer. Her body shudders; pulses; trembles. The excitement is building in her.

Luscious brown locks pile up around my ankles, covering my shorts. My cock tingles as the hairs brush my exposed member on the way down, driving me to make Shannon’s hand work even harder. I take more care with each pass of the clippers; a little more force; let the vibration linger one second longer; make her gasps deeper; her breaths longer. Her hand works faster. Her fingers playing with the head; stroking the shaft. I push the clippers up her nape. Only one swath of hair on the back of her head remains. As I press the clippers through her mane, leaving only stubble on the back of her scalp, I press my member into her back, forcing it flat against her body. I feel the tremors and the shudders coursing through her, emanating from between her legs. Her left hand lets go of my cock, but her sopping wet right hand takes its place. Dripping with her juices; her right hand strokes my cock, even faster. My breaths become harder, until finally, the last hair is shorn from the back of her head.

When she feels the touch of the clippers disappear, she slows down. The vibration was driving her excitement. Her voice is barely audible over the hum of the clippers. “Buzz me. Shave me. I want the your clippers on me.” I tilt her head back, placing the clippers next to her ear. Just the sound, the hum, the roar, makes her stoke my cock faster, rub her clit harder. “Yes,” she whispers, “buzz me. Buzz my head. Buzz my hair. I want your clippers on my scalp. Shave me. Don’t stop, please, let me feel that sensation on my skin. I want to feel my hair being buzzed. Touch me with your clippers. Let me feel your clippers.” As the clippers  graze her skin, her voice picks up, “Yes, right there, YES! THE BUZZING! THE VIBRATION! SHAVE ME! BUZZ MY HAIR OFF!” As the clippers push through Shannon’s long, dark, locks, her moans fill the barbershop. “YES!, YES! OH YES! BUZZ MY HAIR AWAY!” The clippers roared over her temple, revealing her olive skin with only the shortest stubble. I pull the clippers down the side of her head. Her face up at the ceiling, moaning and gasping. I buzz away the hairs around her ears, and shift to the ride side of her head. Starting at her temple and shearing her hair away from the side of her head. As I finish buzzing off the hairs around her ears and turn off the clipper, her stroking becomes slower and slower. I set the clipper on the table.

She now has a perfect undercut. The back of her head buzzed all the way to the occipital bone. The sides of her head shorn. Only stubble remains where once two foot long dark brown hair was. Now, that hair is all over my floor, my pants, my cock. Shannon is still breathing hard. “Was that it?” She asks. “You tell me,” I say. I reach down and take her hand in mine. Its still wet, from her wetness. I slowly take her hand and place it on the back of her head. “See what it feels like. The stubble on your hands. Feel the buzzed hair on your fingers.” Her left hand slowly comes up to explore the newly shorn parts of her scalp. Her breathing gets harder, even though her pussy isn’t being stimulated. But that doesn’t matter. She’s being aroused. She has discovered a new erogenous zone; her scalp.

As she rubs her head, she moans softly. I turn her around. “What do you think? If we stop now, you still have plenty of hair. No one would even know you went to the barber.” Her eyes look wide as she takes in her new look; absorbing the fact that two feet of hair is now stubble. Her voice is breathy, “Keep going.” Of course, I already knew she would say that, but hearing her urge me on excites me. She wants to be shorn.

I turn her around again. Her breathing gets harder. I fire up the clippers. Her hands disappear. I push my cock flat against her back. Her shudders and trembles stimulate my erection. I push the clippers into her ponytail, just above the tie. The clippers buzz through the thick pony with ease. I hold the pony in my hand. No tie to hold it; one and a half feet of loose brown locks.

Shannon recognizes how much lighter her head is. And gasps. I dump the pony into her lap. My cock throbs as her body shudders with delight. She desires to see her hair on the floor and in her lap. Her ecstasy is knowing her hair is being taken; being buzzed; being shaved.

I pull the hair tie. Her remaining locks fall down. She now has a short bob down to her earlobes, with dark hair framing her face. I set down the clippers. I run my hands over her shorn scalp, then up through the hair. Where just a half hour earlier her hair was thick, two feet long, and covering her scalp, now just a short bob disguised the rest of her buzzed scalp. I turn her in her chair.

“An undercut bob.” I whisper in her ear, “I buzzed most of your hair off. Shaved you right to the bone.” I watch her as she closes her eyes and bites her lip. Just hearing about her hair being removed from her scalp is stimulating her. Her desire is no longer subconscious. “Then, I clippered right through your pony tail, chopping it off. Look at those thick locks in your lap.” A gasp escapes her lips. “You want to go even shorter?” She nods, and with my cock against her back I can feel her fingers slip inside of her.

I grab a guard, the number 3, to leave a little length. When I turn around, Shannon has taken off the cape, and the rest of her clothes to. She gets on her knees. “I want to taste you, while you buzz me. I want you in my mouth while you shear my hair. Buzz me while I suck you.” She takes me in her mouth. My cock is throbbing. This next shave must be quick or my throbbing cock may interrupt the pleasure of buzzing her head. I position the clippers at the back of her scalp and run my fingers through her bob, pulling it up off her head. I slowly push the clippers down the left side of her scalp. The vibrating clippers drive her to new sexual heights. As the clippers proceed towards her forehead, her sucking becomes more vigorous, her tongue more active. Her arousal is clear. Her hands are both working on her own wetness. The shudders of her body travel up to her tongue, working my cock towards its limit.

Just I stop the clippers one inch short of her forehead, leaving a thin strip of wispy bangs to frame the buzzed hair on the top of her scalp. I dump the hair over her, letting her feel the locks hit her body. Let her enjoy the feeling she desires. Slowly I proceed to buzz the rest of her scalp. Positioning the clippers just over the occipital bone, letter her savor the vibration. Then pulling them through her hair, buzzing her dark brown locks into stubble, stopping just short; an erotic Chelsea cut, and then dumping the hair over her. Each pass makes her finger herself deeper. Each handful of hair she feels on her skin makes her take my cock in her mouth even deeper. One final pass. My cock pulses as the clippers begin their journey. I feel her body shudder. It is so vigorous, that even her tongue is affected. Her body is in tune with the clippers. Their vibrations, so arousing, that she is being drive to orgasm. Her scalp will be the source of her most intense orgasm.

As the clippers complete their final pass, I dump the last remnants of her bob onto her skin. Her body trembles, shudders, and finally vibrates with orgasm. She takes me out of her mouth and gasps “cum on my head. Cum on my buzzed head. I want your cum on my scalp. I want your cum, not my hair.” Her hand, wet with her juices grasps my member. She strokes rapidly; hastily. My cock pulses in her hand and I ejaculate all over the remainder of her hair. My cum triggers her to orgasm again. She screams and moans; her hand engulfed by her pussy. “Yes, spray your cum on my head. My buzzed head.” Her other hand rubs the cum all over her stubble, onto the bald sides of her head.

I know what to do. I grab the clippers. “What do you want? What do you want Shannon?” “MAKE ME BALD! I WANT TO FEEL THE CLIPPERS SHAVE ME! I WANT TO KNOW MY HAIR IS GONE! SHAVE ME TO THE SKIN! BUZZ ME BALD! SHAVE MY HEAD!” I whisper in her ear, “Do you want hair like Valerie?” “NO,” gasps Shannon, “Shave me smooth. I want a slick, shiny, bald, scalp. I want to feel the clippers all over my scalp. Then I want to hear the razor scrape away my hair.”

Shannon sits in the barbers chair, furiously rubbing her clit. I turn the chair towards the mirror. The clippers roar to life. Shannon screams in ecstasy, “BUZZ ME WITH YOUR CLIPPERS! SHAVE ME BALD! BUZZ ALL MY HAIR AWAY!” I press my cock against her. He body shakes with anticipation for the clippers to strip the last of her hair from her scalp; her bald desire is realized The clippers touch her scalp, vibration stimulating; energizing; arousing. The first pass drives her to orgasm again. Her shuddering body pushing my cock every closer. As the last of her hair cascades over her breasts, she shudders with orgasm. Each pass reveals more and more of her scalp and drives her deeper into her desire; her fantasy. Finally, as the last of her hair is buzzed away, Shannon orgasms again. Her intense pleasure is transmitted to my cock, pressed against her body. As cum once again courses through my man hood, I spray it on her newly hairless scalp. Shannon feels the cum spray her scalp and uses it to explore her erogenous shaved scalp. Driving herself to another orgasm as her hands arouse her through her whole body; both her scalp and her pussy.

Her desires now drive us. She orders me inside her. To pump deeper, thrust harder. As my hands explore her baldness, her pussy grips my cock tighter. I grab the trimming clippers and turn them on. Smaller more intense vibration. As my cock enters her pussy, I buzz the 1/8th of an inch hairs down even short. Her pussy tightens around my cock for every inch of her scalp the clippers stimulate. As she reaches he climax, she takes control. Her desire ensnares her. Her fantasy is to be hairless. I know because her orgasm takes her and as she shudders, she slowly pushes the clippers over her brows. Her right brow; my cock pumps to her spot, pressing her forcing her to an intense climax. Her left brow; she rubs her nape, massages her scalp, and lets me pleasure her pussy.

When she feels my cock pulse, she pushes off me. She takes her cock in my hands, and once more directs the spray. This time she allows the cum to spray her shaved brows, then another pulse, the cum drops on her head. I throb again, she opens her mouth. Her hands massage my cum into her skin. She gasps and moans with arousal. She is now one with her desire.

As we both catch our breath, I lather up her head; her brows. I scrape her hair away. We leave the barbershop. For the rest of the weekend we barely leave my house. Yet as school edges on Monday, Shannon shies away. When I next see her, A short brown bob frames her face, her eyebrows drawn on. She catches me in the hallway and whispers “A year from now. Book me an appointment.” No one at school knows she is bald, except Valerie and I. Whatever happens in the barbershop stays in the barbershop.

My second client. She sent me several new customers, although no one has embraced their desire quite like her. She is truly one of us. Preferring hair on the floor to hair on her head. I have since had 2 other appointments with Shannon. She is torn between denuding her scalp of all hair, and allowing it to grow out to shave it erotically again. I believe the next time I see her, she will be slick, shiny, bald, with no hair to shave, but a nice scalp for my cum.

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