My Barbershop

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The rules of my barbershop are simple. 1) women only. I don’t want to cut men’s hair. 2) You don’t get to decide. If you wanted to decide you would have left a long time ago. 3) Clippers are ALWAYS used. 4) You leave with shorter hair, guaranteed. Finally, 5) whatever extracurricular happens in my barbershop, stays in my barbershop. When I tell my friends who are women I opened a barbershop, they are always surprised. “Oh wow, I didn’t know you could cut hair.” They ask. “When can I get an appointment?” I always chuckle and say, “Well, there are some special rules that apply in MY Barbershop….” Once I explain to them the rules, usually they blush and say, “Well maybe another time.” I smile, it feels good that I can be open. I know they know. They know they know. But that’s usually as far as it goes.

Now, My barbershop is open for Appointments only. Its not every woman that wants to adhere to those rules. I mean, 1 through 4 are mandatory, 5 only applies if things get…. Wild. I think that when a woman wants to adhere to rules 1 through 4, she will make an appointment. Plus I opened this place up for myself, to find women who wanted to experience something like this, and maybe, just maybe, a little bit more.

I got my first appointment about 1 month after I opened. It was a girl I knew from school. She heard about my barbershop and said she needed a haircut. Her name was Valerie. She was a very fit girl, had been training for ROTC, which already was giving me some ideas for her haircut. Now, she had a boyfriend, and I’m not the type of guy to go doing anything like that, so right away I knew, this wasn’t gonna need rule 5. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy rules 1 through 4.

Since I have lots of studying to do, and Valerie does as well as she attends the same school I do, we agreed to meet up at the shop on Saturday, at noon, her idea. Noon is a nice time for friends, I respect that.

By the time she pulled up to the shop at 12, I had already been in the shop for about 30 minutes or so. Now this wasn’t a big shop. Really only barber’s chair one chair, a closet for cleaning supplies, a bathroom, and an office. I had found the vacancy on the internet. A barbershop was leasing a back office space. They weren’t looking for another partner, but the office was equipped with its own chair and separated from the main shop by a door that locked. It had its own bathroom and everything. A steal at the price they were offering. Some of the barberettes were attractive as well, so of course that played a role in me saying yes.

Valerie parked in the gravel lot and walked up to the door. Now Valerie is a pretty muscular girl, she has been training for the military for much of our school career. She’s very fit, like she could probably beat me up fit. She has nice blue eyes and curly dirty blonde hair. She’s shorter than average, with medium sized breasts and a nice fit ass. As she walked in, I grabbed the clipboard off the wall next to the door to my office. It had all the rules on it.

“Now before you sit down, there’s a few things you should know.” “Ok, like what?” said Valerie. I handed her the clipboard. I assumed Rule 5 wasn’t included, because that rule is only on the forms that I use for appointments after 4pm, if that’s when a woman wants an appointment, she’s moving beyond friend time.

I watched Valerie read the list. Slowly a smile spread across her face. Then she started laughing. She looked up at me, chuckling and grinning. “So its like that huh? Is that what this whole place is about?” I blushed a little, “Well, pretty much. Does that offend you?” “No,” she laughed, “So do I get a say?” I started to smile, even though this wasn’t gonna get Wild, it would still be fun. “Well, here’s the deal,” I said, “I’ll cut and then stop. You can signal if you want to go shorter or stop. Does that sound alright?” “Huh,” she said, “maybe, what are my other options?” “Um,” I thought for a moment. I already did have a pretty good idea of what I wanted her to end up with. “So, I could just cut it and not run anything by you?” Smiling, she asked “What would that look like? Like do you already have a plan?” I blushed again. “Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. If we go this route though, I’m not gonna tell you. The only way you get out of it, is if you accept the previous offer, or if you go through with it, panic, and run out halfway through.” Valerie smiled, but I could tell she was nervous. She was twirling her hair, and biting her lip, even though she was trying to appear calm. “Listen if you don’t like the rules, we don’t have to do this. Just don’t sit down like the rules say!” I was blushing hard now, not only did she know what this was all about, but I felt like the way I made it sound was rubbing her the wrong way. “Sorry,” she smiled, “I’m just worried what my boyfriend would say, I mean I don’t even know what to expect! I didn’t really prepare him for this, ya know?” It seemed like my first appointment wasn’t going to result in anything, but everything was alright, besides, now my first appointment could be more …..wild. “Totally cool,” I said, “No worries at all. And if you know anyone looking for something…different, I guess now you know where to send them.” I smiled. She laughed, I could tell she felt better already. “Yeah for sure! And who knows, maybe I’ll warm up to the idea!” We did a little side hug, and she walked out the door, hopped in her jeep and pulled out of the parking lot. I stayed behind, the office was a nice place to do work anyway. Secluded, quiet. I started pulling out my computer and working on some study guides.

About 2 hours later, around 230, I heard a noise in the parking lot. I knew it wasn’t for the actual barbershop, because they closed at 1 on Saturdays (Its no wonder they had to lease the extra space!) I opened up my office door just in time to see Valerie shutting the door to her Jeep. I was smirking from ear to ear as she opened the door. “So, you warmed up to the idea?” This time, it was her turn to blush. “Or did you call your boyfriend?” I asked. Her face got even redder. She was looking all around as she said, “Well to tell you the truth, thinking about having no control made me excited…..” My eyes perked up. Well obviously, that’s why you are back, I thought to myself. “And I figured my boyfriend could respect whatever decision I make!” She said with a hint of force in her voice. “After all,” she said, “What if the military makes me cut my hair or something! He would have to deal with that right!” “You are absolutely right! So, what option did you decide on? Progressively shorter, or just let me pick?” “You heard me,” she blushed, “I want no control. Plus that way he can’t blame me! Worst case I can say there was an accident at the salon.” Well, with what I’m planning its not gonna look like an accident…. I thought.

Valerie sat down in the chair, and undid her curly blonde hair from her pony-tail. It hung just above her shoulders, as in the ends were just brushing her shoulders. I spun her around and tilted her back. “You know, your boyfriend might be interested in your new style.” I said. She looked up, “No way, not every guy is like you you know!” I laughed. “Well, I guess you will find out soon enough. She gulped.

I started by washing her hair in nice warm water. Letting her blonde curls turn dark from the rush of liquid. Then I lathered her hair up with some shampoo. This is gonna be the last time her hair gets a washing like this, I thought. I rinsed her hair to get all the suds out, then used some conditioner, for a nice silky texture to work with. Finally I pulled out a towel and patted her dry a little bit. “Ok, since you are my first customer, you get to have one last shot. Walk out now, or your last chance may be too late.” “Nope,” she said, “I’m already in the chair.”


I decided I didn’t want to freak her out too much, so I started with scissors. I began using my fingers to grab sections of her hair, and snipped them about ear lobe length, cutting about 6 inches of dirty blonde locks from her head. As I snipped, more and more hair piled up on the floor. I saw in the mirror her eyes were closed. If she’s nervous now, just wait till the clippers get going, I thought. When her hair was all about ear lobe length, I began snipping more hair. With her eyes still closed, Valerie said, “More cutting?” “Umm, yeah! I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet! Surely you remember, rule 3?” “Which one is that…again?” “CLIPPERS ARE ALWAYS USED.” I said. “Oh, yeah.” She gulped…audibly. I chuckled. Slowly I snipped her hair closer to her scalp. Her hair was only about 7 inches in length at her earlobe. I was snipping it to about 2. It wouldn’t matter, once I fired up the clippers and completed my plan. Her eyes were still closed as I moved from the back of her head to the top. Now it was gonna be easier for her to notice just HOW much hair was coming off right now. I started using my fingers to section off hair as I had done before. I snipped each length in half. About 3 inches from the top of her head was coming off. Just as I finished, she opened up her eyes. Her smile was huge. “Omg,” she laughed “this is gonna be short isn’t it?” “I’m following the rules.” I smiled back, “Rule 4: YOU LEAVE WITH SHORTER HAIR, GUARANTEED.” “Yeah, I’ll say!” She said, “This is gonna be SHORT!”

With that I turned her around, so she couldn’t look in the mirror, or watch me set down the scissors and pick up the clippers. I sprayed a little more water on her head so it seemed like I was going to cut some more. “Ok, I know what you are doing. Use those clippers already. Let’s get this hair off of this head!”

I blushed, deep dark red. Not because of what she said, but because my cock was slowly growing in my pants. This is my friend I thought. I turned around to the table And tucked my cock up into my shorts. I was blushing very red, but I grabbed the clippers and said, “Ok, you asked for it!” I turned her back towards the mirror and pushed her head down. The clippers hummed to life. “Oh yeah! Give it to me!” Valerie said. “I want to feel the clippers on me!” My cock was hard as a rock, I was praying she didn’t notice. That could lead to some awkward looks in school when we passed each other in the hallway….Then again I was chopping all her hair off, so if it was ever gonna be awkward, that would probably do it too!

“Alright,” I said, my voice unintentionally soft and somewhat sensual, “get ready for a rush.” The clippers, which had a number 2 guard, pushed straight up the middle of her nape. Slowly and gingerly I pushed the clippers, savoring the feeling of the thick, curly, dirty blond hair as it fell over my hands on the journey down to the floor. I stared at my feet, watching the hair piling up, as I pushed the clippers over the top of Valerie’s head, leaving a swatch of ¼ inch hair down the middle of her head. Finally, I reached her forehead. A pile of blonde curls fell onto her lap. “Wow,” she gasped. Breathing heavily, she said, in a breathy voice, “That was QUITE the rush.” Her voice trailed off at the end, but as we glanced at each other in the mirror and our eyes connected, I could tell what was going on with her, and she could tell what was going on with me. Both our faces flashed dark red. We were just two platonic people enjoying a one of a kind sensuality, I thought, as I looked at my feet. My cock caught my eye, it slipped out of my waistband and was standing at full mast, pitching a tent in my shorts. I gulped. Clippers still humming in my hand. I felt eyes on me. I felt her looking me over. She saw. She knew. “Hey,” she said softly, “I’m liking this too….can you please keep going. Let me feel those clippers….PLEASE!” I looked up, my hazel eyes locking with her light blue eyes. She mouthed “Please…” She nodded at the clippers. I gulped. My face still burning red. I grabbed the clippers in my left hand and prepared to readjust my pants. “Comeon,” she said, “We are both adults here. Besides, whatever happens here stays here right?” My face flashed red, I knew she didn’t mean anything wild, because she didn’t know about Rule 5. “You’re right,” I said. “I guess you will see a lot of men like this in the military, huh?” I said rather awkwardly. She laughed. Her whole body shook. The hair on either side of the swath bounced. Watching it; looking at the swath of hair; her scalp showing through. My cock felt like a metal rod in my pants. I hope I don’t have any precum leak out, I thought. Slowly her laughter died down to a chuckle. “Yep! Don’t worry, I have seen a boner before. Most are heading down from half mast, so I haven’t seen many quite at full attention like you right now. But what can I say, I knew what I was getting into. Especially since I came back.” Our eyes locked. She winked. It was a friendly wink. But I knew, she was enjoying this. Her taste wasn’t quite as developed, it wasn’t quite as programmed as mine. But it was there. I winked back. “Well, I can’t promise my flag pole will go down anytime soon, but hey, I guess we became better friends today than we ever thought!” She laughed again. “Yes, I can honestly say, when I met you at school I did not picture you buzzing my head with a massive boner. That thought did not even come into my head.” “But here we are!” I said. “Now for all this talk, I guess I owe you a little more, huh?” “Well,” she said, “I guess you COULD leave it like this…it would be within the rules. But,” her voice got soft, sensual, sexy, “I hoped you would finish me off.” Our eyes locked. She winked again. Her face, oozing sensuality. My throat got dry. My penis, growing to hard to contain. The clippers, still running in my hand. I just nodded, stunned at what was going on. Stunned that I was in this scenario with my first client.

I pushed the clippers up the right side of her head. Dirty blonde hair cascading over my hand, piling on the floor. This time I wasn’t watching the hair. I was focused on the haircut. Focused on finishing her off. Slowly guiding the clippers over her scalp. Reducing those blonde curls to quarter inch stubble. Letting the clippers do their job to her hair; to her. Again I reached her forehead. Again a mound of 2 inch long blonde curls cascaded into her lap. The swath of ¼ inch hair was wider now. About 3 inches wide. As I prepared the to start the next line, I decided to switch positions. I eased up closer to her. I positioned the clippers in front of her forehead. I tilted her head up. So see could look at herself in the mirror. I pulled the clippers back towards me; back along the next line of hair on the right of her scalp. As I pulled back, I glanced at her face. Her eyes were closed. I noticed her cute mouth; her lips. Red, wet, her teeth barely biting down over the edge. I felt her breathing from my hand on her shoulder. It was deep, heavy. Here was Valerie, developing, programming right in front of me.

My breathing was careful, steady, as I pulled the clippers towards me over the top of her head. I followed the path of the hair with my eyes, watching as her blonde curls tumbled over her occipital bone. The thickness gave them a distinct weight. It was magical as I felt them brush over my pants, bouncing off my hard rod on the way to the ground. And as I followed these luscious, thick, blonde curls, I noticed a small wet spot. I laughed to myself. Well, I guess we are already past that point. A little precum never hurt anyone!

I left the last little tuft of hair on her nape and repositioned the clippers towards her temple. Only a few more passes on the right side of her head, and she would be halfway to a 1/4 inch long buzzcut. That still wouldn’t be the final stage though. No way. Especially not after how amazing this had been. But I wouldn’t go all the way. This wasn’t the time, and unfortunately, this was not the girl. No matter how much fun we were having. No matter how horny I was or (hopefully) she was. No, I thought, this time I must stick to the plan.

In order to accurately get the clippers right by her temple, I had to move closer to her. As I was pulling the clippers over her temple, buzzing off the curls on the side of her head, I because acutely aware of my cock touching her back. Ever so slightly, but enough. I continued buzzing her head, but glanced at her face to see if she noticed. It didn’t look like it. Her eyes were shut. Her breathing was getting heavier and faster. I smiled to myself, she REALLY was LOVING this. Once more, the dirty blonde curls floated over my penis. Their weight exciting me. She whispered, “I feel your rod.” My face got dark red. “Its ok, really. It adds to the moment. Go on. Do your job,” she whispered, “your cock isn’t harming anyone.” I smiled. I positioned myself closer to her. My cock pressing on her, pushing itself flat on her back. I buzzed the last few curls around the edge of her ear. Then I stepped back. I buzzed away the last few curls on the right of her nape. He head was about 2/3rds buzzed now. 2/3rds was a nice soft ¼ inch stubble. The other half was still 2 inch long curls. Just begging to be buzzed. Valerie reached up with her left hand, her right still hidden under the black cape. An awkward way to touch your head, but given what was probably going on down there I understood why her right hadn’t moved. Her left hand landed right in the middle of her scalp. “Ooooh, my.” Her voice was soft. “Do you like it?” “Her eyes opened and locked with mine in the mirror. She was biting her lip and nodding. She brushed her left hand over the last of her blonde curls as she put it back under the cap. “Please…buzz me all over. Get rid of those curls. Let me have another taste of those clippers. Let me feel them on me.” I bent down and whispered into her ear, “Oh, I’ll give these clippers to you. You want them?” “Yes,” She whispered back. “Tell me how much you want them.” “I need them,” She said, her voice trembling, her body had begun to tremble a little too. “You are gonna have to beg harder than that,” I said slyly. “Oh My God,” her body was shaking, now it was clear, her right arm was shaking the cape in her lap. I bet she’s glad she’s wearing a skirt now, I thought. “GIVE ME A TASTE OF THOSE CLIPPERS! LET ME FEEL THEM ON MY HEAD! BUZZ ME! SHAVE ME! SHAVE MY HEAD! BUZZ MY HAIR!” Her voice was loud, layered with her excitement. “I’m gonna buzz you. I’m gonna shave all your hair. I’m gonna make you BALD!” “YES,” she screamed, “YES! MAKE ME BALD! BUZZ ME BALD! SHAVE ME!”

I pulled the clippers over the left side of her head. It was hard to keep them straight. She was so busy underneath the cape. She was gasping; panting; moaning. It’s a good thing the barber chair was leather. I had to pull myself closer to her to keep the clippers on line. Once again my cock was laying flat against her back, but the way she was shaking, it was gonna be hard to control my cock, especially with how long I’d been hard.

I pulled the clippers to the back of her scalp. Curls tumbled over her occipital bone, their weight, landing on the head of my cock and staying there. Valerie moaned out, “buzz my nape. Finish me. Faster!” Her body shaking. My cock throbbing. I ran the clippers up her nape. She moaned. Throwing her head back. I reached up and put my left hand on her forehead, holding her head back perpendicular to the floor. I pulled my body even closer to her. I was so hard my cock couldn’t even fit through space in the back of the chair anymore. I pulled the clippers down. Removing another swath from the left of her head. With her head leaning straight back, the clippers vibrated right into her scalp. Her excitement was stimulated even more. With every millimeter of hair, her hand was moving faster. Her moaning was more intense. Her body trembling even more. This time I kept the clipper pressed more firmly into her scalp, running them down her occipital bone, buzzing her nape clean of those thick, luscious, scissored, dirty, blond curls. My penis was poking out of my pants. My head exposed. She didn’t care. I didn’t care. We were way past that now. Every ounce of hair made my penis throb harder. Ever twitch in her body massaged my shaft. It looks like even with friends, even when things weren’t getting Wild, I would still need that fifth rule.

I held her head back, and clippered firmly down her head again. She was looking up at the ceiling. “Oh God,” She cried out, “Yes, YES!” Once again I followed the path down her occipital bone. “OH MY GOD! “BUZZ ME! FUCKING BUZZ ME! BUZZ MY HEAD BALD! SHAVE ME! SHAVE MY FUCKING HEAD!” I ran the clippers over her nape. Her body pulsed. I let go of her head and her eyes shot open. Her big blue eyes looked right into mine. Her arm was vibrating. The cape was shaking. “OH MY GOD! TOUCH ME! TOUCH ME WITH YOUR CLIPPERS! LET ME FEEL YOU!” She screamed, I was panting. My cock was throbbing. I was going to pull away, but her eyes said no. “You enjoy this too,” she said, panting. “Its one of those moments.” “What about…” My voice trailed off, distracted by my hard cock. It was throbbing uncontrollably. “Its ok, she gasped….Rule 5, remember? What happens here stays here…NOW PLEASE,” She yelled, “Let me feel your clippers on me. I need them!” Her voice was just gasping now, but it began to get louder.  “I want them. I want them to stimulate me! I WANT THEM TO BUZZ ME! FINISH ME OFF! FINISH US OFF!” Her body was throbbing. I firmly placed my hand on her forehead. Pushing her head back. “YES!,” She screamed at the ceiling, “BUZZ ME! SHAVE ME! MAKE ME BALD! FINISH ME OFF! BUZZ THOSE CURLS! SHAVE THOSE CURLS! SHAVE MY HEAD! MAKE ME BALD! MAKE ME CUM!!!” Her excitement was pulsating through her body. It was as if I could feel her orgasm pierce through her core. My Cock was so hard, half my shaft was on her back. My penis was covered in thick, luscious, curls. The feeling of them bouncing on my dick. The throbbing. I could feel it. I positioned the clippers in front of the last path of curls on the left of her head; the last thick swath of luscious blond hair.

This was the last big pull, all that would be left would be a little buzz over her ears. This was it. This was the moment. The last big buzz. I pulled the clippers over the top of her head, buzzing the last big swath of curls. Clippering  them down. Buzzing, Shaving, Vibrating her scalp. Stimulating her skin. Vibrating her to the core. Guiding the clippers to  the back of her head; removing the last swath of blonde curls from her the left s using them to stimulate her scalp, her occipital bone, her nape; using them to penetrate her; using them to finish her off. As the clippers buzzed her bald, shaved her head, trembled over her scalp, vibrated down her occipital bone, and stimulated her nape. Finished her off. Finished me off.

For her, it was the feeling of the clippers on her nape as I let them linger there; vibrating her, stimulating her to her core, letting her know she was bald, letting her know she was finished; she was shaved. For me it was just after. I felt her body tremble; pulse. I felt her whole being shiver as she screamed. “OH YES! FUCK YES! FINISH ME! BUZZ ME! I WANT TO BE BALD! MAKE ME BALD! SHAVE ME! SHAVE ME! FINISH ME OFF!”

My cock was throbbing uncontrollably. I felt it welling up inside me. Filling my shaft. Like a wave through my shaft.  And then those curls. The finally floated onto the head of my cock. And as their weight stimulated me, I shivered. I placed the clippers at her ear. And I felt her pulse again. I felt her orgasm AGAIN. And My cock throbbed and then exploded as the stimulation from the curls on its head, and the vibration on my shaft, and the thought of making this girl bald all coursed through my body. My body trembled and pulsed. Once, twice, a third time, and then again and again as I pulled the clippers over Valerie’s temple and then buzzed off the last few curls from around her ears.

Valerie gasped, moaned, whimpered, whispered “Yes, oh my god,” as my cock pulsed and I finished her off; as I finished shaving her head bald.




Finally, the last curl floated to the floor, and we panted for breath. I had both my hands on the back of her chair, My cock still firm. She was panting, breathing hard, doubled over. Still whimpering, still moaning, as the last of her orgasm trembled out of her body.

We looked up at the same time, our eyes locked in the mirror. Her blue; mine hazel. Both our faces flushed. We looked away. Finally, she spoke first. “So, did you enjoy that as much as me?” She whispered. “Are you kidding, I gasped, I exploded everywhere.” “Oh, I didn’t notice,” said, “I was having too much fun to notice…” she held up her right hand with an exhausted, but satisfied smile. It was shimmering with her wetness. It was then I looked for my cum. Was it on her back? I laughed to myself, I hope she has a new shirt in her car if so. Then I realized all of her curls on the head of my cock. I reached down and touched them. They were soaked. I laughed as I showed her. “Well I guess these little leftovers were good for something after all,” I said, “they soaked up one big load!” She threw her newly buzzed head back and laughed. “My hair was very thick,” she said. “And luscious,” I added.

“So,” She said, “Is this my new look? Am I completely finished? Or is there still more?” Our eyes locked and she winked. A friendly wink; one that said she was ok with going that far one more time. I knew that we had found her limit. But that was a nice limit for both of us. “Actually,” I said, “I had a bit more planned.” “Oh yeah?” she smiled, “How much more can we do?” “Well there’s a little bit more to what I wanted to do. We stopped a little short there.” “Oh yeah?” She asked, “Are you trying to say that even though we finished, there’s more to be done?” I smiled, “Most definitely. There’s more work to be done until we are truly finished.”

She sat back down in the chair. I already saw her hand rubbing back and forth at her pussy. “Ok then, give it to me.” Her voiced got breathy, “Let me feel your clippers. Stimulate my scalp. Finish me off.”

I swallowed hard. I positioned my cock on her back. Already stiff. Already at full attention. Her body rocking back and forth. Her back rubbing my cock. I pulled the guard off the clippers. I whispered in her ear, “I’m gonna finish you off. I’m gonna really shave you down to the skin. Now you are really gonna be BALD!” She moaned. “Oh yes. Buzz me. Buzz me bald. Let me feel your clippers on me. Let me feel you vibrate all over my head! TOUCH ME! BUZZ ME! SHAVE ME!” She was already worked up. Moaning, gasping, whimpering. Her body rocking back and forth. Stimulating me. I positioned the clippers on her temple, slowly buzzing away the stubble; clippering her to the skin, and then blending the hair into the number buzzcut that was on top of her scalp. I let her savor the vibration. She let me experience her excitement; her pleasure. After I had blended the right side. I moved the clippers to the left. Doing the same thing; clippering; shaving; blending the hair. Her arm was moving now. She was fully in rhythm. Biting her lip. Watching me work. She was watching me as I clippered her, buzzed her, shaved her to the skin….and she was loving it!

She was biting her lip, and fingering her clit, when I finally finished buzzing and blending the left side of her head. I positioned the clippers at the base of her neck. “This is it. This is the end. This last little bit. Are you ready to be finished? Are you ready to be clippered? Are you ready to be stimulated?” I whispered the last words into her ear and let them pulse through her body. She nodded, “Finish me off, one more time!” I slowly ran the clippers up her nape, removing the stubble. My deliberate and measured passes let the clippers linger on her nape, stimulating her body as they vibrated. The clippers were leaving only skin in their wake, and then slowly increasing the trace of hair as I blended her blond stubble up her occipital bone. I completed pass after pass on her nape, my pace gradual, drawing out every moment, letting her enjoy the sensation of being clippered; letting the vibrations stimulate her.

I left the best area for last. I had seen her earlier. Her body throbbed every time the clippers touched the middle of her nape and vibrated along her occipital bone. So I saved that for last. As the clippers buzzed, hummed, and vibrated along the final pass, her body shuddered, trembled, and finally pulsed, as an orgasm coursed deep through her. Warm cum shot from my cock as I finished her haircut; as I finished her off.

When she caught her breath, she looked at the mirror. “Wow!” She exclaimed. “What kindof haircut is this?” “Its called a high and tight, usually they give them to soldiers, that’s why I thought to give it to you.” “Damn,” she said, rubbing her hands over her head, caressing her scalp, stroking the stubble that was all that remained of her thick luscious blonde curls that had covered her head only one hour ago. “I look sexy! I think my boyfriend will actually enjoy this!” He’s one lucky guy, I thought to myself. “See, I told you. Anyone can be just like me. They just have to see what its all about.” She turned around and hugged me. Pressing her body into mine. My still  hard cock resting on the wetness of her skirt. As we embraced, my hands touched the small of her back. It was sticky. It looks like she actually would need a shirt, after all, there were no luscious, thick, curls to protect her clothes this time. Slowly we parted. She smiled. “don’t worry,” she said, “I have a shirt in my car that I use to work out with.” “and hopefully some shorts too!” I said. She blushed a deep red. “Yeah, those too. I’ll probably go for a run to feel the breeze on my scalp before heading home.” Her gaze drifted downward and then up to meet my eyes. Her hand rose into my eyeline and her finger gestured me close. She whispered, “And don’t worry, I will definitely be back.” I looked her in the eyes. “Maybe, next time, you should let your boyfriend finish you off?” She blushed, but laughed and said, “Well, he can finish me off, but You’ll be the one to cut my hair!”

She grabbed her exercise clothes from her car and changed in the bathroom. I cleaned off the barber’s chair as put away the supplies. Dropping the scissors in the disinfectant, washing the hair off the clippers and leaving them out to dry. When she came out she was wearing some exercise shorts and a grey tee. Her tits and ass were stunning, highlighting her physique. She looked at me again, blushed, then glanced in the mirror. “So, while I was in there I was wondering…how will I explain this to the people at school?” I laughed. “I don’t know, just say the military made you do it?” She walked up close to me, her eyes gleaming impishly, “You mean I can’t say you did it?” I grinned and at the same time we said “What happens in the barbershop stays in the barbershop.” She pulled some sunglasses out of her pocket and glanced back at me. “You know, if it weren’t for that rule 5, I bet I could get some of the other girls out here?” “Yeah right,” I chuckled, “like who?” “Why don’t you just wait for your next appointment?” I laughed. “Tell them if they mention your name, you will get a little extra next time.” She winked back. At me, “your gonna have to make it one big bonus.” She turned and opened the door. Waiving good bye with her hand as I watched her ass shake on her way to the car.

I pulled down the blinds, and swept up her thick, luscious, blond curls. First I swept up the sections I had scissored. I put half of them in a baggy and wrote “for your boyfriend when you aren’t around.” He was gonna need something for when he started thinking about her sexy shaved head when he was all alone. Then I bagged the other half and wrote “my first customer: a memorable high and tight with Valerie.” Afterall, every business keeps something from their first sale. Then I swept up those short two inch curls that I had buzzed from her head. Half I put into a baggie. The other half I kept in my hand, as I walked into the office, reflected on my first customer, and felt my cock grow hard once more.




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