My best friend’s hair salon

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This is a sexual fantasy story!

Lisa my best friend had opened her own salon several years ago and had done quite well. It was downtown and she had a whole two story building that she had refurbished and filled with young sexy stylist.
I worked at the bank across the street so when my day ended I would walk over and hang out as the day approached its end in her shop.
Lisa was a tall brunette who’s hair always was changing, she seemed to spend more time caped in her salon chairs than the clients. I guess that was one of the perks of owning a salon, I even got haircuts for free whenever I wanted.
On this day I opened the salon door and walked in to see the usual scene.
There were a couple stylist busy giving haircuts and Lisa was sitting in her salon chair dawning a silver vinyl cape with her legs crossed. One of her junior stylist, Tina was administering a undercut on Lisa’s bob.
” Hello girls”
” Hey Mark” they replied.
I sat in the salon chair next to them, her chairs were sexy bright red leather and very cushiony. I loved the way they felt and sometimes fantasized about sitting in them all day watching the girls snip away.
I turned in it to face them, Tina was a gorgeous red head. She kept her soft hair in a high pony tail that dangled just above her exposed shoulders in a black tank top.
It was hard not to stare today, she had on a short black leather skirt with high heels that proped her tan legs up perfectly.
I really fell deep into the daydream as I watched her pump down on the chairs lever, boosting Lisa up a little higher to get a better angle with the clippers.
Then I looked up at her and she was looking right at me with a kind of evil grin, I had been caught.
I made my best attempt to just own it by saying, ” Tina that skirt is something else”
Lisa looked at me and smirked, ” she’s the most wanted in the salon, good luck”
Tina pushed Lisa’s head forward and turned on the clippers, she went to work buzzing from the neck line up methodically on the undercut.
“You seem to be getting a little shaggy, when’s the last time you were in the chair?” Tina said without even looking up at me.
I nervously said, ” well I kinda am growing it out so it’s been a while.”
” Nonsense, even when growing hair out you have to get trims.” She said demandingly.
” This is true” Lisa offered up as her chin rested on her chest against the shiny cape.
I suddenly for the first time felt anxious in Lisa’s salon, I noticed how captive the chair I was sitting in felt. I realized a hair salon was a women’s domain and I was just a visitor, if I stayed too long I would have to submit to their rules.
” When I’m done with Lisa I can snip those split ends for you,” Tina said as she combed through Lisa’s hair with her long fingers.
” Well I don’t know, I’m kinda in a hurry today”
” Don’t be silly” she said. ” You’re the one who walked in a salon and sat down in a styling chair, don’t act like you don’t love having your haircut,” Tina replied with a little laugh.
She spun the chair holding Lisa to face me as she looked through her fresh work, Lisa peered at me and said, ” you could use a trim doll, don’t worry Tina is a pro.”
I had nothing to say, I wanted the haircut and couldn’t deny it.
But for some reason Tina was so intimidating the way she just got her way whenever she wanted it.
Several other stylist had finished with their clients and had left I had noticed. We were the last three in the salon as the day was getting late.

The phone rang up front and Tina stopped what she was doing to go answer it. Lisa was left there caped in the chair. She looked at me and asked” can you hand me a cigarette from my purse?”
” Yeah I think I would like one too” I said .
I stood and rifled through her huge purse on the counter and found two and a lighter. Lisa pulled her arm out from under the heavy cape and took the cigarette with her slim fingers.
She placed it in lips and leaned towards me as I lit it for her.
I sat back in the soft red chair and lit mine.
Lisa took a long drag and as she exhaled she said,” You know Tina is gonna do more than cut your hair right?”
” I’m sorry, what do you mean?” I said surprised at her bluntness.
” Look we have always been best friends and honest with each other so I’m just telling you what to expect.”
I continued to look at her with confusion as she ashed on the floor and took another drag.
” just don’t get attached, your not the first client she will have fucked in the shampoo chair” she said .
I laughed and said, ” Lisa she wants to give me a haircut, I’m sure that’s all it is”
” Well you were always a gentleman so I don’t expect you to want every girl who cuts your hair to fuck you”
I squirmed a little in the salon chair, Lisa was successfully making me nervous.
By now Tina was making her way back over, as she was walking behind me she stopped and placed herself at my chair.
She put her hands in my shaggy hair and combed through it with her nails.
” There is definitely a need for a trim here” she said .
She reached forward and took my cigarette from my hand and took a drag as she examined my long hair.
” It’s decided, you in my chair tonight. ”
She dropped my cigarette on the checkered salon floor and put it out with her black high heel.
Tina walked behind Lisa’s chair and swiped the hairs off her shoulders with both hands in one motion.
” I love it ” Lisa said as she admired herself in the mirror.
” I know you do.” Tina said as she unfastened the silver cape and ripped it off her body.
Tina stomped down on the chairs lever and Lisa dropped to the floor.
I realized watching this happen that I would soon be in that chair with an unknown fate.
Lisa uncrossed her legs and stood up, she looked at me and said” you two have fun, I have to jet”
She grabbed her purse from the counter and looked in the mirror one last time at her new cut. She flicked it with fingers and turned briskly to head towards the front of the shop.
And instantly she was gone, it was just Tina and me left in the salon.
Tina stood behind the big red salon chair with the cape over arm and patted the back of it.
She stared at me said ” let’s go”
I rose from the salon chair and gained my composure.
” That a boy ” she said as she patted the back of the chair again.
I turned to sit back into it and felt her hands pulling back on my shoulders.
The leather cushiony chair rippled as I sank into it.
I placed my hands on the armrest as I felt the chair jolt upwards. Each boost tingled my body as she thrusted down on the lever with her long leg.
Through the mirror I could see her loving the domination of the moment and that’s when I noticed I was completely turned on.
Tina snapped the cape out in the air and threw it over me. It dropped over my body and the heavy shiny material felt like chains holding me down.
It was closed shut around my neck with her fingers running straight up into my hair.
She started to massage my scalp, I closed my eyes and gave into the overwhelming sensation of the experience. She knew she had me and I didn’t care.
She took her hands out of hair and placed herself beside the salon chair. I wasn’t sure what she was doing and then she grabbed a lever on the chair and tilted me back so I was laying flat in the chair. ” what are you doing ” I asked her.
” your getting a trim ” she said looking straight down over me.
Tina ran her fingers into my hair and gripped it tightly. She held it as she again pumped the salon chair higher. I was now laying flat in the leather chair as it boosted upwards. Her leg went up and down as she pressed the lever firmly until I was almost at the height of her waste . The whole time she held my head down in the chair and watched my eyes with hers.
This brought a feeling on that I couldn’t deny. I started to become fully erect in my pants under the cape and grew nervous.
Tina knew it too, she was touching me in a way that was meant only to create arrousel. In a brief moment of panic I tried to lean up out of the salon chair because the submissive feeling it created and she pushed down on my chest and said” lay still, I told you earlier if you keep coming into hair salons and sitting in a hairdressers chair it’s because you want to be under the cape”
I couldn’t deny it.
I gave in and fell back into the soft leather chair laying back flat .
Tina ran her hand down my caped chest and stopped over my groin. She pressed her hand firmly into the caped area and gripped my now hard cock.
I squirmed a little as I sat still with my hands gripping the plush leather salon chairs armrest. Tina massaged it as it grew harder and harder.
She folded the thick shiny cape back and unzipped my pants.
This was like nothing I ever imagined would happen to me, here was this drop dead gorgeous barberette with me in her chair using all her power to have her way.
Tina finished unbuttoning my pants and pulled them and my underwear down to my knees. My erection stood straight up right there infront of us both. I continued to lay there as she wrapped her hand around it and slowly jerked me off. Now I was moaning uncontrollably as she squeezed it and massaged it.
She put her foot on the salon chairs hydraulic lever and pumped it a little higher while she held my boner and said ” now let’s give you that trim”
I hadn’t done any maintenance down there in a while so there was plenty opportunity for her to do some trimming.
Tina let go of my boner and pulled a small set of shears from her apron pocket.
She began to comb out my pubic hair and then made snips about half way down the length of them.
The snipping sound of her scissors filled me with more excitement and somehow my rock hard erection grew more.
She combed and snipped around it, every few seconds grabbing it and squeezing it to assert her dominance. And it worked. I was completely submissive in her grasp.
This beauty salon chair held me like her prisoner.
After a minute or two of snipping at my pubic hair she finished and then with her sharp nails ran them up my cock from base to tip several times lightly. It made me throb even harder and my whole body shook under the salon cape which was still fastened around my neck and covering the top half of my body.
Tina picked up her hairdryer and blew away the dusted ends of my pubic hair from my groin.
When she placed it on the counter she turned back around with the clippers and positioned herself back beside me.
I looked up at her and felt the overwhelming urge to jump out of the chair and fuck her madly but she was in control.
Tina gripped my boner and pressed it down towards my legs. The clippers clicked on and she started buzzing the hair left around my cock. My entire body vibrated as she removed the remaining hair.
She maneuvered my erection around like a joy stick as the clippers buzzed at the base.
She had to tell me to be still as I fidgeted uncontrollably while she worked.
The hum of the clippers clicked off and she put them back on the counter.
” what could possibly be next” I wondered. ” how could this get any better”
And it did.
Tina stood back beside me and had a condom in her hand now. She jerked at my cock a little more and right when I though it was going to explode she took the rubber and worked it over my erection.
Once it was in place she stepped on the chairs lever and it dropped to the floor slowly holding me laying there. The feeling of the salon chair going down with me in it felt amazing.
When it hit the lowest level she pulled up her leather skirt where I could see she wasn’t wearing panties.
Tina straddled the salon chair so she was sitting on my lap and kept massaging my erection firmly.
Then she moved over top of it and slowly let it slide into her. I groaned loudly at the feeling of it going inside her tight wet pussy. Once it was all the way in she sat still for a second and let out a high pitched squeel.
Then she placed her hands on top of mine on the leather armrest and began to hump me with a gentle rhythm. Her wet cavity moved back and forth over my cock in a perfect motion and she started to speed up gradually. Her perky breast bounced over me under her apron as she increased speed and the salon chair began to rock with the movement. The sound of her squeeling and the leather of the salon chair rubbing underneath me was all I could hear.
She took one of her hands off mine and reached up to my hair, she raked into it and grabbed tightly while she was humping harder and harder now.
I had been on the verge for over a minute now but held on as long as I could, I didn’t want it to ever end.
I could tell she was getting closer and closer every second by the screaming of pleasure and soon I would be able to explode.
She leaned down over my body and started kissing me furiously while we fucked at near high speed now.
And then she threw herself back upright and looked up as she panted uncontrollably. We were right there at it so I gave in and let go, I released and shot for what felt like a whole minute.
Her vagina pulsated as she climaxed right there on top of me. Her body shook with pleasure and she moaned a final time signifying the perfect orgasm.
And in a instant it was over. We were both almost out of breath from the wild humping.
Tina fell over top of me and laid there while my erection sunk to nothing barely still inside of her.
She looked up at me and kissed me softly for a brief moment before she sat back up and easily stood up off my lap. She pulled my soft cock out of her pussy with her hand and worked the filled condom of it without spilling anything.
Tina climbed off my lap and threw the spent rubber away. I didn’t know what to do so I just laid there in the soft salon chair, she grabbed a wet towel and wiped her juices off my groin where she ran wet all over me.
She threw the towel in a trash ben and then adjusted the chairs back so I was sitting upright again but still had my pants down near my ankles.
She dropped heavily into the beauty salon chair beside us and leaned back exhaustedly. I leaned forward and pulled my pants up and fastened them as a she pulled a cigarette from her stylist apron.
I watched as she placed it between her slim fingers and put it to her lips.
She lit it and crossed her legs as she took a long drag from it and blew the smoke right towards me..
I was still sitting in the salon chair with the silver shiny cape over me as if I was waiting for an actual haircut. And the truth is I was.
I would have done anything to have Tina standing behind that salon chair again running her sharp nails over my scalp.
I imagined the feeling of the cushy salon chair being pumped upwards while she stomped downward on the hydraulic lever.
I was almost hard again.
Tina kept smoking and said, ” well you do need a haircut don’t you.”
” might as well” I replied.
She uncrossed her legs and stood from the chair. Her half bare ass from the leather skirt still being hiked up peeled off the leather as she rose up.
She swung the salon chair around so I was facing the mirror and unsnapped the cape off of me.
Tina grabbed the black vinyl cape off the chair next to us and flung it out over me. The motion of the cape in the air disturbed her cloud of smoke and mixed the smell of shampoo and smoke in the air.
The cape fell over me and she snapped it shut.
She placed her hands on my shoulders and I felt the chair start to go upwards. The chair jolted with every notch it went up and her thighs rubbed together as she kicked downward with her leg.
Tina took a drag of her cigarette and flicked the hair on top of my head around.
” So what are we doing today.”


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