My Brother’s Wishes – Part 1

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I’m Smita at 36 I still look very young for my age, boys still look at me when I walk past them like they look at young women. I love their looks and quite frankly I work a lot for these looks, to keep my body toned perfectly and to give my skin the best home made treatments. I only have my brother Rahul with me, when I was 24 we lost our entire family he was only 2 at that time. I loved him without exceptions may be too much because he’s the only person I have to call family, I never married anyone even avoided making a boyfriend so I could take care of him.

He has a very controlling personality, I don’t know if it’s my love for him or the carelessness that leads to it that I let go of whatever he does. Unlike other boys he keeps his hair long I mean very long his hair is almost till his bums, when he started growing them at 13 I told him not to but he convinced me to let him grow them I even helped him take care of them like women grow their hair out. For me long hair was more of a girls thing I too liked mine long but kept them near my waist as it was difficult to maintain healthy hair. When he was 15 he decided he didn’t want to go to school anymore because other children didn’t like him, I should have stopped him from doing it but rather decided to get him home schooled by convincing the principal. We’re from a wealthy background so money was never a concern for me but I still wanted to keep it intact for our future. To ensure we have enough funds for our lifetime I sold the family home and shifted to a property our parents had bought. It was on the outskirts of the city. The place was a 2 floored bunglow, I decided to make the first floor our living space and ground floor a boutique. There were 2 rooms on the floor I used one as a storage, Rahul was only 5 at the time so we slept in the same room and we still do.

The boutique was both a gift as well as a nightmare for me at times. This was the same place where for the first time I saw rahul wearing a woman’s salwar suit and looking at himself like a proud woman. He must have thought I was sleeping but I saw him do it and kept it to myself. I should have stopped him but I thought it’s a phase he’ll learn what’s better for him. It’s the same place when I first noticed Rahul trying to touch women but I let it go I should have stopped him but I was blinded by love.

There was 1 staff member a girl working for me in the boutique both were very good girls. The story took a turn when Rashmi who worked for me for a long period decided to quit the job as she was getting married. I was very reluctant on replacing her as I trusted her a lot but she came to me with a solution. She came with a girl her name was Shweta she looked really pretty for her age she had a very good body and a very attractive personality. Rashmi told me Shweta was her long term friend and could be trusted for the job, she had a very impressive resume too she had worked at good places. But there was an issue which Rashmi mentioned, if she was to work here I would have to provide her shelter. Shweta didn’t have a place to live in the city she had been living at Rashmi’s place but now since she was getting married Shweta could no longer live there.

I told her I’ll need a day to think about it as I was concerned about keeping a girl with Rahul in his teens, more often than not I had seen him masturbating looking at things over his phone. Some nights I felt as if he was touching me as we slept on the same bed, but I never let him know I always kept my eyes closed acting as if I was asleep.

Shweta was too beautiful and attractive to keep at my place, for 21 she had breast bigger than my C cups and a very bouncy butt, her hair was a thing of beauty too. Almost surpassing her knees they were thick as a curtain and so soft and beautiful that even I loved touching them, when she kept them in a bun it looked like she had kept a black football on her head. Rashmi tried convincing me a lot to keep her friend, I too was concerned about the shop so I gave in and decided to keep her. The problem I had in hand was where to keep her because the ground floor was the boutique and our second floor only had  rooms one for me and another for Rahul. After thinking for a while I thought about keeping her in the vast lounge space we had, I gave her a folding bed and some bedding items to get comfortable when she arrived.

The first month was alright Rahul seemed very friendly to her, I was quite sceptic tho I would always keep an eye on him. Rahul seemed very attracted to her hair too he would often find ways to touch them, they were too long too so even Shweta didn’t know when he was doing it. My nightmares started to get real when the temperatures rose during the summers. It was too hot to sleep in the lounge and we only had 1 AC which was in our room. Shweta requested me if she could keep her bed in our room to sleep I wasnt going to allow it but Rahul bypassed me and helped her keep it there, I was quite concerned because I knew she never slept with a bra and the sleeping clothes she had were mostly thigh length nighties or sleeping shirts and shorts.

On the second night of her sleeping with us I felt Rahul touching my bum he was slowly rubbing his hands on it, this was almost a regular affair so I kept silent and acted as if I was sleeping. It stopped after a few moments I thought he was done but then I felt him getting up from the bed. Keeping my head under the blanket I saw him approach Shweta. He stood near her stroking his penis from underneath his shorts, them started touching her hair. When he was about to touch her body I got up and caught his hand. I didn’t say a word to him just brought him back to bed and slept. Instead of being ashamed of what he was about to do he seemed angry with me, he didn’t eat the whole day and was rude to me too. Finally my love gave-in for him and instead of making him apologize I said sorry to him. “di you are not allowed to stop me from doing what I want. You did a very bad thing yesterday I should never see it happen again” He told me in a stern voice. That night I was woken up by him touching my pussy from outside my pyjamas. It felt very wrong but I did what I did every night and layed there as if I was asleep. He then got up and started touching Shweta, I could tell unlike me she was sleeping like a cow she had no clue he was pressing her boobs. A few nights later he rolled up her hair on his penis and masturbated on her hair.

It continued for a month or so he would do different things to me and her. Then one night I saw him go out of the room when he returned he had scissors in his hand, I saw him pick up a lock from her hair before he could cut it I stopped him. He stared at me as if he would kill me “never cut a woman’s hair it’s very precious to them” I whispered in his ears and brought him back to bed. He seemed very angry with me when we were having breakfast.

During the evening when both me and Shweta were at the boutique he came with a guy from the front door. The person he came with was carrying a small bag in his hand. I had a few customers in the shop, they came in and started setting up a chair in the middle of the boutique. I looked at him puzzled as to what he was upto he saw my face “Arey di you forgot? ” He said “what? ” I asked him. Instead of replying straight to me he looked at the customers in the shop “My di is very kind a few days back we saw a very sensitive movie, after watching it she decided to donate her hair” He announced,  my heart skipped a few beats when I heard him I had cramps in my stomach. He came towards me grabbing my hand he took me to the chair, I wanted to protest and fight for myself but I couldn’t I followed his lead and sat on the chair.

The person who came with him started monitoring my bun, without hesitation he opened my it revealing my beautiful long waist length jet black hair. I was feeling dead inside I couldn’t look at the eager eyes of the customers who were staring at me. I felt a hair brush on top of my head in slow and steady motion he was brushing my hair. He kept doing it for 5-10 minutes then I felt him parting my hair, I could feel him seperating the hair into 2 sides. He then came to my  right side gathering all the hair with the brush he made a pigtail, in the same fashion he made another pigtail on the left side. I had recently decided to have thick bangs till my eyebrows he left then out.

He asked for water Rahul looked around then picked up a water bottle and started pouring it straight over my head. More water was asked for I saw Rahul pour bottle after bottle all over my head dampening me. I was wearing a nylon saree Rahul removed the dupatta from over my chest revealing by blouse and stomach to those in the shop. Because of the water the blouse had become wet it was very easy for people to see my bra. Everything stopped for a few moments I wanted to cry I wanted to run but I couldn’t I had left my self for Rahul to do what he wanted. I then felt something being kept on top of my head, I felt a cramp in my stomach when that thing was moved on my head. Rahul started clapping the customers in the shop followed his lead.

I could feel the thing move on the head from the bottom right to my left ear leaving my forehead full of bangs it was being run carefully on the left side and the back left side of my head after being moved properly on the top. I could feel the breeze from the AC over my head it felt colder than usual. It ran over my head for eternity then finally the barber handed Rahul the entire hair on the left side of my head he held it up like a trophy he showed it to everyone in the room. Tears were welling up in my eyes but I tried controlling them, Rahul came near me with the widest grins I had ever seen he kept that hair over my left shoulder.

The barber asked Rahul to pour some more water over me. I felt that thing now going from the middle to the right ear I now knew what it was doing it was removing my hair from my scalp. Pass after pass I could feel air touching my scalp, 10 or so minutes he handed the hair over the right side to Rahul. He clapped with everyone they cheered my name, I wanted to cry but I sat there like a statue. He asked to pour some more water over my forehead so he could remove the bangs “no bhaiya no need we can shave everything, it’s obligatory to keep some hair” He told him. Rahul handed me the 2 big tails, he told me to raise my hands showing how long they were so he could take pictures. Not just him but those in the shop took pictures too, he then handed the hair to the barber who packed it all up and left.

Rahul dealt with the customers sending them all away, he locked the doors of the boutique from inside them came near me. He ran his hand in my bangs them on my shaved head “it’s because of your mistake di” He said then left me there. I was finally able to let loose of myself I cried my eyes out holding my head, I could feel skin over it instead of my hair.


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