My Brother’s Wishes- Part 2

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f felt a hand over my shoulder Shweta came forward and hugged me “it’s alright didi it you did a great deed, not many people have strength to donate their hair” She said. The poor girl had no clue what just happened in the room. With her help I finally climbed out of the chair, she with her handkerchief wiped my tears and took me upstairs. I didn’t feel like doing anything she helped me change my clothes after which I went straight to bed, while being asleep I heard her asking me to get up for dinner but I told her I don’t feel hungry and slept again.

I woke up in the middle of the night, I could feel Rahul wasn’t on the bed. I slowly grabbed my phone and looked at the time it was 2 am. When I turned around I couldn’t see him. I tried sleeping again taking my side on the bed but I couldn’t sleep so I just layed down with my eyes closed. After a few moments I heard the door open when Rahul entered the room, he wasn’t wearing anything apart from his shorts. What he did with me earlier in the day had made me more scared of him, I loved him still by all means but the control he had made me feel I no longer was the older in the family he had taken over.

He came straight to bed I could feel him getting inside the blanket. After a few seconds I started to feel his fingers on my bare scalp, he ran them slowly and very gently from end to end. I could feel his penis getting harder he was sleeping too close to me his hardening penis had started poking my butt. As per the pervious situations he had the perception that I sleep like a dead body, he could touch me wherever he wanted without me knowing it. I had made him believe that because I had never reacted to anything he did to me in my sleep. I felt him getting harder and harder his penis was almost poking me in my butt hole. He held my shoulders then gently pulled them towards himself making me lay down straight, I didn’t react in just let him do it.

After laying me down straight he got up and kneeled himself over me, he positioned himself in a way that his penis was right over my face. He started rubbing my head with his left hand while stroking his already hard penis with his right. I could feel both his stroked over my scalp and those on his penis getting faster until I felt a splash of liquid over my face. It went on my forehead and bangs some fell over my bare scalp thru his hands. The leftover came straight for my nose, cheeks and lips. He rubbed the sperm over my bald scalp then moved away laying back on the bed. I felt disgusted when he did it, this had never happened before he had touched me once every few nights since puberty but this was a first. I thought about getting up and cleaning myself but then I thought he’ll get to know I was awake. “God knows what will lead to that” I thought to myself. I could feel the liquid dripping on my face moving to the cheeks and ears. The drops on my lips were making their way inside my mouth and over my chin. It tasted really bad I wanted to spit it out but I didn’t want him to think otherwise so I kept my eyes closed trying to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up I could feel it had hardened over my face, mouth and wherever else he had dropped it. I went to the washroom this was the first time I had seen myself since yesterday, I couldn’t believe my eyes the thick bangs covered my forehead and everything behind looked bare I was looking ridiculous. Tears welled up in my eyes I saw the white dried liquid over my face and bangs, when I touched the bangs they felt hard as a rock. I somehow managed to swallow my emotions and took a bath to remove his semen.

That day and the day after I asked Shweta to handle the shop alone, I watched her thru the CCTV. During the afternoon I saw Rahul in the shop he was sitting behind Shweta who had no clue about it running his fingers at the very end of her ponytail. I was growing concerned as to what his intentions with her were, but I had no way or will to stop him. The whole month continued the same way Rahul started getting more and more wild, some nights he would cum over me and some nights on Shweta’s ponytail. She would often say something got stuck to her hair I knew what it was but never answered her.

The hair on my head had grown to a slightly longish stubble, it looked a little better than before so I had started working in the shop like before. One evening when I returned from market I saw Rahul and Shweta sitting in the lounge giggling about something, when she saw me she came to me to get my bag. “What happened? ” I asked her “Rahul has lost it didi, he wants to wear a nighty” She said. I knew in my heart he was playing with her, he wore those some nights I had seen him doing it but he kept it hidden. “What’s wrong in that? I think it will make me feel better while sleeping” He said in a loud voice. I dared not to speak anything to him I knew what was in his mind, he walked towards me with a very evil look on his face. “Di your hair is growing so fast” He said I stayed silent as he circled me running his fingers in my hair. “It’s good na didi’s hair were so beautiful, she gave it for such a noble cause. It will grow back again very soon to same beautiful length” Said Shweta handing me the glass of water.

“Hmmm but I think this hair isn’t really good quality, I think she should shave once more the quality will become better” He said I almost dropped the glass from my hand when I heard him. “No no it will become good when it grows out” I almost stuttered. Shweta broke the ice in that intense moment she called Rahul from downstairs to help her close the shop doors. I gasped for air when he left the room, it was a very scary thought I couldn’t loose my hair again. That very night after we had dinner and were getting ready to sleep Rahul came to the room wearing a nighty. Shweta started laughing like a maniac when he saw him, the nighty was very short for him it barely covered his thighs. To top it all off I could see he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. He went to the washroom and returned with a small bag and a glass of water, then sat next to Shweta on her bed who could not control her laughter looking at him.

Closing the lights he came to the bed and slept beside me like always. Surprisingly, nothing happened that night we all slept well. The next afternoon Rahul texted me to come upstairs and leave the shop to Shweta. I thought may be he needed something so I came up. I couldn’t find Rahul in the lounge so I went looking for him in the room. He was sitting on a chair in the room his hair open facing the door “what happened Rahul? ” I asked him. He got up from his chair walked towards me, instead of saying anything to me he went behind and locked the bedroom door. “Come di let’s clean you up” He said holding my hand he took me to where he was sitting. He sat on the chair again on the side I saw an electric razor, shaving cream, safety razor, a bowl full of water and a few bottles of water. My heart started racing when I saw him with his equipments.

He placed his hands on my pants, he unbuttoned them them took them straight down. I had lost track of what I was or what I was doing I just stood there letting him do what he wanted. After removing my pants he held my undies, looking up he gave me a smile and pulled them down to my ankles. He dug is nose between my legs smelling my pussy, he then licked it a few times. He pulled my hand down making me sit over the floor, he removed my T-shirt then the bra I was sitting bare naked in front of him. Everything he had done till now was behind a curtain but today he was doing it in plain sight. He got up from the chair and removed his shorts revealing his penis it had started to get hard. He sat on the corner of the chair making me kneel in front of him, he opened my mouth and stuffed his penis inside it. I was made to give him a blowjob “don’t stop until I want you to stop” He said as I heard the electric razor getting turned on. He kept it in the middle of my head and ran it straight to my forehead, heaps of short hair fell over his penis and my face when he made the first pass. I wanted to stop as it was getting my mouth but he didn’t allow it. He made more passes straight from the crown to my forehead making more and more hair fall to the ground. I felt saddened to see my hair go again, he kept running that electric razor over my head without mercy. His penis kept getting harder and harder in my mouth. After cleaning up my head with the electric razor he started lathering me up with shaving cream. Using a safety razor he scraped the cream removing the hair was left over my head. He kept doing it for sometime then rubbed more cream and did it again all the while pouring water over my head to ease his work. He finally poured a bottle full of water and cleaned the cream with his bare hands.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth and started rubbing it over my bald head, I was held by shoulders and made to lean over the bed. He inserted his hard penis into my virgin pussy, it hurt a lot but he fucked me like a beast for nearly an hour before finally spreading his sperm over my newly shaved scalp. He held my chin in his hand “I have tasted and shaved you now I want to do it with Shweta. You are going to help me in that” He said. Making me wear all my clothes again and pushing me downstairs into the shop. I somehow managed to wipe his cum from my head before entering the shop, the customers there saw me some laughed some had weird smiles over their faces. Shweta gave me a look of concern, I felt worried for her knowing her near future was going to be same as mine.


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