My Brother’s Wishes- Part 3

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Shweta asked me why I had shaved my head again after the customers had left “I wanted to” Was all I could say to her hiding the sadness behind what had happened upstairs. That night after Shweta had slept off Rahul removed my nighty and fucked me hard for hours. It became a regular thing for him for the next few days. One night after fucking me he took me to near Shweta’s bed ordering me to sit on the floor, he opened her hair then wrapped around her locks on his penis. He asked me stroke it and give him a blowjob, I did as ordered while blowing him her hair was getting into my mouth. He splashed his cum all over my face and he hair “lick it out of her hair” He ordered me I looked at him for mercy but he smirked and went back sitting on the bed.

I reluctantly started the cum on her hair, I hated that taste it made me want to vomit but I followed his order and licked it all out of her hair. “Good Job” He said throwing my nighty over my head, I got up and wore it then went back to the bed. About 10 days later on a Sunday afternoon we were watching a cricket match, he had developed a friendship with Shweta. “Shweta I think your team will loose” He said “No way ” She said he tried arguing with her in a friendly manner I was watching it closely as I now knew all what he did had a sinister purpose behind it. After arguing for nearly 15 minutes he finally said okay let’s make a bet, I closed my eyes knowing what might follow. The poor girl agreed to him in excitement “So if your team wins you can shave my head like didi’s” He said Shweta started laughing loudly “Yes I will you have girls hair anyway. I will shave you while you’re wearing that nighty of yours” She laughed. He played with her “But if my team wins I will do what I want with your hair and the way I want to” He said there was a slight look of concern on her face for a moment but she agreed for the bet being very playful and confident. I held my head in my hand I knew what was about to happen to her.

After the first innings Shweta’s team had done very well, she seemed very confident about her bet. She went behind Rahul “get ready to become Taklu” She said pressing his bun. He didn’t reply to her he just got up and left the room. After half n hour when the match had started again he returned to the room with his usual equipments. He sat on his chair keeping the equipments on the table beside him “it can wait Rahul I will shave you after the game” She said giggling. He looked at her with a smile on his face “it’s just a trailer for you to watch” He told her then turned his head towards me, very little stubble had grown over my head since the last shave. He signalled me to sit on the floor in front of him, I looked at Shweta who had a concerned look on her face. I ate my sadness producing a fake smile to her I walked towards Rahul and sat where he wanted.

He stared at Shweta intimidating her while he ran his electric clippers to remove the stubble from my head. The passes today were slow and steady each taking more time than usual. It was to intimidate her to show her what her future might look like. I could see Shweta looking at him then what he was doing rather than watching the game thru the reflection from the TV. After running the clippers for nearly 20 minutes he kept them on the table. I felt him applying the shaving cream over my head, his hands moved slowly across my bald scalp applying the cream to every inch. Using the safety razor he shaved me not once but 5 times taking his time he slowly did all shaves. Finally pouring water over my head then cleaning it with the towel.

The Match in the mean time hung in the balance, Shweta’s team still looked strong favourites but I could see her facial expressions she seemed more concerned after watching him shave my head. In time the match was reaching its conclusion it seemed a very impossible task for Rahul’s team to win needing 28 runs in the last over. After making just 4 runs on 3 balls Shweta’s excitement levels came back she must have felt relieved. She started touching Rahul’s hair “taklu taklu” She was singing and jumping. The batsmen hit 3 sixes on 3 balls, as the final ball went down she almost started dancing kissing her hair. We heard the “No-Ball” sound from the TV she abruptly stopped her celebration looking at the TV her expressions became more serious. On the free hit the batsmen hit another six and won the game, Rahul had won Shweta almost fell on the chair she looked very sad and shocked at the same time.

Rahul went towards her he picked up her braid in his hands and kissed it he gave her a evil look and went to the room. She looked at me I could see the fear in her eyes. The evening no one spoke a word during dinner. When we were ready to go to bed Rahul sat on Shweta’s bed he started playing with her braid. Shweta wasn’t comfortable it was clear thru her expressions but she couldn’t do anything either. “Di come here” He said I walked to them he made me sit on the bed beside them. “Di look how beautiful her hair is” He said I just nodded my head in agreement. “Strip her naked” He said in a firm voice. Shweta looked straight up at him with sadness and anger in her eyes “I said it very clearly I will do what I want and how I want” He said looking at her. I went closer to her started to un-button her sleeping shirt, she held me her tears had started to roll down from her eyes. I opened her buttons then removed her shirt from her body she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her big breasts were visible to Rahul, she tried hiding them with her hands. I made her stand to remove her pants she wasn’t wearing anything underneath either, her hairy pussy came to sight Rahul looked at it she tried hiding it with one hand keeping the other on her breast.

“What are you waiting for? ” He said to me I knew what he was ordering for so I removed my nighty and stood naked with Shweta. “Bend down” He ordered Shweta had no clue what was happening in the room she looked at me as I bent myself exposing my butt towards Rahul. I signalled her to do the same, she didn’t move so I stood up and bent her then for in position myself beside her. Rahul touched my bun with his hand he ran his hands and fingers over it, he then touched Shweta’s she looked at me with fear when he was rubbing his hands on her butt. “Whack” rang lound in the room followed by a scream from Shweta I closed her mouth my hand nodded to tell her not to scream. I heard another lound “whack” followed by a dozen more all on Shweta’s butt cheeks her face was getting red she was crying profusely. Then I finally felt a very hard one on my own butt it stung like hell, he spanked me a dozen times more like he had spanked Shweta. I was in tears myself due to the pain but he continued with spanking me more then to Shweta until he was tierd. Our bums were burning from the spanking, I looked at Shweta’s it looked red like a tomato with some hand prints. She looked in pain touching her burning butt every now and then while crying.

“Make her sit here” He ordered pointing at the floor in front of the chair, she had seen him shave my head when I sat in front of it so she started crying louder begging me to stop him. I had tears for her I felt very sad, I knew what was to follow but I took her near the chair and made her sit down. Rahul asked me to bring his equipments from the bathroom, I did as told and kept everything on the table “scissors too” He said I went again and kept them on the table beside the chair. I was waiting for him to sit down I knelt beside Shweta holding her when she cried. “Sir here” He ordered me pointing at the chair, I got confused as to why he was asking me to sit there but he whacked me hard on my left boob then pointed at the chair.

In pain I sat on the chair he came beside me then removed his underpants. “Pick up the scissors I want that braid” He told me, shweta started begging him for mercy when she heard him. I stayed still my hands weren’t moving to pick them up he slapped me again on the front this time hitting both boobs. I hurried myself to pick up the scissors, I held her head bowing it down so I could see the long tail it layed far beyond her over the ground. I kept the scissors on the base of her tail with reluctance I started closing them. “Kanch… Kanch…. Kanch… Kanch” The scissors made noise when I opened and closed them on her braid, she cried in sadness while he stood beside me stroking his penis.

Her hair were thick and very strong it took me a lot of time to cut thru them but finally I saw the last strand getting separated from the base releasing her long braid from her head. I held it then gave it to him, he smelled it for a few minutes then tied another rubber band at the top to secure it. He then started wrapping it over my bald head like a turban. Once he was done “pick up the razor” He said I looked on the side only to get hit on the face by his hard cock. I picked up the electric razor from the desk “don’t shave the middle part shave sides and back” He ordered me. I held Shweta’s chin in my hand she was still in shock of loosing her long braid, I knew what she felt I had tears for her too. I kept the razor on her left side then started moving it to her ears, I could see skin starting to appear on her head when I moved the razor. Taking the next pass further I saw the hair on her sides fall over her shoulders then to her boobs, her boobs were so big the hair stayed on them not falling beyond. Slowly I could see all but skin on the left part of her head, I then started moving the razor on the left side moving it slowly I myself had started crying seeing her long locks turing to skin. In minutes there was nothing left on the left side of her head her shoulders were covered with her I could not see her breast beneath the pile of hair over it.

I bowed her head down once more to shave the back of her head the hair started falling over her back and onto the floor as I moved the razor on back of her head it took me some time but I could not see any hair there so I stopped. Rahul held my hand he kept the razor on her forehead not in the middle but nead her left side and ran it straight down to use crown, he kept doing it on the right side of her forehead to leaving only a 3 centimeter wide strip of hair in the middle of her head. “Keep the razor down use shaving cream apply it properly leaving this” He pointed at the strip of hair. I applied the cream all over her head making sure I don’t touch the strip at all, when I was done he handed me the safety razor to shave her smooth. I hadn’t done anything like it before I was sad for her I could see the sadness on her face while her tears were all dried up.

I used it slowly over her head first scraping the cream over the head. Once the top was cleaned I worked on both sides and lastly the back of her head. He asked me to apply more cream on her head and shave it again, I did as ordered. He made me do it 8 times her head looked white when I finished the last shave. Finally satisfied he poured water over her head asking me to clean it with a towel. The water helped some of the hair on her boobs to make their way down to her lap. He then told me to lay her down on the floor, I slowly pushed her down she wasn’t giving any expressions to me only staring at her crowning braid which was on my head. “Shave this bush” He said to me I looked up at him just to get a hard slap on my bald head. I used the razor to remove the hair on her pussy then with cream and razor shaved her clean.

He went out of the room shweta’s senses had returned she was crying profusely realising what had happened with her. I hugged her tightly almost crying myself I started consoling her. After 20 minutes Rahul returned to the room with a very sexy looking nighty hung on a hanger. He kept it on the bed then moved his chair in front of my dresser. “Come here both of you” He said I picked Shweta up in a hurry to take her near him. “In this house only I am allowed to have beautiful hair and no one else. I want you both to do good make up and help me get ready” He said. I was shocked by his order so seemed Shweta who was staring at me, he turned towards up and gave a threatening look. I knew it could lead to something worse so I hurried myself up taking out the makeup box from the dresser. “You do my hair I like how you make that over the top bun I want one like that” He ordered Shweta. I signaled her to work properly to his wishes she obeyed his order like me, it took us nearly an hour to get him ready. Finally he wore the nighty he had brought from downstairs. If one did not look below his waist where his penis was hanging they would not be able to he was a guy.

He removed Shweta’s braid from my head carefully “I want you to make a curtain from this” He ordered me keeping the braid safely on Shweta’s bed. We were both told to lay down on my bed where he fucked us both in that same look for hours, finally cumming on her head. He rubbed his cum all over her head. I was told to lick it all from her head to make it clean. Our lives turned since that night, he stopped wearing mens clothing since then. He made us get him ready like a woman every day while gave us his t-shirts and shorts to wear. In a weeks time I managed to sew a curtain from Shweta’s braid he hung it on the door of our room. Her hair were so long the ends nearly touched the floor, shweta cried seeing her crowning glory hang on the door like that. We were shaved every Sunday clean to the skin he made us shave each other instead of shaving us himself. When her strip became longer he asked ke to trim it to an inch long but he kept it like that.

My love for my brother changed my life, his wishes took over every thing.

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