My chance part 2

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I put a chair in the bathroom of the room and took Ana there, she didn’t want this but she knew there was no other option, she couldn’t stay like this.


I still didn’t know what had happened, I was still in shock to see her once beautiful hair in such a state and wanted answers but at that moment my priority was to calm her down and get her to sleep a little and so I did. In the morning, I had to make another effort to get Ana out of bed and even more so to get her to eat something, she just wanted to hide from the world until her hair returned to its former long glory, something that would take many years and could not just disappear, she would have to accept and learn to love the way she looks now.


Mentioning that she should cut and fix her hair made her cry again, repeating several times that she would look ugly or like a boy. I could only hug her and promise her that she would be fine and that she would look fabulous and I wasn’t lying, I was going to take advantage of all her features to give her a style that would flatter her and make her even more beautiful.


Once she calmed down she let me fix her hair, luckily I had a hair tool kit in the trunk of the car, I have it in case someone wants a haircut at home or on a family trip but I never imagined using it in this situation and with this girl. While I was looking for the trunk she called her work and asked for sick leave, she sounded so dull they had no doubt she was sick.


I put a towel on her shoulders and wet a little bit the black locks that hung in different lengths, the longest one reached the middle of her neck and the shortest one brushed her ears, I don’t know how I will work with this but something I have to do. 


It’s funny, for years I dreamed of cutting her hair as short as I could and now I’m looking for a way to keep it as long as I can, I guess seeing her like this changes my mind.


-There’s no way to keep it long, is there? -Anna says as if she had read my thoughts, or maybe seeing that I didn’t stop inspecting her hair made her intuit the situation- “It will have to be short and like a boy, I-I’ll look like a ugly boy” –she cries again covering her face with her hands, I unthinkingly hug her again and rub her back to comfort her.


-Even if you were completely bald you would look like the most beautiful woman of all, you have the features for it and you know it” -I whispered softly in her ear without stopping hugging her- “Besides, your hair is not what makes you amazing, it’s just an accessory, you shine on your own”.


-I don’t want to shine anymore, I want to be a ghost that no one sees” -she tells me without stopping crying and so hurt that it broke my heart.


-Hey hey don’t say that, you can’t let this get you down” -I pull back a little and remove her hands from her face slowly and gently, looking into her eyes- “It’s hair, it will grow back and while it does you will look and be more than fabulous and whoever did this to you will die of anger, this wound can become a prize in your favor”.


-How can this be a prize? It looks like a 3-year-old kid cut my hair, it’s not enviable or a prize at all” -sigh, she is absolutely right in not believing what I say but I will see to it that she does it even if it takes me a long time.


– “You trust me right?” – I whisper again, stroking her cheek gently.


-Y-yes I do”-she wipes her tears with her trembling hands, to which I hold out a handkerchief and help her dry them as well.


-Then don’t worry, when I’m done with you, everyone will envy your beauty” -I give her a soft kiss on her lips and then get up and stand behind her ready to start.


I sectioned her hair in two parts a little above her ears, pinning the top part with a clip and leaving the bottom part loose. I wet it a bit and brushed it carefully while still looking at all the damage, angry that they did this to her but still excited to finally be able to give her a short style even if I couldn’t cut the rest of her hair.


-I’m going to use the clippers, don’t be scared it won’t be too short but it will make it look great” -I warn her to keep her from worrying more, she had an undercut once so she’s already used to the feeling of the clippers but because of the situation I felt it was better to warn her in advance. Ana just felt and kept her eyes out of the mirror, tightening the ponytails of hair she hasn’t let go of since yesterday.


I decided to do it quickly to make it easier for her. I took the clippers, chose the right guard, and turned them on, filling the bathroom with their roar. First I placed them on her neck without moving them so she could adapt a little to the vibration, getting a shiver from her, and then I moved them gently upwards, cutting the locks of all sizes and sending them to the floor, leaving the black waves short but not too short to see the skin, I could have done this with the scissors but the result looks better with the clippers, plus it helped me to clean the neck and the baby hairs and make it look cleaner and prettier.


-I know it hurts, but could you please tell me how this happened? I don’t need all the details, just the important things”- I told her, I needed to know the story and if there was a way for the culprit to pay. I heard a sigh and how she tensed up a little when I was about to tell her that she shouldn’t say anything she spoke.


-“It was Jenifer…she set me up….”


-“Wait your cousin Jenifer?” – I said surprised, she just nodded slightly leaving me more surprised. Her cousin had always been very nice to everyone, the kind of person that everyone liked, and her hair was beautiful too, long straight and a perfect shade of blonde, there would be no reason to envy or have any negative feelings against Ana’s hair.


“She asked me to come over to her house to help her with something….. Once there it started to get really hot and she offered to braid my hair into two pigtails……..




-Thank you, Jeni, it’s much better like this”. – I smiled after she made the pigtails and braided them, it was cooler and they looked nice.


-Oh it was nothing, just to make things easier,” he says from behind me and then laughs a little, I don’t miss it so I ignore him.


I was going to raise my hand when I felt that something prevented it, when I looked down I saw my hand-tied to the chair with adhesive tape, it seemed very strange to me that I didn’t feel it when it happened but much more than it happened, you can’t stick tape to the chair just like that. I wanted to remove the tape with my free hand but Jeni grabs it and ties it to the chair with the same tape.


-Uuuh Jeni what are you doing?” – I asked very confusedly, not expecting what she would answer next. 


-Oh nothing, just helping you stay cool in this heat as I offered” – she says mockingly, but what was going on?


As I was about to say something else, I felt my right ponytail pulled very hard. 


-Aaaay! but what a ha…..”- I was interrupted by a sound that left me frozen.


It was scissors that could be heard very close by


I was in shock, I didn’t understand what was going on but I was very scared.


– “Giving you something cool hahahahah”- she giggles cheekily if she keeps tugging on my ponytail as the noise continues and gets closer to my ear. Oh no no no no that’s not what I think.


I was frozen, I couldn’t respond. I stood there holding the tugging until I heard a snap and my head jerked forward and I stopped feeling the tugging. My fear became a reality when a long braid immediately fell into my lap. My eyes went wide and my breathing stopped at this.


– “B-but…but…” – I tried to speak but I couldn’t


-” Much cooler, isn’t it? Now the other side” – she laughs mockingly again and pulls my other ponytail tightly. I would have screamed too but I couldn’t, I couldn’t do anything but look at the cut braid that was recently on my head.


The rustling started again, my braid was being pulled and cut roughly by Jeni who was laughing and teasing me, saying how “Cool” I will be over and over again. My eyes were filling with tears that were fighting to come out but I would make an effort to save them for later, I would not cry in front of her. I didn’t struggle either, nor did I complain, I couldn’t, my throat seemed to close from the first cut she made.


My head felt lighter and lighter and my desire to cry increased, this seemed like an eternity and I was sure that it was because of her that I was slowly cutting my precious hair and not because of my state of shock. But finally and very much to my regret I heard the last crack and my head moved forward again, much lighter and in pain. Again Jeni dropped the braid on my lap joining her twin who suffered the same fate. My hair…..


She laughs in my face, running her hands through my now short and messy hair, messing it up even more. “Now you combine with your brother and your little boyfriend, you should thank me for that, hahahahah”.


I can’t do it anymore….. I can’t run and hide for years…..


She seemed to read my mind as she let go of me and cut the belts with the same scissors with which he killed my jet waves, which I would not see again for a long time. 


I didn’t wait for her to say anything, as soon as I felt my hands-free I grabbed my cut pigtails and ran out of there, listening to how she laughed behind me…




-That’s horrible! – I said amazed at the situation, I couldn’t believe Jenifer was capable of something like that.


-It was a nightmare,” she said, shedding tears and trembling. I hugged her again and comforted her while inside me anger grew towards Jenifer for what she did.


“It’s over now, I’ll turn that nightmare into a nice dream ok?”-I tell her softly and she just nods. I go back to my place behind her with the clippers and continue my work softly but fast so I don’t hurt her more, once I finish the neck I move to her sides. 


she sobbed as I ran the clippers down her sides, holding the pigtails of her former glory and watching what was left of it fall to the floor and into her lap. I should enjoy this but I can’t when I see her like this, I’ll enjoy it when I return the favor to the girl who hurt her


Once satisfied, I put down the clippers and took the scissors. I loosened the top part that had the clip and combed it out wetting it a little bit too. The right side was longer than the left but it could be easily fixed. Without taking too long I started cutting her left side brushing the top of her ear, giving a little texture as I cut to make it look light and feminine. As I moved to the right I started to cut less and less hair just giving texture and a bit of shape, so Ana could keep some of her hair brushing her chin. 


It wasn’t too drastic, difficult, or masculine. It was elegant, simple, and very feminine, and even with her crying, it looked even more feminine combined with her beautiful features.


I didn’t stop talking to her while I was working, it didn’t matter if she didn’t answer me, I just wanted her to know that I was there and had support.


When I finished I took a step closer to examine. Her hair was already dry after I wet it and it looked great on her. Is a nice asymmetrical pixie, some locks falling on her face like long bangs, the left side rubbing her ear, and the back and sides short to not comb but too much to feel the breeze or look like stubbles are matching the top, was just a perfect mix that makes her eyes, cheeks and all face shine like gold and her neck look elegant and long.


 I took Ana’s curling iron and curled her now asymmetrical pixie, her hair was already wavy but a few more waves wouldn’t look bad, plus I wanted to show her that she could still style her hair and it looked great even though it wasn’t long.


I put some hairspray on her hair and I was done. I hugged her from behind tightly and gave her soft kisses on her neck getting a shiver from her, she looked weak and like she needed something with sugar in it soon.


-“You were very brave Ana, I’m proud of you” -I whisper in her ear, trying to encourage her but it doesn’t seem to be easy.


-“Thank you ….. but I feel like a mess”-she answers still wiping her tears, it’s a good thing she didn’t wear makeup that day or it would have smeared all over her face.


-“No, you’re a wonder inside and out” – I put myself at her, caressing her red cheek, wet from her tears– “If you look up, you’ll see”

– “Oh no no no I don’t want to see, I-I can’t”-says without a second thought, covering her eyes as if I was going to put the mirror in front of her at any second.


-“Hey shhhhhh of course you can, you have the strength to, besides you must do it sooner or later” –I continued caressing her cheek, giving her a little courage


-“I prefer late, I don’t want to see myself without my long hair, please let me” -she asked in sobs. I didn’t want to insist more knowing that it was a fresh wound so I agreed, but I didn’t like to see her so insecure and fragile because of the bad action of her cousin, but this wouldn’t stay like that.


I didn’t open my store that day, it would affect me someday but I don’t care now, I wanted to take care of Ana. She locks herself in our room crying while holding the pigtails that used to be on her head. She felt as if she had been stripped of her identity, of what defined her, and now she was just a weak and unmotivated body, a freshly shorn body that wanted to hide in the darkness. I would go in to leave her food and make sure she ate and was hydrated and cuddle her, but when she asked me to, I would leave her alone in the room. It hurt but she needed it, plus that alone time was good for me too, so I could figure out how to make Jenifer pay for what she did, and I wouldn’t be so gentle with her.

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