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Disclaimer: my natural language is not English so it can be a bit confusing
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I threw the last bundle of cut hair in the trash, leaving my store clean and ready for the next customer. It was summer so many mothers would bring their sons to keep them cool for the summer, sometimes they would bring their daughters too or they would sit in the chair themselves but it was a rare sight to see which is something that honestly turns me off, cutting long female hair into something very short fascinates me, especially seeing the scared, nervous, shy and submissive faces of my clients receiving their first short haircut, it was just fascinating. More fascinating would be with a specific girl.

Ana, my girlfriend, the girl with the long, jet blue waves that reach her waist. Oh how I long to cut her hair off completely, I would put that ponytail on my wall as my most prized trophy and she would look so beautiful and adorable with short hair, but the shortest she is willing to go is below her bra line. If only she would realize the beautiful features she hides behind that mane and what would change in our relationship if she let them go….. guess I’ll never know.

The bell on the door brings me out of my thoughts, a girl about 17 years old enters the store. I immediately saw the long brown hair of the young girl, who looked very nervous and shy. 

-Good morning miss, can I help you with anything?” I say politely, I think it will be my lucky day.

-Good morning. I was looking for a place to donate my hair and was told to come here” –she smiles shyly while holding a lock of her hair as a security blanket.

-Oh yes they are in the right place, are you sure you want to do this?” – I ask, to free myself from any claims later.

-“Pretty sure, I needed something short for the summer anyway, I’m Lucia by the way”- she tries to smile and look calm but I can see how nervous she is.

I explained to Luz how the donations work, how much is the minimum amount to donate, and in what condition the hair should be and she didn’t seem to have any doubts or problems with that, or at least she tried not to seem to. Once I explained everything to her I invited her to sit in the chair. She walked nervously and shakily to the chair, she looked like she didn’t want to do it but felt she had to.

-“Are you sure you want to do this?” -he asked once more, not wanting her to change her mind but not forcing her either, that usually ruins the fun. 

– “Y-yes I am, it’s just that I’ve never had short hair and I think I’ll look ugly”- she says with a downward glance, clearly in need of a confidence boost.

-That’s not true, you’ll look amazing! You have good features to wear your hair short, besides it’s for a good cause” – I smile warmly, she looks up and looks at me between thoughtful, doubtful, and surprised by my words.

-Well, if it’s a good cause… do you really think I’ll look good? – that’s a door I’m not closing

I took my time to explain how short hair would bring out her beautiful features, her eyes would be bigger and her neck would be longer and more elegant. I grabbed her hair and arranged it to make it look shorter and give her the idea of what it would look like, I almost saw her turn pale at this.

-I don’t know if I can” – she swallows dryly and looks at herself in the mirror, very nervous and insecure, or how I enjoy clients like that.

– “Short depends on how much you want to donate, and although it will take a while you will end up getting used to your short hair, you may even come to love it more than your long hair.”

-” I-I don’t know…. I guess I’ll have to take the risk and try.”

-That’s the attitude!” I encourage her to reassure her, she looks at me with a shy smile. I’m really going to enjoy this.

I put her hair on the top with a clip out of the way, then put a strip of paper on her neck, and finally the cape, covering her whole body and part of the chair. I brushed her hair that reached the middle of her back, it was very healthy and the brown color was beautiful, I almost felt sorry to cut it, almost. I took a meter and measured the minimum amount to donate.

-The minimum you can donate is 30 cm, your hair will reach this far” – I put a hand just below her shoulder – “but I need to even it out so the final result will brush your shoulders.

-Well it won’t be that short I guess, it’ll look good won’t it?” 

-She looks great, although if you want my opinion a bob would look even better on you” – I move my hand to her chin, and again she turns pale.

– “I-I don’t think I can, it’s too much…”-she swallows nervously, only getting me more excited.

-He who does not risk does not win, the bob will look better than you than a lob, trust me it will be better to go shorter but look beautiful than to keep it as long as possible but not exploit your beauty and risk feeling bad”.

– “I guess ….. if you think it’s the best, I can try”-he looks at me through the mirror, I can feel her nerves and fear, plus a little tremble.

-You won’t regret it, you’ll see,” I smiled, ready to enjoy this.

Brushing her hair gently before taking a hair tie and tying it into a tight ponytail in the center of her neck, she braided the ponytail a little slowly enjoying the last moments of the life of the long hair, and tied another hair tie at the end of the braid and was all ready for shearing.

I take the sharp scissors with one hand and the braid with the other, and without warning, I place the scissors on her neck grazing the skin and close them mercilessly. My scissors cut smoothly through the braid, though I take my time to enjoy how the hair separates from Lucia’s head and brushes down her neck. She gasps and her eyes pop out of their sockets I watch as her eyes get wet but she tries not to cry. Fantastic for me.

Much to my dismay, the braid is completely cut off ending my enjoyable moment. I hold it up as a trophy and show it to a very surprised and frightened Lucia.

– “O-oh god….was so long”- she looks at the sad braid and I watch as tears spill out of her eyes and down her cheeks.

-I was, whoever has this hair will be very lucky and you have a big heart for doing this” -I say by way of consolation, it seems to work as she smiles very slightly and lets out a soft “thank you”.

I hand her the braid so she can watch it closely, she holds it tightly and wipes her tears as I continue with the cutting. I wet her now short hair and think about it to make sure there are no knots. I place the scissors on her chin on the left side feeling her tremble slightly.

-” You will look wonderful I swear” – I tell her calmly and with my free hand, I hold her head gently but firmly. If she wasn’t so nervous I would have been a little stronger but I didn’t want to scare her.

I close the scissors sending locks, short but long enough to make her more nervous into her lap, some sliding to the floor. I hear a gasp and sigh from her but I don’t stop, I continue cutting slowly to her right side, angling the scissors down slightly to give her an asymmetrical bob.

I wanted to give her something much shorter, hell if I could I would have cut all her hair with the clippers to a very short stubble and then shaved her smooth and bald, but I didn’t want to scare her anymore she already is. The bob is short enough to please me but she can get used to it.

While I give Lucia a nice asymmetrical bob, she keeps her eyes out of the mirror, looking only at the long braid that used to be on her head and wiping away the tears that fall although less frequently than before. I guess she’s getting used to it

I cut more and send more chocolate brown hair to the floor, which is getting shorter and shorter. The bob is taking shape and looking elegant on her, I take my time to cut each strand carefully and how I want the end result to look. The last cut reaches almost halfway down her neck, I step back and inspect the bob to see if there are any details to fix. The bob looks good, but her neck still needs cleaning.

-Don’t freak out about this part, it’s just a little cleaning,” I warn her, remembering some frightened customers in the past. She just nods and breathes to relax.

I grab the clippers and plug them in. The noise hits the spot and Lucia gives a little jump, I put a hand on her shoulder and repeat that it’s just a cleaning. Before she says anything I gently push her head down and place the clippers on her neck. I move them up a little bit removing the baby hairs and a minimum of hairs, leaving her neck nice and clean. Now I was pleased with the result.

Turning off the clippers and turning on the dryer, she dried and styled her short hair before showing it to Lucia, so she could see the maximum splendor of her new chocolate brown mane, even if she was still mourning her long, thick braid.

-And presto, a beautiful, sleek, symmetrical bob for you,” I say, turning off the dryer and patting her smooth back as a sign that she can now see. She takes a deep breath before looking up and facing her new self. She gasps loudly and covers her mouth with both hands, she moves her head a little to the side shaking her hair a little, I don’t know if she wants to inspect it or if she expects to see her long hair back on her head.

-“I-I can’t believe it, it’s the shortest I’ve ever had it, I barely recognize myself,” she says stunned and shy, running her trembling hand through her hair, gasping as she sees his hand stop at her neck and not in the middle of her back.

-Well there’s always a first time for something, and although it will take some getting used to, I know you’ll love it sooner or later,” he smiled as he removed her cloak, sending the locks that had gotten stuck on the floor along with the other lifeless ones.

-If you say so……maybe I look pretty like this”-she smiles a little, obviously calmer about not looking bad with short hair.

-See? I told you you’d look amazing, plus you’re more than just hair, remember?”

-I’ll keep that in mind, thank you” -she gets up from the chair on shaky legs as she continues to examine her hair, I dare say she is delighted with the result.

She kisses the braid before putting it in the envelope for the donation, we fill in the last details and she pays for the cut. I give her a few last compliments to boost her confidence, which she thanks with a blush and then leaves. What a great way to end the day.


-Ana, are you home?” I say as I enter the apartment we share. The bedroom light was on, so I would think so.

As I approach the room I hear sobbing. I walk quickly, more worried, and open the door to see Ana on the bed sobbing and with a hat on her head. I am perplexed.

-Ana, what’s wrong, why are you crying?” I approach her and lean down next to her. She keeps her eyes closed and hugs tighter something in her hands. 

But what… holding pigtails?!

I remove her hat without any objection from her….. no way…

It is short. Her glory that she and i loved so much was now short, messy, chopped, unornamented. There was no way to call it anything. ….

“What happened?” – I say surprised, worried, and even jealous that I wasn’t the one who cut her hair…

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