Tanya. And her boyfriend

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Note: this story has quite a lot of sex in it. Main character is a bisexual male Though majority is M/F

It was Wednesday evening and I was in my room alone playing some computer games. Although I lived in the house with 3 other people in my student accommodation, it was rare any of us ever interacted with one another outside of basic conversation and discussion about the house.

Suddenly there was a knock at my door. I thought about ignoring it but I thought I better not in the case it being something important. I opened the door and, to my surprise, there stood Tanya. Tanya was my roommate. In fact she had been the one to greet me when I first moved into the house. At 25 she was just a few years older than me. She was a very pleasant girl, not to mention very attractive. She was 5’7 with deep blue eyes and the most beautiful head of long wavy black hair I had ever seen on a woman. She was wearing a rose colored cardigan over a black vest top that exposed just a little of her cleavage and a black skirt that stopped midway down her thigh. She was still carrying her purse so I assumed she had only just arrived home. I must admit to myself that I had had a crush on her since the moment we met. Though I doubt she felt anything similar towards me. I’m a 5’6 shy guy with glasses and a small wiry frame. And I’m pretty sure she had a boyfriend who was at least 6 foot tall with a football player body. I definitely wasn’t Tanya’s type.

“Sorry to bother you, Adam. Do you have a moment?” She said.
I paused for a second then shook my head.

“No, it’s fine!” I blurted out, perhaps a little too enthusiastically. “What’s up?”

“Actually, could I maybe come in, please? I really need a friend right now…” She said with a smile, a slight hint of sadness in her face. Of course I let her in.

I hesitantly closed the door behind us and we went in. I gestured for her to sit on my bed and as I went to sit back down in my computer chair she grabbed my wrist.
“Won’t you sit with me?”
I was easily swayed. I sat down on the bed too, leaving space between us.

“So, what’s the matter? You’ve never come to see me like this before … is everything alright?”

“Oh… yeah. Everything is fine.” She said before immediately correcting herself “Actually, no. Everything is not fine.” She said. I waited for her to continue. “It’s Dennis.”

“Is … that your boyfriend?” I asked awkwardly.

“Well. I don’t know. He’s been acting like a real fucking jerk.” I think that was the first time I had actually heard Tanya swear. “I’m not sure  if I want to be with him anymore…”
“Oh… I’m sorry.” is all I could say. I felt too awkward to say anything. And, honestly, didn’t really know what to say to her. I didn’t have a lot of experience in the relationship department. She probably thought I was an absolute idiot.

“Anyway, let’s not talk about it for now.” She shook it off then turned her attention to the game still running on my computer in the background. “What are you playing?”

“Oh, that? It’s just some online MMO… you create your own character and explore an awesome fantasy world, completing quests and… stuff like that.” She probably had no idea what I was talking about and thought I was an even bigger loser than before. “Sorry for going on about it. I’m probably boring you to death.” I said with a nervous laughter.

“No, it sounds… interesting. I guess.” She said with a smile on her face. I could tell she really had no interest in it and was just trying to be nice to me. Which was totally in her nature and sweet in a sort of way.

“I can turn it off, play some music or videos or whatever,” I said reaching over to the computer mouse.

“Wait no, let’s play it together?” She said just as I got to click out of the game.

“Umm, well… it’s not exactly a game we can play together right here on one device.” I hummed “…But I have other games. We can play one of those together?”

Tanya agreed, sounding more cheerful than before. I was actually sort of surprised she wanted to play with me. I fetched two joystick controllers out from beneath my desk and wired them up to my PC. Then set up a multiplayer game for us to play. I explained the mechanics of the game and then we played for about twenty minutes or so until the end of the round.
“I didn’t know you liked games, Tanya. You don’t seem like the type.”

“Oh, I don’t play them. You seemed so excited about them I wanted to try them out.” She giggled.

“Really? You’re pretty good to say you don’t play.”

Tanya smiled then rested her head on my shoulder as we continued to play another round. My heart was racing. I didn’t know how to react. I felt like a stupid high school kid.
We finished the game and she put down her controller. I did the same too.

“Don’t feel like playing another round?” I said in the most obviously awkward voice ever.

“It’s fun, but I don’t think I’m cut out for gaming.” She said in her sweet voice. “Can I put some music on?” I nodded. She started playing some music through my PC. It wasn’t really anything I had heard before but it wasn’t bad. I guess I’m behind on what music is ‘in’ and popular.

Tanya sat back down on the bed next to me. This time shuffling a lot closer to me, our hips were touching. She rested her head on my shoulder again and in a bold movement I wrapped my arm around her shoulder. She hummed sweetly and snuggled closer into me when I did so. Then she reached out and rested one hand on my knee. My body reacted perhaps a little too much to the simple touch. I felt a shockwave of heat spread throughout my body. Was I really getting aroused just from one touch? My heart was pounding through my chest. She could probably feel it from where she was resting her head. I felt a little embarrassed. I started playing with her hair in an attempt to distract myself. It felt soft as feathers under my fingertips as I gently ran my hands through her wavy long locks. She seemed to enjoy the feeling as I heard a small pleasured hum come from her after each stroke of her hair.

“Hmm… that’s so nice.” She sighed then sat up and reached for her purse. She rummaged around in her bag for something and revealed a hair brush. “Do you want to brush my hair?”
It took me a moment, sat there mouth slightly agape and a dumb look on my face like some sort of lost animal. “Sure,” I said. Tanya handed me the brush and shuffled to the edge of the bed, turning so her back was facing me.
I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had never brushed a girls hair before and my own hair had always been short that I barely ever used even a comb.
I started to carefully brush it. Going slowly and as gently as possibly as to not pull her hair and hurt her. Enjoying the way the light softly reflected off the gorgeous shiny black strands each time the brush passed through them. We continued like this for about five minutes. No words spoken between us. Only the sound of hair being brushed and Tanya occasionally making small sweet sounds in reaction. It was getting harder to ignore the heat in my groin. Why was this giving me such a reaction? Did I really have some weird hair fetish or something?
“Your hair is beautiful,” I finally said in a desperate attempt to break the silence. Tanya shrugged and giggled quietly in response to the compliment.

“Thank you,” She shuffled a little where she was sitting “Dennis loves my hair too.” I picked up on a slight bitterness in her voice when she mentioned him. “Loves controlling me with it, that is.” She continued before I had chance to say anything.

“W-what do you mean by that?” I didn’t really need to ask (what else could she mean?). But I asked anyway.

“He’s always grabbing at it when we have sex.” Tanya said, the bitterness in her voice intensifying. “And sometimes pulling at it when I wont listen to him.” She added. That last part sounded abusive. Dennis sounded like a giant dick.

“He sounds…nice.” My voice a mixture of sarcasm and concern.

“A real prince charming…” She snorted.

“Why don’t you break up with him?”

“He is nice most of the time though.” Her voice became soft again. “I don’t know if I want to break up with him. Maybe I just want to piss him off.”

“Ah, I see…” I was staring to think I understood why she had come to visit me. Was she really just planning on using me to get a rise from Dennis. Brilliant… I thought about asking her about it. Or making up some excuse about why she had to leave.

Whilst I was thinking, Tanya had fetched something else from her purse. A shimmer of light caught my eye and I noticed she was holding a pair of scissors.
“Cut my hair for me, please, Adam.” I was truly confused. About why she was carrying a pair of scissors around in her purse. And why she was asking me to cut her hair instead of going to a salon. Was she setting me up in some sort of bizarre trap to annoy Dennis? Had she had this planned all along before she even came knocking at my door?

“…You… want me to cut your hair?” She practically forced the scissors into my hand.
“…But why me?”

“Please, Adam.” She pleaded with me, turning around to give me a serious look. “Just cut it for me.”

“But… I don’t know how to cut hair. I’ll do it wrong and mess it up.” As much as I was actually (for some reason) getting excited about having the opportunity to cut a girl’s hair, and no other than the girl I had a crush on too. I also didn’t want the concequenses of her getting mad at me for ruining her hair.

“I don’t care about that. Just cut it off.” She reiterated. Finally I gave into her request. I ran my fingers though the ends of her hair and shyly hovered the scissors near them. How much exactly did she want me to cut?

“…What should I do?”

“Cut it all the same length above my shoulders please.” She instructed in a certain but gentle voice. Really? That much?

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, go ahead.” She reassured me. “Oh, wait a second.” Tanya removed her cardigan and tossed it across my bed. I caught a glimpse of the butterfly tattoo on her back before she threw her hair back over her back, covering it. “There. Now you can do it.”

I took a section of her long hair in one hand and played with it anxiously. I opened the scissors around it and slowly moved them up her back until I reached just about over her shoulder. My hand froze. Hesitant to cut. It felt like a shame to cut be cutting pretty much half of her hair off. But it also sent a strange wave of excitement through my body. Tanya prompted me to go ahead and I followed her request. I closed the blades over the section of hair and started cutting through the thick bunch of hairs. I watched on in a bit of a daze. Mesmerized by the ribbons of beautiful shiny black hair falling down her back as I cut them off. I continued to cut each section of her hair until it was all the same length above her shoulders (as best to as I could anyway). I could now see the butterfly tattoo on her back once more. There was now a pile of black hair closing the gap between Tanya and I.

“I… hope it’s not too bad.” I said. Tanya whipped out a compact mirror from her purse and studied her reflection. She hummed and thought about it for a moment before running her hands through the length of her now shoulder length hair.
“Cut a little bit more, please.” She requested. She hovered her fingers just below her chin to indicate where she wanted me to cut it.
She seemed fine with having her hair cut, didn’t as much as flinch after I had just cut off half her hair only seconds ago. So I obliged this time without hesitation. I took the scissors to her hair once more and cut across in a straight line across her chin and the top of her neck. I tried to cut it as even as possible but it was still a bit jagged. I’m in no way a hairdresser, after all.

She took out her mirror once again and looked at herself. She now sported a messy chin length bob the same length as her bangs. The style framed her face and exposed her slender neck. She actually looked very cute.

“Well…? Is that done now?” I asked. I actually hoped this was finished and she would leave. By now I had become semi erect from cutting her hair. I didn’t want to risk her noticing me getting turned on by something as weird as this. Surely she would think I’m some sort of creep.

Tanya played with her short hair a little bit. Looking at it from each angle before shaking her head.
“No.” She said bluntly. “Keep going. I really want to shock Dennis.” I saw her smile at me in the small reflection of her compact mirror. “Just cut it ALL off.”

Those words went straight to my dick. Apparently I had a thing for this and it was only now revealing itself. A beautiful girl demanding me to chop off all her gorgeous hair. I held the scissors back to her hair and grabbed a large section of it from the side of her head and cut. I cut it short. Really short, above her ear. I picked up another section and cut that even shorter to about an inch and a half long. Then another. And another. I kept snipping away at her hair until I had cut it very short all around her head. Including her bangs, which I cut extremely short across her forehead. It wasn’t until I had finished that I noticed I had cut it terribly uneven. Some parts were still a bit longer and other parts of her hair were cut close to her scalp. Either way, I couldn’t believe Tanya had sat there and let me cut off almost all of her hair.

This time I felt a pang of anxiety when she opened up her mirror. I had made an absolute mess of her hair. She was definitely going to be upset with me. Tanya gasped at her reflection. Her big blue eyes widened as she ran her fingers through her messily cropped hair. She tilted her head side to side as she investigated what I had done to her. I was waiting for her to scream at me. Or to start crying. Or to get up and storm out of the room. But she simply let out a bit of a shy laughter.

“Um… wow. It’s really short.” She was still running her hand through what was left of her hair. I noticed her stopping occasionally to rub her fingertips over the super short parts that made it look like she had bald patches.

“Sorry… I got carried away.” I felt genuinely sorry for her. I really had destroyed her hair. I mentally kicked myself for not having the self control to stop myself from cutting so much off.

“It’s fine.” She replied, much to my surprise. “I did tell you to cut it ALL off, after all…” She laughed, still looking at herself in the mirror. She was acting calm about it but I could tell she was thinking to herself. And perhaps a little anxious. “It is… a little bit…umm…” She tilted her head to the side so she could see possibly the shortest part of her hair. There was a large part of her hair cut right down to her scalp. So short that her pale skin was visible through the little blunt hairs. I saw in her in the reflection silently mouth ‘Oh my God’.

“Yeah, I kinda messed it up. I’m really sorry. I’ll pay for you to have it fixed at a salon.” I was really grasping at straws here.

“No. It’s okay. You don’t have to do that…” She was still speaking gently with me so I assumed she genuinely wasn’t pissed off with me. “I mean. There’s no point really. I doubt there’s much left to salvage.” Tanya ran her hand over her hair one last time before snapping the compact mirror shut. She turned around to face me and paused in thought for a second. “You’ll just have to shave my head.”

“W-what?” I blinked in astonishment.

“It’s really the only solution. I can’t walk around with my hair like this. I’ll look like a complete idiot. Oh! No offense to your hairdressing skills though…” She said lightheartedly. “Do you have any hair clippers?”

“Umm… no. I have a beard trimmer but that’s it.”

“That’ll do!”

I definitely thought Tanya had noticed the hard on tight in my jeans when I stood up to fetch the trimmers from my bathroom. But she didn’t say anything about it. When I came back she was twiddling a lock of her long cut off hair between her fingers.
“I had a lot of hair…”

“Are you alright?” For a moment I thought she might be regretting getting me to cut it all off.

“I’m fine.” She nodded and shot a reassuring smile my way. I smiled back at her. I sat back down next to her.
“Isn’t it better if you stand up to do this? And I stay sat down,” She suggested. “That way you’ll be able to see better.” She was right. I stood back up in front of her, the trimmers in hand. If she hadn’t noticed my erection before, she certainly had now. Though still she didn’t mention it, simply looked up at me with a soft grin and a hint of a playful look in her blue eyes.
“You ready?” Tanya nodded. I fiddled with the trimmers and eventually switched them on. I always kept my face clean shaven so I didn’t use them a lot so the blades would be perfectly sharp still.
I placed the blades at the front of her hairline and pushed them through her hair. The trimmers cut through the short black hairs easily. Revealing a perfect line of pale scalp straight down the middle of her head to her crown. I kept passing the trimmers over the top of her head until there was nothing left on top. Then I tilted her head to the side and shaved each side of her head. Carefully folding her ears to make sure I shaved it properly. Then I pushed her forehead down to shave the back of her head. Her face was now practically touching my crotch. As I was shaving the back of her head and her neck, I felt Tanya put her mouth over my clothed erection. I groaned and my cock twitched and throbbed as she hummed, sending vibrations through the fabric. I just wanted to finish shaving her now. The stiffness in my pants was becoming unbearable.
Tanya lifted her head and stared up at me  with a cheeky grin, batting her eyelashes. She unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock from my underwear. She took the tip in her mouth and teased me with her tongue. Then she took it all in her mouth and started to suck me off. I brushed my hand over her head and felt a few bits of un shaven hairs still there. So I ran the blades over her head again whilst she continued bobbing her head, running her tongue on the underside of my dick and sucking tight around the tip. I ran my hand over her head again to make sure she was fully shaven off this time then switched off the trimmers and dropped them on the bed.
She kept sucking my throbbing cock, taking me deeper and deeper inside the hot wetness of her mouth. I couldn’t stop rubbing her freshly shaven head whilst she did so, I noticed her hand slip under her skirt and she started playing with herself. It took every ounce of willpower not to grab her head and thrust into her mouth. That lasted about ten seconds at most before I couldn’t resist any longer. I let go of all my inhibitions and started fucking her face relentlessly.
Tanya rubbed her clit faster. Her pleasures means felt incredible around my length.
What a sight to behold. My gorgeous crush with a bald head and mascara running down her cheeks, masturbating whilst choking on my cock. 
I was so close to cumming. I pulled out of her mouth the last second pushed her facing the floor. I heard her gasp and moan when I emptied my load over her shaved head. I rubbed my cum into her scalp as we both stayed there, moaning and panting. Catching our breath.


I let her use my shower meanwhile I tidied up the hair that was left behind on my bed and on my floor. I wasnt quite sure what to do with it so I scooped up all the long bits and threw them in the trash can besides my desk for now. Then quickly vacuumed the remaining short bits of hair scattered around. By the time I finished cleaning it, Tanya was done in the shower. She stepped out of my bathroom wearing only a towel. She gave me a smile and sat on my bed.
I went to take a shower after her and noticed she had left her clothes on the bathroom floor. I expected her to be leaving as soon as she had finished but apparently she planned on staying in my room a little longer? Not that I had an issue with that at this point.
I wrapped a towel around my waist and when I came back into the bedroom I saw still sat on my bed. Only now she was hugging her knees to her chest with one arm and looking into her little mirror, quietly sobbing to herself. Oh god. Now she really did regret it?

“Hey Tanya, you okay?”  Stupid question. Obviously not. She was crying.

“Oh, hey.” She seemed surprised like she hadn’t noticed me come back into the room. Quickly, she tossed the mirror aside and wiped her eyes. I sat down beside her. “I’m okay.” She said this but her voice hitched when she spoke and there were still tears in her eyes. She brushed her hand over her shaved head and smiled at me with watery eyes “It’s just… a bit of a shock I guess.”
Maybe I hadn’t noticed she had been crying before because her face was still wet from showering.

She started to cry again so I pulled her into an embrace so that her head was resting against my chest and my chin on her head. Tanya wrapped her arms around me and clung to me tightly.
“It’s alright… it’s alright…” I rubbed her back in an attempt to comfort her.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” She told me she didn’t want to be alone. I obviously agreed. Whatever consequences awaited me for tonights events, I was already past caring.

Eventually she calmed down and was back to her usual self. I slipped on a pair of sweatpants and I gave her one of my Tshirts to wear. Even though I wasn’t even taller than her height wise, the shirt still hung loose over her slender body and just about covered her butt. We both laid on my bed, Tanya being the little spoon, watching a movie on my computer. We laughed together and enjoyed being next to each other and cuddling. At the end of the movie I placed a kiss on the back of her neck. She made a small noise and rolled her hips, pressing her bottom into my crotch. I pressed back into her and planted another kiss on her neck, right behind her ear, I breifly felt the stubble on her head against my cheek as i did so. Tanya turned over and  rolled on top of me then kissed me on the lips. Soon we were making out with tongues in each other’s mouths. I held onto to her one hand on her waist, the other at the nape of her neck. She rolled her hips into mine, my dick had already become fully erect. Then she pulled my sweatpants down, and lowered herself onto my cock. Taking me all the way inside her tight hole in one smooth motion. She took her shirt off before she started moving. Her gorgeous round breasts jiggling as she rode my cock. She took my hand and placed it on her breast and squeezed. Then she took my other hand and guided it to her clit. I played with her nipple whilst rubbing my thumb over her clit in tight circles. All the while she was bouncing up and down on my dick. I rubbed her clit faster and it wasn’t long until she was whimpering and moaning my name as she came. I held her by the waist and fucked up into her tight cunt hard.

Before I could even think about pulling out to cum, a figure burst into my room, yelling.

“What the fuck is going on here?” A deep voice shouted from the doorway. I caught a look on Tanya’s face that said ‘oh shit’ and I pulled out of her in a panic and she moved off the top of me and sat up on the bed. The figure charged across the room and stood over my bed. Now that he was closer I could make out his features. I recognised his huge arms and chiseld face. The person who had just burst into my room was Dennis. How the fuck did he get in here? I must have forgotten to lock the door like I usually did from the surprise of having Tanya ask to come in.

“Tanya what the fuck? What the hell happened to your fucking hair?” He growled, confusion tangible in his voice. “And what? You’re having sex with this fucking fag now?” For whatever reason, Dennis sounded more confused to find out Tanya had chosen me of all people above all else.

“Why are you here, Dennis?” Tanya snapped back at him.

“I came here to talk to you, you weren’t in your room. Then on my way out I heard your voice coming from this room screaming someone else’s name.” He spat back.

“Dude, how the fuck did you get in here?” I covered my still hard cock with a pillow.

“You left the door unlocked, jackass.”

“Can you…Can you fucking leave?” I tried not to show that I was absolutely fucking terrified of the 6 foot something buff football player looming over me.

“But, you’re not done yet, are you?” He gestured to the pillow I was using to disguise my hard on.


“Tanya, babe. If you wanted to fuck another guy you should of just said.” Absolutely dumbfounded, I looked over to Tanya who was silent, hanging her head in shame. “I’m down for a threeway with a dude.” He un tied his belt. Okay. What the actual fuck was happening right now?
“Go on, bro, finish fucking her.” Dennis said with a cocky smirk plastered across his face.
Tanya moved across the bed and got on all fours in front of me. My confusion had peaked.

“You okay with this, Adam? Fucking me with him here?” I really wasn’t even sure if I was okay with it. I wasn’t even exactly sure how any of this happened in the first place. It took me a few moments to think, but Tanya looked like she was alright with it. And Dennis didn’t look like he was going to kick the shit out of me if I said yes. So I eventually agreed.

Tanya spread her wet pussy open for me and I slid inside of her. She moaned and clenched tight around my dick when I started moving. Whilst I was fucking her from behind, Dennis unzipped his pants and took his hard dick out. He was hung. Of course. I expected nothing less He knelt in front of Tanya on the bed and grabbed her by her chin and put his cock in her mouth. Seeing Dennis’ huge dick thrusting in and out of her mouth only made my dick twitch and throb harder. I’m bisexual. Having the rare chance to be with a beautiful girl and a hung jock in the same night now felt like a dream come true. Even if it was unexpected and under the most bizarre set of circumstances I had encountered in my 23 years.

I fucked Tanya harder. And she moaned around Dennis’ cock in response. Obviously enjoying the attention in the moment. Dennis let out a groan in his low gruff voice.
“Look at your shaved fucking head. You look like a whore!” I heard him growl. I was too caught up in pleasure to notice he had picked up the beard trimmers that still sat on the end of the bed. He stopped moving his cock but kept it in Tanya’s mouth and held her head still. Then switched the trimmers on and with them he shaved off her eyebrows. Tanya let out a disapproving whine but it was already too late.
“Don’t cum inside her. Get over here.” He ordered. I pulled out before I was about to cum and did as he said. He ordered me to cum on Tanya’s head whilst she was still sucking his cock. I followed his instructions. He even took my dick in his hand and finished me off himself and I came on her head for the second time tonight. After that he told me to get down on the bed. I obeyed, kneeling lower in front of him. He pulled out of Tanya’s mouth, grabbed me by my hair and shoved his cock down my throat. I gagged at first but adjusted soon enough. It had been a while since I last sucked any body off. I was enjoying the feeling of a hard fleshy member diving down my throat again. I opened my eyes and saw Tanya still in the same position, on all fours, watching me get my face fucked. rubbing her clit, my cum on her bald head. Some of it had dripped down her forehead.

Dennis pulled his cock out of my mouth and quickly moved over to Tanya and emptied his load of thick cum on her head too.
Right after he had come down from his climax, he tucked his dick back into his pants and zipped them up.
“Fuck, I’m going to get a beer from the fridge then I’m outta here.” He said, like he wasn’t even phased by what the three of us just did. He left the room leaving only Tanya and I. Naked together on the bed. I sat up and looked over to her, she was still panting a little in the wake of her orgasm. She sat up, facing me. Looking much different from earlier. Completely naked with her hair shaved off, her eyebrows now just a shadowy stubble, her head covered in two different guy’s cum. Some of it was on her face where Dennis or I had missed a little. I reached over and grabbed a tissue from my bedside table and wiped the cum away from her face. Then wiped it off her head too. 

Just as I was about to start asking her the hundreds of questions i had, Tanya got up and rushed to the bathroom to get dressed. She left the room, I shouted after her.
“Sorry, Adam. I’ll speak to you about this soon. I just need to talk to him.” She said back before hurrying off down the stairs after Dennis.

I was left alone in my room. Completely stunned. I pinched myself to check I wasn’t part of some kind of fucked up wet dream. What kind of night was this?


I heard nothing from Tanya for about two days. I assumed she had regretted what happened, gotten decided not to break up with Dennis and was now just avoiding me. Then I heard a knock on my bedroom door followed by a familiar voice.
“Adam…? Can I come in and talk to you please?”

I answered the door and let Tanya in. She was wearing black skinny jeans, a wine red long sleeved top that showed her shoulders and a black beanie hat. She came into my room and sat on my bed.

“So… you ready to talk about what happened the other day?” Usually I would be too scared to be so up front but, honestly, what else could she possibly be here to talk to me about.

She took her hat off and placed it next to her on the bed. I was surprised to see that her head was even more bald than before. Her eyebrows were also apparently completely gone too.
“I’m not with Dennis anymore.” She said.

“What happened? Was it because of…”

“I’m not sure exactly the reason why. But I guess it was something to do with that night. Maybe because of my hair, me fucking you or… maybe because he felt embarrassed about being seen by be enjoying a guy suck his dick.” Looked at me with a shy grin and beautiful blue eyes. Even without any hair or eyebrows she was still adorable. “He didn’t say which. I stayed the night at his. This morning he shaved my head and my eyebrows with a razor. Then broke up with me.”

I didnt really know how to respond. An awkward silence lingered in the air. Tanya broke the silence. She stood up and came over to me where I was sat at my computer seat. She straddled by hips and sat on top of me. She kissed me. I kissed her back. We made out for a few minutes. During I ran my hand over her head to feel she was smooth and completely bald.


After that Tanya and I started dating. The relationship was going well and our sex life was amazing too. Neither of us were opposed to having another guy or girl step in from time to time for a threeway. Which was a bonus. At first she started growing her hair back. She grew it out to a short pixie cut before she eventually found out how much her being bald turned me on and she let me shave it all off again. Although this time she kept her brows.

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂
Didn’t proof read sorry about mistakes

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