My Doctor

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I always had a little crush on my doctor. I think that’s why I let her do what she did. She stood 6ft plus tall in heels, and she always wore heels. And her immaculate red lipstick… Like she just tore out someone’s beating heart and ate it.

As I went through my list of complaints, being unable to sleep, mild hair loss, and headaches, she listened intently. When I mentioned my hair loss, she started raking her fingers through my thinning mousy brown hair. I’ve been trying to grow it out, but it only reached my shoulders. By the end of my accounting of my body ailments, she had gathered up a little ball of hair.

“That’s no good,” she muttered, throwing the little ball away in the trash, “There’s only one solution.”

Then she went to her drawers. Much to my surprise, she pulled out a pair of hair clippers. Before I could react, she pulled me over to her trash can. With my neck in her hands and my head posed over the trash, she buzzed off my hair. She did two passes with the clippers. It was lucky that I was wearing a gown and not my clothing because little itchy flecks of hair got everywhere. She took me to the sink and ran my head under water. It wasn’t for my comfort though. She lathered up my scalp with thick shaving cream and used a pink disposable razor to shave it smooth. After she stuck my head in the sink again and wiped it clean, she put me back on the bench and spread my legs. She shook her head at my patchy bush. She then gave it the same treatment as my head. As also an afterthought, she used the razor to swipe off my eyebrows. I would be a fully blank canvas for whatever she planned.

Tears in my eyes, I asked, “Can…can I see myself, Doctor?”

“Not yet, dear,” she said, inspecting my pussy for any stray hairs evading her razor with her finger.

When she felt satisfied, she bent me over the bench, ass up, and spread my legs. She coped a feel of my DDD breasts as she positioned me. To make sure that I didn’t move during what she planned next, she pulled out a set of hidden cuffs for my hands and feet. Then she undid her white lab coat, revealing the 10 inch strap-on hidden beneath. I squealed when I glanced back at it, which made her laugh.

“You said that you were having trouble sleeping,” she said.

She, thankfully, lubed up with my virgin asshole. Still hurt though. After she took her pleasure, she cleaned me off and freed me from my bondage. She then pulled me into her lap. Despite my ordeal, I relaxed in her embrace.

Kissing my bald head, she said, “Now don’t you feel better?”

“Yes,” I said, looking up at her my eye wet with tears from the pain and humiliation that I just endured but full of appreciation as well, “I feel much better.”

“That’s excellent. I will make an appointment for you to return next month. Please keep your head shaved until then. No wigs or hats! And, definitely, no sexual activity until then. Doctor’s orders.”

I pouted. “But what if I disobey?”

“Then I will Nair your entire body and lock you in chastity. Maybe even pierce the lock through your labia. It would be for your own good.”

I started breathing heavily at the thought of being punished in such a way, which made the Doctor smile.

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