My Experience in Male Barbershop

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Myself Preeti 32 married lady by profession I am a School teacher & my hair is up to my below mid back length & here I want to share my real exp when I did my head shave in barbershop. It’s all happened 9 month ago 1 day i went out from my school after been closed in afternoon & return to my home I passed by a small barbershop & I just thought about that why not I tried a head shave so I entered in a shop & just a barber was sitting on his bench reading newspaper he just raised his face & saw at me & ask madam what u want I ask bhaiyaa r u cut ladies hair???? He replied madam it’s a male shop I said bhaiyaa I known about it but please cut my hair. He said ok what cut u want???? I replied a full mundan (head shave) of mine. He astonished & asked madam r u in senses?????? I replies yes bhaiyaa im in my senses & I really want my mundan can u do that. He say ok madam if u really want I do that for u please sit on the chair I say ok & sat on the chair. Now he wrapped a white cloth around my neck & tucked it from behind. Then he opens my braid & combs it last time. Now he ask madam which head shave u want straight ustra shave or cut your hair first & then shave it with ustra???? I replied him that cut my hair first & then used ustra. Now he asks me madam cut with scissors or clippers????? I ask him bhaiyaa which clippers u had??? He replied both type of clippers I had. So I replied him bhaiyaa used hand operated clippers full on my head then used ustra. He said ok & pick out his old hand operated clippers bend my head on left side placed the clipper on near my right ear & start operated it. Woooowwww what a sensation is building in me when clippers starts his work. Slowly clippers did his work & my hair fall on my cape & then on laps & on floor. I saw this & after right side shave he turn to left side & then bend my head shave from behind. Now he operated clippers from front part of head & after 20 mint of shearing I’m in stubbly bald head. Now he place his clippers on counter & pick his brush & do brushing on my head so excessive hair which were on my face & head fall on floor & now he ask madam was I shave your head with ustra or its ok???? I replied him bhaiyaa do smooth shave. He said ok & picks his ustra & dips in dettol water & place a new half blade in it. Now he first sprayed water on all over my head & wet my head. Now he asks me madam r u ready?? I said yes bhaiyaa start your work so he nodded his head & just pick his ustra & place it on middle portion of my head now a sound of trsssssshhhhhkkk came & I enjoyed the sound as well as razor moment now he shave my head from middle to back & then he turn my face toward left shave my right side & then turn right side & shave my left side then bend my head & shave my back head & nape portion now he came forward & shave my front part of head & in 10 mint more I’m became a shinny bald lady. He asks madam check it by your own so I raise my hand & check it & acknowledged his work. Now I say my face in mirror & ask bhaiyaa can u do my face shave also????? He ask why madam I told him that after shinny head my facial hair is visible so he say ok then he take out d cape from my body & then shake it & then he take out d back rest from d chair & place my bald head on it & place a white towel on my chest & then first with his fingers wet my skin on my face & then pick his cream tube & take out some cream & put that cream on my chin. Now he take his shaving brush & just foaming d cream on my cheek & chin & under chin then he place brush on counter & then pick his ustra again & turn my head on left side & start shave my face on rite side. Then he shaves my cheek portion slowly & carefully & then he turns my face towards rite & shaves my left cheek also. Now he uphold my head & shave under chin portion carefully now he shave chin portion & complete my beard shave then he carefully shave my moustaches portion & complete my face shave. Now he ask madam anything more so I said him yes shape my eyebrows also so he shape it carefully & said madam it over I saw myself in mirror & told him u did good job & then I ask him bhaiyaa do my armpits shave also he first look at my side & then ask but 4 that u remove your blouse. I replied no I wear sleeves less blouse bhaiyaa u take of your towel on my chest & then I stand & first I raise my hand up then u shave. He said ok & then take his towel & then I stand on my feet & I raise my right hand first & he just put fingers in water & just wet my armpits for some time then he open his ustra & just place it in my armpits & with other hand he hold my arm then shave start, he shave from top to downward style I enjoyed armpits shave also wow what a feeling I had now he complete rite armpits do reversed shave in that & ask me to check it I checked it by my left hand & said good job bhaiyaa now he ask me for left hand raise so I raise my left hand & he do similar manner shave in that also & then I ask bhaiyaa how much I pay u he say madam for you just  50 Rupees.

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