My Ex’s transformation

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This story should not be taken seriously, it is just for fun. Hope you enjoy it! 

When I was in school like 10th std I remember I had a boyfriend. I have to admit what I liked the most about my boyfriend was his silky smooth hair.They weren’t so long but not very short either.I remember playing with his hair and even tying it with my hairband.It had been a while since I broke up with my boyfriend. Which means he was my ex now but it wasn’t that awkward after the break up we talked to each other normally and had the same friend group.

UTIL this one day we got caught with our friends while doing something we shouldn’t have done in school. As a result all of us whoever was included in it had their parents called in school as well as my parents. We all regretted doing what we shouldn’t have done in the first place but now there was nothing we could change. After our parents arrived they met my teachers and got to know what we had done. Of course all of our parents were very disappointed and scolded all of us as well not that we expected any else. Thankfully we were saved from detention and getting expelled from the school since our teachers decided to spare us and have mercy on us. That was the first time i saw my ex’s father but i knew he was very serious and strict. After meeting our teachers we got scolded once again while getting home. I’m pretty sure all of us did. 

The next day when I got inside my class the first thing I saw was my ex WITH BUZZCUT which must be done with a #1. It was very weird I had never seen him with that much short hair. His ear pocked out and showed his perfect round head clearly. But I was so aroused the moment I noticed his short buzzcut. It was a different feeling that i wondered if I even felt that while I was dating him. He looked cute with a buzzcut but I felt bad for him knowing his father must’ve made him cut his hair as he loved his hair. That really was a big punishment for him. I went to my seat which was basically behind him.

As our class started I couldn’t stop staring at him. But when he noticed it he was so embarrassed and tried to hide but it was no use. Later during the break we finally got a chance to talk. And i was correct his father did make him cut his hair as a punishment. I tried to cheer him up telling him it wasn’t that bad and also complimented that it looked cute. He tried hard not to blush but it was no use. We didn’t interact much but after coming back home I rushed to my room took off my clothes and started pleasuring myself. I imagined him with his new short buzzcut while my fingers worked inside me. I had an amazing orgasm and couldn’t stop thinking about his haircut. The next few days he caught me starring at him and it was embarrassing for me but none the less I couldn’t stop myself from imagining me and him having sex with his new haircut.

Finally one day he decided to confront and i knew it was time for me to tell him the truth. And I did. I told him that I felt something different about him after his little transformation that I never felt before. And to my surprise he told me that he too had the same feeling. The thing that I never expected happened we somehow got back  together. After a few days when his hair started growing I told him that I wanted him have his hair to a short buzzcut again. Knowing how much I loved his haircut he did it for me despite loving his long hair. And I loved him for that. There wasn’t a single day when I didn’t tell him how much I loved him.

One day we couldn’t wait any longer we decided to make our fantasies to come true. We decided to hang out at his place. I did go at his place as planned. We didn’t waste much time and started to kiss each other passionately. After making out for a while we quickly took our clothes off and had the best sex of our lives. Of course we used protection and had the best orgasms we ever had. While sex I couldn’t keep my hands away from his fresh buzzcut. After the sex we decided to cuddle each other after a while he fell asleep with his head between my boobs and my hands still caressing his hair. He was so cute. And finally it was time for me to leave his place. Next day when we met in the school we couldn’t stop blushing remembering the previous day.

After a few year we got married to each other after the graduation. We were there for each other all the time and now live a happy life. And he still keeps his hair in a buzzcut for me. The last summer he shaved his head completely and i loved it so much. I don’t think I’m going to let him grow his hair again I love to have my hands around his naked scalp. Omg I love him so much.


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