My Fantasy Haircut (Part 1)

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Despite it being one of the most embarassing haircuts you can get, I’ve always wanted a bowl cut.

I discovered that I liked the idea of a humiliating haircut when I was younger after cutting my bangs far too short and wonky. My parents decided it was best to keep them that way until they grew out in order to teach me a lesson. Whilst I don’t agree with them doing that, it certainly taught me a lesson. Every time I looked in the mirror, I got this unexplainable rush. It felt good. With hindsight, I know exactly what that was.

I never did get my fantasy hideous bowl cut. It always felt unattainable. Between work, friends and romance, I realised it would be far too risky. How am I supposed to explain nearly a foot of hair being shaved to the skin? I certainly can’t play it off as an accident, so I ultimately decided that this idea would be shelved.

That was until my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me. He’d always been distant and critical and the split was inevitable, but it made me reevaluate everything I’d been doing for myself. He was a shit. Why did I put up with him for 3 years? Why did I shape my life around him? He was the reason my hair reached halfway down my back, which I didn’t hate but I certainly didn’t love. I needed it gone, not to spite him, but to make me happy.

When I finished my work for the week I walked right into the closest place I could get a haircut. “Good Cuts Unisex Salon”. It’s name really summed up how dire the place was. The decor hadn’t been changed since 1994 and neither had the customers. I always thought it was a front for something because I rarely, if ever, saw anyone in there.

I pushed open the door and was immediately hit with the smell of old cigarettes. In the centre of the room there were two peeling barbers chairs facing mirrors with a slight yellow tint. It was perfect for what I wanted, a quick, cheap and preferably sub par haircut.

“COMING!!” A womans voice yelled from the back of the shop. I admittedly was taken off guard. I wasn’t expecting a woman to be cutting my hair today but I was actually quite pleased about it. Soon a tall, muscular woman with long black hair stomped into the shop front. She slowed down when she saw me.

“Oh,” she stared at me as if she was expecting me to be someone else.

“Sorry, I thought you were my brother.” She chuckled, clearly trying to dissolve the tension in the room.

“He’s the only person who comes in here after 5 o’clock usually.” She rolled her sleeves up to reveal her forearms, which were covered in tattoos.

“No worries.” I nearly whispered, blushing profusely.

“So what brings you here?” She smiled warmly, taking a black apron down from the wall behind her and tying it tightly round her waist, flexing her arms in the process.

“Umm” I mumbled, my mind was too preoccupied to remember my initial plan.

“Are you sure you came to the right place? You seem a little dazed…”

“No, no. Sorry.” I practically spat the words out.

“I’m here for a haircut.”

“In this dump?” She quizzed, smiling and raising one eyebrow before leaning on the wall behind her.

“You’d make a great sales person.” I said sarcastically. She scoffed.

“I’ve only been working here a month. The previous guy practically gave it to me when I enquired about jobs. I’ve been trying to gather enough money to sort out…” She gestured frantically around the room

“This.” She laughed to herself.

“Why would you want a job in this place? Did none of the other salons want you?” I teased, crossing my arms and smirking at her.

“All the other places thought I was too off putting for a ‘woman’s salon’ and I had to start somewhere!” She grabbed a cape a chucked it over her shoulder.

“So are you here for a haircut or not?” She gestured at the chair in front of her. I paused, looking her up and down.

“Sure.” I walked over and sat myself down, taking in my reflection. I was finally doing what I’ve needed for so long and to say I was excited was an understatement.

“What’re we thinking?” She tossed the cape around my neck and fastened it tightly.

“I was thinking about doing a bob. A long one.” I was ready for a change, not the full fantasy.

“Like around here?” She picked up her comb and gestured to just above my shoulders.

“Yeah.” I said, a little more dejected sounding than I meant to come across.

The stylist paused before placing a hand on my shoulder.

“Hey,” she looked right at me in my reflection, her dark brown eyes softening.

“Are you sure this is the right thing for you to do?” her thumb swiped up and down my shoulder. Her grip was strong, but not agressive.

“Absolutely.” I said, staring into her eyes. She was mesmerising, her hair shining under the outdated flourescent lighting.

“To be honest I’ve always wanted to go a lot shorter but I’ve never thought it could be a reality.”

Shit. I thought to myself. I’d just indulged far too much. I know she could see the panic on my face because she gently laughed to herself.

“How short?” She began to tease my jawline with her comb. I turned and looked up at her.

“Are you flirting with me?” I smirked at her.

“Of course not. That would be unprofessional.” She teased.

“Well I’m in this chair so I clearly like unprofessional.” I turned to face the mirror once again, crossing my legs and smiling in a self satisfied way. She chuckled to herself and smiled.

“So you want a buzzcut?”

“What!? NO.” I blurted out. I wanted something shorter, but not that short.

“OK, so tell me what you do want then.” She laughed.

“A bob.” I was more self assured this time. I uncrossed my legs and smoothed out the cape in front of me.

“That really doesn’t narrow it down for me darling.” She moved behind me and started running her fingers through my hair.


“At the jawline?”

“A few inches below.”

“Hmm.” She paused, crossing her arms and tapping her comb on her chin.

“Before I start, what should I call you?”

“Sarah.” I smiled gently. I knew I was going to enjoy this, but I didn’t anticipate I’d enjoy the process this much.

She grabbed a spray bottle from the counter in front of me and began to wet my hair.

“Quite a drastic change eh?” She continued spraying my hair.

“Well I just went through a breakup and decided I needed to do something for myself.”

“So short hair is a recent idea?” She began combing through my wet hair.

“Well actually I’ve always wanted-”


I froze as a long piece of hair slid down the back of the cape and onto the floor. The hairdresser didn’t stop as she haphazardly cut my hair to around my shoulders. It was finally happening. Other than my bang disaster this was the first time ever having anything that resembled short hair. And to make everything better, I was getting it cut by an incredibly hot woman.

“You stopped.” She continued cutting, finally making it round to right side, severing the last of my truly long hair. I reached my hand out from under the cape and ran my fingers through what was left of my hair. It stopped remarkably close to my face and the ends felt thick and healthy. I was smiling from ear to ear. If this felt as good as it did, imagine how good something shorter would feel.

“I’m not finished y’know.” She span the chair around so I was no longer facing the mirror.

“You ready for the real thing?”

“Of course.”

She placed her scissors right up to my jawline and carefully moved them down a couple of inches then-


I was holding my breath, the scissors being so close to my face was extremely erotic. The thought of how much damage they could do kept crossing my mind. The stylist was staring intensely at my hair, every cut was deliberate and controlled, especially when compared to the hacking she’d done earlier.

“Do you want it straight all the way around or do you want it to go shorter in the back?” She continued snipping as she asked the question.

An undercut bob I thought to myself. The concept of having a strip of my hair shaved away, exposing the back of my head and neck, was extremely hot.

“Definately shorter in the back. Maybe you could do an undercut?” I enquired. She paused, turning the chair around so she could see the back of my head more clearly. I was now able to see what she had done and it was exactly what I’d asked for. I was admittedly a little disappointed with how perfect it was.

“An undercut. How edgy.” She teased, running her fingers up my nape.

“How high do you want it?”

“Only a couple inches, I don’t want it to be too extreme.” I lied. I wanted extreme, but I knew I wasn’t ready for it.

“Subtle. I like it.” She smiled. taking her scissors and placing them at the back of my head, a couple of inches above the base of my nape. They were so high up my head, the thought of them closing there, making me lose so much hair, was starting to make me wet.

“You ready?” She cooed. I turned a deep shade of red and nodded.


I gasped as a large chunk of hair from the back of my head slid down the cape and onto the floor behind me. The stylist continued, cutting around and connecting the two lengths she’d created with a gentle slope.

“Now onto the exciting part!” She smiled, taking a pair of clippers from the counter and plugging them in.

“How short do you want this undercut?”

“As short as you can go.” I blurted out. I was excited, my heart felt like it was pounding everywhere in my body.

“No guard it is then.” She flicked the plastic guard off and tossed it onto the counter before turning the machine on. It buzzed angrily as she moved to the back of my neck.

“I imagine you’re going to enjoy this.” She teased before placing the clippers at the base of my neck and pushing them upwards. A powerful vibration pulsed through my body, the feeling of the clippers attacking my hair and the sound of it accepting defeat as it hit the cape was exhilerating. I was being shaved, all the hair in that section was gone and there was nothing I could do about it.

Eventually, the vibrating stopped and the stylist put the clippers down. She took a large brush and swiped away any of the small clippings left on the back of my head and neck.

“All done now Sarah.” She unfastened my cape and shook the hair onto the floor. Mounds of my hair littered the ground, lifeless. I stared at myself in shock. I’d just done this. I had an undercut bob now. My hair used to reach the middle of my back and now most of it was on the floor. Apprehensively, I reached up and felt the back of my hair, The longest part was only 6 or 7 inches from the top of my head and it ended so quickly. Soon, my hand met the undercut itself. The stubble was uniform and almost prickly, like sandpaper.

The stylist came up behind me with a mirror, so I could see what she’d done.

It was exactly what I’d asked for and it looked slightly ridiculous. The stark contrast between the two lengths was enough to make me gasp.

“Is that a good thing?” She laughed nervously.

“It’s perfect.” I whispered.

“Thank you so much-” I paused.

“I never got your name…”

“I’ll give it to you at your next appointment.”


Authors Note: Thank you so much for reading! I’ve been reading stories on here for some time now but this is the first story I’ve ever published. Any criticism or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Have a great day <3




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  1. I know it’s not the final cut but damn, the flirting and explicit consent in this was so hot. There’s something about wanting it shorter and asking for something not as short, but knowing the barber would go short in a heartbeat that feels so erotic to me. Hope to read more from you soon.

  2. Well, it says right at the beginning it might become a bowl cut… does it not? I always like the inner turmoil of a bowl cut, like them but how many others would accept it if one did it actually?

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