My Fantasy

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Riley had gotten herself into debt. She owed thousands to her landlord and now she was being threatened with eviction. Somehow Riley needed to earn £5000 and she needed to get the cash quick. Riley posted an ad on the internet saying “24 year old busty brunette, London England. Looking for a quick cash solution. £5000 for the night with me, anything goes.” Riley clicked to post the ad and then she waited.

Over the next few days Riley had lots of emails. Most were from creepy older men who wanted her to do disgusting things. But there were a few promising messages. Riley started speaking to a man called Mr Fox and by the end of the week a plan had been set. Riley was to meet Mr Fox at his apartment at 6pm on Wednesday and for the next 12 hours she would be his to use as he pleased.

Wednesday evening arrived quickly and Riley had a nervous knot in her stomach as she rode the elevator to the sixth floor of the expensive looking apartment block. She pressed the button for Mr Fox’s flat and the intercom buzzed to allow her access. He was waiting with the door open when she arrived.

“Come in” he said, his voice low and sexy. He was tall and handsome with dark hair and a muscular physique. Riley stepped through the door, her tight red dress hugging her curves. Mr Fox noticed the coconut smell of her shampoo as her long chocolate brown hair swished past him.

“Hi, I’m Riley” she said nervously. He looked her up and down and then smiled approvingly.

“Take off your clothes and follow me into the bathroom” Mr Fox instructed Riley. Riley slipped her dress down and unhooked her bra. Slowly and seductively Riley rolled down her stockings and slipped her panties off. With her clothes in a pile at the door Riley followed Mr Fox through the apartment and into the bathroom.

“Sit in the chair” Mr Fox said, pointing to the wooden chair in the middle of the tiled bathroom. Riley sat down as she was told and was then shocked to feel Mr Fox tying her to the chair with rope. Once Riley was fastened into the chair Mr Fox stood in front of hair and visually inspected her. When his eyes reached her pussy he titter and said “This will have to be fixed” and with that he opened the drawer and picked up a pair of clippers.

Mr Fox turned on the clippers and placed the vibrating shears on Riley’s dark mound. Mr Fox passed the clippers up and down Riley’s pussy until all that was left was stubble. He then ran the tap warm and put shaving cream on Riley’s pussy lips. Gently, with great care Mr Fox shaved Riley’s vagina and once he was satisfied all pubes we’re gone he inspected her with his tongue to be sure. Riley moaned with pleasure at his expert licking but then Mr Fox stopped abruptly leaving Riley longing for his touch again. Mr Fox stepped behind the chair and made eye contact with Riley in the bathroom mirror. He then ran his fingers through her hair and picked up the clippers.

Riley started to cry. “Please no, please don’t cut my hair. Oh god, anything else. Please don’t do this. What will people say when they see me?” Riley sobbed but it did not deter Mr Fox who moved the clippers to Riley’s forehead and switched them on smiling. Mr Fox held the clippers at the front of Riley’s hairline giving her a last moment to look at herself with long hair. Then he pushed the clippers back and mowed a strip of short stubble into the centre of Riley’s head. On both sides of the stubble landing strip Riley’s long hair hung down silky and untouched. Again Riley begged him to stop but Mr Fox took no notice and shaved another strip to the right of the first pass. The vibrating clippers moaned as they chewed through Riley’s thick long  chocolate hair but in the end the hair put up no fight and the clippers easily severed the locks from Riley’s head. Mr Fox moved to the back of Riley’s head once the top was reduced to 1/16th inch stubble. Working his way from the nape to the crown he shaved what remained of Riley’s hair to stubble.

When the clippers fell silent Mr Fox left the room. Riley looked at her reflection. She was unrecognisable with her stubbled head and her eyes and ears looked hugely out of proportion. Riley sobbed. Moments later Mr Fox returned with a camera in his hands and he started snapping shots. Riley sat there tied to the chair crying but unable to stop him. The camera kept snapping shots as he rubbed her naked scalp. Riley felt so humiliated. Mr Fox started licking her head as his fingers touched her smooth pussy. He was gently rubbing her clit. Riley didn’t want to enjoy this but couldn’t help herself. She moaned and Mr Fox looked into her eyes and smiled. Then he cruelly stopped, leaving Riley on the edge of orgasm but not pushing her over the line.

Mr Fox turned on the tap and filled the sink with hot water. He picked up the can of shaving cream and squirted some into his hands. Attentively he started massaging the shaving foam onto Riley’s scalp and then he picked up the razor. A few tears escaped Riley as she realised Mr Fox’s intentions but she could not stop him and even if she could, was there any point? All of her hair was already gone, this final step was all about the humiliation and she and Mr Fox knew that. Mr Fox used short swipes of the razor starting from the forehead and working his way back to the nape. Once he’s shaved Riley’s head once this way he lathered her scalp again with the shaving foam and shaved her head from nape to forehead. He cleaned her head with a towel and put some oil on her now naked scalp to increase the shine. Riley sobbed as she looked at herself, her head shone with no hair in sight. Her scalp was so much paler than her face. She looked like a bald ugly freak and she’d cried so much her makeup was all over her face.

Mr Fox kissed Riley’s nipples and worked his way down her torso to her now smooth pussy. Mr Fox instructed Riley to rub her head and explore her nee haircut. Riley obliged because she was aware that if she didn’t follow his instructions she wouldn’t get the money she needed. Riley’s fingers explored every inch of her scalp as Mr Fox licked her clit and rubbed her nipples. Riley moaned and this time Mr Fox did not stop. Mr Fox kept licking Riley and touching her and Riley was beginning to like how her scalp felt smooth. Mr Fox bought Riley to a shattering orgasm like she’d never had before. Mr Fox told Riley to take a shower and he left the room.

The shower felt like nothing Riley had ever experienced. The warm water was hitting directly into Riley’s skin instead of the hair she’d always had. Riley was unsure if she liked this or not. But she accepted that this was her new reality until her hair grew back. Riley stepped out of the shower, surprisingly quickly because she now had no hair to wash. Riley dried herself with the towel and then went to find Mr Fox. Riley found Mr Fox in the hallway and she walked to get her clothes.

“No”. Mr Fox said. “You will travel home in a taxi, and you will be naked. That is your last task tonight. I will pay for the taxi in you wages for tonight” he said as he handed her an envelope. Riley peeked inside the envelope and saw a huge wad of cash, definitely enough to be £5000. Maybe even more. “Before you go, I have a proposition. I will pay you £3000 per month if you come by the apartment 3 times a week to have your head shaved. You will be required to not wear wigs, hats or hoodies. And I have eyes everywhere so I will know. It’s up to you, but that is my offer, £3000 a month to stay beautiful and bald”.

It is now six months on and Riley sees Mr Fox regularly for a fresh shave. The money is great. But now Riley has a good shave because she likes her bald head and she loves the things Mr Fox does to her after she has been shaved smooth.


Side note – this story is my fantasy. I am a 24 year old girl from London, England. I want someone to pay me to shave all my hair off. My hair is waist length and chocolate brown, perfect condition. Serious offers only.

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  1. This story is very fun and hot, I hope that you can fulfill your dream. All of us who have this fetish are afraid that society will think, but we have to be brave and fulfill them, you only live once.

  2. Amazing story.Thanks I just had mine shaved clean recently by some chicks.I was in California on a working assignment and was introduced at the cafe by someone who is willing to pay handsomely by a group of chicks.I have to be totally naked in the Barber chair too.The location is very discreet and have to be blindfolded in reaching the place.My thick waist length was slowly peeled off live privately and videoed.I am sure your fantasy can be realised.Good luck

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