My Fetish Story- Part 2 ANSHU’S LOCKS

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Every one watched silently her sisters and Ishika had big smiles on their faces looking at her bald head being caressed by her mother. She sat still in the middle sitting right beside me I could see her head but didn’t have the strength to touch it. She looked really angry and enraged at the same time very sad about losing her locks. I thought I should leave now as the situation seemed very bad for her specially her reaction she hadn’t uttered a word since returning, I got up and started to leave her mom asked me to stay but I made an excuse and left. All night I was thinking about her I couldn’t sleep most part of the night her bald head was in my head as if my eyes had taken a picture of them. All night I had a tower in my pants I got tired satisfying it and slept.

The next day I was curious to see her but didn’t want to go to her place as I didn’t knew what will be her mood. During the afternoon I heard the doorbell when I looked thru the eye hole I saw her standing outside my door. I opened the door and welcomed her in she still looked sad, she was in her shorts and a t-shirt and her cap on her head.  She followed me to my room where I asked her if she wanted to play on the laptop I had installed a new racing game. She didn’t say a word just nodded in agreement so I opened the laptop and started the game, I gave her first turn to play. We were sitting on my bed playing since I had a single bed we were sitting quite close like we always did, earlier her ponytails would often fall on my lap or hands and I enjoyed touching and playing with them but  today my focus was on her bald head. I was trying to sneak from behind peaking at the neck and above which were looking absolutely clean the small hair left on the head were sticking out from the back of her cap.  As soon as her turn ended she asked me to take mine, I took mine very fast deliberately so I could see her more it was making me very excited to see it up close if I was an inch closer I could kiss her neck.  My penis was a clear indication of how excited I was and in all the excitement of peaking into her cap I completely forgot how close we were sitting she could see the bulge in my shorts very easily.

About 20-30 minutes later while I was taking my turn the door bell rang again, I paused the game and went to the door Ishkia and Shreya di were at the door they had a small carry bag. I greeted them and we all walked back into my room.  Anshu looked even more grim when she looked at them walking into the room, Ishika sat beside me on the bed while Shreya di sat beside Anshu. They were both looking at each other and grinning, in matter of moments Shreya di removed her cap. Anshu started protesting “please stop why are you after my life?” Anshu almost yelled at her “Mom has asked me to oil your head properly for good hair growth. Wait let me call her she will tell you” Shreya di replied.  She didn’t even hesitate a minute to call their mother and tell Anshu was misbehaving with her while she was trying to oil her head. She put the phone on speaker “Anshu I have told you before as well respect your elders she is doing it so you have better hair growth. Now don’t disturb me and obey your sister I will be back in the evening” her mom said over the phone.

Anshu looked scared and tamed after listening to her mother, shreya di asked Ishika to come near her. Ishika instead of walking around the bed crawled behind me and sat there Shreya di too sat behind Anshu. She held the small stands in her hand both of them started giggling when she held it. “Hand me the bottle” she asked the Ishika . Ishika handed a bottle from the bag to Shreya di she poured the liquid over Anshu’s bald scalp and started massaging it. To me it didn’t look or smelled like oil but she was enjoying massaging Anshu’s head, she would play with the bald scalp rub her finger then move it to her will and at times slowly slap it all while laughing.

‘Di you said she will get a shorter haircut. Then why this?” Ishika asked her in a very teasing way

“Ishu I was thinking about getting her something of the similar lengths and leave her with some good lengths but she misbehaved so much that me and my friend ended up leaving just these lengths on her” she held the small stands on her head and they both started laughing

‘Tell me the full story di, how did she end up becoming taklu?” Ishika asked her controlling her laughter.

‘Okay then let me tell you what happened?” Shreya di replied

“So we went straight to my friend’s parlour from here, I had told her on the way that mom asked me to get you a short hair cut but she wasn’t happy. When we reached there she started acting out and didn’t want to get inside the shop. So I had to slap her very hard” Shreya di

“hahaha then?” Ishika

“Holding her hand tightly in one hand I called my friend to help me, You’ve met Mini right she is strong. She got hold of her choti and pulled her inside.” Shreya di

I was listening to everything getting really excited and it was quite visible thru the bulge in my pants. It was a very small space we were all tucked into, in excitement I completely forgot how easy it would have been for all of them to see the tower in my shorts.  I didn’t want to look interested so I wasn’t looking at either Anshu or shweta and ishika who were sitting behind us, But I could feel a movement behind me Ishika was moving towards the end of the bed on my side I could feel her face closer to my shoulder.

I didn’t know but Ishika had seen the huge bulge inside the pants and had signaled Shreya di who was also peaking into it.

“What happened next di? Did she calm down after you pulled her in?” Ishika they continued with the story

“No she didn’t she was throwing her hands trying to fight and get away from us, she even slapped me once I was really angry at her” Shreya di

“Then how did you control her?” Ishika asked.

I could now feel her fingers and hands near my bum and back of my thighs. I wasn’t very surprised by it because usually on my bed when we would all sit together. These touches often took place as it was small and cramped for 4 people to sit on one side. But in this situation when I was already too excited her hands and fingers were making it more difficult for me my penis almost started dancing in my pants I controlled it once or twice but it was getting harder to stop it.

Shweta continued the story

“Mini gave me an idea to stop her from over reacting” Shreya di

“what idea?” Ishika

“Mini asked me to hold both her hands when I held them she got hold of the t-shirt she was wearing and started pulled it up all the way over her head and out thru the hands. Then same with her skirt she opened it and removed it completely. I was still holding her when she removed her panty and bra, she made her completely naked then asked me to leave her. She pointed towards the door and told her to now go out. She got hold of her braid again and started dragging her outside but she was so ashamed that she pulled herself to stay inside.” Shreya di laughed then slapped anshu’s head finishing her comment.

“Hahahaha you mean completely naked at the parlour hahaha it would have been so funny you should have taken me there too. I wonder how she would have looked” Ishika was laughing hysterically

‘Yes it was very funny we then made her sit on the chair and started opening the braids. I still was fine with giving her some lengths but Mini was furious at her she had not only slapped me but Mini too. So she opened her hair then started combing them again properly. Once the combing was done she started sectioning her hair properly. I thought she was going to clip them but she started making braids on one side and signaled me to make one on the other. When we both completed our braids and tucked rubber bands at the end she asked me to get 2 ribbons from the store beside her. I didn’t know what was in her mind so followed her order and got the ribbons.” Shreya di started with the story again

“I handed her both the ribbons she started tying one to the top of the right braid and asked me to do the same on the left one. Once we finished tying the ribbons she looked like those village school girls with ribbons on their braids the only difference was she was naked hahaha. Mini opened her drawer and picked out a machine from her drawer I didn’t knew what it was she turned it on and moved it straight in the middle of her head. I have to tell you hahahaha I was shocked but before I or Anshu could give a reaction she made three passes right over here (touching her forehead). I was dumbstruck at first but hahahaha I couldn’t believe what she had done. She held Anshu by her hand and warned her if he so much as flinched she would throw her out of the show like that. After the first few passes with the machine she kept it down and took out a big scissor. She quickly placed the blades on the base of the right braid and hacked it off about 10 minutes of chopping later the second braid came down too. She was took the machine again but I asked her to leave this much hair on her head (touching the strands at the back). It was quite a sight she was running that machine so smoothly over her head shaving all her hair to skin. I was both giddy and happy watching her work, it took her just 5-10 minutes to clean the head leaving just this. I thought it was over but she poured some shaving cream over her head and shaved her again with a small razor. Ishu it was so much fun I can’t tell you.” She finished the story holding Anshu’s bald head in both her hands.

“Hahaha its so interesting I still am wondering how it would have looked Anshu sitting naked on the parlour chair” Ishika said teasing anshu who had been very quite and submissive ever since her mom called her.

“I can show you now” Shweta di said

“Wait what? How? Do you have any pictures?” Ishika

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