My First Bob

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It was the second month of my new life. I was a fresh-faced 18 year old making her first tentative steps into the adult world having moved away from home for her first year of university. I’d chosen to live in one of the uni’s halls of residence which was located around 10 minutes walk away from the main campus.

The halls were split into self contained flats with six students per corridor. I was joined by three other girls and two boys. Over those first few weeks the six of us had bonded, enjoying nights out together, cooking for each other and enjoying the freedom of our new found independence.

Jenny was the main instigator and organiser of the flat. She was a little bit older than the rest of us having taken a year out to work after college. Despite only being a year older I found her much more mature and worldly-wise than my other flatmates. Often during those first few scary weeks we’d sit up late watching TV together in our pyjamas, laughing and joking. She instantly became a big sister figure cooking for me and lending me anything I required. Prior to nights out we’d often visit each other’s rooms borrowing makeup, clothes and jewellery.

It was during one of these trips into Jenny’s room where she offered to straighten my hair. My hair was naturally mousey in colour but dyed ash blonde, super straight sitting at collar-bone length after being subject to a big chop prior to moving. I’d taken off around 4/5 inches and it felt so short. It was still feathered around the front sitting blunt at the back. I was proud of my hair and often received compliments about the way I looked after it. I never left the house without it being washed and straightened, even if it was up in a ponytail. I felt safe behind the blonde length keeping it in good condition made me happy.

Jenny set about straightening my fine but fairly thick blonde hair, taking great care to section each layer and do a thorough job.  She was single and was planning on pulling that night. I had been in a relationship since I was 16 and was finding it hard being apart from my boyfriend. He’d been to visit during the first weekend but long distance relationships are tough on both parties.

It was utterly relaxing putting my locks in Jenny’s hands. As she caressed and straightened my hair she casually mentioned that she had booked a hair appointment that week. “You should join me” she said. I’m getting a bob.

I felt my heart beat faster. I’d never had my hair as short as it was now, let alone above my shoulders. But I was intrigued.

Her hair was shorter than mine, dark brown, slightly wavy and an inch below her shoulders. It was cut into layers and framed her face well.

“What do you think?” She asked again. “My appointment’s on Wednesday I’ll give them a call and see if they have space at the same time.” She was definitely getting a kick out of seeing me squirm at the thought of losing my silky blonde hair. To me, losing that much hair was an almost horrifying thought but her nonchalance and confidence about how we both would look swept me away on a wave of excitement. I said yes!

The day arrived and i felt a knot in my stomach as soon as I awoke. I was going to change my whole look and have the shortest hair I’d ever had. What would my friends back home think? What the hell would my boyfriend think? He enjoyed playing with my long locks so much.

I attended my early morning lecture by midday was finished. I’d arranged to meet Jenny for lunch after which we’d walk to the salon together.

The hairdressers was not part of a big chain and was owned by a local lady who employed staff and freelancers who rented chairs at the salon. There were three stylists on duty that day, the owner and two younger girls. Jenny was booked in with the owner and I was with one of the younger girls. We were running a little later for our appointments so we were straight away ushered in and over to our seats. I enjoyed the smell of the salon, hair dyes and dryers mixed with perfume and shampoo. It was an intoxicating mix.

As I sat in the chair the knot in my stomach tightened. An attractive girl walked over to me, smiling in the mirror. She had her thick, long blond hair slicked back into a perfect high ponytail which swished as she moved her head. My heart sank as I realised that today I’d be losing my own ponytail.

“So what’s it going to be?” My stylist Becky said, introducing herself at the same time. At this point I heard Jenny shout over “show her the picture”. We’d both, the previous night gone through Google researching our dream haircuts. I’d opted for a classic Victoria Beckham a-line bob cut while Jenny had fixated over Keira Knightley’s cute short ‘do.

I produced my phone and showed the picture to Becky who cooed over the look. It appeared that she approved and was excited at the prospect of taking off my length.

I was led away to have my hair washed by the third member of the team as Becky tidied her station. I’d not washed my hair that morning and felt a little guilty that I was making this girl do the work. She slid my hair loose from its ponytail and leant me back into the sink before turning on the shower head. “Too warm?” She asked. It was fine by me and I enjoyed the massage as she lathered then rinsed my shoulder blade length hair. The relaxing massage was over all too quickly and I was returned to my seat with Becky stood behind me. She draped a black cape around my shoulders, tucking it in around the back, being careful to make sure I was comfortable.

I looked at myself in the mirror my wet blonde hair cascading over the black cape. This was it, there’s no turning back now. I began to squirm and gripped the armrests of my seat tightly. My muscles were tense and I started to sweat.

Becky didn’t seem to notice my apprehension and began combing out my hair and started to section it. The first snip came quickly and was intoxicating. She started at the back of my head and placed the cold steel of her scissors against my neck and snipped. Seeing 6 inches of hair hit the floor was exhilarating. What happened next was completely unexpected; My body reacted to the excitement going on around me leaving me in a state of arousal. I could feel a tingle between my legs and I began tensing my lower abdomen increasing the pleasure. What was happening to me!

What made the experience even more special was that I could see Jenny in the mirror. She was sat behind me and I had both a front row seat to hers and my cuts. Jenny was going a little shorter than me, especially at the back and seeing her transformed in front of my eyes was amazing.

Becky moved from the back of my head and let down the hair on the left hand side of my head. I hung limply and wet against my cheek. Becky’s took the first section in her fingers asking if this was the right length to go to. I asked her to go an inch or so longer than she had indicated. I think I still needed the comfort of some length after all. Section by section my crowning glory was dropping  to the floor, revealing the shape I’d shown Becky earlier.

All too soon the cut was over and Becky removed her hairdryer from its holster and began the process of styling my new bob, carefully curling the ends under. She even took a pair of clippers to my neck tidying up my hairline, an unexpected delight that made my tingles even more intense.

Becky took a mirror from her station and held it behind my head. My cut was perfection. An a-line bob sweeping up from below my jawline at the front to my hairline at the back. I moved my head and felt the swish. The back was so short, I couldn’t wait to run my hands through it.

Becky removed the cape and I gave her a big smile in the mirror. “I love it” I said to her, “you’re amazing”. I was in a high and made sure I tipped her well.

Jenny had already finished and was sitting waiting for me in the reception area. She looked so cute, her dark hair sleek and so short. She looked like a different person.

Like two giggling kids we left the salon and headed straight into our favourite bar. We ordered cocktails and sat down facing each other in a booth.

We were both on a high and admired each other’s new haircuts. I didn’t disclose how the cut had made me feel at the time but spoke glowingly to her about the whole experience. I loved how my hair felt and kept running my hands over my nape.

Time and cocktails flew by and I was getting tipsy. “Time to go?” I said to Jenny. She agreed, we both had lectures the next day

When we got home it was late. The sensation of my hair not touching my shoulders was weird, I kept forgetting that it was not there anymore.

We sat down in the communal area on our sofa. “Can I touch it?” She asked. “Sure” I said and turned around giving her my back. She ran her fingers through my stacked bob massaging my head as she went. He fingers moved to the nape of my neck, they felt cool against my exposed skin. I have a little tattoo on the back of my neck and she traced her fingers around the outside of that. I felt tingles in my body.

“That’s enough” I said, now I get to play with yours. I turned around and faced her expecting her to give me her back as I had done however she continued to face me looking me straight in the eye. I put my arms on top of her shoulders and started to feel the weight line of the bob at the back of her head. She did the same to me. It felt amazing.

Unable to help myself a little moan escaped from my parted lips. The feeling was so relaxing yet so exciting. My hair was so short and she was rolling the hair at my nape through her fingers, pinching the skin.

My eyes closed as I continued to play with her freshly bobbed hair. We were both breathing deeply and I could start to feel her moving closer. I felt her breath on my face and I opened my eyes to find her only inches away.

The older girl leant in and our lips touched. That first kiss was so magical that it will live with me forever, at first soft then harder and hungrier as our tongues entwined. The taste of her sweet breath was exhilarating.

I’d never been so turned on in my entire life. Yes I’d thought about being with another girl before but that was just day dreams and fantasy. The tingling sensation between my legs was back and getting harder to ignore.

Jenny’s mouth suddenly moved away from mine and we opened our eyes and looked at each other. At that moment we knew we had to have one another. Without a word being said we stood up and she led me by the hand to her room. We closed and locked the door falling in a heap on the single bed.

We stripped naked and I rolled on top of her kissing her sweet lips as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer, our throbbing pussies now touching. Jenny’s hand worked it’s way down my body and between my legs, she found what she was looking for straight away, expertly working my clit. It wasn’t long before I’d lost control and that familiar build up of pressure was surging through my body. I came with a load groan almost within a minute of her first caress of my pussy.

Satisfied myself, I wanted to please Jenny so much and although exhausted I knew that this opportunity may never come round again. I slowly kissed her naked body making sure to spend time working her generous nipples with my tongue. My mouth got lower and lower on her body until I reached her erogenous zone. She had a cute mound of pubic hair. My first few licks were tentative but hearing her moans gave me encouragement to continue. I began to steadily lick and kiss her clit working her into a frenzy. Her hands at this point moved to my head caressing my freshly bobbed hair it seemed to drive her even more crazy and I could feel her wetness on my lips. It wasn’t long before i recognised the tightness in her body as she readied for a full body orgasm. She came hard and noisily, I enjoyed hearing how much I could pleasure her. With one last lingering kiss I removed myself from between her legs and lay next to her. We kissed and cuddled before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

I awoke early the next morning, quickly putting on my clothes and sneaking out of her room. Once back inside the safety of my own room I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Despite the night of passion my hair still looked great.

As I lay down on my own bed I reached for my phone, three unanswered text messages and a missed call from my boyfriend could wait until later in the day. Just as I was putting my phone down, it buzzed. It was a message from Jenny who’d simply sent me a haircut emoji and a heart. I lay back, and fell asleep reliving the previous day’s adventures.

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