My First Story – Krina’s Fantasies

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My First Story – Krina’s Fantasies

Hello Everyone, wanted to become a member for a long time. Finally, this is my first story ever, It is based on my desire to get a husband with the same fetish as me. Hope you’ll enjoy it. My all stories will be from my pseudo name Karina.


My name is Karina. I’m a 28-year-old Indian girl. I’m 5’10” tall and have fair skin and long black hair below my waist. from the past few years, I’ve got to know that I’ve hair fetish but I’m afraid to tell my family and friends about that. I think that they might see me as a weirdo or something. but I started watching haircare videos for the betterment of my hair. I’m a little bit confused about my fetish. I like my Long hair but I also want to experience the shaved head. So, let’s see what I discover ahead.

Yesterday in the morning during my regular hair routine. I felt that my urge to explore different hairstyle is getting stronger. but I am so much comfortable in my present attire that I always turn my emotions down. But, today was different, I was getting an unstoppable urge to cut my hair so I called of office and told that I’ll work from home today because I’m not feeling good. ( after all, I always loved the perks of being a Computer Engineer. I can do work from wherever I want.) I got down and had some breakfast. while that my mother told me that there is one family is coming to meet me on Sunday for marriage. (I always feel shy when my mother tells me about marriage.)

I said OK, but for that, I’ve to go to the parlor to do eyebrow and waxing. she was happy that I was showing some interest in getting married. (I think I’ve got the best family in the world, no one stops me from doing anything. They never forced me to get married, even though in our society Girls generally do get married in their early 20s. And I’m still unmarried at age 28 and still doing a job in the IT field.)

Like I said I have a fetish and never go a nerve to get the hair cuts I desired. I’ve got a plethora of haircut pics like one can fill GBs of space in Hard Disk. but I never did anything, mostly when I go to my usual place for maintaining my beauty I just got an almost 1 cm trim. But today I decided to go to some other place. After completing today’s work I started to search for some new places to get my hair done. I found one place named Purple Spa, which was around 10 km away from my home. I found their website interesting and reviews was also good. And most important It was out of my comfort zone. So, I took my go out kit wore a mask, disinfected my vehicle, and left for the new desires.

At the New Salon

At the underground parking I felt butterflies in my stomach since I was doing something new today. But I managed to enter the salon. It was a cozy place, I liked the vibes there. Just like the name it’s decor was in purple and I liked the ambiance of that place. at the reception, I told I need to get the haircut and do eyebrows and waxing. (In the moment of excitement I forgot to book an appointment.) The receptionist looked at me like I was new here and didn’t know the procedures like booking an appointment. But in contradiction, she smiled and said that you generally need to book an appointment but I’ll check if I can do something. She told me to sit and wait.

After few minutes she called me and said I can squeeze you in for a haircut but for eyebrows and waxing you need to book another day. I was a bit nervous so I said ok, I’ll get my hair done today and when will be the next appointment? she said that the next slot will be at 10:00 on Sunday. I said Ok. Then she told me to wait for Kavita.

After around 10 minutes Kavita came, she looked like in the early 30s and had long braided hair (general Indian Woman hairstyle.) and after some introduction, she said me to come inside. Inside was beautiful a big room with almost 10-12 styling chairs and beautiful lighting and decoration. At Kavita’s station.

Kavita – “So, what you wanna do today Karina?”

Me – “I don’t know actually!”

Kavita – “You’ve such a beautiful hair. Let just get a trim, after-all hair is a beautiful crown of a woman.”

Shit! I was with another ‘beauty crown’ enthusiast. Society is filled with them. They always want a woman in some particular way!

She took me to the hair washing station and gave me the best shampoo after a long time. She was good at her work despite being orthodox in hairstyle selection. After a soothing session of shampooing she did the general around 1 cm trim and made a braid just like her. and I looked like a copy of her. I was a bit disappointed but kept a happy face and left living her a tip and good complement. After reaching home I told ma that I just had a trim and the next appointment is on Sunday at Morning 10:00.

Back in Comfort Zone

Back at home after having dinner, I was combing my hair and I fell in love with it again. They were silky, shiny, soft, and almost 4 feet long. Just the way I like it. I thanked God that I got Kavita as my stylist and I didn’t get the cut. Now, I was looking forward to my next appointment for eyebrows and waxing.



This was my first story. I hope You guys Like It. Please give suggestions for improving the stories. I’ll post the next installment soon.


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