My Flattop ….. Part Five and The End …..

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My Flat-Top — Just My Flat-Top ……
Part V
By JimB ©opyright April 2019

“EXTRA SPECIAL,” Terri told her as she lathered Zoe’s eyebrows.

Standing behind the barber chair, she looked at Nora, Eve, and Joyce.

She lowered the straight razor and began shaving Zoe’s eyebrows off.

As Terri raised the back of the chair, Joyce looked at Zoe who was brushing her fingertips over her eyes.

Zoe sat staring at her self in the mirror. She turned her head side to side.

“I do like the look,” she said as Terri lowered the barber chair.

Nora and Eve raised a finger over their mom’s eyes.

Zoe smiled.

“When can we get the Special?” Nora asked.

“HELL with the Special,” Eve said. “I want the EXTRA Special.”

Raising her hands to their shaven head, “Maybe your next visit to Terri!”

“As long as mom comes with them,” Terri said, still holding the safety razor.

Zoe noticed her hold the safety razor.

Terri looked Zoe as she raised the safety razor. Zoe looked at her daughters, who were staring at the safety razor.

“Eve,” Zoe said.

She looked at her mom, as Terri took her chin and turned her head so she was looking at her.

“Just close your eyes,” Terri told her as she raised the safety razor and began shaving her eyebrows.

“You are next Nora,” Zoe told her.

Nora and Eve looked at each other.

“When you get home I am sure you two will want to use the razors dad and I gave you,” Zoe told her daughters.

“See you went we get back from vacation,” Zoe told Terri.

“And, I think the girls will love the COMPLETE EXTRA SPECIAL”.

Terri smiled as she shook her barber cape.

“Joyce,” Terri said patting her barber chair.

“Just a flat-top,” she told Terri as she sat in the barber chair.

Terri caped her than brushed her fingers over Joyce’s head, pushing it close to her head.

“Just a flat-top,” Joyce once again told her.

Terri patted her on the left shoulder.

She reached under the shelf and took hold of one of the clippers.

With it humming, she tilted Joyce’s head and began slowly pushing the clipper up the back of her head.

Joyce began to relax. She took a deep breath, held it then slowly let it out.

As Terri began another upward movement of the clippers, Joyce uncrossed and recrossed her legs.

Terri noticed her doing it.

Stepping to the left side of the barber chair, she began to make the first upward movement with the clippers.

She looked at Joyce as she began another slow upward movement. Her eyes would look at Joyce after each clipping.

Walking behind the barber chair Terri brushed her fingertips over the buzzing.

Standing on the right side, clipper humming away, Joyce took her left hand from under the cape and brushed her fingertips over her buzzed left side.

“That feel close,” she told Terri as she looked at her self in the mirror.

“I can almost see my scalp.”

Terri put her fingers under her chin and turned her head towards her.

She looked Joyce’s left side.

Then, she looked at the clippers, “DAMN, I have the wrong one.

“This one has a closer clipper head than the one I used for your first flat-top.

“This is the one I used to buzz Zoe and her daughters.”

Joyce brushed the back of her head and smiled, “This feels …..”

“I know,” Terri told her.

“It will grow back,” Joyce told her and put her hand under the cape.

That said, Terri quickly buzzed the right side of her head.

“The top might have to be a little shorter,’ she told Joyce.

Terri reached to the shelf and got the comb.

“Can I ask you something?” Joyce asked Terri as she was about to comb the comb through her hair.

“Sure,” Terri answered as she stood with the comb in her left hand and the clipper in her right hand.

“I know this is going to sound as if I am nosie, “ Joyce began.

“But, how long have you been cutting women’s hair short like this!

“I mean even shaving their heads.”

Terri smiled, “I have been a barber since I was eighteen.

“So, that would be twelve years.

“And, as for the hair cuts and head shaving.

“Ten years.”

“And, the SPECIAL,” Joyce added.

“Nine years,” Terri replied. “Zoe was my first.”

Terri clicked the clipper to life.

“Have you ever!” Joyce inquired.

Terri stood there looking at her self in the large mirrors.

She turned the clipper off and placed it on the shelf.

“Only when I have a new customer,“ she told Joyce as she raised her fingers and removed her wig.”

Joyce sat looking at Terri in the mirror.

“I have been shaving my head for ten years and only take it off when I have someone who know, and knows, in my chair,” Terri continued.

“Zoe found out when she bumped into me when she was getting out the chair after I gave her a Flattop and it fell off.”

“What was her reaction?” Joyce inquired.

“NOT what I would have thought,” Terri told her as she reached for the clipper on the shelf.

“She was more interested in knowing why I shaved my head than I thought.

“After we talked a little, I told her she looked like she was interested in shaving her head.

“She smiled and said I will see you in three weeks for a flattop. And, left.”

“I too, would have thought she would be a little surprised, like I was,” Joyce said.

“Well, she returned a few weeks later and said “SHAVE my head,” Terri commented as she turned the clipper on.

“And, her daughters!” Joyce inquired.

“When school was out.” Terri said.

Terri began moving the clipper up the right side of Joyce’s head. Slowly she moved backwards. She tilted Joyce’s head down began buzzing Joyce’s head.

When she stepped to the left side of the barber chair Joyce took her right hand from under the cape and brushed the right side of her head, as she looked at her self in the large mirror.

“It looks as if I have no hair,” she said.

Terri turned the clipper off and looked at it.

“I am sorry,” she began. “This clipper is the same one I used to buzz Zoe and her daughters.

“The head is closer than the one I used on you the first time.”

“Will it make that much difference?” Joyce asked Terri.

“I might have to cut the top a little shorter,” she replied.
“It will grow,” Joyce said.

Terri smiled and turned the clipper back on.

With a few quick movement with the clipper and Joyce’s left side was the same as the right side and back of her head.

Terri began combing her hair back for her forehead and made a quick pass with the clipper over the comb.

Slowly the combed back then the clipper did it’s job.

Finished, Terri served the cut.

“Not that much different,” she said to Joyce.

Terri removed the cape and tucked a large towel in her blouse and spread it over her shoulder.

“Still interested in the SPECIAL?” she inquired.

“Sure,” Joyce said. “But, I was thing of the one you gave Zoe.”

“No problem,” Terri said. “Let’s get you shaved trimmed.”

“Think I will use the shaving brush and mug!”

Terri quickly spread lather over Joyce’s eyebrows, just as quick she shaved them off.

Terri slowly lathered Joyce’s face.

She stropped her straight razor.

Slowly she shaved Joyce’s face.

She put the straight razor on the shelf and took hold of her safety razor.

Turning back to Joyce’s laying there, Terri slowly move the safety razor over her eyebrows, “Got to make sure you smooth.”

Terri moved the towel and raised the back of the barber chair. She turned so Joyce could see her self in the mirror behind the barber chair.

Joyce turned her head from side to side. She brushed her fingertips over the sides and back of her. She brushed them over her face.

She and Terri looked at each other in the mirror.

“Like I said, “I got my FLSTTOP”,” she told Terri.

Terri smiled as she turned the chair for Joyce to step from.

“Put it on your bill?” Terri inquired.

“Yes,” Joyce said as she walked to the door.

“See you in a month?” Terri inquired.

Joyce smiled as she brushed her fingertips over the left side of her head.

Then, she brushed her hand over the top of her head, “Maybe in a week!”

Terri smiled, “Maybe the COMPLETE SPECIAL, too!”

“Depends!” Joyce said as she opened the door.

“Will the hair cut down there ……

“Be the same hair cut I get up here?”

Terri smiled, SO, I will not have to wear the wig?”

A SMOOTH ending …..
JimB ©opyright April 2020

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