My Flattop ….. Part Four ……

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My Flat-Top — Mom’s Turn ……
Part IV
By JimB ©opyright April 2019

“Okay, Eve,” Terri asked as she removed the towel from Eve’s shoulders.

“Well!” her mom asked.

“Like Nora said,” she replied. “YEP, it sure does feel and look GREAT.”

As she stepped from the barber chair ……

“Your turn, Zoe.” Terre said shanking the cape out.

Zoe got up and walked to the barber chair brushing her fingers, of her left hand, over Eve’s head, “SMOOTH?”

Eve smiled and shook her head ‘yes’ and sat next to Nora.

“So, which ‘Special” do you want?” Terri asked Zoe.

“Will, I was thinking of just trying the “special”, she said as Terri tucked a large towel in her collar and spread it out over her shoulders.

“Then, I said to my self, “HELL why not just go for the EXTRA SPECIAL!”

“Was going to give you the EXTRA Special any way,” Terri told her as she pulled the cape around Zoe’s neck and clipped.

“Another words,” Zoe replied. “I did not have the choice?”

Terri patted her on the shoulder and turned to the shelf and took hold of the clippers.

“Besides,” Terri told her. “The price is the same for both.”

Terri placed her left hand on the top of Zoe’s head and tilted it downward as she began an upward push with the clippers.

She slowly began the second upward movement to the left of the first.

Stepping to the left side of the barber chair, Terri placed the clippers behind Zoe’s left ear and began a slowly pushing of the clippers along the hairline pushing the small pile of hair forward to falling into the cape.

Zoe’s eyes watched the small pile of her hair fall to the cape.

Her left hand came from under cape, picking up a few stranges and holding it up,

“Eve is this too short for you?”

Eve looked up for her book, “I can use some of it.”

Eve dropped it back into her caped lap, “Starting to get choose!”

Terri slowly pushed the clippers over the top of her head, pushing another larger pile of hair to fall into Zoe’s caped lap.

She walked around the back of the barber chair, brushing her fingertips over Zoe’s clippered head.

“There you go,” Zoe said. “You know what that does to me!”

“And, you love it,” Terri whispered in her right ear.

Terri began slowly moving the clippers over Zoe’s head sending another large pile of hair into her caped lap.

As she began the second movement, Zoe’s uncrossed and recrossed her legs.

“You to,” Nora said to her mom, who just returned a smile.

With the last clipper movement, Terri reached across Zoe and took hold the cape and brought it together and set it next to the pile of clippered hair of Nora and Eve.

She then soaked a towel under the hot water flowing in the sink and wrapped it around Zoe’s head.

“I do not care how many times you do this,” Zoe said to Terri. “It feels great.”

As Terri walked to the sink, Zoe watched her in the large mirrors.

She sat waiting for the sound of the shaving dispenser to come to life.

She heard the light clinging she had never hear.

Joyce looked up at Terri standing on the right side of the barber chair.

She knew, as her mine flashed back to when she young and she would got with her dad to his barber after coming home from days with his brothers, friends fishing and hunting.

He would not shave his face until he came home and went to his barber, who would lather his face with a lathered filled brush.

Eve turned her head to Terri, as she stood working up lather in the shaving mug.

“Thought I would lather you the old fashion way,” she told Zoe as she began lathering her head.

Terri placed the mug and brush by the sink and took hold of her straight razor.

“WHAT!” Zoe said. “The same straight razor?”

Terri raised the open blade to the top of her head, “Better than the news ones they made nowadays.”

Slowly she began shaving Zoe’s head.

She looked at her daughters, as they continued reading the book they each brought with them.

She glanced a Joyce, who was staring at her.

The clinging sound came back.

Joyce looked up, Nora and Eve looked up.

Zoe watched as Terri began lathering her head, again.

“That feels different.” Zoe mentioned to Terri.

“It should,” Terri replied as she continued lathering Zoe’s head. “I am lathering you hairless head.”

Terri placed the mug and brush by the sink and took a safety razor from the drawer.

She moved it under hot water flowing in the sink.

Stepping to the right side of the barber chair, she held up so Zoe could see it.

“READY?” she asked Zoe, as she began shaving her head.

Each shaving was smooth, as the razor glided over her shaved head.

Zoe watched in the mirror, as did Joyce and her daughters.

“Doesn’t it feel great, mom?” Eve asked her.

Zoe smiled.

With Zoe’s head shaved, Terri reached behind the barber chair and took hold of the headrest and put it in place.

As she lowered the back of the barber chair, Eve asked, “What are you going to do!”

“The EXTRA SPECIAL,” Terri replied as she began tucking another towel in Zoe’s blouse.

Once again, Joyce’s mine flashed back to the days she went with her dad to his barber. His barber did this when her dad got his face shaved.

She smiled as Terri wrapped a warm towel over Zoe’s face.

The girls looked puzzled.

The gentle clinging of the shaving brush came to life.

Slowly Terri lathered Zoe’s face.

Her daughters looked at each other, they looked at Joyce smiling.

“Just watch,” Joyce told them.

With Zoe’s face lathered, Terri began stropping her straight razor.

Holding it up for Zoe to see it, “Same one I shaved your’ head with.”

Then, she began shaving Zoe’s face.

“Nora got up and walked to the barber chair. She looked at her mom.

Zoe winked at her, “Go sit down.”

Terri shaved the left side of her face then under her chin and down across her neck.

“Feels good!” Terri asked her. Zoe smiled and winked.

Terri shaved the right side of her face.

Then, she reached back and took the brush with some lather on it.

“EXTRA SPECIAL,” Terri told her as she lathered Zoe’s eyebrows.

Standing behind the barber chair, she looked at Nora, Eve, and Joyce.

She lowered the straight razor and began shaving Zoe’s eyebrows off.

As Terri raised the back of the chair, Joyce looked at Zoe who was brushing her fingertips over her eyes.

Zoe sat staring at her self in the mirror. She turned her head side to side.

“I do like the look,” she said as Terri lowered the barber chair.

To be continued ……
JimB ©opyright April 2020

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