My FLATTOP ….. Part Three …..

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My Flat-Top — Eve’s Turn ……
Part III
By JimB ©opyright April 2020

I looked for why!

But, all I saw was smiles, hair being buzzed off, and heads being shaved.

I would I have a story to tell …..

Friday night.

But, would she believe me!

Eve’s eyes watched as her clippered hair fell into her caped lap. She smiled as she grabbed some and tossed it to floor, on the left side of the barber chair.

“Eve,” her mom called. “I though you was going to make something out of your hair!”

“I have plenty of hair for what I want,” she said to her mom as she held a handful of her hair in the caped lap.

“Besides I have all of Nora’s hair.

“And, Terri has some in the back room for me.”

“I do,” Terri answered. “But, most of it is not as long as yours and Nora.

“Most of it is short length.”

“Eve, you didn’t tell me what you were going to do with my hair,” Nora inquired.

“I would like to know!”

“I’m still working on the design,” she replied.

Terri continued moving the clipper over Eve’s head, sending long lengths of her hair to the floor behind the barber chair.

With the last clipping taken, Terri brushed her left hand over Eve’s head.

Eve smiled, “That fells good!”

Terri hung the clipper under the shelf and removed a towel from pile on the shelf and tossed it into the sink.

She turned and under the cape. Reaching over Eve she took hold of the left side of the cape and gathered the ends together. She turned to the shelf and placed it on the floor.

Terri began tucking another towel in Eve’s collar and spread it over her shoulders.

Turning off the hot water, she grabbed the warm and wet towel, rung it some.

Quickly she turned and placed around Eve’s clippered head.
Eve’s body rose, “THAT is hot.”

“You didn’t do this to Nora.”

“Nora’s hair is soft,” Terri told her. “On the other hand, your hair is thick like your mom’s.

“And, needs to be soften.”

“Tell me about that,” her mom said as she reached for her head.

“But, you get use to it.”

Terri was now lathering Eve’s head with warm shaving cream.

Eve closed her eyes, “Shave me slowing.

“I have want this for sometime. And, I want to enjoy it.”

“Just like your mom,” Terri replied as she was stropping her straight razor.

Terri raised the razor to her forehead and slowly shaved the first movement.

After a few movements Terri looked at Eve and her eyes were closed and she was smiling.

Her mom looked at her and smiled.

Eve just sat smiling, with her eyes closed.

Her mom shook her head, “Enjoying the shaving?”

Eve just kept smiling. She uncrossed and recrossed her legs. Her toes began to slowly point outward.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as her toes relaxed.

“Damn Eve,” her sister said. “You didn’t even raise your body.”

“I am to the point I do not have to,” she told Nora.

“Well Zoe,” Terri asked her. “What you getting today?”

Zoe smiled and looked at Terri.

“Damn, finally!” Terri answered.

“Well, it is time I tried the SPECIAL,” she told Terri.

“You have been telling about it months. And, sitting her watching my daughters
getting their head shaved for the first time, to me think.

“Got me think and I said “what the hell”.”

“WHAT IS THE SPECAIL?” Nora asked both of them.

Eve opened her eyes and asked the same question.

“Believe me Zoe, you are going to wish you had done it when I first told you about it,” Terri said with a smile as she looked at me.

“Joyce, you might be interested, too.”

“If it is what I think you talking about,” Joyce told her. “I already do that.”

“Damn mom,” Eve said as she looked at her, as Terri continued slowly shaving her head.

“I thought you did that already!”

Terri stopped shaving Eve’s head and started laughing. She looked at Zoe who also laughing.

“Girls, I have been doing that since I was twelve,” she told her daughters.

“Your grand mothers have been doing it for years, too.”

“Why haven’t you told us before today?” Eve inquired.

“Your dad and I did, when you each turned twelve.” She told her daughters.

“But, for some reason neither of you got the hint.”

Nora and Eve looked at each other puzzled.

“What do you mean,” they both said at the same time.

“For your twelve birthday, we gave you each TWO razors,” She replied with a smile.

“What did you think we were telling you!”

“Well, Nora,” Eve said to her sister. “When we get home …..

“It looks like we have some shaving to catch up on.”

Nora just sat back and shook her head “yes” in agreement.

“But, what is the special?” Nora asked her mom and Terri.

Neither one said a word.

Terri had finished shaving Eve’s head and was relathering her for a second shaving.

“This time I am going to shave you with a safety razor,” she told Eve.

“Now I feel left out again,” Nora said.

Her mom patted her on the leg and told her, “You have two razors at home, remember.”

Nora just shook her head.

“Okay, Eve,” Terri asked as she removed the towel from Eve’s shoulders.

“Well!” her mom asked.

“Like Nora said,” she replied. “YEP, it sure does feel and look GREAT.”

As she stepped from the barber chair ……

“Your turn, Zoe.” Terre said shanking the cape out.

To be continued ……
JimB ©opyright April 2020

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