My Forceful Husband

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My husband & I, rarely talk. I’m the housewife and he’s a billionaire. He’s 39 and I’m 24. My husband David can be very controlling, he’s the dominant one in our relationship and I’m simply the submissive. However, I love him and I’m willing to do anything for him. We’ve been married for 3 years now, it was an arranged marriage.

“Layla, come here.” He demands, I walk over to him and he grabs my waist and places me on his lap with that I wrap my arms around his neck.

“How was work?” I asked concerned as he didn’t seem himself. “Tiring but I’m happy to see you.” He said as he stroked my long raven hair, it reached up till my butt.

“I want to shave your head, your hair is too long and I know you’ll be sexy with a shiny bald head.” David admitted as he twisted a piece of my hair.

I don’t want my head shaved though.

”David I don’t want my head shaved.”


“Layla you will, I will do it using force if I have to. Meet me in our bedroom in 5 mins.” He said as he walked off. I don’t know how to feel about this, I mean I’m not going to have a single strand of hair on my head!

I walk into our bedroom and I see my husband with clippers, scissors, shaving cream, a razor and some warm water in his hands. I see that he’s naked with not a single piece of clothing on. His 8 pack glistened in the moon light.

“Strip naked Layla.” He says sitting on the bed and placing the items beside him on the night table. Hesitantly I take my clothes off and now I’m fully exposed to him. Luckily I shaved my sex this morning so there isn’t a single piece of hair on it. “Come over here and sit in between my legs on the floor.” He demands and like the submissive person I am I obey.

He took my braided hair and unbraided it, tying it into a ponytail. Next he used the clippers and shaved all around my head expect for the ponytail, he placed his hand on top and moved it when it was necessary.


As he was doing that, I tried to hold back my sobs but unfortunately failed to do so.

He shaved on the right side, tilted my head, then moved to the left and finally to the middle. He placed it on my forehead and buzzed it down to my ponytail.


He moved it all around a couple of time till there was only a stubble and a ponytail on my head. “We aren’t finished yet but you’ll look in the mirror and you’ll suck me off. Do you understand?” David said as he pulled my ponytail.

“Y-yes.” I moaned out in pain.

Without hesitation, he grabbed the ponytail and shoved his tip into my mouth. Using the ponytail he pushed my head up and down repeatedly. My wet tongue licked the tip and swirled it out in my mouth.

”Yes baby, just like that.” He moaned out and he came on top of my stubbly head.

“Sit in the place you was before.” He said as he cleaned his tip with a tissue.

Using the cum that was on my bald head he massaged it into my sticky head. Next he took the scissors and cut my ponytail close to my nape. There was still hair there as he could shave around it because of the ponytail. He then picked up the clippers again and ran it through my head up and down, side to side. He pinched my ears together so he could get in between and shaved off the hair there.

David kissed my stubbly head and rubbed my head and claimed to say how beautiful I was. “Layla, look how beautiful you are. We might as well keep the bald look on you forever.” My heart stopped.


“Once a week, I’ll be shaving your head. Smooth and shiny.” David said taking some shaving cream and spraying it on my head and rubbing it all around my head. Dipping the razor into the warm water he asked for me to tilt my head back and placed the razor on the middle of my forehead. By now I’ve stopped crying but I’m still very upset.

“Don’t move, it’ll cut you if you do.” He warned and started scraping down till my nape.


“head back.” He asked.

After dipping the razor into the water 10x he was done.

I now smooth as cue ball.

“look at me.” David said grabbing my chin and placing his hands on each side of my face.

“You look stunning bald suits you. You’ll keep  this bald head forever, Sundays is your shave day and I’ll be doing it. Sí?” David explains, I had no choice but to nod and in response he rubs my shiny bald head over and over again.

“Go over to the tub.” He said as we walked to the bathroom, I sat in it and David sat behind me and pulled my waist close to him. My butt rested on top of his tip. He grabbed the shower head and put it over my head washing off the cum and left over shaving cream. He grabbed some mint shampoo and ran his long finger through my bald head. It was so relaxing that i unintentionally moaned.

After the bath, we went to be but he took me 5x yesterday and couldn’t stop running his hand around my hairless head.

Hello, hope you enjoyed. See you next time!


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