My friend’s mom

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Beatrice and I have been friends for two weeks now, she recently moved here with her mother.

We bonded over our favorite tv shows and celeb crushes. Her mom would serve us a plate of cookies on a silver platter as we watch American idol or the voice.

”Thanks, mom”,Beatrice said as her mother put her hand on my head and stroked my brown hair.

”You’re very welcome”,she replied, my eyes catching her action on my head,”Have fun, girls”

I watched her leave us and stared after her then turned back to the show.

Beatrice’s mom and I would run into each other and each time, she would compliment me on my hair growth.

I never really had many haircuts in my life so my hair was down to my waist.

One day, Beatrice almost gave me a heart attack by her appearance.

Her black curls had been crop close to her head.

“My mom did it”,she smiled,”Doesn’t it look cute on me?”

”It’s short”,I could only say.

”Yeah”,Beatrice replied,”My mother is a hairdresser and loves my hair short”

“Does she cut anyone’s hair for free?”I asked,”Asking for a friend who really needs a trim”

” I don’t know”,Beatrice eyed me suspiciously,”You’re gonna have to ask her”

I never planned to ask but the thought lingered in my mind.

When I was at her house, Beatrice had to run to the loo so I sat on her bed.

When she didn’t return when in a hot minute, I walked downstairs.

Her mother was reading a magazine on the couch, she looked to me,”What do you need, child?”

She spoke gently and sweetly, I felt good-confident inside; I felt I could ask her anything.

”Do you cut people’s hair for free?”I blurted out.

She smiled,”Of course, darling. Do you want me to cut yours?”

My mind reverted,”No, I was asking for a friend”

”Ok”, she replied,”Tell your friend to call me and we’ll get it scheduled”

I nodded as Beatrice called me back to her room.

But I don’t think Beatrice’s mother forgot about what I said, in fact, I think she sensed that I would be her chair soon.

Beatrice and I watched a full season of a game show and felt hungry so went downstairs for a snack.

When we reached the kitchen, a surprise waited for me.

A chair was placed in the center, a cape laid on the counter, Beatrice’s mom was adjusting her barber shirt when she spotted us.

”Ah, it’s you”,she said, looking at me with a motherly smile,”Come, have a seat”

”Mom!”Beatrice protested,”She doesn’t want a haircut”

”Oh, I’m sorry”,she apologized,”I forgot to ask for consent”

She came up to us and got down to my level,”May I cut your hair, sweetie?”


”I- can I think about it?”I asked.

”Of course”,she replied,”What do you girls want to eat?”

Me and Beatrice ate pizza and went back to her room.

”I’m so sorry about my mom”,she said,”She’s just so.. insistent when it comes to hair-anything”

”Don’t apologize”, I replied,”It’s quite sweet she wants us to look our best”

”You’re weird”,Beatrice joked, we both laughed at that.

It was getting to the time I should be home so we went downstairs to kill the remainder of time, the chair was still up with the hairdressing stuff on the counter, Beatrice’s mom was reading her magazine.

”Mom”,said Beatrice,” You can put away your stuff, she ain’t doing it”

”Actually”, I replied,” I- I kinda do”


Her mom smiled,”Are you sure you want me to?”

I nodded.

The hairdresser gestured me to sit and I sheepishly walked and sat in her chair.

”I can’t believe this”,Beatrice put her hand to her forehead,”Are you positive you want to do this?”

”Yes”,I replied,”I’m tired of long hair”

I wanted something new, I was afraid that people would perceive me differently if I cut my hair, I needed to take the plunge.

Beatrice’s mom flung a cape over my body and secured it snugly.

”What are we feeling today?”she asked me.

”I-“,I paused, in that moment, I realized I didn’t know what style of haircut I wanted.

But I agreed to a haircut, couldn’t stop now.

”I’m all yours”, I proclaimed, Beatrice shaded her face in embarrassment.

”Alright”,her mother replied, dividing my hair in two to survey her choices.

She smiled and dropped my hair, the full length dangling behind the chair.

I hadn’t felt as nervous as I did when she made her first cut of my hair: it was chin level!

Beatrice was in my state of shock but unlike her, I soon grew to a smile: I loved having my hair cut.

She went around the chair and cut my hair into a bob shape.

The clippers were turned on and Beatrice thought she’d shave me bald but she conservatively tidied up my bob haircut.

Long brown strands were all about my neck and she daintily brushed them off like my own personal maid.

”Hey, sweetie-“Beatrice’s mother was cut off by her daughter.

”Mom”,said Beatrice, sensing she wanted to do more to me,”You’ve had your fun, now-“

This time, I cut her off,”Beatrice, I like having my hair done,it’s okay”

Beatrice singed and shrugged,”Fine”

I looked to her mom, the hairdresser then asked me if I would like an undercut.

Beatrice hid her face as I replied,”Sure”

Her mom pinned my crown and part of my sides to the top of my head.

She went to the counter and retrieved the clippers,”What guard, honey?”

”Your pick”,I said as my friend mouthed,”Oh no”

“Head down, sweetie”,her mother tilted my head down to my chest.

The whir of the clippers-it thrilled me, when the vibration started up my nape, I legit squealed with glee.

I felt the cool air on my nape and enjoyed the sensation,”This feels nice”

My barber agreed with a nod and tilted my head to the side to get the other side.

Vice versa happened a minute later, Beatrice had gotten over her embarrassed self and watched with back pressed against a wall.

I never really knew how short Beatrice’s mom had clippered my sides until I ran my hand over the almost-barren sides.

She had took them down, almost to the skin, I loved it.

She brushed my bob and was about to uncape me when I requested of her something that I thought I would never say in a hundred-million years.

”I would like a bowlcut, please”

Every one of us was taken aback at that request, my hairdresser was reluctantly to do so but I asked her to.

She spread my hair evenly over my head and ,with the clippers, went around the chair, cutting off the exact same length of hair.

When all was even, she took a straightener and curled the ends inward.

Beatrice was worried I would ask for a headshave or a dye job but I was satisfied.

The cape came off and I ran to her, hugging her.

”Your mom is the best”, I said excitedly.

”I know”,she confessed, she really liked my haircut.



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