My Girlfriend Got A Haircut

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First off I’m a bisexual girl. I recently met the most beautiful girl, we have so much fun together! I recently cut my hair from my mid back to off my shoulders and I love it. My girlfriend Holly has beautiful blond hair that goes past her butt. After I got my cut she freaked out and loved it so much! And ask me if she should cut hers, I freaked out and was like yes! I got so excited of the idea of her getting  over 2 feet of haircut off! We started looking at styles she’d like she wanted a bob that was shorter mine… I couldn’t believe it! I knew she’d look incredible.

I called made an appointment for the next day at my salon. We went to bed that night both of us so excited, we had some pretty great sex actually I think we were both extra horny. We get into the shower into the shower in the morning and help her wash her long hair the last. Then get on my knees and ate her out giving her a big  orgasm making sure she amazing before the big cut.
I drive us to the salon. Morgan is surprised to see me again, and notices my girl friend and says you must be getting your haircut to holly. Holly says yes and they walk to her chair. Morgan ask how she wants to cut, holly tells her she wants a chin length blunt bob. Morgan is pretty blown away. She capes her and  walks her back to wash her hair. Holly walks back with her hair dripping  wet and sits in the chair I sit next to her and hold her hand. Morgan is sectioning her hair. Now there is only a small section on the back neck, Morgan grabs her  shears  And places them just below the nape I feel my pussy just swell and moisten. The scissors close on the first piece of hair and I’m just so turned on by the feet of hair dropping on the floor. I look at holly and i think she is enjoying it almost as much as me. Morgan just keeps cutting and wow my girl just keeps getting hotter. Morgan unclips the section next her chin and crops the hair right at her chin. Holly looks at me and I am unbelievably horny and I wink at her. I am loving every second of this!

Soon all Holly’s hair is cropped short. Morgan gives her a blow dry she straightens her hair. Holly plays with it I can tell she’s loved it. Morgan offers to clean up my cut a little and I say of course so I got a little haircut too taking it just barely shorter. After we both done we pay. Holly looks at me and I give her a huge kiss running my hands through her hair. I think we surprised Morgan who didn’t know we were together. Morgan says hope yo see you too again in my chair. I say you will. And we walk out. We get home we can’t even make it to bed we just tear each other’s clothes off on the couch and kiss each other all over. We both  orgasm  and lay there naked together.

Holly complains that she feels like she’s covered in hair and I suggest we hop in the shower. As we shower I suggested that I give hair anther haircut… her pubs had gotten a little wild I didn’t mind but I thought it would be fun to shave her. She’s smiles excitedly and says yes please. The her pubic hair was long so I grabbed my electric trimmers and get to work. I have her spread her legs and I watch as you enjoys the vibrations on her lips. I get so wet as the hair falls. Once the hair is trimmed I get the shaving cream and razor. I work carefully making her pussy completely hairless. I check every part of pussy used slow strokes to remove any hair. As I’m shaving I start fingering her, she is loving it, moaning non stop now. I finish shaving I check my work with my tongue. After I make her cum for me she asks if she can shave me. Mine wasn’t long but definitely time for a shave. I said of course. And holly gets to work on me I’m in pure ecstasy. Holly made me sooo smooth. And of course ate me out and gave an amazing  orgasm. We went from the shower to bed and had sex with our new shaved pussys  and sexy short haircut all night. Thanks for reading!

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