My Hair Fetish Story- Part 1

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Anshu was and is still one of my best friends, there’s something about childhood friendships that isn’t there in other friendships. We became friends where we were 10 and my parents moved into an apartment building where her family lived in neighboring flat.  My parents were both in jobs so since a very small age I would be on my own for a large part of the day. Before moving to the apartment they had kept a maid to look after me but since it was more secure location and Anshu’s family also took care of me they decided there was no need for one.

This was around time I started developing the fetish for hair, Anshu had very long hair it reached her butt. She had 2 elder sisters at home and a cousin Ishika who would visit during vacations all of them had long beautiful hair and I was always around them. But then I realized it wasn’t just long hair that excited me, it was the first day of school in the new session hot april day. I had a crush on Bushra who was a classmate of mine. It was a new session so on my way to school I was praying to god that I get to sit beside her this year, there was a slight chance as new class teachers would implement their own seating patterns.  I didn’t see her at all in the class which was a little disappointing as all seats started filling up my friend Ashish was sitting beside me, the class was about to start when I heard her voice asking permission from the teacher to come in I popped my head up to the door and was amazed to see her. The teacher allowed her in and asked my friend to take a different seat with a girl as this year one girl and one boy will sit together. She pointed towards the chair beside me to bushra, I can’t tell you the feeling as she came close. I was stunned to see she got a new hair cut and It looked like she got it earlier in the morning it was so fresh.  She had longish hair when the session ended around her back but she came today with a very short hair cut some sort of a bowl+bob hair cut, when she turned around to get some books from her bag I saw her neck was shaved to the skin very high up. It was the best day of my life at least it felt like it that day. That’s when I realized it wasn’t just short hair that got me excited it was the transformation a little more.

Back at home I would get excited every day to see her in her new short haired avatar as we started developing a friendship. They were the best days I think Bushra’s crisp short hair at school and Anshu’s long mane at home, with Anshu I had an advantage as I would get to play with them while I was reluctant to touch Bushra’s shaved neck and crisp cut hair.  This was the time when I got the chance of exploring on the internet, my parents had installed a wifi router at home and a laptop in my room as a gift for my 15th birthday. I learned the value of the time I had alone at home after this, after coming from school I would start spending some time on the internet the world of Youtube amazed me. I could see a number of videos where women got their hair cut, I loved it and would watch these videos for hours but hide everything as soon as Anshu would come to play.

I was enjoying life but I didn’t know it was about to get better and better at the very start of the summer holidays we were in Anshu’s home playing my playstation, Ishika was also there she had come last night for the holidays, suddenly her elder sister came too she too started playing with us too her mom was sitting on the sofa near us. We were taking turns while playing as there were just 2 remotes and 4 of us playing. It was mine and Anshu’s turn to play so her sister sat behind her while we were playing, she was messing with Anshu sometimes poking her sometimes pulling her hair and playing with it suddenly I heard “Maa Anshu’s hair is too long for her age lets cut it shorter” It was music to my ears but for a moment I thought she was  just messing around with her “Yes you’re right take her with you or call someone at home and get it done” her mom said this got me even more excited. Anshu paused the game and looked back with a very angry look at her sister

ANSHU – “why are you after my life? I will not get any hair cut” she almost yelled at her

ANSHU’S MOM- “Don’t talk to your sister like that Anshu, she isn’t wrong your hair is too long for a school going girl it takes me forever to get you ready. Besides your sisters had shorter hair when they were you age” her mom almost scolded her

It was getting me so excited that I can’t tell you.

Ishika- “She will look good in short hair” she said almost giggling

ANSHU’S SISTER- “Yes she will I think this much will be good” she held her hand at her Anshu’s shoulders

Anshu’s other sister came in the living room to she had overheard the previous conversation

ANSHU’S SECOND SISTER- “ Maa we didn’t do Anshu’s mundan when she was little you remember that”

She just threw a grenade in the whole situation It was very hard for me to control my excitement I was so into the conversation. When I looked over towards Anshu she had a very strange look her face looked angry but eyes were about to pour out.

Anshu got up and started yelling at her sisters almost got into tears while shouting, it was kinda sad to see her like this but I was a little too excited by the conversations I had heard .

ANSHU’S MOM- “Stop talking to your sisters this way its very wrong, they aren’t telling anything bad its for your own good” She was stern and didn’t shout but her voice was stern enough for Anshu to understand she shouldn’t argue.

The conversation ended there after Anshu went to her room crying, I too left for my home but the thoughts were with me. As I watched the videos on my laptop all I could imagine in every one of those videos was Anshu getting her long hair chopped. The very next day we were playing in the building compound when Anshu’s sister and Father came and asked Anhsu to accompany them, they were going to the market for something.  Anshu went with her we played for another hour but got tired and left for our homes. Later in the evening I went to check if Anshu was back but she wasn’t her Mom had made laddu so both her and Ishika asked me to stay back, Ishika brought out the ludo board so we could play.

In about 15 minutes the door bell rang the maid opened the door I had my back towards the door so I turned back Anshu’s sister came in first I saw she had a significant change in her look her hair which were earlier nearing her waist were now just below her shoulders. I turned back around hiding the excitement to see her new look not realizing she was holding Anshu’s hand who was following her. Ishika started giggling looking at the door holding her hand at her mouth, I looked back and saw Anshu, my eyes widened up when I saw her. She was wearing a cap her eyes were red I could see at the back there was no hair at all on the open areas near the neck. It was almost evident as to what had happened but things became clear when her mom called her. She was sitting right where I and Ishika were playing on the sofa when Anshu came near her, she took off Anshu’s cap to check.  Her head looked like a barren field she was completely bald but a few small strands were sticking out of the back of her head. Ishika almost burst into laughter as her mom ran her fingers over Anhsu’s bald head, her sister giggling looked into her bag and handed her mom Anshu’s long braids. I was dumbfounded to see this all happening infront of my eyes I had never seen a bald girl in my life and now my best friend who had hair till her butt earlier this morning was sitting infront of me bald as a cue ball. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off her head she in shame wasn’t even looking at me.  Like a camera my eyes had captured the image of her bald head and that string of hair tucking out of the back, I had imagined a lot of stuff for her but never in my wildest dreams I thought I’d see her bald. I wished I was there when her mane was being shaved off but her sister took that away from me.


The Story Continues to Part 2

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