My Headshave Story

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My name is Prameela. I am 32 year old woman. I had waist length long shiny hair.I like long hair very husband lives abroad. I live with my in laws. my mother in law is too spiritual and is also superstitious. My husband is woking as assistant engineer in the company but he was not promoted for many years so he used to somewhat upset as he was not getting the promotion.

My mother in law got to know this problem and she started worrying so much. One day our neighbour Sulochana came to home and when my mother in law and Sulochana were talking, mother in law told Sulochana this problem. So she suggested that you should make a vow to in our local temple and she told it will definitely solve the problem.My mother in law took it very seriously and she herself went to the temple and made a vow to shave my head in the temple. She came home and directly told me about the vow.

I was shocked,I thought how can she do this to me and I started crying. she is very kind woman she told me it is for our family’s well being. I took 2-3 days I realised that we should do it because these are only hair they will grow again. I told my mother in law that i am ready she was so happy, She later decided the day. On Thursday morning me, mother in law and my husband went to the temple. my husband was also excited to see me with bald head. the barber came and asked me sit down on the floor. while i was thinking how i will look after the shave barber started spraying water on my hair. he made sure that my hair are properly wet then he gave some message and after that he started shaving my head. by the time I was fully bald. barber washed my head. my husband gave 100 rupees to the barber. we came home after that. when I was in bedroom my husband came inside and told me that i look more beautiful with bald head i was so shy.

I also started liking it. after somedays my husband got promoted!! everyone in the house was very happy. After that I decided I will not grow hair henceforth and will shave head every three month.. its already been 2 years and now I have boy cut and my husband loves it.

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