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I’ve always been a strict person, being woman in the conservative society I had always given more preference to my professional life and career rather than my personal life. It’s been a few years since my husband left me and went to United States where he settled with another woman but I moved forward in life. Kajal is my sister’s daughter she’s been living in the same city for a few years and its been a year since she moved in with me to save rent and have some aspects of home as my sister lives quite far from our city or any city for that matter. She’s the worst person I could have opted to live with but because she’s my niece and my sister literally begged me I decided to keep her. Doesn’t mean I’m tired and at times disgusted with her habits. I have a very strict hair cut routine for myself most people consider it taboo but I keep my hair cropped so I don’t have to waste time in hassling.

In our regular routine I did not have much interaction with Kajal as I left home before she had even gotten ready for work and because her office hours were late I usually had slept before she came home. On Sundays tho watching her sit on the couch with her flimsy long hair reaching her buttocks sometimes disgusted me, the maid often complained about hair in her room and in the washroom clog but I always let it slip. Our routines changed a few weeks back tho since the government announced lockdown. We were both home and mostly had to sit together in the lounge, I had also decided to keep my maid with me because she had no one in the city and her home was in UP which is far from here. Things went worse last week between both of us Anamika my friend and hair dresser who lived in our apartment had visited me, since it had been almost a month I trimmed my hair I asked to clean me up shave my sides and keep the top cropped. When my hair cut was finished Kajal came to the lounge in her usual stay-home outfit with shorts barely covering her bums and hair making the shorts look shorter. She looked at me and it was quite visible, the look on her face stated she couldn’t control her laughter; I felt a little embarrassed then enraged. “Why are you laughing? I tell you Mrs.Banarjee this girl is a nuisance. The whole society knows she makes fun of your hair when you are not around and look at her now she is laughing at you. Don’t you have any shame girl” Anamika said looking at Kajal. “I wasn’t laughing okay!! Neither do I make fun of her. But tell me who has her hair cut like this?” replied Kajal. “Mrs Banarjee you should punish this girl, she won’t understand how to respect people” said Anamika. The anger in me had reached boiling point I asked the maid to hand me the phone. I called her mother in front of her “Deepa lockdown ho gaya hain and garmi bhi bohot hain to maine decide kiya hain Kajal ke baal cut karwane ka( Deepa lockdown has started and since its too hot here I have decided to cut Kajal’s hair)” I told her mother in a firm voice. Reactions on Kajal’s face changed as she looked at me in firmer voice “Do you have any problem Deepa?” I literally shouted on the phone then turned on the speaker “No No please do what you want, I know you will do good for my daughter” she said Kajal had head that loud and clear. “You can’t do what you want with me I don’t care what my mom says. I’m not a kid and its your fault anyway. Are you a man? Or you want to become a man? Only men have their hair cut like this no woman cuts her hair in this fashion. This is what hair on a woman should look like” she yelled at us flaunting her hair. “Maya” I yelled the maid knew what had to be done she grabbed her from behind Anamika helped the maid, Kajal tried to fight her way thru but couldn’t they brought her to the chair and pushed her down. I took Anamika’s place and bogged her head down to her thighs the hair was cascading down reaching the floor. Anamika took the opportunity, she held the hair and made a make shift ponytail hanging from her forehead as she was forced down. She placed the blades of the clipper above the rubber band and turned them on, Kajal started screaming and pushing as she head the clippers eating her hair but my grip was much stronger than her resilience. The clipper slowly ate the thing hair as the tension on the pony became less and less and in seconds the ponytail was in her hands detached from Kajal’s head. I left her she bounced up her face was red with tears as she looked Anamika what was once her crown possession. She still wasn’t submissive she yelled at us abused us so I had to change gears, I slapped her a number of times until her mouth was shut. Then using ropes I tied her to the chair properly so she could not move, I ordered the maid to bring the biggest mirror in the house and place it in front of her so she can see what haircut women should have.

Once the mirror was placed I asked Anamika to clean her up “what should I do first?” Asked Anamika “Shave everything here to skin” I told her pointing at her sides and back. Anamika was enjoying it, Kajal had her face down she didn’t want to look in the mirror. Anamika made the partings on her head tying up the hair on top of her head leaving sides and back open. She turned on the clippers removing the guard from the clipper, with a smirk on her face she pulled the hair on top of her head making her face the mirror. Holing the top in her hand she moved the clippers down shaving her right side, as the clippers moved down the skin became visible the smirk on our faces grew and the sadness on her face was visible the tears were rolling down in plenty. The hair were falling in chunks the clippers kept biting her skin it felt like a sheep being sheared. Anamika kept taunting her holding the hair on top pulling her to look herself in the mirror as she cleaned both sides to skin. She left the top Kajal’s head fell to her chest Anamika moved back to work and shaving the back of her head making passes revealing the skin on her head. She caressed the skin on her back and sides once she was done, she asked me to check if her work was fine. I didn’t say a work went to my washroom and brought shaving cream and razor for her “Clean it up properly dear” I said smiling at Kajal who looked at me in horror thru the mirror sitting helpless crying. Anamkika obliged my request “I will dear but first we need to finish the top” she said. “I say let’s do a clean shave like a baby” she said “No that won’t serve as punishment it has to be something that she remembers for a while” I replied “Madam Ji Beech mein choti bana kar sab saaf kar do( Madam Leave a ponytail in the middle and shave the rest of her head)” said my maid she too was enjoying every second of it.

We both had smiles on our face Anamika used a comb and made partings so the bangs and hair over the crown get separated, she tied the hair on top of her head in a ponytail leaving those over the bangs and crown hanging. There was a good 5-7 inches of hair on top of her head left as the ponytail only removed the long length. I held her chin up so Anamika could shave carefully not disturbing the ponytail, she carefully shaved the hair on the crown leaving it barren now was the time for the bangs. She combed them down so the hair could hang down from her forehead into her eyes then placed the clippers and pushed it forward. Her bangs fell from her head raining down in front of her eyes some stuck to her wet face some stayed over the lips some in her hands, she closed her eyes as more and more tears followed. Anamkia lathered her head with shaving cream applying it to the skin then waited for a minute before she started scraping it off with the razor, it took her 20 minutes to shave it clean. She wasn’t satisfied so kept shaving it for 2-3 times. “You have any oil?” she asked “I don’t but she loves oils for her beautiful hair” I laughed out. My maid went to her room and brought back oil as she was handing it to Anamika “No No not now its your duty to massage her head 2 times a day then we will shave next week again” hearing Anamika Kajal turned her head towards her “I wont live here for another second” she said in a slow voice. A loud bang followed her finishing the sentence, this time it was anamika slapping her bald head “You will be here for a long long time and we will keep you the same way” Anamika said.

To Be Continued

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