My Housemate

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It was Saturday morning, about 4am and I’d been awake for the past half an hour or more. Muffled moans timed with rhythmic banging of a bedhead were far too loud to ignore. This wasn’t unusual, my housemate is veryactive. She’s active with both sexes it must be said, usually women though. If she brought a male home it was usually in some form of drunken state. I’d often lie awake trying to guess the sex of her visitor, this time I was pretty sure it was a female.

I’d moved to the city from a small town to attend college, and was certainly not accustomed to city life. I’d moved in with my housemate Sarah, a very pretty and rambunctious bi-curious city girl who was larger than life. We were so different, but I think that’s the reason we got along so well. She introduced me to things, people and places that’d I’d never have been privy to back in my little hometown.

I must admit I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly curious about what was happening on the other side of that wall. I’d been with guys before through high school, nothing major but I was no virgin. I was certainly not as ‘active’ and as adventurous as Sarah was however. Sometimes I couldn’t believe the noises coming from her room, my mind raced in wonder as I imagined what she was doing. Often I lay awake and couldn’t ignore my hand wandering between my legs as I listened on. I would absolutely die if she knew that!

Next morning I sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast as I heard movement from her room. I looked up and to my surprise saw a very sheepish female in last nights dress. She nervously smiled with a red face as she tucked her hair behind her ear and began to put on her heels. I recognized her from my physics class and I’m pretty sure she was a cheerleader. I looked back down at my textbook as she scurried out the door, a female, my hunch was right.

A few minutes later Sarah surfaced and made her way into the kitchen. Even in track pants, no makeup and a t-shirt she looked amazing, just like that Drake song. “Gooood morning” she beamed as she ruffled my hair on the way past. “Eeeewwww! I don’t know where those hands have been” I playfully protested. She laughed, “haha she was funcheerleader too” she proudly stated, hiding nothing from her previous nights exploits. I tried to seem disinterested but secretly wanted to know everything and also loved her playing with my hair. I looked over at her as she poured a glass of juice, she ran her hand through her short crop of blonde hair with a yawn. She’d had short hair since I moved in, probably best described as a pixie cut. It was cut short on the sides and left considerably long and ‘floppy’ on top. I’m sure floppy isn’t a technical term but that’s how I’d best describe it. At the moment it was longer than usual but still short in anyone else’s language. Either way she pulled it off, very edgy and suited her personality.

It was like she was reading my mind, “oh dude I need a haircut bad” she said as she held a section of her hair in front of her eyes. I looked over to her but didn’t really have anything constructive to say. “So do you miss…” she hissed at me. “Me??” I questioned. “Yes you. So boring! All you do is let it grow and tie it up in that ponytail. When was your last cut? “. I was starting to get quite nervous immediately grabbing my precious tail “errmm 6 weeks”. I lied, it was a tiny trim 6 months ago. She rolled her eyes and walked over behind me pulling out my ponytail. Immediately protested.. “sssshh just relax”. I felt ill as she ran her fingers through my hair. I was loving her playing with it, but was equally as nervous about what she was going to say next. She pulled my hair up to my shoulders”You’d be so hot short” she exclaimed. “Umm I like my hair just the way it is thanks!”. “You’re so librarian, don’t you ever get bored? Try something new for once, it might even perk up that sex life” she teased with a wink.  I took off my glasses and looked at her sternly, maybe she was right.

My sex life was virtually non-existent, I hadn’t had a haircut in 6 months and I hadn’t had a change in style in well forever.  I was a shy girl from upstate, and that’s exactly what I looked like. I looked at my split-ends, “Maybe I could use a little trim..”. “Pffta little trim?” she laughed and stood behind me putting her hands on my shoulder. “You and I are taking a trip to the hairdressers this morning it’s time you looked the young beautiful woman you’re missy”I gulped with anxiety. I think silence meant I had agreed. Sarah squealed with excitement, “haircut time!” she announced. “Time to get rid of this!” as she held up my lifeless ponytail which she had just sentenced to death “We’re leaving in 10mins!”.

10 mins later I had showered, applied makeup and was ready to go. I must admit I hated going to the hairdressers, I always felt so unfashionable and never understood their terminology so I couldn’t fully explain myself. I hated sitting there making small talk and hated looking at myself in the mirror, the black gown so unflatteringthe joys. I didn’t realize but Sarah was already in the car waiting. She somehow looked even more amazing in a new summer dress, sunglasses and fresh face of makeup, meanwhile my stomach was in knots.

Sarah was singing along to the radio as we made our way in to town. I was seriously starting to doubt my decision and began to look for a way out. “So where is your salon??” I asked. She briefly looked over “Oh you’ll love it babe, shop is in town”. “I was thinking. I don’t have an appointment so I might just come along with you this time and you know” I said meekly. She glanced over again with a sly smile, “no appointments needed babe, my girl Stacey is going to look after you, don’t you worry hun”.  I looked on in silence as we soon pulled into a car space.

I looked in the mirror one more time, my hair bound on top of my head in a messy bun.  Words couldn’t describe how nervous I was. After a few moments of walking we turned down a laneway and then went down a flight of stairs, I had no idea where we were going, the door read in pink letters, “Barber Le Femme”. Sarah pushed on the door and the bell chimed.

I couldn’t have been prepared for the scene that presented itself, quite simply put, a barbershop. There were three chairs, big barbers chairs sitting atop wooden floorboards. Each chair was manned by a staff member and had a client occupying it. Along the front of the shop was a long waiting bench, which was also nearly full, all females. What was this place?? It felt like we were standing at the entrance for 5mins, which was probably more like 3secs before one of the staff motioned towards the waiting area with a smile.  Looking back, my mouth was probably wide open. Sarah confidently sat down, crossing her legs as if she’d been here 100 times before, she probably had. I sat with my fists clenched taking in the surroundings further.

Punk style music played a little louder than you’d expect as the staff worked on their clients at a steady pace. Hair fell and fell fast. I noticed that the majority of the clients had existing short-ish cuts. The mature lady in the first chair seemed to be getting her executive style crop neatened. She was adorned in a silky red cape with her legs elegantly crossed, her shoulders covered in tiny blonde clippings. The hairdresser’s scissors working overtime in barber-like fashion, she was creating something beautiful.

Next chair along saw a tall hairdresser attending to her younger client. She stood in giant gloss black heels, leather pants and black tank. Both arms were covered in full sleeve tattoos and her hair was just something to behold. Both sides were shaved leaving a long curly black Mohawk expertly styled on top. She was tanned with a heavy face of makeup, stunning. The girl in the chair couldn’t have been much over 18. The stylist had her hand spread on top of the girl’s head holding it in place, she stared down at her lap. I didn’t notice until now but the stylist held a pair of clippers aloft, pass after pass was made until the back of her neck was virtually gone. Hair spilled off the back of the chair, down the cape and onto the floorboards. The stylist now turned the girls head to the side and began shearing that too. Something about this haircut didn’t seem too consensual. Looking down the row of waiting customers I noticed an older lady looking on just as I was, possibly mom? I hope this wasn’t Stacey?

Just then, down the end there was a flourish. The cape was whisked away and the chair lowered. The client rose from the chair with a smile as the stylist shook out the cape. Her hair was slightly on the punky/emo side. Was short on the sides with a long type sweeping fringe. Even someone as green as me could see it was clearly a salon/barbershop catering for the lesbian community.  It was at that moment that I realized I had no idea what I was going to look like when I left this place, destined for a haircut of some kind.

The same stylist made her way back to her chair and picked up the red cape. She whipped it against the chair and called out to her next client, “next!” she yelled. Two women then stood up and walked to the chair, one sat down. Without being harsh, it was the more masculine lady that was getting a haircut. Before she knew it, the stylist had her wrapped in the cape and seemed to be talking to the girlfriend about the impending cut. The seated lady had shoulder length hair and seemed none too keen about what her partner was requesting of the stylist. After a small amount of bickering, the girlfriend seemed to get what she wanted and sat back down, the stylist began. Still didn’t know which one Stacey was.

Moments later, the sound of a blow dryer filled the room as the lady in the first chair was being dusted off. Her cut was sharp, not a hair out of place as the stylist expertly peeled the cape away dropping the tiny clippings to the floor. The chair lowered and the lady elegantly stepped free in her suit, I was another step closer to my fate.

The first stylist again back at her chair directed her gaze towards Sarah and I, “girls who’s next??”, she queried with cape idle in hand. I think my heart actually stopped before I looked to Sarah. “We’ll wait for Stacey if that’s ok?” Sarah asked politely. “Of course darling” she smiled before redirecting her chair to a lady who’d recently walked in. Mohawk chick looked over from her shearing and smiled at Sarah, “wont be long babe” she said flirtatiously. She was right, she wouldn’t be long, the poor girl had nothing left. Why would she do that?

So now I knew Stacey, and now I knew the odds of me getting a trim seemed more and more unlikely by the second. She continued working on the poor girl, now exchanging the larger clippers for smaller ones on her neckline. She spun the chair around to face the waiting bench before gaining the attention of the older lady. “How’s the length?” she asked brushing her fingers over the stubble. The mother looked over her glasses, “perfect, thank you” she responded. I watched on intently as her neck was dusted and dried off with the blow dryer. The cape was unsnapped and some tissue used to clean her neck. Once satisfied Stacey peeled the cape away at the same time as lowering the enormous chair that engulfed the girl.  She sheepishly, stood down and left quietly with her mom. We were next.

Stacey returned and swept all the previous hair to a pile before putting the broom against the wall. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. All the anxiety in the world coursed through my veins, I felt physically ill. I looked at her up and down again and watched in slow motion as she picked up the silky red cape off the impending chair. She turned to us and let it spill open, “so ladies who’s next?” she said with a sultry smile holding the cape up. “Kate is first!” said Sarah enthusiastically. I swallowed hard and for some reason felt myself walk towards this gorgeous vixen’s chair.

As I got closer I noticed the chrome shined and the leather was a deep red. Stacey held it steady as I put my foot on the footrest and sank into it. I stared in the mirror at myself, white as a ghost as Stacey held the cape. She went forward to the counter and produced a roll of tissue, a length was torn free and she stood behind me. Confidently she wrapped the tissue around my neck before folding it tight. I’d never experienced this and I think she knew it. Next she vigorously shook out the cape before letting it billow out over me. I instinctively raised my chin as she pulled it around my neck with a snap, a sea of red. “What had I agreed to?” I thought.  Stacey knew I was terrified and I think she enjoyed it. She didn’t avert her gaze as she pumped the chair higher and higher before spinning it to face the waiting area. I went bright red, the color of the cape with embarrassment.

“So what are we doing with this one??” Stacey beckoned to Sarah as she made her way over to the chair. My hair was still in a loose bun until Stacey let it tumble free. She whistled in surprise as it fell to rest at my mid back. Sarah began to rake her fingers through my cherished brunette locks, “its gotta go Stace”. Stacey nodded, “I agree honey, doing nothing for her. You know what I’m thinking?? “, Sarah nodded and smiled before patting me on the shoulder and sitting down, “You’re in good hands babe”. “But I just want a trim!” I responded softly. Even some others in the now-full waiting room laughed, I was now the main event.

I couldn’t see anything behind me, only my caped covered lap as I looked down in embarrassment. Suddenly I felt Stacey gather my hair in a loose ponytail, everyone looked on in anticipation like they were urging her on. I swallowed hard before feeling a small bit of tension applied, my head was suddenly lighter as Stacey threw my pony loosely on the floor in front of me. The onlookers laughed at my reaction clearly enjoying the show unfold, I wasn’t. My hand quickly shot from under the cape to feel my hair, I gasped in horror. “Its gone honey, now sit still or I’ll give you a haircut to really cry about”. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I too was being sheared against my will by this big-breasted beauty just like the previous girl. How could Sarah do this to me?

I sniffed as my head was pushed forward and sectioned off. A click and hum filled the room, I knew what was coming, “keep still little miss” she cooed. “Oh how I do love shearing straight girls” she added. The vibrating beast touched my hairline and if it wasn’t for her hand on my head I would’ve almost leapt from the chair, the waiting clients murmured. The first pass made it’s way up the back of my head, it seemed to take an eternity. She flicked her wrists and dumped the aftermath of my shoulder, it slid down my front.  “Higher!” Someone from the waiting chair commented, everyone laughed. Stacey giggled, “I think they’re enjoying your haircut too, darling”Lifeless brunette locks stared back at me, as I watched the pile grow with each pass.

At one point I was actually fearful that I was going to wet myself. The clippers finally stopped and she blew on my neck unexpectedly, I shivered. I was still staring at my cape-covered lap and was too embarrassed to look to the waiting bench, especially to Sarah. A fine mist filled the air as my hair was wet down and sectioned off further. I felt Stacey’s hands just my head making me sit straight and look forward. I closed my eyes and opened them, everyone was watching in anticipation. I looked back at my lap before Stacey repositioned my head straight away. For the first time I made contact with Sarah, she smiled and gave me a thumbs-up. “hot!” she lipped. Stacey began to comb and snip, comb and snip. I closed my eyes and could only hear the incessant snipping of her razor sharp shears, it was actually quite soothing after I had resigned to my fate. I didn’t resist and let her push, pull, tug, snip and clip however she wanted. More mist would follow then more combing and snipping, hair rained down and I had no idea how short it was. Only thing I could tell was that it was still over my ears.

The cutting stopped briefly before Stacey turned to the audience, “what do we think about bangs ladies?”, heads nodded. With her perfect breasts  and strong perfume in my face, she began to section my forehead for bangs, bangs that I’d never had before. I’d barely had time to blink before I saw years of growth fall to my lap with a few snips. Her fingers tussled the length as she went back in and made smaller snips until happy. She unimpeded my vision whilst reaching for the dryer, everyone’s mouth agape, I just wanted to wake up from this nightmare as the dryer started.

Hair blew everywhere, from my shoulders, neck and lap, all over the floor. There was heaps, more hair than I knew I had. I pictured the girl previous to me, had to be similar damage. After minutes passed with the round brush the dryer was silenced. Stacey fingered my new crop and made some finishing snips, the audience beaming, the chair spun around to face the mirror. I didn’t know the girl looking back at me. Large brown eyes examined my own reflection. My face framed in the perfect ear length bob with thick glossy fringe. My hand came out from under the cape and slowly reached up, I couldn’t believe it was me, I loved it!!

Stacey started dusting as I looked on in shock as the cape was unsnapped and left loose. She took the tissue from my neck and blasted away the loose hairs with the dryer.  She cleaned my neck with the loose tissue before dropping it to the floor amongst my shorn locks. The chair began to lower and she peeled the red cape away from me, compliments began to flow from the waiting area as Sarah approached the chair. She hugged me, “so fucking hot!”. I had a tear in my eye as I thanked Stacey, I was still in shock and couldn’t stop touching it! “My pleasure honey, now it’s your turn miss” she said still holding the cape and referring to Sarah.

She took a seat and I went to the waiting area. My and went to my nape as I felt the stubble, I was so turned on and I couldn’t work out why. I looked up to see Stacey caping Sarah, she faced the mirror and began to mist her overgrown pixie. I couldn’t help but admire her leather-clad legs and tight butt, she was smoking hot and full of sex appeal.  She worked expertly snipping, shaping and reducing her pixie back to how I knew it before, gorgeous. Before long the cape and tissue was whisked away and they exchanged a small kiss, we were heading home. I was already looking forward to going back.

Unexpectedly the car ride home was a little quieter than I imagined until Sarah’s hand left the gear stick and clutched mine, I didn’t flinch. We didn’t speak a word in the car until we got home, still holding hands she pulled me straight into her room. She pulled me close and fingered my new haircut, then we kissed. It was just like I had imagined, but better, I didn’t want it to endever “You were so cute today in the chair” she smiled kissing me again gently. She then looked down, her underwear was on the ground. Her high heels stepped out of her laced panties before gently pushing me down. She sat on the edge of the bed, cupped the back of my head and directed me between her legs. I was so nervous but it felt so right. I had no idea what I was doing but closed my eyes and began to lash her wetness with my tongue. She fingered my clipped nape whilst arching her back and letting out a gentle moan. What a beautiful Saturday.

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