My husband, his fetish and my bald head

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My Husband, His Fetish And My Bald Head


Falling Apart

I was absolutely exhausted, another long day at work. As I laid in bed next to my husband I started to become saddened. Is this really how I expected to be spending my 40’s? I hate my job, our son just moved away to go to university but worst of all I’m one of those people. You know what I mean. I get into bed, barely say a word to my husband and go to sleep. He seems more interested in that iPad than me. It had been months since he had touched me, it felt like we had lost our spark. I’m a middle-aged, sexless woman living an empty middle class existence in the middle of Huddersfield married to a husband who doesn’t even pay attention to her, how depressing.

I don’t really know what happened, I couldn’t tell you a specific date he stopped being interested in me but it felt like that iPad had definitely accelerated the process. It’s all he ever seemed interested in. I’d say “goodnight, Mark” and all is “mmm, yeah night” in return. We used to be so sexual, given we had a lot more energy back then. I guess the work life and the couple extra pounds on the scale took their tole.

I thought we would be rocking it in the sheets well into our eighties but here I was forty five years old and relegated to nothing more than a roommate. There used to be such a spark, we used to be so in love. It just makes me sad to see us drifting apart like this.



It was a Saturday, Mark was at the pub as he was every weekend. My friend Elise had just had her second child and I was dying to meet the little one. I knew with Mark being at the pub on weekends it would be a good time to invite her round. Mark found Elise to be annoying, she was quite a bit younger than us you see and Mark said that she was “One of them annoying millennials” he could be such a miserable git sometimes. If Elise had popped round whilst Mark was there all he would do was sulk and I just couldn’t be arsed with it.

“Do you want a cuppa” I asked Elise.

”Yes please, one sugar and just a splash of milk” Elise replied.

We sat down with our cups of tea and had a good natter about the baby, she was so adorable. Elise had brought her first born with her too to visit, lovely child but so much energy. As Elise and I tried to chit chat he just kept bouncing up and down. I had missed Elise and was really enjoying our chat but he was being such a little terror, just so distracting.

“Would you like to play on the iPad?” I asked of him just hoping he would calm down.

”Yes please” he responded.

I went and fetched Mark’s iPad, I thought he wouldn’t mind. I handed the little boy the iPad and Elise and I were able to finish our conversation. It was lovely seeing her.


Too much to drink

Mark walked in from the pub, thankfully Elise had left, didn’t want Mark being his miserable self. He absolutely stunk of alcohol and he had way too much to drink, it was to be expected when he had been in that pub since 12pm and it was now getting on for 7:30pm.

“What’s that doing here?” Mark asked in an angry tone.

He had noticed the iPad on the sofa. I’d meant to put it away but I had been in the kitchen making Mark’s dinner and it slipped my mind.

”I let Elise’s little boy play on it” I responded.

I didn’t think he would mind, I was wrong. I’ve never seen him so angry in my life. Mark typically wasn’t the type to shout, but he was really mean to me.

He started questioning me about what the little boy had done on the iPad. I didn’t know what he had done, I wasn’t really paying attention. If Mark didn’t want people touching his iPad then he should’ve made sure to put a passcode on it. I didn’t appreciate his tone with me, I especially didn’t like being shouted at. I just couldn’t understand why Mark had gotten so weird about it.


The Bank

It was Monday, I had booked the day off. I popped out to Waitrose, I wanted to get Mark something nice for tea. I thought it was best to try and make it up to him about Saturday night. In hindsight I probably should’ve phoned Mark and asked him if it was alright to give the boy the iPad to play on.

On the way back home I thought it best to just go into Barclays Bank, I hadn’t been receiving my usual mail from them in some time and it was always handy having your statement mailed to you. I spoke with the clerk and she told me that either my husband or I had opted out of receiving mail since we had a shared account and that’s why we hadn’t received any. I knew I definitely hadn’t done that and it left me wondering why Mark would’ve done it.

The clerk advised me that if I needed a statement immediately I could print one off at the cashpoint. My suspicions were raised and I was a little bit annoyed with Mark, I just didn’t understand why he would opt-out. I thought it best to print one off, I felt like he was hiding something from me. It could’ve been a mix up and Mark was innocent but best to check.

As I looked through the last month statement there were some charges to a website called Vimeo, I didn’t recognise them. It totalled £91.95 all in all with all the separate charges.


The Secret

After I had gotten home I did some research on this website and I found out Vimeo was a video website. I wondered what had Mark been buying. I was absolutely furious that he had been hiding this from me and that it seemed like he had gone out of his way to.

That bloody iPad I just knew it, it had done nothing but cause issues between us. I rushed upstairs to grab Mark’s iPad because I knew whatever shit he had been buying had to be on there.

Mark had gotten so upset yesterday but he still hadn’t learned to lock his iPad with a passcode. He’s hiding stuff, that’s why he got so angry.

I went straight for the video files and there they were. Videos, upon videos of girls…getting their head shaved. I didn’t understand why Mark was buying these but after watching a couple of them it was clear to me that these were meant in a sexual context. Mark had a fetish for bald women and he had been hiding it all this time.

The feeling of guilt kicked in, knowing that I had almost exposed his secret. Although Mark and I had lost our spark I still loved him very much and would never want something to get out that Mark didn’t want to.

I kept watching the videos all day until Mark got home from work. Maybe he would like to do this to me I thought to myself. He would know I would never be willing, and with work I couldn’t so that’s why he turned to internet videos instead of asking me.


In Bed

As I laid in bed later than night next to Mark whilst he was sat on his iPad I kept wondering. I did look over, he wasn’t viewing the videos, not that I expected him to whilst I was awake. Maybe I should let Mark do it, there’s plenty of good wigs on the market that I could buy.

I looked online on my phone, even if I bought the equipment I don’t feel like I had to go through with it. I could always change my mind and hide the stuff just long enough to get rid of it. Mark might perhaps be sexually interested in me again if I let him do it. I took the plunge and I bought the stuff just hoping that maybe it would give us back a spark.

The stuff arrived throughout the week, Mark didn’t think much of it. I was always having stuff delivered to the house so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary to him. The fact that Mark hadn’t raised suspicions yet about the large amount of parcels being delivered still gave me that security that I needed that I could back out at any time.

The Plan

Saturday, finally the weekend. Mark would be leaving for the pub in a couple hours and be gone all day but with both of us home maybe now was the right time to ask him if he would like to shave me bald. If he left for the pub I knew it wouldn’t happen that day and as frightened as I was thinking about losing my beautiful blonde hair I just craved the intimacy I thought it would bring.

Standing in the shower washing my beautiful long blonde hair for the last time I was giving myself encouragement. I could do it, I could be bald. The wig that I had bought online was beautiful, almost looked like my real hair, no one would notice.

I had bought an outfit online, most of the girls that I had seen in the videos were wearing more business attire. Unsure on whether it was a coincidence I decided to put the outfit on anyway. There must be something to it, most of the girls are dressed this way.

The Videos

I stood there in my white silk blouse, with quite a few buttons undone to show off my cleavage and a black pencil skirt, I thought Mark would surely like it. “I’ve been thinking about getting my hair cut short. What do you think, Mark?” I said.

Mark still looking down just grunted back at me “do what you like” 

I felt hurt, I went through this effort of putting on this outfit to look like the girls from the videos and he wouldn’t even look up at me.

“I’m just so tired of this hair, I’m honestly thinking of just shaving it all off” I said.

Still nothing, not even a grunt this time. The sadness turned to anger and I just blurted out “I know about the videos, Mark”

That got his attention “what videos?” he said as he looked up at me. Mark was getting defensive, you could tell he was scared of me exposing him but I would never.

“The ones with the bald girls on your iPad” I replied.

“That’s not me!” he shouted.

“Who was it then, a ghost?” I replied sarcastically”

“Don’t be fucking daft, love. I’ve obviously just been hacked”

I knew he felt embarrassed, he had a sense of panic and fear but I didn’t want him to feel that way. I wanted him to know he could trust me but my plan had gone completely wrong up until this point.


Shave Me?

I reached into a bag that I had carried in with me, inside was a pair of clippers “I want you to shave me” I said. 

Mark’s tone changed completely, that panic had subsided some “Really?” he asked inquisitively.

“Yes, I think I’m long overdue. This pretty long blonde hair just needs to go. Down to the scalp would just be perfect don’t you think?” I said, trying to seduce him.

“Yeah, I think I would really like that actually” he replied.

“Wait there, there’s more” I said as I went into the hallway to get the bags I had left out there.

I placed the bags down on the floor. Mark looked at me curiously. “I’ve seen the videos but I don’t know what you like best” I said.

“Do you want me caped or not caped” I asked.

“Caped definitely” he responded with a smile.

“I have three different ones. Red, white or black?” I asked.

“Black, definitely black” he responded 

“I have these too, I seen them in a couple of the videos, I didn’t know if you liked them”

“Yeah, those are neckstrips. I really like those” he responded excitedly.

“I’ve also got shaving cream and a couple razors” I said. 

I could tell that he was excited, there also seemed to be a sense of relief for him that his wife finally knew his secret and that she didn’t care and not only that, was willing.

“Well are you going to get a chair for your lady to sit down on?” I asked.

“Yeah, yeah sorry. I just got a little excited” he replied.

“Can you grab the big mirror out of the bedroom please also? I’d like to be able to watch my head being shaved”

The Prep

Mark set up an area in which to cut my hair and sat me down in the chair.

“Can you hold your hair up for me, darling?” Mark asked of me.

I grabbed my hair into a messy bunch and held it above my head as Mark placed a neckstrip around my neck. I’d never had one of these used on me before.  It was tied tightly around my neck, it caught me off guard.

The black cape that Mark picked out that was placed around me, covering me just below the knee.

“You look sexy” Mark said to me.

I was happy he was enjoying it, he hadn’t told me that I was sexy in awhile.

The Shave.

Mark grabbed the clippers, I could hear the vibration as he clipped it on. I could sense it approaching behind my right ear. There wasn’t even any time to feel those last nerves, within seconds of the clippers being turned on, Mark had pushed my head down and begun shaving away my locks.

I could feel my hair fall and my head get lighter with every stroke of the clippers. If I were to have felt any regret it would’ve quickly subsided with all the compliments Mark had been paying me whilst I was sat in his chair.

It was only minutes before all that pretty hair on my head had fallen to the floor. I had nothing more than a short clipper cut. I couldn’t even recognise myself in the mirror but I did like it.

Mark kissed me, as our tongues interlocked I felt his rough hands on the inside of my thigh. His hand stopped right there, it felt like torture. He could’ve given my little pussy just a tickle or maybe a kiss. I had been so good sat in his chair.


Really Bald

Mark unclipped the back of the cape and removed the neckstrip that he had tied ever so tightly around my neck. Mark grabbed a white towel and draped it over my shoulders, tucking it into the collar of my blouse. I pulled up my skirt a little, I had really wanted that kiss on my pussy I thought I was getting and if maybe I signalled him I would get it. I hadn’t put any underwear on, it was there waiting.

Mark sprayed my head with warm water and lathered my head up with shaving cream. It was a weird sight, seeing myself in the mirror with shaving cream where my beautiful hair was just a couple minutes ago.

With my head fully lathered with shaving cream Mark kissed me. “One kiss here” he said as his lips left mine. I could see him move, my stomach began doing backflips. He was moving down towards my pussy. “and one kiss there” he said. It felt so good feeling his lips touch my pussy, it had been so long.

Mark began shaving my head completely, removing the little buzz that he left. I could feel the razor work against the hair as my bald head was exposed underneath that shaving cream with each motion.

I just couldn’t help myself and began rubbing on my clit as Mark shaved me down completely bald. In the mirror I could see Mark watching me play with myself.

”You like this huh?” I asked.

”I do, you look sexy. I’ll be done in a minute and then that’s mine” he said, referring to my pussy.

”You’ll have to keep me shaven. I’ll be expecting you to keep this head clean. I’ll be your sexy bald wife” I said to him, arousing him further.

I’m bald

My head now completely bald, nothing remaining but little bits of shaving cream. Mark grabbed my hand and began sucking on my fingers, sucking off the juices from where I couldn’t help but play with myself.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror I couldn’t help but admire my new bald head, I really liked it. As I was admiring my new bald head I felt Mark’s fingers inside me. He didn’t even wipe my head clean from the shaving cream or remove the towel from my collar he just went straight for my pussy. It really had been tortured this whole time, I had been sat there getting my head shaved whilst my pussy was needing attention.

Mark stood behind me and removed the towel from my collar and used it to wipe the remaining shaving cream. I could see my bald head in all its glory. Mark sprayed my head with a bottle and massaged it with emphasis behind the ears. Feeling that water on my bald head was something else.

My reward

Mark turned me around, grabbing me by the hips and began to undress me, unbuttoning my blouse. I could feel his hands on my naked body, caressing my soft boobs.

Mark kissed my bald head and then bent me over. I could feel him fucking me from behind, holding me down with his hand on my back. I had been such a good wife sat in the chair being shaved down and this was my reward.

He took me into the bedroom and pushed me down on the bed. As I laid there completely hairless from head to toe, my legs were spread and Mark began rubbing my clit, using his tongue between motions.

He jumped on top of me with my legs spread and began fucking me again. He grabbed me by my hips arching my back. Mark sat up as he began to hold me, moving me towards him.

As I sat on his lap, grinding up and down on his cock he held me with one hand on my back and the other on my bald head. Feeling rough hands on my bald head I couldn’t help but moan.

I can’t wait until next week when I’m shaved and fucked again. I knew Mark would like it, I certainly did. Truthfully I felt sexy with my bald head and I want to keep it. I liked the idea of being the submissive wife who’s husband keeps her head shaved and has his way with her.



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