My Ideal Head Shaving

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This short story is being shared with the permission of the author – Hair Fetish Goddess

-Either a big, burly man or a dominant woman shaves me and makes me their slave. Regardless of gender, someone older and stronger than me.
-Beforehand, my hair’s washed and styled one last time, and I’m allowed to put on a cute girly outfit and pretty makeup.
-The whole thing’s caught on camera, starting with me dressed all cute, showing off my hair and how long and pretty it is. Maybe I tell the camera how much I love my hair and how beautiful it makes me feel
-My owner plays with my hair for a while, leading me around like it’s a leash, petting it, telling me how pretty it is.
-They set me up with a thick leather dog collar, then cut me out of my clothes with big scissors.
-They take me to their dungeon, where there’s a big padded chair waiting for me. It’s cold down there, and I keep shivering; they spank me to make me behave.
-I’m fastened into the chair; it has built-in cuffs for my ankles and wrists, and a thick, tight strap for my waist. My owner fixes clamps on my nipples; they sting, and I start to get a bit teary. Owner says to save my crying for when I really need it.
-First come the scissors; the same scissors that cut off my clothes. The first cut is at the top of my head, near the forehead; there’s no hiding it.
-Owner tells me to open my mouth and makes me hold my lock of cut-off hair on my tongue.
-More hair starts to get cut off in thick, irregular chunks. Soon, my scalp is showing in places, my head a patchy mess.
-My owner uncuffs one of my hands and guides it to my scalp. This is when I start to cry for real; my long, beautiful hair is gone! The longest patch is just barely shoulder-length, most of it is shorter!
-They tease my clit with a lock of my cut hair, then put a clamp on my clit to keep it sensitive for later.
-My owner takes out shaving cream and a straight razor. Slapping me until I hold still, they lather up just the top of my head, above the ears. They take their sweet time shaving it smooth, keeping the rinsing bowl in my lap. Once the top of my head is completely bald, they polish it with a cloth and some lotion to make it extra shiny.
-Now, I’m let out of my chair for a while. I get to see myself in front of a mirror, I get to feel over my half-bald, half-patchy head. It looks horrible and I feel subhuman; I beg my owner to do something to fix it, please!
-Owner says they’ll fix my head if I’m good. So I let them do whatever they please for hours on end. Every one of my holds is used, every toy in my owner’s collection is stuffed inside me. They take horrible, humiliating pictures of me and post them online, then read the degrading comments to me. I’m paddled, I’m whipped, finally I’m locked in a tight little cage for the night, the metal floor lined with locks of my once-beautiful hair.
-I’m woken up early the next morning by the electric whir of clippers. I kneel before my owner (sucking his cock if he’s a man) and owner shaves the back of my head. Then I’m moved back to the chair and the last of my stubble is taken away with the straight razor. My head is polished and I’m allowed to stand up.
-Finally, my owner makes me wear my highest pair of heels, nipple clamps, and a new posture collar that comes almost up to my ears. They invite friends over to toy with their new bald fuckpet, this fetish creature who used to be such a pretty girl. One friend does corsetry, and binds me in their tightest little waist trainer, to give me the paper-thin shape my owner wants from me. Another friend does piercings, and offers to coat my body in rings and studs for no money. Instead, he’s paid by taking me home with him for a few days, by playing with my holes and piercing me on camera. Owner agrees, and once the party’s over and I’ve been thoroughly used and photographed, I’m hogtied in the back of the piercer’s truck and transported like an animal. And so begins my life as a bald, pierced pleasure slave.

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