My Inner beauty (part 2)

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This is part 2 of (My inner beauty) about the lovely redheaded (for now) lauren. hope you enjoy it 🙂 let me know below.


Undress my please.. Lauren said to Alex. Alex asked ”Why would you want to change the way you look? you’re beautyfull long red tresses.. its such a waste”.

I had this hair for long enough, and long you can call it, look at it’‘ putting it together like a ponytail and letting it down like a waterfall of hair.

Alex was standing behind Lauren saying ”how do you wanna start then? with a cute smile puting her chin resting on her shoulder…

I want it to be with love and passion, i want you Alex, i want to be like you’‘.

how do you want it to happen, with your juice? or with the clippers (holding them and turning them on with a pop) Alex said, whait here i’ll be right back.

The moment Alex got back to the bathroom she saw Lauren attempting taking a sip from her juice ”No!!!” ”You wanna be bald and like me? fine!” Alex said, Lauren answered ”Yes, so very bad, please change me!” Alex pushed her against the sink, Lauren moaned a little with a sigh, ”Please take and CHANGE ME!! im al yours my sweet Alex” closing her eyes.

Alex tossed Laurens long red tresses aside and she opened Lauren’s dress *ZIIIIIP* her bare back was exposed en Alex touched her gently and kissing her back. Alex whispered in her ear ”You’re mine Lauren” ripping her dress from her body and bending her head in the sink.

Alex took the clippers and removed the #2 guard, Turning the clippers on *Click BZZZZZ* ”Last change” Alex giggled”

Lauren closed her eyes and decided to enjoy every stroke of the clippers and there they went. Alex put the clippers at laurens nape en pushed the clippers to her crown leaving a path of soft buzzed hair in its way, al her orange tresses fell to the floor. ”You wanna feel how soft it its?” alex asked gently ”’No please just finish me shave me bald and take your time, it feels so good” lauren said.

Lauren got up from the sink and sat on the chair in front of the mirror ”dont wanna miss a moment of this” she said with a big smill on her face.

Can i shave some myself alex?” ”sure dear” handing over the clippers, Lauren stroke her hair at her forhead and took a big chump of hair together and planted the clippers at her hair line pushing it to her crown. it was a beautyfull thing to behold, it was raining hair everywere.


Pushing the clippers to the crown from her forhead, she moant a little and couldnt control herself ´´will you please finish me, complete me´´ lauren said to alex.

Alex started at her side burns and up to her ears, more soft baldnes came along after every stroke from the clippers, more and more orange soft tresses fell to the floor.

*BZZZZZZ* and then silence.. nothingness in the bathroom and on Laurens beautyfull buzzed scalp, she was looking in the mirror and someone else looking back at her.

She gently touched her freshly shaved head ”Om my lord, i love it so much, just look at me alex” ”You are so beautyfull Lauren” alex said soft breathing deeply.


”I’ll be right back dear Lauren said, we gonna finish this to be the perfect couple”. A moment later she came back in the bathroom with a beautyfull dark red dress covering her perfect body.

Alex turned around and stopt breathing for a moment ”wow look at you lovely angel” Lauren blushed and gave a cute smile.

There she was standing in front of the mirror with her beautyfull bald scalp and her dark-red dress, ”Can you zip me up please alex?” ”I rather not” alex said kissing her back ”Trust me” Lauren said.

*ZIPPP* ”thanks dear it time” while looking at the bottle. Alex went for the bottle ”Are you sure? ”Absolutely” taking the bottle to her mouth.

And there she went she drank the whole bottle in one zip and put the bottle on the sink.

She touched her belly waiting for something to feel.. ”It feels strange in my mouth” lauren said ”It will be over soon” Alex said looking at her changing (Girl) friend.

Lauren closed her eyes and it started, Her boobs started to grow slowely and her belly as well ”Omg its starting” coming closer to the mirror ”Look at my face its getting fatter”.

And it did got fatter everything started to grow, her arms and her leggs ”Omg it just feels so good, my belly, i cant hold it back” Lauren said trouble breathing ”then dont love, just let go from your old self” Alex said.

”All i wanna do is letting go….yes im letting go… she leaned on the sink with her eyes closed, ”please unzipp my dress before its to late…” but it was already to late *Shggggggg* there it went her dress, it broke free from her body, while Lauren put out a Sigh of releaf, ”oh yeah finally”.

She turned to the mirror, and opened her eyes, there she was the new (better and more beautyfull) Lauren. ”Omg look at me’ while touching her face and double chin,


She touched herself all over, her big belly and floppy boobs, and ofcourse her new shaved head. In the mean time Alex pould on a bathrope and stoot next to her checking out the new lauren.

Lauren turned to Alex ”Did i say that you could to that” with a kinky voice and smile” She took the rope and opened it, Alex the the rope slip of her shouldes and over her big hips.

They were both naked in front of the mirror, Hair was everywere… but on there new bald heads.. ”Omg you are so beautyfull” they both said at the same time..

they looked at eachother and leaned in for the long passionfull kiss, ”thank you Lauren for showing me for who i really am, Lauren said while touhing Alex body ”our true inner beauty”.


The end (or not)….


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