My Kitten

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My head was leaning on my girlfriends lap as the light from the TV filled my eyesight. Her soft hand was stroking my hair as I all but fell asleep.

“Kitten, your hair is getting too long you should cut it soon.”

I stiffened at her words. She knew that I hated haircuts. My light brown hair was straight and reaching to only an inch above my butt. After having some bad haircuts as a child, I kept my hair long and rarely cut it.

“I don’t really want to cut my hair April, I like it how it is.”

”But it’s so split, the ends are dead baby. When was the last time you got it cut?”

”Around 3 years ago,” I said meekly.

”That’s way too long to go, you know this Thea.”

I just nodded my head, glad my head way in her lap I couldn’t see her eyes.

“Thea, I’ve been telling you for weeks to go get a haircut, why haven’t you?”

”I didn’t want to,” my normal independent personality slowly coming back.

”If I ask you to do something Thea, I expect you to do it.”

”You’re my girlfriend April, I appreciate your opinion but I don’t have to follow your orders.”

Her free hand starts to move closer to my pussy until I feel her fingers skimming my underwear.

”Wouldn’t it feel good Thea. Following my orders. Doing things I told you too purely because you want to please me. You want that don’t you. You want to submit to me. I see the things you read online Thea.”

I gasp, squirming uncomfortably. I was mortified. I didn’t know she saw the thing I would read, the things that I indulged on privately but too embarrassed to say anything about. I feel one of her fingers enter me and I can’t contain my moan.

”Look how wet I made you. Don’t lie to me Thea, you like this.”


”Aw no, you shouldn’t lie to me. Lying results in punishment.”

Her finger quickened it’s place and I feel an orgasm coming fast but before I can cum she stops, pulling her finger out and licking it clean. I let out a small whimper as I feel April shift underneath me. I lean forward allowing her to get up. A look of confusion is plastered on my face as she starts to get up from the couch. She turns to me, beckoning me forward with her finger.

I follow her down the hallway of her apartment until she stops at a locked door I hadn’t noticed ever being there. With a click, the door is unlocked and she hold it open for me.

I walk in cautiously and immediately regret it. It’s a play room. Whips, flogs, and paddles line the walls but that isn’t what causes my breath to catch in my throat. It’s the red barber chair in the middle. I turn around quickly but she’s already locked the door behind her, stalking over to me while swaying her hips.

“ April what is this?”

” In here you call me mistress, now strip.”


She walks closer to me, bending down so her lips can nip at my ear.

”Kitten you heard me, now strip,” her whisper causing shivers to go down my spine.

I look up into her eyes, trying my best to send her a pleading glance. One that begs her to stop and let me out of the room but she won’t let up. I cast my eyes to the floor in defeat and start to remove my shirt.  I pull the fabric over my head as my cheeks burn from embarrassment. I quickly remove my pants and soon I’m standing in front of her in my lacy green bra and panties.

“All of it Kitten.”

My eyes widen in fear but I comply. I reach around to my back, unclamping my bra with ease and sliding it off my arms. I go to cover my exposed boobs with my arm but it’s slapped out if the way by April, giving me a knowing look. Even before this she hated when I covered myself. I move on and soon my panties are on the floor.

”So beautiful and all mine,” she playfully nips at my jawline. She firmly grabs my wrist, dragging me to the chair.

”No, please April. Don’t do this!”

I feel a sharp sting on my butt, “It’s mistress.”

My body gets dragged to the seat and before I can try to escape a large leather strap is secured across my waist. Soon after that my wrists and ankles are restrained to the chair. Much to my dismay, the leather straps prevent any movement. April works her fingers through my hair combing it while we hold eye contact in the big mirror on the wall.

“Please mistress, don’t do this. I’ll make an appointment and get it cut tomorrow, you can even come with me just please let me go.”

”No, no, no kitten. You had time to go and make an appointment weeks ago but you didn’t so now I’m going to do it myself.”

She walks in front of my and looks at my pussy, “ I think I’ll start with this first.”

She moves out of my vision and I see her grab something on a cart in the mirror. She returns to her place in front of me holding small metal clippers. A small click and a high pitched buzzing sound let me know they’re on. I feel the vibrations on my pussy and practically buck at the feeling. I let out a strained moan. The clippers are quick to take off the minimal pubic hair I had. By the time they’re done I can feel my juices dripping down my thighs. She sets down the clippers moving to grab other tools. Even with my pleasure I still feel the fees coursing through me.

I see her holding a sleek black vibrator and before I can protest it’s already on and in. My breath comes out in pants and I’m barely holding it together. She walks to the back of the chair and I see the glint of metal in her hands. Scissors. My eyes widen and I pull against my restraints. Tears form in my eyes and I blink them out.

“Mistress please don’t do this.”

”Shhh Kitten, save your begging for something that can change.”

I begin to sob at her words, not wanting to let go of my precious hair. She pulls my hair back into a loose pony tail, the elastic hitting the nape of my neck. I feel the cold metal blades against my neck and my tears flow faster.

“P-please April. Please don’t do this to me,” I cry out but she only smirks. The crunch of the blades is menacing. I feel a slight tug as she saws the ponytail off. The tugging stops and the ponytails is thrown into my lap. My hairs falls to my jawline and I cry harder.

“Why would you do this to me!”

”Kitten quiet before I gag you. We’re not even done yet.”

The scissors make a small sound as they are set back into their place, then she moves to pick up something else. Clippers. Not the ones that she used for my pubes, real clippers. I look at the thick red clippers and notice there isn’t  a guard on them.

I start to shake my head or wanting her to gag me. Her hand grips my chin, “Oh my sweet kitten, you could’ve avoided this if you just did as you were told. Now you’re going to be my little bald slut. You’re going to be such a good little bald girl after this won’t you.”

I shake my head no, readings continuing to fall from my eyes. I hear the clippers turn on and she places them in the middle of my forehead. Her hand holds my head still, preventing me from moving at all. I look eyes with her in the mirror and the only thing I see on her face is a smirk. She plunged the clippers through my hair, and I can feel clumps fall down and hit my shoulders. Only fuzz is let behind on my head. She’s mows another path on my head making the bald strip wider. She shaves path after path on the top of my head and soon moves on to the sides moving my ears out of the way roughly.

Her hand removes itself from my chin moving to the top of my head pressing my head to my chest. I feel the clippers on my neck and they don’t hesitate to climb all all the way to the crown of my head. April ruthlessly shaves my head plunging the clippers and ignoring my cries. Soon she goes over my whole head a few times then she turns them off.

I don’t look at myself in the mirror anymore, scared of what I’ll see. I feel a foam hit my head and I shudder. She massages the cream into my head, the sensation of it hitting my scalp making me climax on the chair. A razor makes soft strokes over my head, the scraping sound filling my ears. She does that a few times making sure she didn’t is a spot then finally puts it down. The vibrator is turn led off and the straps are loosened. She picks me up and as angry with her as I am right now, I don’t have the energy to pull away. She kisses the top of my head, then wipes some of my tears. I feel her kiss my scalp gently and I can’t move away from her.

“Look at you, my beautiful baby girl. All bald just for me. You’re going to move in with me now, Kitten. You’re all mine.”




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