My Job In Japan

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When I arrived in Japan for what my agent assured me was a very lucrative commercial job for a vodka brand, they brought me straight to the set from the airport. We were going to be shooting in an old fashioned cocktail lounge. All dark wood walls and red velvet seats. It looked like the kinda joint that that Don Draper would hang out in Mad Men.

I wasn’t fazed when the wardrobe lady presented me with a pair of glittery silver pasties and a matching thong. There was also matching boots. I wasn’t modest. Fuck, I’ve even done nude jobs before. The clothing didn’t bother me.

Once I changed, I sat down for hair and make-up. Without saying a word, the hair lady put a cape on me and then pulled out a large pair of clippers. Before I could react, she ran them down my head. I had wonderful hair. Big (bottle) blonde waves that covered my DDD breasts. My agent didn’t say a word about them shaving my head. I just watched in stunned silence as she shaved the crown of my head bald. She even lathered it up and shaved it smooth. Then she gave the rest of it a rough crop and dyed it a clown red with temporary spray-in color.

That’s when the make-up lady came over and yelled at her. Apologizing, to the make-up lady, not to me, she shaved off my eyebrows. Then the make-up lady got to work, transforming me into, yes, a clown. Once she finished, she uncaped me and dragged me to the set.

It was a very strange commercial! I (the clown whore) stumbled into a group of businessesmen drinking the vodka. They then spent the rest of the time spanking me and pie-ing me in the face. My agent told me nothing about this. At the end, they even shaved off what remained of my hair as they took vodka shots from my tits. It was extremely humiliating! The final shot was me, bald, tears running down my face, with the name of the vodka written on my forehead. I was especially embarrassed since I was wet from all the intimate handling.

I was able to take a shower at the end and change back into my clothing, but they didn’t have a wig for me. I had to check into my hotel bald as a cueball. I had to explain why I didn’t look like my passport anymore to a clerk that looked at me scornfully. I didn’t blame her. I just spent the day being humiliated.

Miserable, though oddly horny, I laid on my bed, forlornly rubbing my bald head, and called my agent. She claimed to know nothing about the nature of the commercial and what it demanded of me. I would later find out that she did know. She, however, reminded me that I needed to make a live appearance for them the next night, or they wouldn’t pay a dollar.

So, trying to make the previous day’s humiliation worth it, I went to their event. A huge mistake. They started by reshaving my head and brows. Then the wardrobe lady presented me with a full body latex suit. Despite my objection, she wrestled me into it. She had very forceful hands. Then the two guards dragged me on stage where a box waited. As the host, a handsome man in a black tux, riffed in Japanese, they put me in the box, so only my bald head peeked out. Then the host got out his huge 10 inch cock.

In English, he said, “Suck my dick, you whore.”

So, I did. Once he finished, he poured a shot of the vodka down my throat. It was actually pretty good vodka. Then the guards rolled my box offstage. The wardrobe lady freed me and took off my latex suit. She stuck a finger up my pussy and commented about how wet I was. She teased me for liking the humiliation. And, yes, I was wet again. And, yes, I liked humiliation. I think that I was finally to the stage where I could relax and admit that I enjoyed what was happening to me. I allowed her to finger me to climax before I went back to my hotel.

The vodka people did pay well. I found a nice chunk of change in my bank account when I returned home. My agent was thrilled with the payout and suggested that I do another gig. This time in Dubai.

“They want a bald white girl whose scalp they can tattoo, and you will need to do some, um, live performances,” she said, “I volunteered you since you were already bald. What’s another year of shaving your head, right?”

My pussy wet, I agreed.

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