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Hello everyone. I have been a constant visitor to this site and i appreciate its work. I have an experience of a lifetime that i want to share with you. First of all, let me introduce you to my self. I am Siddharth, 22, doing my BE from Pune. This is the story of my incest experience with my mom.she is a nice built lady with a 5′ 6? Height and 44 years of age now. My father is a govt. Class 1 officer. My mother is a housewife. She has a very sexy body. She is a bit chubby, but she is too fair. And i really mean it.


She is as fair as kareena kapoor and by her marriage album, ne 1 can guess that she would hav been a bombshell in her college days. She has been a bit traditional women as far as i saw her. Always wearing saree and no sleeveless, choodidaar, or ne other modern outfit. I never saw her naval or armpit. The credit goes to the small city in UP where we used 2 live. Then my father was all of a sudden transferred to mumbai. And i got admission in a college in pune. So our family shifted to father lived alone in mumbai and used to visit 1nc every week. We live in a flat in a residential society near chandni chowk. The area is a high society area and there vis a hell lot of difference in culture of pune and UP. At first my mother never went out of our 3 bedroom apartment. Whenever my father came from mumbai, she asked him to return back to UP. But that was not possible for dad. My mom was so frustrated tht she use to cry alone when no one watched. One such day fortunately i saw her crying. I went to her and asked the reason. She dint told me at first. Then on pursuing she told that she felt too alone in the society. There was no companion for her. I asked her why dosent she go out and socializes with other women in the society. Then she told me the reason. She felt too complex to go and talk to other women in the society. They were modern and my mom was far behind them. After a lot of effort i convinced her that we will work on her so tht she dose not feel complex. 1 day while watching a program on tv she got thru a new term makeover. She wanted to know what a make over is. I told her that a makeover means sudden chng in looks of a person. After 2-3 day she came to me and said that she wanted to have a make over. But not a sudden 1. She will be working on her looks and wardrobe to come at paar with the culture out there. For this she wanted me to help her.

By this time we came to know that on every ganesh chaturthi all women in the society unite and they organize a function in the socitey. Ganesh chaturthi was 1-1/2 months ahead. So my mom kept it as a dead line. She wanted to socialize during that function. We sat down together and planned on her looks. I asked her to go to a beauty parlor. But she hesitated as she never went to a beauty parlor after her marriage. She told this slight change in her look thing to my father too. At which he shouted first but then he realized it was necessary. We planned every thing such as dresses she can wear, her hairstyle, color combinations she should use, wardrobe etc. The first thing was dresses. She never wore a sleeveless. So we first started with a medium neck sleeveless blouse for her dark navy blue saree. She found it reveling and dint wanted to wear it at all. But then i showed her out from our balcony. Every 2nd lady wore a deep cut nd sleeveless. She agreed a bit to wear. But suddenly my eyes went on her armpts. They were hairy like hell. I asked her to raise her arms up which she did. I asked her that is she going out wearing a sleeveless with such hairy armpits ? She got nervous again. She was in a panic. I said dont worry it would just take a 10-15 mins to shave them off. She agreed and entered the bathroom. After five mins she came out and said she wont be able to do this. I asked why. She told me that she was unable to handle a razor and fear a cut. Then she asked me to shave it for her. This is where it started. I Said ok to her and brought some tools. I asked her where would she prefer to do this. She asked me in her bed room in front if d dressing table. We went there. Then she asked me to wait as she will remove her Bouse si tht full shave can be done. She took off her pallu and unhook her blouse 1 by 1. A sudden pump started in my dick. I could fell an erection. Suddenly she removed her saree and blouse and asked me to start lifting her left arm. I was in a shock to see a sexy beauty half naked in front of me. I had a rock on. Then she said to do it fast. I went to her and trimmed the hairs of armpit 1 by 1. Now there was no forest left under there. Just some snatches. Then i asked her to tighten that region as i was applying shaving cream. She asked weather it was necessary and i told it was for her convenience. Then i took out a new blade and put it in the razor. The i shoved each hair under 1 of her armpit. God it was amazing. She saw it in the mirror and the happiness could be seen in her eye on comparing both her armpits. Then i repeated the same process to the other armpit. And it was all done. It was all gone. She wore her saree and blouse and came out and hugged me directly. She gave me a kiss on cheeks and said thank you.She was looking awesome without that forest in a sleeveless. She went out to the market and came back in a cheerful mood. Now the next part was her hairs, She did not wanted to cut them at all at first. So i convinced to let them free. She agreed. One day she asked me to trim her waist length hairs, so that about 2 inches length can be cut off. I did it and she was more than happy, then one day she said tht she was tired of such long hairs. And wanted to get rid of her bait. She wanted me to cut off another 6 inches or so straight from her hair length. I had a huge rock on doing this.

Now she was a bit modern looking women. But she never wore anything except a sarre yet. I asked her 1 day 2 try a jeans and a short kurti with it. On forcing she agreed. Next day we went to a store and bought a 32 jeans. After coming home she wanted to try it. I gave her a t shirt of mine to use as a top. When she came out..She was bombshell. The jeans was a perfect fit emphasizing each curve on her lover body. My t shirt were a bit tight and hence her boobs went out pointing in them. She watched my green face and asked i m not looking good na ? I knew. I went to her and kissed on her cheek and said she was looking gorgeous. I asked her to go out but she said no. Not in t shirt. So next day while returning from college i bought a short kuti with almost deep neck. It was glittering voilet in color. I asked mom to wear it with jeans. On coming out after changing she was gorgeous. There was just i problem… Her bra was visible. Which she knew. I asked her to remove that bra and wear only kurti on top.after some time she agreed and came out with a huge smile. She was looking gorgeous in that shot sleeveless kurti. Her cleavege was like a huge vally visible from a distance. Her 2 too fair breasts were sneeking out of its neck. Shaving her underarm was my job that i used 2 do twice a week. After this mom was very confident. She started to socialize a little with our neighbors. She was very happy. But i wanted more. I used to encourage her about modern styles. She bought a pair of kapris and went to a parlor after about 23 years to wax her legs. Gosh… She was simply sexy. And she knew it.1 day she told me that the men who live in colony some times try to seduce her. I asked who the hell are they, hse asked me to relax and said that she was kind of enjoying it. I was shocked. The ganesh chaturthi came and went. Mom was too popular amongst ladies as well as men in the society as well. One upon returning from college, she show me a picture of a model with very short length hair and asked how does she look ? I said she looked too cool. Too sexy she added. I was shocked. The other day was sunday and in the Morning she said that she wanted to have the very same hairstyle. I was shocked. And to much of my shock she wanted me to cut it. I said it was a hair doo. I am not a pro and would surely make it worse. She showd me a internet site link on the magazine. On opening it was a video on how to cut that hairstyle. After a long pursaution i agreed and asked her when would she like this to happen. She told me that she Wanted it today and a whole makeover which she wanted to surprise father and every one else on their Anniversary which was coming after a month my father was abroad on tour and would return on their anniversary itself.. I said ok and took her to the dressing table. I shampooed her long almost 11/2-2 feet hair and tied a bed sheet to work as an apron near her neck. She wanted her hair line much above the neck line. I had a huge rock on. I asked her again did she really wanted to do this and she said yes. I combed her long hairs and took a deep breath. My hands were shivering. I took the scissors under a lock of hair. She almost shouted “cut”. I followed the video step by step. And there were long locks of hair on the floor all around. The hair size of mom was a bit above the the chin. Her name was clearly visible. The video had a nape shave part too. For which she ordered that she needed a clean square bottom at her nape. That means i had to shave her nape too. After the cut she was ready and oh my god she was a damn chick. She looked as sexy as a 26 yr old girl would look. She was so sexy.after the final touches she went to the mirror and said i m looking sexy na ?My jaws were dropped. She was too sexy. That vet day she went to a jeweller and got 2 more piercings on her ears. A friend of hers was the main culprit i came to know afterwards.Now she wanted to wear a go when which could reveal her long sexy legs. She went to the market and bought a long gown which had a above hip cut. Her complete left leg could be seen while she walked and while sitting she crossed her legs and both of those extra fair long sexy legs were reveling themselves.

That night she told me that on the anniversary she wanted to gift a sexy wife to her husband. I asked what else she wanted. She told she wanted to wear a sexy fantasy dress on that night. I was blown away knowing this. I dint know what to say. She understood my hesitation and said i should not worry as she feels i have grown up now and i have known everything. She said from now on we wont hesitate talking on any topic what so ever.she was planning a sex fantasy for my dad who was in mumbai. She asked me what else should she do so that my father would be shocked. After thinking a day i told her about various other types of piercings. She was amazed and she loved the idea. She wanted a naval piercing but she had a bit heavy belly. I said it wont suit her. She asked me to show some real pics on the internet. I did she said. After watching she said she want 2 piercings in her body. 1. Nipple and 2nd her clit. The worst of all she again wanted me to do it for her. The next day she went to market bought jewellery and tools necessary. The piercing takes 3 weeks time to heal so she wanted me pierce her that night itself. We chose her bedroom for the purpose. She lied on the bed and asked me to unhook her gown. I washed my hands and opened her assets. I immediatly had a rock on. Her boobs were enormous with two cheeries on top. She had a very small aroeula and her nipples were light brown in color. I thought she wants me pierce these ? I asked her the placement of the jewellery which she did herself. I was about to start, then she asked me to bring ice from the freezer and applied it to her nipples. From no where those nipples were hars as rock and were standing tall about a inch on those two mountains. She said to me to pierce them now. I first pierced the left breast. The needle went in and out from the Other end and the jewellery was in the position within a minute, I asked her did it hurt ? She said ya it did but it was very sweet and the pain felt like aroused. Then i came to the right nipple. In not the needle and out it came from the other side and both nipples were pierced. Platinium jwellery was inside her nipple flash. I applied betadine solution and now she was very excited to see her pierced nipples. She went to the dressing table and gave a sexy grin. She kissed me on my lips after seeing it. She said she loved it she feels as if some one is piching her nipples and that she felt aroused.Now she wanted the clit pierced. I said no, but then she pursuaded me. She said she dosent mind me touching her pussy why do i? She laid on bed took off her petticoat and now she was all naked in front of me except a white color french cut panty that she was wearing. She order me to remove them. I did it. She had a whole amaze on down there. I was surprised watching it. My mom saw my face and laughed. She said this is my surprise bonus, i had to shave her pubes too. I ran out of the room to mine. She came behind me to my room wearing nothing. Opening the door she said how much time will i take and for how much should she roam around fully naked. She laid on my bed and order me to shave. I had to do it. First i trimmed her pubes, then after applying shaving cream shaved it both the side. Her forest was a desert with not even a single tree visible. It was all smooth down under. Then she opened her legs a bit and i got the first look of my birthplace. It was awesome light brown color with pinkish labia. She had a small clit. She touched her pussy and took her clit between thumb and index finger and pinched it a bit and said that this is her clit. While i was applying betadine solution she told me about female pussy. She told me that every women can be satisfied in sex if the clit is handled properly. Pinching it is the pest experience in the world for a women. As soon as i was ready she pulled her pussy a little oyt and directed me to put the needle inside.I held it with a force and pierced ut in a single shot. Mom as if got a 10000 volt shock. And when i was inserting the jewellery she was moaning. As soon as i was done she came. Now she was watching me in a satisfactory way. She called me near her and gave me a long kiss on lips. Then she slid her hands inside my pants and undies. She was holding my shaft and said you came in your undies ? Iwas shocked…

I dint knew when it happened. She took my tool out and said dont worry. Now its her turn to award me. She slowly took all my clothes off and took my cock in her mouth. It felt as if i was on 7 th sky. I started moaning. After 5 mins she laid on the bed and said i m all yours tonight. Do wat ever you want. I said i wont do nothing as the piercing may hurt you. She said she loves that pain just do wat i wanted. Then she took my hands and directed them to her breast and asked me to squeeze them. She held my dick in 1 hand and begun stroking it. Now i was uncontrolled. Within mins i was over her. She smiled and took my dick in her hand. Asked me to lay over her. She spread her legs and directed my dick inside her vsgins. She was enormous inside. Her vagina was able to accomodate my full 8 inch again insdie. Now i was fucking my mom. It is the best thing in the world i must say. I was about to come and was taking out my shaft on which she said no cum inside me, and kissed me on lips. I came inside her for about a min. I was about to take out my dick out on which said remain inside. She liked it that way and i said okay.we laid down in that position for 15 more mins. Then we both went to my bathroom and took a hot shower. She was so happy and so was I. After that day we have had many such sessions and we are enjoying it. It has been almost 3 years to this incident and now we are like bed partners. I have had enough sex with a Sexy lady who fortunately is also my mom………sexy girls/aunts/moms contact




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