My mom wants me bald for my sister’s wedding

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“Ooh, we should go our hair done for the wedding”,mother said excitedly,”Make it a girl’s day”

I was oblivious to notice her plan, seeing as I had to finish up the guest seating,”Maybe tomorrow, I got to get the seating arranged first, you know Katie”

”Agh, can’t that wait”,she insisted, trying to pull me away from my job,”Come on, let’s go have our hair done, please”

I allowed myself to be dragged away and off we went to the salon.

”Can you imagine how great we’ll look at the ceremony”,she went on as we approached the shop.

We entered and checked in, as we waited, mom showed me pictures of styles she wanted to try.

”Kat, we’re ready for you”

We stood and walked to the seating area and I was propped up in the far right chair, my mother standing and rubbing her palms as I was caped.

”I would like-“,I was cut off by mother.

”Oh, baby. I chose your style already”

”What? When!”

My hairdresser confirmed mother’s claim,”So you want her shaved?”

I thought this was a joke but mother sealed my fate with,”Baby smooth”

I tried to get up but the dresser was stronger, placing me back into the chair.

I had had long, straight hair with overgrown bangs. Why did she want to take all that away.

The barber gathered up my hair and declined my head down to my chest.

Taking her clippers, she flicked it on and started buzzing the back of my head til it was all virgin skin.

She fling the shorn hair to the checkered floor and turned my head to the side to give it the same treatment.

When my sides were skin, I was angry with my mother.

How could she do this to me?

My head was brought up and the top was buzzed to a short, prickly field, leaving only my bangs.

The stylist used the clippers to tidy them up and then rid them from my head.

I had a very short buzzcut.

My mother rubbed my buzzed head which I took offense to, I officially hated her.

White, foamy shaving cream draped my head then a hot towel and another layer was lathered on.

With a sharp razor, the hairdresser made me bald like a newborn, requiring another rub from mother.

”Could you plucked her brows?”

The chair was reclined, mother and the stylist looked giant from that angle,I feared mother wanted me with no eyebrows.

But the stylist was conservative when plucking my brows, leaving most of them on there.

I was put back into position and I was surprised at how well she did my eyebrows.

Mother massaged her nails on my head, it felt kinda good.

Finally, I was let out of the chair and my mother went to have her hair done.

I wanted revenge but too many were in the shop, I couldn’t without getting caught but I would have my revenge.

As we left, she went about symbolism, my head was supposed to represent a new chapter in Katie’s life.

Was Katie the favorite, if so, I’m gonna kill her.

The wedding went smoothly(no pun intended) and everyone was aghast at the flower girl with a shaved head.

Mother forced me to promise that I wouldn’t tell anyone what she did to me.

”So, why did you shave your head?”, a guest asked me.

”I felt like it”, I lied.

Years went by, I took cosmetology classes and worked my way up the ranks to head hairdresser of a French-named salon.

I thought I wouldn’t see my mom or Katie in my domain, yet there sat in the waiting room.

My sister was reclusive in her body language and when it was her turn, she basically ran to my chair, and hugged me.

” Oh sister”,she was almost sobbing,”My husband left me for another woman. What can I do now?”

”Calm down”, I said, sitting her in the chair,” I know exactly what you need”

I removed her coat, dumped it on the ground, pumped up the chair, tied a cloth strip around her neck, and flipped a dark blue cape over her.

”He loved my hair”,she told me,”Maybe we could cut or dye it”

”Oh, I think we can do better”, I smirked as I grabbed my guardless clippers,”Much better”

I gathered up her hair and bent her head to her chest.

Without hesitation, I buzzed her head to a very short length.

Then I creamed her and with a sharp blade, I shaved her baby-smooth, I even buffed her dome with a towel to rub it in.

She was oblivious to what I was doing, even when I had her head between my knees.

I wanted to shave off her brows but thought that a little overboard so I tidied them up instead.

She was on the fence about the change but I said,”It’s to represent a new chapter in your life”

That made her smile and hug me,”Thank you, sis”

I smiled as she left.

Now my mother is due for a haircut.

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