My New Haircut

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This is a true story. I have a hair fetish but most of the just enjoy reading or watching others (normally women) get their haircut. Today changed that. I have had long hair my throughout high school and college. It rang any where from below the collar bone to almost to my butt. Before I went in today I had my hair around mid back. I had wanted a short blunt cut for about six months, today was the day. I had made the appointment the day before. Found pictures on Pinterest. Most of them looked like kilye Jenner with her short blunt bob. As I did this “research” it normally turned me on thinking about having scissors going across my neck. I even had to get my vibrator out a few times when thinking about the haircut.

I barely slept last night because I was excited. I woke up early got all dolled up. I did my makeup really cute. Went and picked up coffee and walked in the front door of the salon. My stylist Morgan walks in from the back and shows me to her chair. She asks me “what are we doing today, just a trim?” And I say “no, I want a haircut” Morgan asks me how short I begin to describe the style I’m going for, I tell her I want to s blunt cut off the shoulders but below the chin. She seemed a little shocked and excited to cut my hair. She even took pictures before she started.

Next she walks me back to wash my hair I’m so excited and nervous (and a little horny). We get back to the chair, and combs and and sections my hair. I have really really think hair. So Morgan put it into probably 6 or 7 sections. She gets to the hair at the bottom of my neck, combs it out and grabs her shears. Think to my self here goes nothing. I feel her cutting, it’s so much shorter then I’ve had it, I see over 8 inches of hair fall to the floor. I feel excited and I get a little wet. I watch her cut carefully. She works her way around my head. I get more excited as she gets to the sides and I start to see it and I love the way it looks. And watching the long locks fall from my head. She says she’s starting a little longer so I can see how I like it. She works section by section and I just feel sexier and sexier as the long hair falls. After she got done she took a little more off the ends without really asking but I was definitely okay with that. She blow dried my hair and then thinned it out a lot.

Morgan had me stand so she could cut the back again. She took the cape part of the way off so she could see the line better, I got to feel her scissors on my neck and it was probably one of the best feelings of my life. She finished by straightening my hair and I loved it. I snap chatted many of my male friends and they said how sexy I looked. I had to go home and take out my vibrator almost immediately. And have been turned on ever sense my cut. I have s feeling this may lead to shorter cuts. Thanks for reading. I hope you liked it.

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  1. Great story, even more fun to read because it was real. I got excited reading and hope you write more about your future haircut fun in the future. If you ever want to chat about hair/haircuts let me know. Oh and hope you have a good hair day.

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