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I have gone from long hair to short hair and back many times over the years.  Each time I have dreaded the growing out process.  My hair is dark and wants to be curly.  So every time it grows out I have to go through many stages where I just want to cut it back off.  I have to used conditioner and properly dry my hair to keep it from looking bushy and frazzled.

My husband has always supported whatever length I choose even though I know he prefers shorter hair.  The shorter the better. He keeps a picture of me with my hair at it’s longest point ever with the other pictures of me with various hair lengths.  Front and center of the pictures is me with my hair the shortest length.  That picture was taken shortly after he had cut my hair one afternoon.  He used scissors over his fingers to get my hair to a uniform length of about 3/4 inch all over.  I believe he would have gone shorter if he had clippers, but we didn’t own any.  I might have let him use them, because at that time I didn’t know how short he really wanted to cut my hair.

After that day he asked to cut my hair again sometime and that we could buy a pair of clippers:  “to make it easier to get a uniform length.”  I was suspicious that he wanted my hair shorter, but didn’t know how short.  The clippers would make it to easy for him to “even me up.”  Over the years he was always dropping hints that he liked my hair really short and that I should go back to that really short cut again.  I did like it short, but I also liked it with a little length so I could give it some style.  I was always on the lookout for a new cut or style that I thought would look good on me.  I would brows through magazines and look on the internet for something new and different.  Most required me to have hair length that always seem to give me the most trouble.  It would be that length that I just couldn’t wash and go.  I would have to spend considerable time conditioning and straightening to get it to look close to the original cut and style.  So eventually I would let it grow out past my shoulders.  Then when it got to hot and humid for me to stand my hair I would get it cut short again.  Maybe as short as an inch or two on top with it a bit shorter on the sides.  Then the grow out process would start all over.

I have been having some trouble with my computer so on occasion I would use my husbands.  I this particular day I decided while borrowing my husbands computer to brows through some new hair styles.  Using his recent history I found that hubby had been looking at hair styles too.  He also was reading stories about hair cutting.  So I took a look at the hair styles and not really surprising almost all were of women with buzzed cuts or shaved heads.  I had to admit they all looked pretty good and some might even be called beautiful.  The stories had me intrigued.  He had saved some favorites and so I started there.  The stories were highly descriptive about women who decided for various reasons to cut their hair and shave their heads.  The most interesting to me were the women who decided to remove their hair.  Some would use creams or drink something that would cause there hair to fallout.  The more I read the more I wanted to read.  Some women would remove their eyebrows and eyelashes along with all the rest of their body hair, even to the point of making it permanent.  I have let my husband shave my body from the neck down a few years ago, but haven’t since.  I do let him shave my pubes frequently which I enjoy and I even shave his chest and pubes on occasion. But what I found most interesting were the stories where the women also removed all there teeth.  I lost my front 4 teeth when I was ten in a bicycle accident. I have been wearing a plate with the four teeth ever since.  I will occasionally take them out to give hubby a blow job, but usually I leave them in.  Lately though it seems I have been requested more and more about giving blow jobs without my plate.  Now I think I know the reason.

I made note of where on the internet I could find stories and pictures that so intrigued my husband.  Now I will be able to follow up on my own computer the stories and pictures I didn’t get to while on hubby’s computer.  It all seem to be making more since about the increase in interest in hair care since we moved south.  I thought I was just the extra heat that caused more interest in hair removal and short hair.  It’s not too uncommon to see women with short to buzzed hair cuts and men with bald heads around town. That always gets noticed by hubby.  I figured it was the heat that cause my hubby to start removing his body hair.  He is pretty much hairless from the neck down all the time.  He even on occasion talks about shaving his head and eyebrows. Now I suspect it has more to do with the stories he’s been reading.  That also goes along with his increase request for “toothless blow jobs” and frequent request for me to get my hair cut “really short.”

Now that I have some insight to some of the request about short hair and shaving that I have been receiving I figured I would play along with some of the requests.  I’ve also been reading more and more stories on the internet that I find are a turn on.  Why not go along with some of these things?  Hair always grows back I would think.  So one day while I was I the shower shaving my legs, my husband came in and ask to join me.  This was common, we often showered together.  I told him to come on in.  Once in I asked if he needed to have his back shaved.  I often do that for him because he can’t do that by himself.  He readily accepted and so I started at his hairline on his neck. I shaved down his back to his waist where I normally stop.  Today though I thought I would push it a bit further, so I kept shaving down.  Not hearing any objections I proceeded to shave his butt. I even ask him to spread his cheeks and legs so I could shave any hair I could find. He was very willing and when he turned around it was very apparent that he found it to be exciting too.  So when he ask if he could return the favor and shave my pubes, I was more than willing to comply.

He normally will do a very through job of completely eliminating any pubic hair.  Today he was especially attentive.  I was enjoying it more than normal because I was thinking of all the hair stories I have been reading and knowing he has been reading them too.  I could just imagine what was going through his mind, because I was doing the same thing.  So as his shaving started to creep up higher than normal I remained quite.  Normally he will stop just where the darker pubic hair ends, but today it was getting very close to my belly button.  Still I said nothing.  Probably because I had just shaved new parts of him, he was going to test the waters on me.  I watch as his razor climbed to my naval and then went past.  I finally commented on how high he was about 2 inches above my belly button.  That prompted him to stop and was somewhat disappointing to me.  I could see that he was still fully interested in the proceedings, so I suggested that he could knock off any stray hairs that might be around my nipples.  I always take care of the one or two that always seem to pop up between shavings. Today I was going to give him and myself a treat.  I stood in front of him with my boobs poking out at full attention, just like him.  He proceeded to look for any stray hairs, but didn’t seem to find any.  So I suggested that he just go ahead and shave around the nipples.  Just as it seemed that he was finishing up around the nipples I raised my arms above my head and asked if there were any more that he might of missed.  I know I was getting turned on by all the shaving and attention and it was obvious he was too.  He said that he wasn’t sure if he could see anything, but that he would go over them just to make sure.  He proceeded to shave both boobs completely and also the cleavage and area around.  I think if I didn’t say that was good and the water is starting to cool down, he would have kept going as far as he could.  Not that I would be oppose to a body shave again, today was more of testing the waters than final product.

Needless to say that following the shower we spent hours in bed having some of the best sex.  I kept wondering if I should let him know about finding out about his interest in the hair removal stories.  I know that I have gotten quite interested in all the various scenarios, especially the ones that seemed more risque.  I  wondered if I could or would let him totally remove all my hair from my body.  It seems to me that keeping it quite allowed me to fantasize all the possibilities without the effects. As time went by though I found that I needed more of the reality to augment my fantasies.  So next time in the shower together after shaving him I gave him the opportunity to repeat his shave of me.  This time though I kept quite throughout and the only hair left below my neck was my arms.  We were so turned on by then it was straight to bed.

I guess I may have help him along the route of hairlessness by allowing him to shave me.  He is now using some hair remover that is suppose to slow and eventually stop hair growth.  I asked him if it would work on my legs.  Sure he replied and lets test it out.  I guess I opened the door so the next thing I know I’ve got both legs covered in hair removal cream.  Then into the shower to remove the cream where I found him at full attention during the participation.  He reminded me that it takes several maybe up to eight treatments for the affects to be near permanent.  At this point I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but I knew I was enjoying the ride.

The next time I needed to “shave” my legs I asked if he wouldn’t mind applying the cream knowing full well what his answer would be.  He applied the cream to both legs and then suggested that he also apply it to my pubes since I was shaving there.  I had hoped he would suggest that and agreed.  After that each time we showered he suggested more area for the cream to be applied to and I agreed.  It almost always led to great sex.  In between I would read more hair removal stories and get turned on more and more.  The only problem was that I was living some of the fantasies in the stories and I needed stories that pushed the limits.  So I found stories about shaving my head, eyebrows and eyelashes more and more intriguing. I even got off a bit on the stories where the girls would loose there teeth. I guess I just needed that little extra out there to keep the fantasies alive.

So it eventually got to where I was covered in hair removal cream from the neck down, but so was he.  That stayed like that for a while, and it was great.  I eventually got up the nerve to test the waters about cutting my hair shorter.  Of course I knew he wanted buzzed and probably shaved.  I just wanted it shorter so I could get closer to my stories fantasy.  So one day I came back from  my salon with my hair about 3/4 inch on top and 1/2 inch on the sides.  Needless to say hubby was thrilled and asked why I did it.  I told him it was the heat.  I didn’t realize it would be so warm where we moved.  He asked if I was going to keep it that way and I said I probably would at least  while it remained that warm.  It didn’t take him long to suggest that we buy some clippers with attachment and that we could do it at home and save money.  I told him that makes sense.

I let him cut my hair with the clippers and found it very erotic.  So it was easy on my part to agree to a haircut anytime he suggested it.  I also didn’t object to my hair seemingly getting shorter than the original hair length.  It let me fantasize more with my stories.  Finally one day while he was tapering the sides I ask him about my hair being shorter than I had it when I came back from the salon.  He said that with the hot weather that I would probably find the shorter length more enjoyable.  I did find the shorter length more enjoyable, but not because of the hot weather.  I was in my fantasy mode and I was warm and wet between the thighs.  I asked him what attachment he had on and he told me a #1.  I asked if I would be cooler with that cut all over and he just nodded yes.  The bulge in his pants second that answer.  So I just sat there waiting to see what he would do while getting wetter and wetter between my legs.  Very slowly he started moving the taper higher and higher on my head.  I couldn’t tell if he was just waiting for my response or that he was enjoying the cutting to the fullest himself.  As he started over the crown I thought I was going to orgasm right there.  My panties were sopping wet.  I needed relief.  Once over the top it didn’t take him long to finish the job.  Good thing he was quick because I was in the process of unzipping him.  As he was rubbing my now all over #1 I was in the process of giving him a well deserved blowjob with my plate out.  It didn’t take him long to get ready to cum.  I was expecting to swallow the largest load ever only to have him pull out and explode all over my head.  As he was rubbing his massive load into my scalp I took the opportunity to stick my hand into my panties and have the most delightful orgasm.

He asked me if I would like to join him in bed for an encore performance.  I said sure, but I would need a shower first to wash my hair and clean my panties.  He followed me into the bathroom and as I stripped so did he.  I noticed he was already starting to rise to the occasion.  He said he also needed a shower and it was time to apply the hair removal cream.  So I quickly applied the cream all over his body and payed a little extra attention to certain parts which didn’t go unnoticed.  He then told me that I should also have the cream applied so that we could both enjoy the hairless feeling.  I thought that sounded Iike a good idea.  I was already enjoying the last orgasm and my fantasies were pushing me towards another.  So he started with my feet and worked his way up my body. He too stopped and payed extra attention to my pussy and then on to my boobs.  Just as I was thinking about my hair removal fantasy stories he made his way up to my neck.  I was getting closer to an orgasm just standing there with the possibility that he would go higher with that cream.  I guess I had my eyes close and maybe even let out a little moan when I realized that some of the cream had made it into my hairline.  I didn’t even noticed that I was playing with myself at that point, but my hubby must have.  I was hornier than ever and on the verge of another mind shattering orgasm.  When I opened my eyes he was looking at me.  I smiled back at him and kept playing with myself.  He must have taken that as okay to continue because he moved his cream covered hand higher up the back of my head and just kept playing with myself.  The closer I got to an orgasm the more I wanted him to complete his job.  It didn’t seem like it took very long for me to reach that mind shattering, knee buckling orgasm I was so desperately wanted.  By the time I could recover from that orgasm I realized that not only was my head covered in hair removal cream, so was my eyebrows.  I was never so turned on in my life. I couldn’t wait to see the results.

We eventually got ourselves de-haired and ready for the encore performance.  Before leaving the bathroom I did stop and stare at myself in the full length mirror.  There I was totally hairless except for my eyelashes and I thought I was beautiful.  Those girls on the internet have nothing over me.  Sex was great, but the feeling of total hairlessness was erotic.  The feeling of my head on the sheets and the thought of no eyebrows brought me to orgasm after orgasm.

My hubby ask me if I was good with the bald look.  I told him that I was for now.  I could always grow it back when I get tired of it.  Not if you keep using that cream he reminded me.  I smiled and nodded.  I couldn’t make up my mind about using the cream again.  Oh well, I thought, I’ve got time to think about it and it takes a bunch of times for it to actually become permanent.  In the mean time I kept reading my hair removal stories and fantasizing about it.  The next time we were due for a hair removal session, we took a good look at how the hair was growing back. The courser hair was still growing , but at a much less noticeable rate.  The finer hair was almost nonexistent.  Well we said to each other.  It looks like it does work for some hair.  So when we applied the cream to each other I let him cover my head and eyebrows again.  That made him as hard as a rock again.  After we showered off and dried he asked me if I would let him remove my eyelashes.  He told me that since that was the only hair left, that he fantasied about letting him remove them.  Little did he know I had the same fantasy, but just couldn’t do it myself.  So I told him to go ahead, it was just a harmless fantasy and my hair would grow back.  He managed to use a very small trimmer and take my lashes down to where I could barely see them, even with the magnifying mirror.  Again we had great sex.  We were both experiencing our fantasies.

I stayed hairless for quite a while and enjoyed it.  I was secretly using the hair removal cream on my head and eyebrows and just telling my husband I was shaving.  I let him shave my head a few times in between my cream removal.  I’m not sure where I was going with the fantasy.  I still wasn’t sure I wanted to be permanently hairless.  The last time he shaved my head he did comment that the hair was looking much finer.  I was surprised to find out that comment made me warm and wet.  I had to relieve myself by giving him a “toothless” blowjob as I played with myself to orgasm.  Afterwards he told me that if I used the removal cream a few more times I might not have to shave again. I told him I would have to think about it.  Think about it I did.  I thought about it every time I logged onto my hair removal stories and rubbed myself to a great orgasm.

I continued to openly use the hair removal cream everywhere on my body that looked like it needed it.  I secretly used it on my head and brows.  Eventually I knew I would be found out about using it on my head, but for now I could fantasize with my stories knowing that I was only a couple of steps away from being like the girls in the stories.  All I need was to keep using the hair removal cream and lose the rest of my teeth.  Teeth are a big deal, but it always made me warm and wet to think about it.

One day while I was using the cream on my head and brows my husband caught me.  I tried not to make a big deal out of it.  I just told him I was in a hurry and this was much faster.  He said that was fine and reminded me that it could make me permanently bald.  I said you mean like the rest of me.  I haven’t seen a hair grow in weeks.  By then seeing me naked and hairless with hair remover on my head, he had a bulge in his pants that was impossible to hide.  I told him to give me a moment and I would take care of his problem.  He needed no further encouragement.  I had my head cleaned and my plate out in what seemed like record time.  His first comment while I was giving him his “toothless” blowjob was about how shiny my head looked. It looked like there never had any hair going on it.  The second was how he loved the toothless blowjobs.  Then he blew his load in my mouth, on my face, and on my head.  Wow I said, you’ve been saving up or you had some extra motivation.  Well he rather sheepishly said.  The thought of you being permanently hairless really got me going, but the fantasy of you being really toothless threw me over the edge.  Well, I responded, I might be closer to being permanently hairless than either of us thinks.  The comment I made earlier about not seeing a hair grow in weeks includes my head.  I’ve been using the cream just encase.  I really like the look and feel of hairlessness.  Now that you brought up your fantasy of me being toothless, I can let you know that toothlessness is one of my fantasies too.  I enjoy giving blowjobs without my front teeth and always wondered how it would feel to have them all out.

Hubby had a grin from ear to ear and Mr. Happy was at full attention again.  It was obvious that we were on the same page or story.  I never did let him know about finding his pictures and stories on his computer or how that lead me to my hair removal stories and fantasies.  So now I have a new look.  I am hairless from head to toe.  I even keep my eyelashes shave and as of a couple of weeks ago I am totally toothless as well.




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