My next visit to Suzie at The Cut & Curl Ladies Salon

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I couldn’t stop thinking about our pending visit. My shift couldn’t finish soon enough. I dashed home early from work. Thought about what Suzie said and put my back silk briefs on over my suspenders and stocking then my matching bra on over my pert breasts. I noticed my nipples were hard. I stroked my pussy over my silk briefs and was aroused already. I then put on my my best figure hugging black dress with a plunging neckline. Just to finish off I added some makeup. I looked at myself and wondered if this was for me or Suzie? I went downstairs and mum said wow you look nice. I said Suzie said I should do it, so I will then look even better when my hair is done. Mum said oh did she now? and that she wasn’t quite ready, we left the house about 10 minutes late which was unusual for mum. Then we drove off to the salon. She said she was just going to get a trim, neck shave and roller set and was going to ask Jodie for some ideas for a change next time. Then asked me what I wanted doing and seemed a bit disappointed with me just saying the usual. She said you ought to let Jodie change it for you too one day like you nearly did last time, or even let Suzie do it. You seemed to be getting on well with her and a lot of younger women seem to like her. She’s such fun, once when Jodie had to leave for an emergency Suzie took over and gave me one of her special sessions. She has a erm…  lovely touch. It was great and it was her who introduced me to the clippers and how great they feel. I said yer maybe sometime feeling secure that only Jodie would normally do my hair. We parked up and I thought nothing more of it as we approached the inner sanctum  of femininity.
The traffic was really heavy so we were about 25 mins late for Jodie as we walked in the Cut and Curl Ladies salon. The usual aroma greeted us and I felt the excitement and butterflies start in my stomach and panties. Jodie was waiting at reception and said that it was okay we were late but did have to get away soon and probably would only have time to do mum and maybe give me a quick dry trim. As it was our fault we agreed. I was a bit too disappointed I may not get any attention, having got dressed and made up. I was going to miss my Suzie special shampoo too.  Jodie soon got mum wrapped Up into a gown, cape over that and washed, trimmed, shaved her hair and nape and they discussed her getting a very tight perm and going a different colour next time. Maybe a rich dark brown or platinum blond.  She was strawberry  blond from her last colour change. I looked across at Suzie’s area but my view was blocked by a curtain that had been pulled across. Within a few seconds the curtain was pulled back and I was concerned to see she was still there finishing off a daring bowl haircut for a girl about my age who’s head was forced down and her nape was being gently clippered bare. The girl was very upright and never seemed to move her body or arms. I noticed the mirror was covered by a cape again and there was a lot of long black hair around the chair. The girl seemed to gasp as the clippers ran up her neck. Suzie seemed to be enjoying it and was again rubbing her mound on the arm of the chair with the girls hand on it under a big thick heavy shiny black cape. She smiled at me blew a kiss and mouthed “you’re next”. I just smiled and blushed. I noticed her area was slightly different to Jodie’s, maybe that’s what she meant last time as it being her special area. She had what looked like a bigger barbers chair and with a sink in front and a dryer suspended from the ceiling so she could do everything from one place and some hooks on the wall with a variety of different capes hanging off them and what looked like a red polka dot dress. There were rings at the arms, footrest, neck and back of the chair. The counter seem to have more tools on it including 4 different sets of clippers hanging on hooks, the 5th pair was whirring loudly in her hand.  The whole area could be closed off by the curtain which I thought was nice if someone wanted privacy. She had changed her hair- it was slightly shorter, cropped at the back, still permed curly but the colour was now a sort of plum red. She had perfect makeup on with a sensual bright red lipstick. She was wearing a silky short black pencil skirt with sheer black stockings and high heels. When she bent down you could just see her bare thighs above the stockings. On top she had a silky short sleeved white blouse with the buttons undone low. She didn’t have a bra on and her nipples were erect and poking through the flimsy material. She looked hot and sensual, had she done that just for me? I felt a strange attraction and my silk panties getting moist. She dusted the girls neck down, sprayed the bowl haircut in place, did something at the rings at the arms and back of the chair, whisked the big cape off her shoulders and revealed the final result by removing the cape off the mirror. The girl had looked flushed and in shock when she saw herself in the mirror. I heard her say wow that’s a lot more than I thought we were cutting off, Suzie. I heard her reply oops I got carried away but in this chair it’s my choice – doesn’t it look great and sexy on you. The curtain was drawn and reopened a minute or so later she looked a bit shakey getting out of the big chair and walking. Then they went off to de-gown and checkout the girl. As they walked by I heard Suzie say she was going to colour it for her next time but couldn’t decide whether to take it blond, red or copper but will be a surprise. After the gown was removed she rubbed the girls bottom over her red polka dot dress (I realised that she must have taken it off for the haircut and put it back on behind the curtain and put the gown back over it so no-one would notice anything different when she got up from Suzie’s area) then Suzie hugged her tightly and gave a long lingering kiss on the lips before she left. I felt safe knowing at best I was only getting a dry trim and that Suzie would not be  doing me at all today, but also a bit too much disappointed.
I was woken from my daydream as mum and Jodie had turned to me to say that Jodie only had time to blow dry Mums hair and sorry but could she do mine next week instead. Whilst I thought about it Suzie had walked up and said oh that is such a pity and that she thought I was looking forward to her special shampoo again and so was she as she liked to do them. Then she said,” hey, as it was you who were late and to save Jodie re-arranging her schedule for next week, as my last appointment has just just gone, as you can see from the last appointment I’m in a creative mood, and I’ve not got to be anywhere at all I could do one of my special sessions in my special area if that works for everyone”. I thought about what she said last time about the conditions if she ever did my hair and stuttered oh no thats okay but don’t want to put you to any trouble or keep mum waiting.
Jodie says that a good idea and how that would help and how great Suzie is with young ladies, what great styles she gives, and although I was only wanting the ends trimming I guess she could do something slightly different for me if I wanted. I subconsciously grabbed my hair and played with the ends and reddened but said I didn’t want to keep mum waiting as she was going out with dad later but did need a trim though. Then Suzie chops in” oh that’s no problem I can at least do a trim, my car is outside, you don’t live far from me I can drop you off after. It’ll be fun. So that’s it then – you want to go for it?” She walked up to me, cupped my face and stroked her hands through my hair and kissed my forehead. I smelled her intoxicating perfume and got a tingle and wet feeling in my panties and felt myself giving in  submitting to her.

Mum said oh great thanks Suzie. She did say in the car that maybe you could do her sometime as it happens anyway. Well now is a good chance it’s just happened sooner than she thought. You take as long as you like as we’re going out later and she would only be home on her own anyway. I know you will look after her. Maybe you might introduce her to one of those lovely delicious nape shaves like you did me.

Mum and Jodie excitedly  looked at me with a look of expectation and I could not offer any more excuses or resistance. I resigned to the fact I was in for a major transformation of Suzie’s choice. So I said oh okay then as I felt my stomach flutter and my pussy wetten even more. They did all seemed to understand and say it was going to only be a trim so I felt a bit better and clung on to that hope.  Suzie gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and said I was going to enjoy it. Maybe we can even discuss a change for you like Jodie sometimes does but this time you’ll be brave and do it. I have ways of being very persuasive you know. She gently patted and rubbed my bottom.
Right let’s get you all gowned up. You look so pretty tonight with your make up and dress on but we need to go to the changing room to take the dress off before we get your gown on as we don’t want to be getting any small hairs or product on the dress. I can redo your makeup after too to match the final style. I was worried, wondered what she meant and why I had to take my dress off. Had I been set up as she told me to wear the dress? I thought I suppose that will be alright though as I still have my underwear on under the gown but then realised that underneath was my best sexy underwear.
Mum and Jodie said ok off you go you two, have fun, we will probably be done and gone in a few minutes so see you later. Jodie carried on finishing mums blow dry.
Suzie put her arm around my shoulder, grabbed a gown from the rail and whilst walking to the changing room whispered to me “come on then beautiful, that’s it no escape now, I’ve wanted to get us all alone for ages and you’ve created a chance for me, you’re all mine now, and we are going to enjoy this sweetheart. Mmm. You won’t forget it”.
We entered the changing room and I held out my hand to take the gown off Suzie and said thanks I’ll get changed and see you outside.
She then walked up to me and said oh no no this is a special session where you get totally pampered by me from head to foot. You will not have a say in anything that I do and if you don’t cooperate I will force it upon you. Now turn round and face the big mirror.
I turned round and faced the mirror wondering oh no what have I agreed to. She walked up behind me tucked the gown over her arm and then ran her fingers through my long straight mousy hair and started stroking it gently, she worked her way up and caressed my neck. It felt great and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. I looked at myself in the mirror thinking how nice I looked and Suzies face appeared over my shoulder and I thought the same about her. Something attracted me to her but I couldn’t explain it. I smelled that perfume again. She then gently unzipped my dress slowly all the way down to the back and then gently peeled it off my shoulders down over my breasts over my hips and down to my ankles and then she said step out of that.

She said then wrapped her arms around the front of me and hugged me pulling my back into her soft silk covered breasts and then her hands massaged my breasts through the silky bra material, kissed my neck, circled her fingers around my nipples then gently tweaked them. I got more wet and sighed loudly. she then whispered in my ear, moved her hand to my back and my bra fastening and said my my you have put some lovely silky underwear on for me, but this needs to come off too. I felt my breasts being relieved and were then facing me in the mirror. A pinch and gentle circle of my nipples had me squirming. Then she worked down and ran her finger gently up my pussy lips and rubbed my clit over the silk panties. I was so wet down there now. Then she tucked her hand inside my panties and took it out, sniffed it, and said oh you are a naughty girl as you have wet your panties. She said you have a lot of hair down there too but the special service will sort that out. You’re going to meet the clippers for the first  time, darling. She licked her fingers and put them back into my panties and, put a finger inside my whilst rubbing my clit with her thumb. I struggled for breath, moaned and then gushed all over her hand. She then said you are a naughty girl to wet your panties but we need to get you a new hair style still. Let’s get this gown on you, hold your arms out. she then put a paper neck strip on my neck and then held up the silky gown in front of me and pulled it up over my arms, erect nipples and breasts and secured both tighter than I had ever been used to. She turned me around looked into my eyes and said right let’s get this restyle done, gave me a big kiss sticking her tongue in my mouth, grabbed my hand and said that she was now going to take me through to the salon for my special session at her special area and chair. I said I don’t think I had agreed to a restyle, she  just laughed and said you knew the conditions if you agreed to let me do you. And you did agree in front of Jodie, your mum and me didn’t you. How brave, now just leave the rest to me it’s out of your hands now.

We walked out seeing Mum and Jodie leaving and waving goodbye to us. With my gown on nothing looked different. I enjoyed the feel of the silky material on my bare body and especially on my nipples as they brushed against it. Suzie locked the door and closed the blinds and then said well its just us now come and sit in my lovely chair darling and patted it.

With weak legs I walked up to the barbers chair and sat on the edge of it. She said isn’t it comfy and firmly pulled me back by my shoulders into it and cupped and squeezed my breasts.  I then noticed the cape back over the mirror again as she pulled the curtains closed. I wasn’t going to be able to see what she was going to do to me. She said bet you wondered why I’ve got this curtain and why sometimes it is closed and what these rings on the chair are for? You’re about to find out my darling. I don’t want people to see what’s going on in this chair sometimes and it maintains privacy for my victims, sorry clients. She then quickly took a strap from around the back of the chair looped it through the ring i had noticed before fastening it across my body tightly so i was secure in the chair and then did the same around my neck so i could not not move my body. Next a cuff was put around my left wrist and attached to the loop at the side of the chair, she quickly did the same with the right wrist. I tried to resist but realised i was barely able to move now and said Suzie what are you doing. she said nothing but pumped up the chair so I was now totally trapped and quite high up and walked across the front of me, leaned in and said no escape now, let’s start the session and transform you into a woman now my pet and gave me a big passionate French kiss, worked down to my breasts and sucked both nipples through the gown flicking them with her tongue. They were truly pointing through now. Then she moved to my feet pushed them part and gently kissed her way up the inside of my legs along my silk stockings until her head went under the gown and she reached bare skin. Then she licked her way up my inner thigh until I felt a jolt as she licked my swollen pussy and clit through the silk panties. Another orgasm was building up. She gently moved the panties to one side and sucked my clit flicking it with her tongue. Then she said oh you are quite hairy down there, this is the first bit of the session, let’s get it smooth and popped out from between my legs. She moved a lever and the chair slowly reclined slightly. I was now looking up at her and a bit scared as to what she was going to do so squeezed my legs together. I had only ever trimmed down then with scissors a couple of times and never have another woman do it.She just laughed put her clippers, a razor and shaving foam on the counter. She flicked the clippers on looked me in the eye and seductively licked her bright red lipstick covered lips which were shiny with lip gloss and smiled at me. Then turned them off. Then she attached another cuff to each ankle and fastened them to rings on either side of the footrest so they were now wide apart. I was now fully immobilised and at her mercy. Then she rubbed my pussy got a pair of scissors and cut my panties off saying that’s better I can get to your pussy easier now. I tried to say something to stop her but the soaking wet panties were rubbed in my face and then stuffed in my mouth. She went under the gown and worked her way up to my flower again. I gulped.  I could not see what was going on down there but heard a click and a humming, then felt a lovely vibration between my legs and realised she had started to clipper my mound. This was better than anything I could do whilst playing with myself and squirmed and moaned with pleasure. Wow we like that do we? Lay back and enjoy this, girls all do the first time, you’ll always want them in future. After a few minutes the clippers stopped and she put them down saying that the last girl liked them too and she may use them on my nape later. What, I was only getting a trim, wasn’t I ? Next I felt warm menthol shaving foam being massaged gently into my pussy which felt tingly and devine, followed by a scraping noise as she stroked the razor over my mound. I kept very still as didn’t want to get cut down there. I was close to coming now. After a few more minutes she put a warm towel over it and wiped it clean. Right let’s just check it and see how much more sensitive you are down there. Then she lapped quickly at my smooth pussy with her tongue and circled my anus with her finger and gently eased it in. I couldn’t hold back anymore and burst into the biggest orgasm I had ever had soaking her face and the chair. The panties in my mouth stifled a very load moan and I nearly passed out. See that’s much better isn’t it. I then felt her dry me down with a soft warm towel and gasped as something big was being pushed slowly into my tight virgin pussy and which felt very nice once it was in.

Then she returned the chair back to upright and walked around in front of my and said my my you are a naughty slutty girl and you certainly like having another women sensually pleasing you and it’s the best because only women know what women really like and want. She then said that she was a lesbian who liked to dominate other women but mainly younger ones and had found a niche doing it with her special hairdresser sessions and the result always ended up with a great change in hair style, always shorter than the girls dare to ask for, and sometimes a colour all of her choice. I realised that some girls and women wanted the option taken out of their hands so this stops any resistance and we have so much fun along the way. I even did your Mum a few years ago by chance as Jodie had to leave unexpectedly and she really enjoyed it too. She wears nice underwear too and loved being restrained and her pussy being made smooth and licked by me just like you do. So does Jodie and she’s a bit of a minx believe it or not. She never wears panties or a bra. The last girl just had hers done for the first time and came so loud that I thought you might hear it the other side of the curtain whilst you were waiting and had to gag her with panties like you. In fact your mum said that she wanted me to do you and for you to have the special Suzie experience once you left school. Being late, and this, is all a set up and there was no way you would have escaped it tonight. You certainly can’t now, so just relax and let go as you’re going to be my plaything for a while, my little slutty cherie. So let’s get your hair transformed shall we and pulled the panties out of my mouth and gave me another big kiss to which I responded passionately. She then caressed my hair and circled me surrounding me in the smell of that perfume. Oh she said. My perfume is special from the Far East and has some scents in which arouses women and can’t be resisted. Isn’t it nice. She said I’m getting quite horny and aroused myself. Oh and that device I put in your pussy that you seemed to like is one of two remote controlled vibrators that comes on after five minutes and gets stronger over 5 minutes then stops for 5 minutes and should keep you’re mind off the haircut. Jodie and I often have them in for a bit of fun. Think it’s only fair if I take my clothes off too and have the other vibrator in me so we can share the experience. You are going to put it in for me too. She seductively removed her blouse revealing a great pair of breasts, then unzipped her black skirt. She had a great body and a very smoothly shaved pussy. Don’t think I’m loose enough yet to get the vibrator in so perhaps you can help me. She then pushed her breasts in my face and gave me instructions how to suck and lick them. Oh good girl you’re really quite excellent at this, now I’m getting loosened up. Next she removed her thong and pushed her moist mound and onto and ground it on my left hand which was secured to the arm of the chair. Go on play with it like you do yours. I stroked her lips and clit and felt her get wetter and harder. I even put a cheeky finger up and found her g- spot. She moaned as I felt her pussy tighten and then realised I had given another woman an orgasm for the first time. Then she put the other vibrator in my hand and told me to place it in her. Now she was wet it glided in easily with a squelch as she gasped and smiled. She pressed the start button on the remote on the counter and smiled. She went behind me and pumped the chair up high again and squeezed my shoulders. Right let’s make you a sexy woman.

She then went to the hook where the capes were hanging, and chose a big heavy satin pink one. I noticed my black dress and bra had been hung up on the hook where the previous girls red polka dot dress had been. She walked behind me and I breathed in the smell of her amazing perfume again as she snapped out the cape and gently raised it up my body over my erect nipples and fastened it tightly around my neck. You will like this special one as it so large and makes you feel so trapped in. We’ll try the black one later. Had to fasten it tighter than your used to as don’t want to get those little hairs down your neck that don’t normally get cut but probably will this time. Right let’s have a look at your hair and discuss options. it’s gorgeous it too boring and I’ve waited so long to get this opportunity. I’ve always noticed you staring at me longingly and other girls getting their hair transformations. She moved the cape off the mirror and said so what were you thinking. I was staring in the mirror at a sexy nude woman behind me and someone sat in the chair with long hair flowing down, totally engulfed from the neck to the floor with the big silky cape and barely recognised it was my head poking above it. I saw my hair being caressed and looked flushed but all my hair was still there. Suppose it did look a bit ordinary.

I started to feel a bit less scared though as she was consulting me and thought this might not be too bad now if I had a say in it. I said okay, thinking if I agreed to something a bit different that would satisfy her “Maybe a few more inches off than normal, perhaps some layers and bangs.” I was feeling daring but even the thought of that scared me but also excited me and  made we wet. She brushed through my hair tilting it this way and that and pushed my head way forward to look at the nape and stroked it. She cupped it and brought it up so it looked like a short Bob, then let it go. You’ve got a lovely neck and head shape.  I was enjoying this now. Okay she said so a few more inches off than normal, layers and bangs I think I could do what you just asked for and was needed for what I had in mind too. As you didn’t mention colour so I’m going to decide myself. Just then I felt a faint sensual vibration in my pussy as the vibe must have started up its cycle. Oh isn’t that nice she said giving me a knowing look in the mirror as I knew she would be getting the same. You’re going to look so hot by the time I’m done with you. I then realised how unspecific I had been with my request and gulped.

She put a shampoo cape and towel over my shoulders. Right let’s give you the special shampoo but you won’t be able to touch yourself this time you little slut however the vibe will be far better. mmmm we both sighed as it started to speed up. She spun the chair around and tilted the chair back until my head was in the basin. I noticed the vibrations getting stronger as she wet my hair and massaged the shampoo in. Her head massage put me in heaven and was quite sensual and erotic. She rested her mound and ground it on my cape covered hand and I could feel the vibrations going on in her pussy. After a few minutes we both came and she gushed all over my hand soaking the cape. Then the vibes stopped until the next cycle. I relaxed into the shampoo and nodded off slightly. Soon she raised the chair and was towel drying my hair and as she did as last time and pulled my head into her breasts and grabbed and massaged my breasts stronger and longer than last time as she took the shampoo cape off. I breathed in that perfume again and just melted. I heard a rustling of another cape then she spun me around again. I gulped as the mirror was covered by the cape again and all I could see was a variety of scissors, clippers and small hair rollers in front of me. There was also a bottle with perm solution written on it which I couldn’t remember if it was there before. Noting the fear in my face she just laughed and gave me a big kiss and said she was going to enjoy this and combed my hair through. The vibrator kicked in again. Mmmm,  we both smile anticipating the next 5 minutes of bliss.
After a minute I said em Suzie are they perm curlers and is that perm solution as we didn’t discuss doing a perm. I’ve not had one of those before. Yes they are sweetie as you didn’t say you didn’t want a perm I have decided for you. Not sure how curly yet though. Im glad you said cut more off than usual and layer it though as that is just what will be required for a nice curly perm as I might not have been able to do one. I love mine. Maybe I could do yours the same. Be a mini me. You are brave. Just wait and see , it’ll be a surprise. She squeezed my shoulders and lent round and slowly tweaked a nipple through the silky cape and gown. I looked at her latest hair style and hoped it wouldn’t be that short. Either way I realised I was in for a major transformation. The vibrations were getting stronger again and I sighed.
Realising I had been tricked again I tried to get out of the chair forgetting I was tightly secured in it and couldn’t move. As she sectioned off my hair I realised I was maybe getting a perm but hoped maybe not too bad if the length will only be a bit shorter but in any event I was in no position to do anything about it and hadn’t specified an exact length. Chin down sweetie. My head was pushed forward hard and held so my chin was on my breasts. I could see two erect nipples poking through. She wrapped an arm around and tweaked my left nipple. I then felt the scissors high up against my neck and heard several snips and a plop as the wet hair hit the floor behind me. I couldn’t look around and down to see how much came off due to the restriction of my restraints and there was no mirror to see it. Erm Suzie, just saying, that felt like a lot coming off it’s not going to be too short is it? She walked around and looked at me and said the last girls was short it won’t be as short as that but I need to cut it as you asked for the perm, darling. A few more inches off than usual and layers was what we agreed on. I can cut it short if you like or if I change my mind. I relied with a panicked “no, please not short”. She laughed and smiled,  gave me a big kiss then gasped, moaned and pressed her pussy on my hand as she came again and I followed her. The vibes stopped again.
She just kept snipping quickly at the back, I could feel it get lighter but had no idea how short it was getting. She moved around the sides and higher up and said she was going to put the layers in now and it always seem a lot is coming off the first time it is done. Most of the hair dropped out of sight but she deliberately let some drop in my lap as she worked her way around the back and sides. It scared me as it was over 10 inches long and a lot was piling up in my lap. The vibe fired up again, I wasn’t sure if it was that or the haircut that was arousing me now. After 5 mins she appeared to have cut a lot off and not quite finished. She said oh this is going so well it’s going to look great on you, pity you can’t see it yet. Sorry but I was naughty and cut a little more off, oops. I was fully at her mercy and came again, she followed me 30 seconds later. She picked up the remote and pressed the button saying think we should have a rest from that for now. My pussy was beginning to feel a bit numb.
She fussed around snipping here and there and then said how great it looks on me and it’s not even permed yet. I thought maybe she had forgotten but then said right let’s do some bangs. She clipped the sides back and combed down the hair over my face. I could not see anything but could smell the seductive perfume as she leaned in I melted again. Then the scissors were placed above my eyebrows and all off a sudden I could see again. Suzie‘s face was in front of me and said hello beautiful. A lot more long hair was left in my lap. I was getting tingles in my pussy again and this time the vibe was not on. Suzie said wow it looks great I’m so glad you agreed to let me do this to you. Did I really agree? I thought.
She squeezed my shoulders and said Let’s make you a curly girl now and lowered the chair a little. Im not holding back and am going to give you the full works and tidy up the back when the rollers have gone in and I’m going to introduce you to my clippers and the razor again to do that. They give a sensual tickle and You will love the clippers on and up your neck, they always make me come  within 30 seconds when Jodie does my hair. Your mum seems to like them too since I introduced them to her. She’s a loud moaner too. Hadn’t you noticed how she always eagerly asks Jodie to use them now? I squirmed and said Emm Suzie I didn’t think it needs to be that short. She just laughed, ruffled my hair, ran her hand up my neck nape and up to my crown and said maybe not but it’s that bit that really turns me on whilst I’m doing it and rubbed her pussy on my hand.
She went behind me and said right wavy or tight curls. Thinking I had been given an option said oh wavy will be fine, I suppose it will look like  when I’ve had a roller set done then,  getting back into my comfort zone. Hush, That wasn’t a question for you sweetie, it’s not your decision now. I’m not letting you off the hook so I’m going for smallest curlers and strongest perm solution for a really nice tight curly Afro bubble  look. I just gulped.
She started to put the first curler in and I tried to move my head to stop it. But it was pointless as it could not move much. I resigned to my fate. She circled around me putting all the rollers in and her perfume engulfed me. The last one was soon in and my hair felt tightly wound up and more so when Jodie did me a roller set. Oh you look so cute sat there in your small rollers, lovey. Don’t look so scared. She leaned in kissed my cheek, and gave me a long French kiss with her tongue exploring  my mouth. Then squeezed both my breasts and caressed the nipples which were still hard.
She picked up the perm solution looked at me and laughed. The perm solution was then carefully squeezed over all the rollers and she said no going back now sweetie. It did not smell too nice (now I knew what that smell was when we entered the salon) and felt cold on my scalp. Think I can now remove the cape off the mirror to let you see what you look like sweetie. You’re going to be in for a shock. The cape was removed and what looked back at me was a little head with a flushed face and smudged make-up poking out of a big pink silky cape, 2 fully erect nipples pointing through, and covered in  a lot of tight little perm rollers. I gasped and nearly came again. She then put a hairnet over and said right 15 mins under the dryer and I will leave you alone to look at yourself in the mirror and contemplate what this is going to look like for a while whist I tidy the salon. Girls like you normally find it quite arousing. The hairdryer was pulled over my head, she leaned in and kissed me again leaving a waft of the perfume in my face and said she was going for the hottest setting to make sure it sets well. Enjoy. and then hot air blew over my head. She reached for the vibe remote, winked, pressed the button and blew me a kiss. Enjoy. She wrapped herself in one of the silky salon robes to cover herself and walked off disappearing behind the curtain. I noticed the back of her new hair style and gulped but began to secretly think that it might look good on me and hoped she might just do it knowing I had no choice anyway.
I sat there looking at myself in the mirror, no-one would ever know that I was strapped in unable to move with a vibrator inside teasing my pussy and not consenting to my treatment.I realised girls I had seen there before would have been the same.  How did I get to this? Am I seriously enjoying it? I started  to get wet as the vibe stated to vibrate slowly which helped me along. As my hair dried,  the rollers got tighter and pulled on my scalp. I closed my eyes in the warmth and was woken by the vibe getting faster and within a minute had a massive orgasm whilst looking at myself. Suzie retuned after 15 minutes, turned the dryer off and lifted it away. You sounded like you enjoyed that she said laughing. She seductively removed the robe of her perfect body and kissed me passionately again. Have you missed me?  She turned the vibe off again.
Think it’s time to meet the clippers again, sweetie. It best to tidy up the straggly hairs whist the curlers are in. I bet you thought I was joking but you’ll find this is the best bit and especially whilst you watch it in the mirror. I said no, no please no Suzie don’t,no please and cried. She walked in front of me, picked up the clippers, turned them on, and kissed my cheek, and licked the tears off. Don’t worry darling  it will all be over soon but I guarantee you are going to enjoy this bit. They all do. She moved behind me, and said open your eyes I want you to see and feel this.  I saw her smile and pushed my head down to my chest so all I could see was my erect nipples still pointing through the silky material and she  held it tightly there with her left hand. The whirring noise got louder as they got closer to my neck. Here we go.  Then she slowly and gently pushed them up my neck and nape til they reached the rollers. It tickled and made my pussy tingle like  at the same time. Then moved them a bit further across and up a bit more of my neck. Bits of wispy hair cascaded down the cape in front of my eyes. The vibrations were so strong and arousing it send an electric shock to my pussy. I gasped out loudly. See I told you that you would like them aren’t they just devine. She lifted my head, moved to my left and I watched her  push my head holding it firmly over to my right shoulder. She gently massaged my ear lobe and folder it down. Then a big click as  the clippers gently and slowly  ploughed up the side of my nape, ears and temples to where the rollers started. More hair slid down the cape and where it had been was practically bare  I gasped. She did the same the other side, she ran her hand up it all to check it was smooth and said we may have to razor it after it is dry. Another orgasm exploded inside. See, I told you she said no woman can survive more than a minute with these especially the way I tease with them. Who needs men.
She put the shampoo cape and a towel back on my shoulders spun the chair round and tilted the chair and gently rested my head in the shampoo bowl. Let’s get this rinsed off and the neutraliser in and kissed me again. She had topped up her perfume and lipstick was freshly coated with more strawberry lipgloss. She smelt and tasted great.
Warm water sprayed my head and after a good rinsing she dabbed my hair with a  sponge soaked in neutraliser. Right she said this needs to soak and be left in for 20 mins so I’m going to check you out and pleasure you down there and tidy your make up for you after that as it has got a bit smudged. Think I’m going to use the same eyeshadow and tarty red lipstick as mine and as you seem to like the taste of my lip gloss I will give you some of that as well. Oh,  if we do your hair the same you will be like a total mini me! She massaged my breasts and tweaked my nipples through the cape and gown again. Then went between my open legs and disappeared. She gently kissed the inside of the top of my thigh and said my my it’s very wet down here, sweetie. Mmm. Then her tongue licked up my lips and flicked my clit driving me wild, I groaned  out load. She gently slid a finger in my pussy and slowly took the vibe out saying don’t think we need this anymore. She kept licking my clit then inserted one, two, three, then four fingers in me massaging my g spot and the thumb of the  other hand slipped up my ass. She slowly removed the fingers and thumb and I had a massive orgasm and passed out.
I woke still laying back and felt Suzie gently stroking my face as she redid my make-up. Can you pucker for me so I can do this tarty red lipstick on you, as I did she kissed me on the lips then applied the lipstick and a coat of lipgloss which tasted lovely. She said that’s  better and that it was quite bold but would go well with my new hair.
The hot water went on again and I was rinsed off again. She then started to take the rollers out saying oh my these are really nice tight curls for you. It’s taken really well. The tight curls do make it look shorter than it really is. I gulped, what has she done to me?  I heard the rustling of a cape again, was sat up and towel dried as she rubbed her pussy on my hand and her breasts in my head. The shampoo cape was removed.  I was hoping to get a view of my curls but the mirror was covered by the cape again. I shook my head as far as I could to get an idea of how long it was but all I could feel was it swishing with no feeling at my back or on my shoulders.
Right then my curly little slutty sub as the curls have made it shorter i’m going to spare you this session from going as short as mine and changing the colour to the same as mine. I think I will do that next time. And if you don’t ask for me I will make sure there is a next time one way or another. Oh and next time I will teach you to shave my pussy and how to pleasure a woman with your mouth and tongue. Although relieved I was a little bit disappointed at the same time. She said right just need to trim a few curls up and set it and put you under the dryer to dry it off then we’re nearly done. Oh apart from fully cleaning your neck as your  a little bit stubbly around there. She snipped at some hair and extreme tight mousey curly hairs dropped in my lap. She then covered my hair in some perfumed setting lotion that looked a bit pink in the bottom and proceeded to wind my hair up tightly into some small size rollers. The pink cape came off and she pulled the dryer down. Will only take about 15 minutes to dry it now it’s not so long. OMG – It used to take 30 mins for one of Jodie’s sets. Then the heat came on. I nodded off into a blissful sleep.
I was woken by two arms wrapped around me from behind hugging me and giving my breasts and nipples a lovely gentle massage and then the dryer lifted above my head. She tied a pale blue lacy comb out cape around my shoulders  and removed the rollers. She tease it with the tail of a comb and then said let’s clean the neck up some more shall we. The lacy cape was removed and the big black shiny heavy cape was tightly fastened tightly around my neck. I offered no Resistance as my head was firmly pushed down onto my chest again.She put a warm towel around the base of my neck for a minute then walked around in front of me and lifted my head to finger under my chin. I gulped. Now my little cherub I would really like to the clipper up the back even shorter like mine but I won’t. That will just leave you with the thought that when I next get you back in my chair again, and I will, you don’t know what will happen with the length of your hair and also you may even get a more daring change of colour than this time. My decision though. What did she mean by more daring, my hair was mousy and she hadn’t coloured it today had she? She picked up the can of menthol shaving foam squirted some into her hand walked behind me push my head down tightly and rubbed it gently all over my nape.
Now there wasn’t much hair there it really turned me on. Then she said keep still and I could feel a very light scraping down my neck. It worried me as it seemed to start quite high up. Soon she lifted my head and said that’s it just clean the foam away,  tease it into shape,and a load of extra hold hairspray and I think we’re done. She cleaned up my neck with another nice warm towel and removed the heavy black cape. Then a cloud of lovely smelling hairspray enveloped my hair for about 20 seconds. I looked in the mirror to see myself but realised the cape  was still across it. Oh my God what am I going to look like I thought because she seem to have cut a lot of hair off, the curls on the cape seem really curly and she seemed to be shaving a lot off the back of my nape. Oh what did she mean about the colour and she’s done my make up like hers as well.
She removed the neck strip and turned the chair away from the mirror. Oh you look so great,  I can’t believe it’s the same shy girl that came in earlier looking all disappointed thinking she wasn’t even going to get a trim. You were so brave. You look so hot and are making me so wet. She released my feet, body and neck from the straps. I’m leaving your wrists tied to stop you touching your hair and pussy. She moved around the back of me running a finger up my arm and removed the cape from the mirror. Right now is the big reveal and get ready. I reckon you won’t recognise yourself and will orgasm on the spot. She slowly turned the chair and I saw a hot sassy woman sat there in a silky pink salon  gown with sassy make up in including bright red shiny lips and the hair. OMG – what has she done. Her hair was a mass of small tight curls just above the neckline and above the ears. It looked like a helmet. There was an obvious tinge of pink colour in there too. I realised this girl was me.
She massaged my shoulders and said isn’t it devine. Let me show you what I’ve done at the back. The pink colouring setting lotion finished it off nicely don’t you think. She got the hand mirror and slightly lifted  up the curls at the back. I know you weren’t keen but I did it anyway. All that was there was bare skin quite a way up under the curls. She then kissed up the smooth skin. I burst into my first ever multiple orgasm which lasted about 2 minutes. She said good girl looking at all this down here I think you’ve had your first squirt too and then released my arms from their restraints.
She then drew the curtains and said let’s get you respectable. Right stand up, I’ve got to my feet but my legs were like jelly she went round the back of me and gently remove the cape away from me I saw myself stood there naked in front of the mirror with not a hair on my pussy and my nipples fully erect and a lovely tight short curly well coiffed pale pink helmet of hair.  My pussy looked a bit red and sore but that was no surprise. It was just completely numb down there. She got another hot towel and wiped it dry and clean for me then opened a drawer saying oh sorry I had to cut your panties off so you try these of mine. I’ve been wearing them all day so they will be a bit stained from when I did the last girl. When you take them off later you can sniff them to remind you of me.
It was a little black thong of just a small amount of silky material to cover my pussy. I put them on and it thrilled me to thing she had then on before me. She helped put my bra and dress back on and then her own clothes.
We went to the reception to check out. Oh your mums paid for your trim and laughed. The rest is on the house. I see that your both booked in again in 4 weeks time but with Jodie. Damn, I’m off that day…. for now, so your safe! Your in for a trim and set and mum’s getting a cut, perm and full colour change too, wonder if hers will be like yours? Well I’ve really enjoyed my time with you sweetie  and I know you have, she said looking at my crutch with a knowing smile, you’ve been the most fun yet. In future you will enter this salon not knowing quite what to expect and will be aroused in anticipation. I’ve got Fiona the other stylist lined up for being my next victim but she doesn’t know that Jodie and I have a plan to trap her and get her in my special area. Jodie is also working on her son in law Teddy to have a visit too! He always seems to show a lot of interest with what Jodie’s daughter Chrissy is having  done and he’s quite nosy when he comes in the salon to pick her up. He stares worse than you when he is waiting and from the look of the front of his trousers he seems to be enjoying it quite a lot .
Let’s get you home. I was in a blur from leaving the salon, during the drive home, and as I entered the house.
I went up to go straight to bed, collapsed on it and went into a deep sleep.
I woke up the next morning feeling absolutely shattered but very satisfied. Mum had come into my room all excited saying oh let’s see what Suzie has done to you. I know she can be very persuasive but isn’t she such fun. Oh that looks lovely darling my my you have had a big change.  I sat up and saw myself in the mirror and had forgotten about the change to my hair and instantly got wet as the day before flashed through my mind. Mum said let’s have a look at the back and ran her fingers up my smooth neck said isn’t that really Devine . Oh you had a her put a bit of colour in to. I’m  glad she managed to persuade you to let her use the clippers on you for the first time. Did she do down there too? I blushed and nodded. Well that’s enough said, let that always be our little guilty secret little pleasure. What goes on in that salon is strictly a feminine secret behind closed doors. I’m really glad that she forced me to do it that time, the smile on her face said it all.
To be continued with our our next visit to the Cut and Curl Ladies Salon.

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    1. Glad to help. I’m bi-sexual and this is partially a true experience with some fetish/fantasy thrown in. Suzie was real. An attractive lesbian and very touchy (especially breasts and liked to grind her pussy on my hand) and flirty. She did manipulate doing my hair, as she felt she had noticed an attraction between us, and we had a fling after several salon visits too.
      Maybe there is a salon like this somewhere (or should be) out there. I hope your fantasy can happen sometime soon xx

    1. Eva, Who knows who will be enticed or forced into the mystery of this salon as word gets around what they get up to. Dominant partners, people with a strong hair fetish, the curious who want to see for themselves, girls with a crush on Suzie, or just someone new to the area desperate to get their hair done in a new salon. Suzie combined with Jodie can be very creative and persuasive. One thing for certain they believe in a top class service and ensure that all leave fully satisfied in more ways than one. It also feeds their own hair fetishes.

  1. Amazing story! Seriously the best story I have ever read on the site. So you say this is loosely based on life experience. You mention here several times Suzie purposely putting herself on the main characters hand. Is this a real experience because I feel like this has happened to me? I feel like hair stylist can tell when you are enjoying the experience. They may play into. What a dream to think you could get that from a hairstylist.

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