My perfect butch

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Christina and Victoria had been best friends since the start of university. Christina was 22, very tall for a woman standing at 6’2 ft had long jet-black hair that reached to her lower back, blue eyes, peach skin, sharp features, that were both attractive and intimidating to both men and women alike she could have been a model if it wasn’t for the fact she was slightly on the larger side but she didn’t let the get her down. Her best friend on the other hand Victoria was slightly older at 24 years old. Victoria had long dyed blonde hair that reached to her back, with dark tan skin that almost did not match with her hair. She was also tall but not as tall as Christina, at 5’11. She had a beautiful hazel eyes and a playful smile. Both women met each other while majoring in the same thing Business. Both connected right away over each other’s beauty and the fact they were the only tall girls in their class. The similarities between them didn’t end there both loved fashion, had almost a library between them of scifi novels, both were strong believers in animal rights, both had a taste for Indian food.

The two besties also planned to become owners of their own stores. Christina wanted to hold her own store of vegan cruelty free clothes and body care products. While Victoria wanted to own a barber shop. Christina was a bit puzzled why someone as girly as “Vicky” (what Christina affectionally called her) would want to own a barbershop and not a hair salon or “boutique”. But Christina admired Vicky’s passion and how driven she was in class achieving straight A’s in all her assignments. While Christina mostly got B’s and C’s but lately she gotten a couple of A’s thanks too Vicky’s excellent tutoring skills. Christina had trouble admitting to herself at first that she was in love with Vicky… Her best friend. It wasn’t that Christina hadn’t known she was a lesbian or had crushed on girl’s before this was different…No girl had made Christina’s heart jump out of her chest when she just smiled or winked at her like Victoria did. No girl was her fashion and study’s rival and mentor as much as Vicky was. She was everything that Christina had dreamed of in a woman. But there was just one problem, Patrick… Victoria’s on and off again boyfriend. Patrick was a handsome and rich man but very traditional. He did not support her studying or spending so much on clothes and makeup. Or the fact that Victoria spent all her time hanging out with Christina. He wanted Victoria to settle down and marry him be a stay-at-home wife with his kids. Which for Victoria was her worst nightmare!

Victoria was at Christina’s house helping her studying for her assignment when she got a text from Patrick. “Ugh, it’s Patrick again! Begging to take me out to dinner and apologize for being a douchebag and that he wants us to try again.” Christina looked worried “You’re not thinking of getting back with aren’t you?” Victoria appeared offended “Of course not! After he yelled at me for not wanting to cook meat for him. No way am I getting back with him.” Christina looked relieved “Good he doesn’t deserve you Vicky you are better than him. But then you again you are better than all the guys here.” Victoria smirked. “Even you Chris?” Christina blushed “W-what?” she stammered almost thinking she misheard her . “Well I have another date planned with someone else that is really going to stun Patrick!” There was an excitement in Christina’s heart for a moment she imagined it was her that Victoria was talking about. But then quickly brushed off her imagination as false hope. “Really who with?” she wondered. A sneaky grin appeared on Victoria’s face “Oh don’t worry you will meet them tonight!” Christina was thinking over possible boys it could be she was upset but curious at who her best friend would go on a date with. “Can I see a picture of them?” Victoria ignored her “Come on let’s go to do some shopping at the mall! I need to pick out a new outfit for my date tonight.” “Really? We just went shopping not that long ago besides, I’m trying to save money for university fees.” Which was true but Christina also didn’t want to hear Victoria ramble on about her date while they were shopping. “Oh that’s okay I’ll pay for it don’t you worry. Besides, I heard there was a sale on at Boardwalk!” Victoria said excitedly brushing off Christina’s concerns. Christina sighed inwardly but acted cheerful for her best friend “Okay let’s go beats writing out this boring assignment!” Victoria smiled as she went to get her faux purple leather purse. “Great! I helped you with your homework now you get to help me with shopping. It’s a win-win for both of us Chris!” Christina annoyed, threw a pillow at Victoria. “You know I hate being called Chris, Victoria!” Victoria laughed as she grabbed her keys. “Fine, but you are driving us to the mall.”

“Omg look at how cute this dress is!” Victoria exclaimed holding up a purple sleeveless dress. Christina smiled “Yeah it is, purple looks so good on you, no wonder why it is your favourite colour.” “Awww thanks, did you find anything nice?” Christina looked a bit embarrassed “It is hard to find things my size that are comfy and look nice on me like it does on you.” “Well I found this dress that would be adorable for you.” Victoria held up a navy blue dress that was Christina’s size but almost an exact copy of Victoria’s dress just blue. Besides Christina was a bit shy on Victoria always spending money on her. “I don’t know Vicky, I have being think of trying to experiment with my fashion a bit. It kinda just feels like I’m copying of you.” There was a hint of a mischievous excited gleam in Victoria’s eyes as she heard what Christina said. “Really? well I help you experiment with new fashion tonight while I get ready for my date tonight.” “Oh you don’t you have to do that Vicky. I don’t want to take the attention from you getting ready for your date.” Christina said shyly. Victoria laughed and waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. “Nonsense! Don’t be silly we will have plenty of time. Besides you know how much I love giving you makeovers.” Christina smiled happily “Okay great!” The young women went to pay for their clothes at the counter.

They saw a new person working there. Which was none other then Victoria’s old high school classmate Bridgette. Bridgette had a pixie haircut and wore a formal but semi feminine business outfit. Victoria was shocked at how much she changed since high school “Omg that’s Bridgette she used to be so butch in high school.” Victoria whispered in Christina’s ear. “Really? Hmmm doesn’t look so much now. Wonder what changed..” Christina whispered back. When they got up to the counter. Bridgette looked at Victoria eyeing her up and double which made both Christina and Victoria uncomfortable. “Hey Victor, long time no see. Still got your long blonde straw hair? I guess bimbos never changed. You use to look so pretty after you know but know your back to looking like a cheap $2 dollar plastic Barbie doll.” She mocked rudely and laughed. Victoria was embarrassed and responded only with her face turning red. Christina got mad and stood in front glaring at Bridgette “How dare you talk to her like that! At least Vicky has fashion sense and some manners unlike you! By the way she is not a bimbo in fact she is the smartest girl in our University and plans to get a Master’s degree. Now you better apologize to her before I call your manager and complain.” Christina snapped. Bridgette looked nervous and embarrassed. “I’m so sorry. I was just teasing since I haven’t seen you since high school. No hard feelings right? Here let me give you a discount just don’t tell my boss.” Bridgette said nervously taking her clothes and putting them in bags while Bridgette paid. Christina caught Bridgette smiling at her and swear she could see her blushing but Christina dismissed it as she thought Victoria was still embarrassed from the comments Bridgette made. After they finished paying for their things, Victoria gave Christina a back hug “That was so hot Chris how you stuck up for me. Thank you!” Christina chuckled “Hehe no problem Vicky and hey what did I say about you calling me Chris?” Victoria laughed “Sorry babe, met me at my house at 6pm then I we can get ready for my date and I can give you your new makeover!” she winked. “Okay, see you then. Thanks for paying and helping me with my homework I really appreciate it. ” Christina waved goodbye. But before she could leave Victoria gave her a kiss on the cheek. Christina tried to hide her blush. Victoria winked “See you later.”

6pm came quicker than Christina thought it would and she arrived at Victoria’s house and knocked on the door. She heard Victoria yell out “I’m coming!” and quick running of shoes before the door opened. Christina was warmly greeted by Victoria’s hug and smelled her sweet Victoria’s Secret perfumed. Christina saw that Victoria was already for her date. She had her long blonde hair curled. She was wearing the purple dress she bought from the store along with matching purple flat shoes. She wore a diamond necklace and stud earrings. Her makeup was well put on as usual. She had wore a nude lip-gloss and blush which highlighted her cheek bones. Her smoky purple and brown eye makeup made her hazel eyes stand out. Christina’s face felt hot wow she will all out for this date. Wonder who this guy is. Christina was then snapped out of her thoughts by Victoria ushering her inside “Come on in! I already have the stuff set up for your makeover!” She beamed excitedly. Victoria walked Christina down the hallway where Christina admired Victoria’s behind which was accentuated by Victoria’s dress. Victoria led Christina to the bathroom where there was a styling chair and a basin with hair products on it. “Have a seat honey and we will get started.” Victoria said gesturing to the chair. Christina did not know why but she felt a pit of dread in her stomach as she went to sit in the chair, but she ignored it. Christina stared at her reflection in the mirror. She had a bright red lipstick on, pink blush that highlighted her cheeks, a sparkly nude eyeshadow with black cat winged eyeliner that made her blue eyes stand out. She was wearing a navy-blue ruffled blouse with black pants. She wore a gold heart necklace with matching gold hoop earrings. Her dark hair was plainly pulled back in a high ponytail.

“So when is this guy your going on a date with coming over?” Christina questioned. Victoria chuckled “They should be here very shortly. But don’t worry about that now. Lets just focus on your makeover.” Victoria said excitedly as she took off Christina’s gold hoop earrings and undid her high ponytail. Christina admired how beautiful her long and shiny her hair was before Victoria turned the styling chair around so Christina hair was facing the basin. Victoria then turned on the water and began wetting her hair. “Ahhh too cold!” Christina yelped at the sudden cold water on her scalp. Victoria laughed “Don’t worry it will warm up soon. Hang in there.”
Once the water warmed up Victoria applied shampoo to Christina’s hair. Christina smelled the shampoo that reminded her of old spice. It smelled nice But isn’t this men’s shampoo? She thought confused but then was relaxed by Victoria massaging the shampoo into her hair. She sighed in contentment. Victoria felt a bit of uncertainty with the next part of her plan. But neither the less continued as she then applied conditioner and massaged it with the shampoo. “I’ll let that sit in for a while. Stay there I’m going to get some things I’ll be back.” Victoria said as she rinsed the soap out of her hands and dried them. She turned the tap off again and then left the bathroom leaving Christina to relax and contemplate her thoughts. Must be getting her makeup bag to do my makeup she thought. She imagined how attractive Victoria looked tonight, even more so than usual. She was so envious at who ever was going on a date with her and wished it were herself that was her date. Whoever it is that is taking her on a date better take good care of her or they will have to answer to me!

Christina was relaxing with her eyes closed and didn’t even realize Victoria was back until she had heard the tap turn back as she was so quiet coming back into the bathroom. Victoria began to wash the shampoo and conditioner out of her hair and into the sink. Christina could feel the tension in Victoria’s hands as she wasn’t as gentle or relaxed taking the shampoo and conditioner out as she was with putting it in. “You okay?” Christina asked her concerned. Victoria didn’t answer then suddenly Christina felt a blindfold covering her eyes. “Hey! What is going on? I can’t see anything!” She yelled out in confusion. She tried to take off her blindfold, but she realized she couldn’t move her hands. Like something was sticking them to the chair. She then felt something wrap around her body. She tried to escape but couldn’t. Just then Victoria took her blindfold off smiling at her impishly. Christina looked down to see her hands were duct taped to the chair. While her body was tied tightly to it with a rope. She tried to move but couldn’t, she was trapped!

Christina was confused at why she was suddenly tied to a chair. What could possibly lead to her best friend doing this to her? “Vi-Vi-Vicky, why have you tied me up? This isn’t funny! Did I do something to upset you please let’s just talk, untie me!” She pleaded in her confusion. Victoria just laughed “Oh, babe don’t worry I’m not upset with you! Not at all. This is all apart of your surprise makeover.” Before Christina managed to protest she felt her best friend’s lip’s on hers then tasted her peppermint tongue in her mouth. Christina’s face felt hot. Victoria giggled cheekily and whispered in her ear “Don’t worry I won’t hurt you Chris, just trust me.” Christina not even paying attention to the fact that Victoria had called her Chris, simply nodded her head and meekly said “O-okay.” Victoria then gave her another quick kiss on her cheek before turning her around again to face the mirror.
There was an awkward silence between them as Victoria went to retrieve and turn on the hair dryer. “So, do you like me too? I mean y’know like like like me?” Victoria laughed again as she began drying her hair. “Well, I do think you are attractive, but I’m more into dudes or really masculine butch women. I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone as girly or more girlier than me. And girl you really give me a run for my money!” Christina was disappointed by Vicky’s answer “you don’t like that I’m girly?”

Victoria said “Oh no babe, I love that my best friend is girly but if you want to be my lover you have to be my opposite to compliment me.” Christina frowned “So I have to be a man to be your lover?” Victoria laughed again as she finished drying Christina’s hair just enough so that it was still damp and not soggily wet. Then began to brush her hair with a comb. “No I just want you to be a butch not a femme lesbian.” Christina’s eyes went wide “But I like being feminine. I have so much fun trying on clothes and makeup…” she said defensively. “But you said it yourself that spending all your time on dresses and makeup was getting too expensive. That you were wanting to try something new!” Victoria said as she began running her purple acrylic nails through her hair. “But I didn’t mean going out right butch Vicky. I meant like toning it down so it doesn’t feel like we are always copying each other .”

“But what better way to have you own style while complimenting mine by going butch?” Victoria said trying to her encourage her best friend, she gave her a soothing scalp massage with her fingers which helped ease the tension. Christina thought it over a bit “I don’t know, Victoria if I can pull off the whole butch thing.” “Oh no, don’t worry I know you can you have the perfect facial features and body type for it. Just need a bit more muscle. But don’t worry I already paid for your gym membership your starting next week. Fit body also creates a fit mind perfect for studying. You also have a hidden butch/masculine vibe when you are passion for something or when your angry, I find it so sexy!” Christina could not hide that fact that she was blushing so vividly even though she wanted to but couldn’t as she was still tied to the chair. “I, thank you Vicky I appreciate it but I’m still not sure about this..” Christina said hesitantly looking at Victoria. Victoria stared intensely back at Christina. “Well let me ask you a question. Do you want to continue just being best friends or do you want to try being more?” Christina staring at Victoria’s beautiful hazel eyes that hypnotized her. She imagining kissing her soft lips and tasting her peppermint tongue again and even doing more… “I want to try being more than just friends.” Christina said without thinking of the consequences.

Victoria beamed with excitement she grabbed a black styling cape and wrapped it around Christina’s neck. Then carefully lifted her hair on to the cape and began combing it that’s when Christina also saw there were steel haircutting scissors in her hand. Christina felt cold “Please don’t go too short Vicky. I really like my long hair.” Victoria smiled “I know you do. But I know you like me more and I think you are going to like your new look too.” Victoria grabbed a hair clip and used it to separate the top of Christina’s hair from the bottom by clipping the top half up. Victoria then ran the comb through the bottom of Christina’s hair then held it to her nape the grabbing the scissors. “Goodbye Christina.” She said before she began cutting. Snip Snip Snip as years worth of hair began to fall down the cape. Christina gasped in shock. Victoria ignored her as she blissfully continued combing and cutting away at her hair. Christina couldn’t see how much hair Victoria was cutting off but she knew it was a lot as she felt the back of her head getting lighter and lighter.

Victoria left the left side of her hair cropped by 3 inches and began working on the right side snip snip snip. Christina looked down at the cape at saw how much hair and length had been taken off. She started to cry. Victoria looked up at Christina and saw her crying. She took a bit of tissue and dabbed it under her eyes “Don’t cry babe it’s going to be okay. I’m going to cover your eyes again and take it off when I’m finished with your haircut alright?” Christina didn’t say anything and just continued sobbing. Feeling guilty Victoria put the blindfold over Christina’s eyes. But it was too late to stop now. Victoria grabbed her scissors and comb and began cutting away at Christina’s hair snip snip snip. Victoria felt bad for how much fun she was having taking off Christina’s precious locks from her. Snip snip snip. Victoria smiled to herself Oh how I love watching her hair fall on to the cape. As more hair kept piling up. Victoria began to cut away at the hair on the side of her ears snip snip snip. She keep combing it cutting away at all the lose long pieces of hair snip snip snip. Christina continued to sob as she felt the comb and the scissors against her nape. Soon it was 3 inches all over the bottom of her head.

Victoria put down her prized scissors and grabbed an extra-long tissue and wrapped tightly around Christina’s neck. Victoria became so excited as she grabbed a clippers from the drawer and plugged it to the power socket. She pushed Christina’s head so that it was tilting to the right as she turned on the clippers sadistically letting it roar in Christina’s ears frightening her as she cried even harder. “Head down please.” Victoria said cheerfully as she as pushed Christina’s head forward and began shaving the hair away at her nape. I started the guard at No. 1 at the very bottom and slowly began changing the guard numbers so it left more hair on the top while leaving her almost bald at the bottom. NRR NRRR NRRR the sound of the clippers petrified Christina. But the feeling of it was odd like nothing she felt before. Victoria blew away the hair was shaved off Christina’s nape. The air felt cold, weird on her almost bald scalp but soothing at the same time which gave Christina goosebumps. She then tilted Christina’s head to the right, so she shaved the hair around her left ear. Victoria shifted the clipper guard to No. 0 leaving her with no sideburns then changing the guard so she could blend the sides with the nape. Once she was finished, she tilted Christina’s head to the left so she could do the same thing to the right side. Once finished she turned off and put down the clippers. She then grabbed a neck brush using it to brush all the access hair from her neck. She then undid the hairclip on top. Letting the longer half fall against the bottom half. Christina missed that feeling of having long hair, but she knew it wouldn’t be for long.

Victoria grabbed a lose rubber band and used it to tie up the remaining length of Christina’s hair in a ponytail. She then grabbed her trusty pair of scissors and began to work hacking away at it. Since the hair was much thicker so it took awhile to get through. Scrunch scrunch scrunch. Victoria smiled getting rid of the last of her lovely feminine locks. She thought devilishly. Once the tasked was complete she put the severed ponytail on Christina’s lap. “You want a keepsake? Or shall I keep it?” Victoria offered politely. Christina was too upset to answer as she kept crying softly. Victoria felt pain and guilt in her heart “You what I’m sure some kid who has lost their hair to cancer will really appreciate this hair. I will donate it.” Victoria put the ponytail away in a zip bag before getting back to work. Victoria used the scissors and the comb to lift up and trim the top of her hair a bit more snip snip snip, before she moved on with the clippers shaving and blending the hair so that it was no more than one inch all over the top. She combed it over easily because the hair was still damp making it easy to shape. She brushed the last of the loose hair from her neck. Before rubbing her hand all over inspecting her work. She was satisfied and proud of her work. It felt so foreign to Christina to have someone touching their whole hand to her bare scalp but didn’t want to admit she found it quite soothing. “Is it over?” Christina asked anxiously. Victoria smiled “Not yet babe, I’m going to add the final touches to your haircut. But stay very very still I don’t want to cut you.” Victoria then grabbed a razor blade and held Christina’s head still as she began carefully cutting a straight razor line of the left side of her head. Then turning to right of head and carving the same straight razor line. She then grabbed her neck brush and dipped it talcum powder then lathered it through out the places she has shaved then clean it and put cooling lotion on it. Which Christina thought felt good. Victoria beamed with pride and excitement. “All done! Are you ready to meet the new Chris?” Christina shook her head she was terrified at what she was going to look like. Victoria laughed “Well too bad because I think the new Chris is sexy and my ideal type.” Christina blushed but remembered that she did this for Victoria in hope that she could finally be her lover. But was it worth losing her feminine pride over it?

Victoria removed the roll of tissue from Christina’s neck and threw it in the bin. She then took of the styling cape all the hair falling to the ground. Victoria collected most of the hair wanting to give it to charity. But keeping some of it for herself as a souvenir to look back on. She then slowly took the blindfold Christina’s eyes. Christina took a deep breath before opening her eyes. She then gasped at her reflection in the mirror. She saw her lovely long hair had been butchered off only leaving what little remained on the top while her sides were practically bald and rubbing the back of her head she was also almost bald on her nape. She basically had a military fade with two razor lines cut on both sides of her head.

“Oh my god that’s me.” Christina said in disbelief. “What do you think?” Victoria asked hesitantly feeling bad for doing this to her best friend just so she could fulfill her fantasies. Christina paused thinking how to answer. She stared at her reflection you could be forgiven for mistaking her as a man if it wasn’t the fact that she was still wearing makeup. Although her lipstick had faded and her eye makeup was ruined because of all her crying. For some reason Christina didn’t out right hate her new look in fact she kind of admired how tough it made her look. “Well, I don’t hate as much as I thought I would.” Victoria smiled and hugged her “I’m sorry I put you through this. But also thank you for letting me do this. I have wanted to for a while and never thought you would let me. I’m sorry for tying you up as well I’ll untie you. But first let me get that gunk off your face.” She grabbed a wet wipe and put a bit of makeup remover cream inside of it before rubbing it on Christina’s face. Victoria made sure she removed all the makeup and traces of femininity of from her face.

Victoria then untied and undid the tape on Christina then giving her a long passionate kiss. Christina looked at herself again she looked like a man that was wearing woman’s clothes and necklace. Victoria grabbed her hand “Come on your makeover isn’t over yet.” And she dragged her to her bedroom. Christina saw a navy-blue dress shirt and tie with a black faux leather jacket and matching black formal pants. “This is what you’re going to be wearing for our date tonight. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that you are my mystery date Christina or should I say Chris.” Victoria giggled. Christina was in shock “You really wanted to date me? You planned this?” Victoria nodded “Well if you weren’t going to be my date. Then we would have hung out as normal besties. But now we can be more!” She smiled kissing her. Chris smiled and kissed her back holding her tenderly. “Now come Chris get out of Christina’s clothes and get changed!” Victoria said handing Christina the dress shirt.

Christina was a bit hesitant undressing in front of Victoria. Victoria sensed this. “Oh come on don’t be shy now! Here let me help you out of those clothes.” Victoria undid the gold heart necklace from Christina’s neck “You won’t be needing this anymore.” Victoria teased putting the necklace away. Victoria then undid Christina’s blouse and her bra revealing her large naked breasts. Victoria kissed and licked them which Christina to moan in pleasure. Victoria kiss up her collarbone and neck until she reached her mouth and slipped her peppermint tongue inside. Victoria then wrapped something around Christina’s chest it was a binder. Victoria taped Christina’s breast down and helped her get into the dress shirt. “Next time I’m going to take you to get some tattoos and piercings that will really make you look really manly and sexy.” Victoria said inspecting Christina’s arms. She buttoned up her black dress suit and put the blue tie and her while kissing her again. Christina put on her black pants and did the belt herself.

Victoria then saw Christina’s sparkly blue manicured nails and shook her head. She grabbed the nail polish remover and nail clipper from her bedroom drawer and wiped Christina’s nails clean of all the nail polish and trimmed them as short as she could. Christina was sad because she really liked her shiny nail polish, but she knew it didn’t match with rest of her “butch” look so she quickly got over it. Victoria retouched her makeup then sprayed men’s cologne on Christina. “Okay we should start going.” Victoria kissed Christina on the cheek. Christina’s new look gave her a newfound confidence. Christina drove them to their favourite Indian restaurant that served delicious vegan food. She even held the door open for Victoria like a gentleman. They sat at an empty table with two chairs. The waiter then approached them “Good evening sir and lady what can I get you?” He asked politely. Victoria chuckled as they both ordered the spicy tofu curry. Christina paid for both of their dishes. Victoria smiled and thanked her.

Just then while the two were both eating away happily, they were rudely interrupted by Patrick, Victoria’s ex-boyfriend. “Vicky baby, what are you doing here? Who is this dude?” Victoria smiled “Hello Patrick. This my new boyfriend Chris.” Christina glared at Patrick which intimidated him but he would never admit to it. “New boyfriend? But can he give you what can? I miss you Victoria. Give me another chance to prove myself please.” Patrick pleaded. Victoria sat in her seat awkwardly not saying anything feeling humiliated. Christina rolled her eyes annoyed and spoke up “Hey she doesn’t want you anymore dude leave her alone! I can give her even better than what you can. I can treat her respect unlike you who treats her like a pretty little you can buy with your dad’s pension. Now piss off!” Patrick looked like he wanted to retort something back he eyed Victoria “Call me if things don’t work out with him.” He said then walked off. “Wow, that guy is a total tool.” Christina remarked. Victoria laughed “But you showed him that was so sweet.” Christina blushed and smirked “Anytime your my girl you know that.” Victoria kissed her and whispered in her ear “And your my perfect butch…”


Author note: Thank you for reading my very long story! This was my first haircutting story. Please leave a like and a comment. Constructive criticism is always appreciated as well. Let me know if you would like to read a Prequel about how Victoria knew Bridgette the mall receptionist in high school and how she received a butch/ haircutting fetish. Or even a sequel where Christina gives Victoria a makeover!

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  1. I love it, the tension kept climbing from the beginning… How you decscribed the hair of Christine, it was clear it would come of. That’s a nice anticipation. And it worked. Nevertheless wondering why a girl like Vicky would transform her lover in a boy. What a pity this black hair. Ah, but it is a story… 😉 it can grow again rapidly.
    As for a sequel: invite some friends for the opening of the shop… let’s cut some hair!

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